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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Srilakshmi says: Dear Hetal, Thank you for your service and great work.

My whole family (both parents and in-laws) are devotees of Sai Baba since many years. I have looked up to Baba for His help and blessings during all my difficult times. I feel Baba always came to my aid and showed me the right path. A lot of good things have happened to me on Thursdays (my birth, my first job interview, my marriage and many small incidents) and this has reinforced my faith in Baba.

I have been trying to conceive for past 6 months and there were few medical issues that I came across. I prayed to Baba and sought His Blessings in guiding me through the pain and suffering. Later, I realised that I have not made proper use of the Sai Satcharita though it was with me for a long time. I did 2 Saptahs consecutively and at the end of the 2nd Saptah (reading of Sai Satcharita), I got a positive test for my pregnancy (that was a Thursday too). I then vowed to continue with the daily reading of Satcharita and also started writing “Om Sai Ram” in a notebook daily. I now realised that Shraddha and Saburi are the only two ways to show our devotion to Baba.

I still have to undergo a scan after few weeks in order to see if everything is alright and I firmly believe Baba will bless me at all stages. I read today the Chapter which shows how true devotion should be and as written in it – though God puts us to test sometimes, He blesses all who have firm faith and devotion in Him.

Let all devotess look up to Lord Sai as their sole Rescuer, with patience and perserverance.

Jai Sai Nath

Warm Regards


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