Urge to go to Shirdi Never Dies – Experience of Bhushan

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Sai devotee Bhushanji had recently been to Shirdi and wishes to share his experience of the trip. He has sent me a detailed mail and I am presenting it here. He had also taken responsibility of taking prayers to Shirdi and acknowledged immediately from Shirdi, which has been informed earlier on other blog.


Jay Sai Ramji….

Greetings & Best wishes on festival seasons…

May Baba Bless us all.

I had sent you 1 quick mail from Shirdi it self to convey my acknowledgement of all Prayer Requests of Almost all Sai Devotees (Those who had sent their prayer on or before 7th March 12, 2009 3pm) and especially for Warm Wishes to all on colorful festival Holi. I was in slightly in hurry at that time, so I had just passed these two things but now I’m sending some more details of my Saidham visit & holy Darshan of Deva.

It was very excellent experience of my Shirdi Tour. I had taken 17 people with me including kids for my Remarkable & Memorable Visit of SaiDham. Right from the age of 68 to 2.5 years, each age group was involved to pray to almighty god Saiji. And every thing went on very smoothly including stay. Not a single problem occured due to blessings of Deva. Really He is so kind & merciful.

I had taken total print of 127 prayers, which reached upto specified time. Some of them were come through mobile also. But very surprisingly, prayers were came from Tanzania, California, Tokyo, NJ, Kathmandu, Brazil, UK, Australia and so many places of world including Great India….!!

We reached there at 3:40pm on 8th March. We got Divine Darshan of Beloved Baba on the same day before Dhoop Aarti. Ooh What a Divine show it was???!!! I and some members of my team also took part in Sej Aarti at around 10:30pm.

On next day, at 7:30am, 9th March, 2009, we got very fine darshan again of Shri Sainath. So Heart touching !!! But it was a great rush at that time. So, I joined in queue again to put prayers of all Sai Devotees in to lotus feet of Babaji. Actually, it was my interest to see HIM again & again….. How one can satisfy by seeing HIM once????

I just requested to pujariji to put my prayer booklet (it was just like a booklet of 127 prayers) in the lotus feet and he had done it in very pious way. I had prayed a lot for all my family members, all devotees & Peace + Prosperities of whole world. I felt very happy to do so… May SAINATH Bless us All.

Then, we had taken visit & darshan of all places of Temple premises and near by area, took deep interest and knowledge of almost everything.

We had a Holy darshan of HIS beautiful look on Holi again…. for a quite long period of time….!!! No word to express our feelings!!! And how one can conclude & cover all these divinities in words???

I left Shirdi, with one final prayer “Oh Lord, I don’t like to go away from YOU but still I’m going with more greed of your company & Darshans. Please call me again very soon…..” And tears were literally flowing from my eyes. My heart was crying.

And see the great experience of my life….

As & when I came back, I had a detailed talk with my cousin regarding our visit to Shirdi. She is coming to India with her sister and friends this week and interested to visit Shirdi with me only. So, I have to give honorary service to them BUT again it is my interest to see Shirdi & Baba again N again …..!!!!! Waah Sainathji aap ki leela ka jawab nahin!!!!

So, in near future, I may visit Shirdi again, if HE wishes…..

I’ll let you know all for prayers….

Please keep in touch with mails & blog of Hetalji.

Jay Sainath…
Bow To Shri Sai….
…. Peace Be To All
Bhushan Dholakia
Jay Sai Ram

© Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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