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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Blessings


Shirdi Sai Devotee M. Bhuvaneswari from India says: I am M. Bhuvaneswari residing at Shanmuga Nagar, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I have joined the MahaParayan group in the year 2019. I regularly read the allotted chapters and I am always experiencing Baba’s miracle and blessings. I convey my thanks to Ms. Sandra, a friend of mine who introduced me to this group.

My family consists of myself, my husband R. K. Vittel Rao, my two daughters B.V. Kumudini and V. Bavadarani Shri. We were suffering a lot because of debts and other personal problems. By December 2018, my husband lost his job. I was the only person earning. Again, due to COVID, there was continuous lockdown; my husband didn’t get any job. He was jobless for for months. But we held Baba’s feet tightly with faith and patience.

With this tough time we were searching for a job. One fine day, I got a contact from my friend on 4th August 2020. I spoke to him after fifteen years. He is in Abu Dhabi. After listening to my situation, by Baba’s grace, he arranged a job for my husband in his own company. It was really a miracle. My husband got a job in Abu Dhabi as a Supervisor – Mechanical. All the process went on well and he joined his job on 3rd November 2020. Within three months, he got a job there. Now I am gradually free from all my debts and other stress.

With that Baba didn’t leave us. He is always with us and we are experiencing His presence and His blessings by all means. This can be well stated with the following experience.

Last month, May 5, 2021, I was not well and had a mild headache, body pain. Gradually, I got the other symptoms as well from the next day onwards. Four days later, my elder daughter got a fever. Immediately we went for the RTPCR Test. We were reported positive. I was terribly broken since my husband is not here; moreover I have my aged in-laws with me. But I didn’t lose my hope. I knew that my Baba would not leave.

The next day, I along with my daughter went to the hospital. We were afraid. But to my surprise, the doctor said that we both got a mild infection and we could be self quarantined. Since my in-laws are with me, I moved to my brother’s house where my sister-in-law was also reported positive and quarantined at home. Within a few days we came back to normal.

It is really a miracle. Baba showered His blessings and made me feel good even in the absence of my husband. Now with the blessings of my Baba, I have started taking classes and am back to my routine. No words to express my thanks to my only God Sai Baba. Jai Sairam…!

Mere Sai Mahaan / Sai Baba – Our Father


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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UAE says: Om Sairam! I am an ardent devotee of Baba from India. Thank you Hetalji and team for your wonderful job. Earlier also I have posted many of my experiences in this forum. I would like to post one of my recent experiences.

I have been residing in Dubai for the past 20 years. My friend introduced me to Baba rather I would say Baba pulled me towards Him. I can feel His presence everywhere. In all our difficult times Baba was there at every step holding our finger like a mother holding a child’s finger. Many impossible things our Lord has made it possible.

My daughter who is in 12th is studying in India with my parents and we are staying in Dubai myself, husband and my younger daughter. As online classes are going on we decided to bring her here and booked a ticket for her.

One month before, in my family my uncle was tested positive and all my family members were under quarantine as my uncle’s house is closer to my mother’s place and he had visited my mom’s place the previous day. My daughter’s flight was from Bangalore and she was supposed to travel to Bangalore with her aunt.

We were confused whether to cancel her flight but by Baba’s grace all of a sudden everything happened. She travelled to Bangalore and from there to Dubai after doing the required tests.

Another thing was that due to Covid, the UAE government had announced that they were going to stop all flights from India after one day. But again with Baba’s help we managed to arrange a ticket for her which was impossible as all flights were full.

Thank You Baba for everything and for being a guide, Guru and God to Your devotees. You are so kind and merciful. One just has to surrender their worries to Baba with faith and He is sure to solve it. Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Baba’s Grace


Shirdi Sai Devotee Vanitha from India says: I am a class teacher in Mahaparayan. My name is Vanitha Balsubramanian. My classroom’s devotee sent me to post this.

“Om Sairam” I am Sridevi from Kerala and I came to know Baba from my grandmother Chandrika living in Mysore. My children were not very well-educated children. After they started praying to Baba, they became the best learning children in the class. With the knowledge that my grandmother had received from Baba, the helper’s dedication in my house was fast-paced. It was with the blessings of Baba.

My mother-in-law fell at home one day. My wife thought her mother was gone. But it looked like Baba had put her mother in a bucket. Nothing happened to her mother.

My grandmother brought some photos of Baba to her house. We put it in every room. My father-in-law is a man of no memory. Urine will be poured into the room. So the photo was not alone in the room. The photo of a room went missing after Kunjamma left. I looked everywhere and believed that it was taken by the baby girl. When I asked her over the phone, she said she had not taken it. One Thursday evening, the photo was sitting in my aunt’s father’s room. It was Baba sitting alone. Nobody took Him there. It’s still there. We worship Him there.

Many times in my house we feel Baba’s invisible presence and Baba protecting my family.

Now I pray to Baba for a better home for me. I hope I get it. I go to Baba’s temple in Thevara every month. Please pray for the blessings of my grandmother and her family who brought us to Baba. Bless everyone. “Om Sai Ram!”

Sai Baba’s Leela


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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, team members and dear devotees. I wish to share some leelas of our loving Babaji.

1) I told some work and my father went outside for it and I got really tense for his safety. I felt guilty and ashamed as I could do it myself but due to laziness and fear didn’t do it. So I prayed to our beloved Babaji to protect him and my family members and I promised Babaji to share this experience on this platform. Our loving merciful Babaji always listens to our prayers. Everything was well after five days. Babaji please forgive me for sharing this experience late due to my laziness. Om Sairam.

2) my father and brother went for some work outside and I prayed to Babaji for their safety. Babaji listened to my prayers and they safely did their work. Om Sairam.

Babaji please also forgive me for forgetting many experiences that I promised to share here and due to my laziness I haven’t and now I have forgotten those experiences. Forgive me Babaji. Please don’t be angry with me. I know these days I am being very impatient and losing my Shraddha Saburi and disappointing You Babaji but I still seek forgiveness from You Babaji. Please forgive me. I am trying for career opportunities; please help me to work hard towards it. Thank You Babaji for blessing and protecting me and my family. Babaji please protect everyone with Your loving grace and blessings. Babaji, bless everyone with Your love and protection. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Blessed With Kid


Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee says: I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. Please don’t disclose my name, contact or location details. Shirdi Sai Baba blessed us with a baby girl – our second child. I was worried about the delivery procedure, and was scared about C-section delivery. But with Sai Baba’s blessings, everything went smoothly and I had a normal delivery.

I took an epidural during delivery; some of them are saying that it can give backache as a side effect in later stages of life. With His grace, hoping not to have any side effects in life due to it. It was really a miracle to have the blessing of a child in life. Thank You dear Sai Baba for blessing us with this miracle in our life. Praying for His blessings for good health and everything for the baby. Also, my prayers to bless all of them whoever are praying for babies. Om Sairam

Sai Baba Always Helps


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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Hi! Jai Sairam! I think I had my phone on silent so I couldn’t hear my alarm, and I usually wake up around 6 to get ready for school. I think since yesterday I didn’t take my phone off silent, and Baba still woke me up at 6 and I saw my alarm. I feel like now that I didn’t hear my alarm but Baba probably woke me up. He’s always there for us. He will never leave our side. Jai Sairam.

Sai Baba will and has always helped me. I did go back to sleep after seeing the alarm, but I still woke up later. He always helps us! He always sends someone to help or He comes Himself. Jai Sairam!

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  1. Omsairam…thankyou so much for whatever you have blessed us with..kindly increase my faith and patience and increase my strength.

  2. Om sairam.happy krishna janmashtami.please help us baba we need you, protect my father sai we are very scared please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  3. OM SAI RAM.All the experiences are encouraging and helping me to increase my love and believe in saibaba. congratulation to the unknown devotee for her second baby and also thank you for praying for the child less couples like me. Baba please bless every childless couples with a baby.

  4. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai ram, SaiMa! Why is there always a failure in my life??? This negativity is making me worst everyday. I try to concentrate and devote my time to think about you but nothing is working. Please help. Our aim to stay in Australia also seems coming to end as nothing is working out. I have been trying all means but that is what you want Ma. Thank you so much. Love you MA. Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  6. Sai please bless me with a job that I have been preparing for last 6 years…please sai bless my family also.I want my parent's happiness.I have no more patience sai.please bless me with a job.

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