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Shirdi Sai Baba’s Love Grace Miracle Stories:

Sai’s Mercy

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Please keep me anonymous. I would like to share a miracle that happened with me a few days back.

I am a single child to my parents and working in a good company as a software professional. I got one alliance through my uncle who said that they were near to our place with good property and that it would be a good match but somehow I was not convinced and I didn’t like the match.

I couldn’t say no as my parents have been searching for me for four years and all the good matches are gone. I went ahead and said yes for the sake of my parents. Then my uncle, parents made arrangements to visit the groom’s place. I was already depressed with my marriage situation and I cried for 3, 4 days in front of Baba that even though I waited this long, Baba was making me accept the one which I don’t like. I have gone through so much suffering for a few years and always believed that Baba will make it alright at the end. I got suicidal thoughts. Then the day before my parents had to visit their home, I couldn’t sleep the whole night with continuous crying. By seeing my situation even my parents are crying and consoling me. I was doing Sundarakanda parayanam that week and in the morning I completed my parayan. My parents got ready to go to their place but then they got a call that the groom’s mother was not well and so they asked us not to come. We don’t know what happened because even after a couple of weeks they didn’t call.

I am completely relieved and felt that this was purely Baba’s miracle. I am so grateful to You Baba. Please show me the right match and fix my marriage before I complete Nava Guruvar Vrat. You know the kind of suffering we are going through and feel like we are trapped and there is no way out. Please forgive me and bless me with a good life partner Baba. From childhood I have prayed to You Baba, don’t leave me at this crucial stage of my life, please Baba I beg You. I will be indebted to You my whole life. Om Sairam. Jai Sairam.

Faith In Baba Always Wins

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Beenu Chhabra from India says: I am Baba’s servant. Sairam to all devotees. There are so many miracles that Baba has made me witness but I would like to share the most recent ones.

On 18th April, my husband started showing symptoms of Covid. For the first time in my life, I didn’t get scared. It’s my habit to get worried about small petty things but this was the first time that despite knowing that my husband is positive, I wasn’t worried at all. I knew that my Baba was there to take care of him and nothing would happen to him. After two days, I got the news that my brother has symptoms and that he may be positive too. This time I got worried because my parents are older and have other health issues. But here comes Baba’s miracle. He made sure that my brother isolates himself from day 1, so that my mother and father are safe. I have no words to thank Baba. Those 14 days were tiring for me but both my husband and brother got out of this situation victoriously. They got very mild symptoms and this is nothing but Baba’s miracle. My mother and father are protected from this deadly disease. It is another Baba’s miracle and I will be indebted to Him forever.

Second Miracle: My brother’s mother-in-law got Covid and she got very serious with 85% lung damage. Her children were crying inconsolably. I couldn’t bear it. Doctors had given up all hope and said only a miracle can save her. We all prayed for her and I knew deep inside that a miracle will definitely happen because Baba can never see His children crying. Needless to say, while she was getting treated, one guy came into the hospital room to nebulise her and said that she will recover soon. We believe that it was Baba Himself Who came to bless her. She’s back from the hospital, fully recovered. If this is not Baba’s miracle then what is? I had promised Baba that I will post this miracle here. Thank You Baba for everything that You do for me and my family. Please keep all of us under Your umbrella. Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam Deva. Om Sairam!

Baba Instantly Cured Health Issue

Shirdi Sai Devotee Preethika Gopikannan from Germany says: I am Preethi from Germany living with my husband and two kids. Hello Hetalji, Thanks for such a platform to share our experiences and to know others’ experiences as well.

I have had some health issues in my stomach for the past one month. I visited the doctor also and he gave an appointment on June 3rd 2021 for the sonography. I visited him in the starting of May and I felt better after that with some healthy powder and minimal diet.

But again yesterday I got the same pain and also sudden shivering which was making me feel very uncomfortable. My daughter is just 3 years old and I was frightened so much that it should not be that much severe and I should not rush to the hospital at that time leaving my daughter. I went to the pooja shelf, prayed to Baba, kept Udi and prayed to Baba, “Baba please stop my shivering/chills and I should not go to any hospital at this time leaving my kids with my husband and I will share my experience here.”

Soon my shivering stopped and my stomach pain also subsided. Baba is my only Saviour. Now I kept another prayer to our beloved Sai that in the scan also nothing should go wrong and not any big issues must be seen. Baba, also saved my family members and all other people who got affected by this Covid. Be with us always Baba. You are my everything. Protect the world from this pandemic.
Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Helped In Getting Driving License

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Bangalore. I have been a very small devotee for more than 10 years. Thanks Hetalji and team for maintaining this site. Thanks Sai Baba, You are like my parents to fulfil all my wishes.

Coming to my experience, my son was having a driving license test on 13th November, Friday. Before one week ago, the driving school person had called and told me the same thing. After hearing that, my son became nervous as he finished the driving classes two months back and because of the pandemic the test was delayed. He was not confident then and was not sure of clearing the test. Then I prayed sincerely to Sai Baba, to give him confidence and help him in clearing the test. I hope that I will post the same in this blog.

Then I made him practice a bit in our car for two days and one day he went to the driving school for revision class. With Baba’s blessings he became little confident and successfully cleared the Driving License test with Sai Baba’s blessings. Today Thursday, he got the call that his Driving License was ready. Thank You very much Sai Baba for helping my son in clearing the test. Please always shower Your blessings on all of us. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

Baba Answers Devotee’s Prayers

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: Sairam to all devotees. I hope you are all fine and safe in a pandemic time like this.

My husband had registered for both my parents to get their vaccination on 23rd May. After registration we were told to wait for 48 hours for confirmation. My dad kept checking his phone but there wasn’t any notification. 48 hours flew by and today I prayed to Baba that before 12pm my dad must get confirmation because they were opening another slot for 60 years old and below. I really wanted my parents to get vaccinated because here the cases are getting high.

Till 12 pm there was no news and we kept checking off and on and finally in the night my both parents got confirmation for their vaccination. I had promised Baba to share my experience here and Baba did really answer my prayers.

Baba, please bless my brother with a job before his birthday and please cure my foot pain which I sprained today. Keep the world safe and keep everyone safe from this virus. May Baba bless us and always be with us. I love You Baba always and forever. Sairam!

Sai Deva

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Baba I am yours and it’s an honour for me.
You know the best for me and what I seek. Leaving all at Your holy feet. Om Sairam!

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