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Unbelievable Experience With Shirdi Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Sai and all Baba children like me, Sairam! I just want to share my unbelievable experience with Sai Baba here. I am very happy to share my experience here, let me share in detail.

I am working as a software engineer and got married in 2013 February. As every Indian family starts asking from next month itself even my family also not a different one, everyone was asking for when you are planning for kids. Then my struggles started. Me and my husband went to the doctor and started medications. And that time I was not Baba devotee. I used to pray Him with all others normally.

All these struggles continued for seven long years, in those years even a single day I didn’t stop medications, had changed two to three hospitals. Then all started blaming my job that only because of my work I did not conceive. I felt like at least when I was working I was forgetting about kids and was feeling a little ok, but all my family members asked me to resign. As I didn’t have any support here, as one last chance I explained everything to my manager. He supported me and gave a year’s leave without salary. I was very happy to get that leave. After taking leave, with support of medications I conceived once but baby didn’t get the heartbeat and so had a miscarriage. But I was happy at least that I had conceived. So maybe I will conceive again.

Now the actual real story started. I moved to my parent’s home. As my husband also had a working from home option. he also was staying in my home town only. We were continuing the medications like that only. Meanwhile my one year leave was completing and my tension started. By 2018 April 22nd, I had to rejoin the office.

In March 2018 my father’s colleague gave Sai Baba’s book and asked me to do puja for at least five weeks. I consoled myself thinking that I am taking medicines from five years but not getting pregnant, let me start believing in God. So I started believing Sai. I started puja every Thursday and was continuing the medicines as well. In April month the doctor suggested three months break to the treatment as it was summer. I thought I too wanted a break from all these things and wanted to live peacefully for some time. So I decided to re-join my job. However my husband and in-laws opposed it and they didn’t agree to rejoin. I requested them and literally begged them, explained my mental condition without doing anything and sitting at home was increasing my tensions and always thinking about kids was spoiling my health and because of that also I was not able to conceieve. But they didn’t listen to me and took my laptop and did not give it to me.

My manager was asking me to send an e-mail that would I join back or would resign from the job. I could feel that my life had gone. My husband went to his job location Hyderabad and was not picking my calls and not talking to me. My parents were helpless. They were seeing how I suffered one year at home, always thinking about kids without taking proper food. They wanted me to join back tw work so at least in office I would forget about my condition. Contrary to this, my husband only wanted kids, not my job and he put a condition to take me to Hyderabad only if I got pregnant. That time I prayed only to Sai Baba and decided to go to Shirdi.

We didn’t know how to go to Shirdi but I went to Shirdi with my mom and aunt. We spent three days there. This was the first time that I went to Shirdi and I felt very happy on coming to Shirdi. At Least three days I spent peacefully. After that my father supported me and told to start working again. He suggested that if my husband opened the house door then go, or else join in hostel. Then somehow my in-laws allowed me to join for three months, as doctor had suggested me to stop medications for three months. Literally my husband was counting those three months.

Meanwhile in that year’s time he changed house, took two rooms bachelor house. House was not that good. But the only good thing was that Baba’s temple was nearby. I was very happy to see Baba’s temple there. Daily I used to go to Baba temple and sometimes tears used to come out automatically without knowing, and I was on bench, the manager was asking me to relocate to Bangalore which I could not do and that was another problem.

Daily I used to go to temple and used to cry in front of Baba. One of the other Sai Baba devotees asked me to do Naga Dosha Puja to Sai Baba and asked me to give some Mulika’s into Baba’s Dhuni. I started that as well. In June end I should resign my job and come back to my hometown if I get a period; for my treatment again.

Nothing was in our hands. Days passed, on 29th June was the period due date, I didn’t get it. I didn’t have any hopes and was just praying to our Sai. I waited till July 3rd, not even a single minute I stopped praying Baba. Finally on July 3rd early morning 3:30 AM, I tested myself and two pink lines came. I was stunned, Baba, You saved my life. As first time I had miscarriage, I wanted to go to hospital for the check-up. On that same day my manager pinged me to relocate to Bangalore but I told him that I was pregnant. He said ok and that he would get back to me. That time I didn’t know that companies should not fire pregnant ladies. After that when I asked for a project my friend said, “Don’t worry about your job, they should not fire you as you are pregnant. Don’t think about your job. Not only pregnancy, Baba saved my job as well. Same day we went to the hospital and doctor confirmed the pregnancy but asked us to come after two weeks to check the baby’s heartbeat.

Again those two weeks were very tense days but I had belief in my Sai. On July 17th on Guru Pournima we went to the hospital and the doctor showed us the baby’s heart beat for the first time – the best sound of my life! After those nine months I faced some issues but with Baba’s help all issues got resolved. Finally on February 20, 2020 on Thursday Sai blessed me with a baby boy. Baba I cannot say just ‘Thank You.’ You just saved my life. Even after baby delivery I am facing discrimination and being asked to resign my job, but now I am strong as I am having Sai and Sai’s gift with me and I am sure Sai will help me in all my situations. Om Sairam!

Ace With Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I feel happy to add one more leela to the cistern of Sai leelas. I am blessed to be accepted by Sri Sai as His devotee and be protected always by Him – one of the many who has received Baba’s blessings and experienced Sai miracles like the lucky mango flower that turns into a fruit. I don’t know where to start; there is so much I want to shre. So here it goes – one more leela added to the cistern of Sai leelas.

There are a few life lessons that I have learned over the past years. Some of them are:

  • Baba always helps His devotee – His timing is perfect.
  • One gets what one is fated to get; nothing more, nothing less.
  • Last but not the least, faith and patience are paramount. Shortcuts do not exist.

Since 2017, I have been kind of unlucky with my job. I lost my job twice between 2017 and 2020. But with Baba’s help, I got a new job before my notice period got over. In fact, previously too, whenever I wanted to change my job, I was always able to change with ease.

The year 2020 was not a good year for my family (including me). The bright side was that we all came out of these issues with Baba’s grace. The particular miracle that I am going to share is about how I got a new job during Covid.

All the hard work, the stress, the long working hours and the superhuman effort I put to accomplish tasks did not help me retain my job. I was completely disillusioned, to say the least and weary. I lost my job in September 2020. My last working day was November 2020. This time I asked Baba to help me get a job that was stress free, that paid well and from an established company in the edtech sector. A big ask!

Now, because of Covid there were generally very few job openings in the market. Of course, I prayed to Baba. From my previous experience, I had learned that I just needed to have faith and patience and Baba would definitely bestow His grace. This time my mind was calm and composed and I was waiting for Baba to send me my job. I updated my resume and was on a look out for a job from December 2020. I gave a couple of interviews, but they did not materialize. Every job I applied to had so many applicants. Getting a job felt like winning a lottery. Things didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I looked up the question and answers book for some kind of sign or guidance to see what to do and when I would get the job. Baba indicated that I read the Satcharitra in one day. And that my wishes would be fulfilled.

On one hand, I was happy I received direction but on the other hand, I was stressed. Completing the reading in a day was a daunting task; especially to focus for such a long time while reading. But why fear when Baba is near. I sailed through this easily and I continued to wait for the right job opening to come. I kept applying and reaching out to people in my network.

Approximately two weeks after I finished reading the Satcharitra, while I was applying for jobs, I came across a job opening that was appropriate for my skills and expertise. My heart leapt; I applied and reached out directly to the CEO of the company. And then everything fell in place. Within five days, I got the job. You will not believe it – I was selected from 800 plus applicants! This was Baba’s miracle! I was elated. Now remember my big job requirement request to Baba – I got most of it. The organization is about ten years old, belongs to the edtech sector, the job is not stressful, the post is a high post. The only downside is that since the company is a social enterprise, the salary I got did not commensurate with industry standards. This burst my happy bubble. But nevertheless, I comforted myself; I presume that whatever is happening is due the blessings of Sri Sai Baba and I just have to wait. There is some reason that I’m not aware of as yet.

I start my new job on 1 Feb 2021. Words cannot express the gratitude and feelings I have for You. I am because of You. Bow to Sri Sai, peace be to all.

Sai Baba – Merciful God

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a tiny particle of my Baba’s universe. Om Sairam! Thanks Hetalji and team for providing this platform. Deva please show us the path, I am completely helpless for my niece’s marriage. Please guide us Baba. I am trying to share some of Your blessings out of infinite which You showered on us.

My husband’s Covid-19 test result came positive without any symptom. With the blessing of Deva the quarantine period passed smoothly and no other family members got affected. I was very tensed that how everything would be managed and about the after effect of Covid but everything was managed by Deva and no any side effect is visible till date.

My job is of very serious nature and as I always say and feel that Deva Himself is doing on my behalf as I am a very ignorant person. In the recent period, I made two mistakes although not completely my fault but I could avoid the situation if I was more alert but Deva saved me. In this situation Deva taught me one very important lesson: “Don’t expose other’s faults as Deva is hiding or covering our faults.” Deva always guides us.

In this pandemic situation, we travelled to our hometown to attend a family function. I was very worried due to Covid, winter and some evil eyed people. I prayed to Deva to take care of our journey and stay as we were travelling with kids and elder aunty. My aunty got severely sick but Deva guided us and she recovered slowly. With Baba’s blessings we fully enjoyed our journey without any problem.

My aunty tripped and her shoulder got fractured. Deva guided us thoroughly for her treatment and care. Deva please heal her as soon as possible without further complications. Deva, always protect us.

Om Anant Koti Brhamand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrhma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Blessings Of Sai Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam to everyone. Thank you Hetal mam for encouraging us to write more and more experiences.

On 24th December night suddenly my son vomited 3-4 times. The next morning he also vomited after eating a little amount of food. We became worried. Then we took him to a doctor. After taking the injection he felt fine. But the next day he suffered from diarrhoea. Then we again took him to the doctor. After taking medicine for 3-4 days the diarrhoea subsided.

One day he was playing. He threw my mobile phone and it hit the head of my mother-in-law. A big lump suddenly appeared. I started praying that if anything does not happen within three weeks then I will submit my experience. I am doing so.

I have written a post in facebook in the group of miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba regarding my mother’s dental pain and by the blessings of Sai Baba and other devotees her pain had gone away.

Baba, bless my son in regards to his passing of the stool problem.

My mother-in-law is not feeling well. She is telling me that she feels weak. Baba bless her with good health, because she is taking care of my son as I am a working woman. Baba I will again share my experience after my mother-in-law feels well. Om Sairam. Om Sai Aarogyakshemadaya Namah. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam.

Baba’s Grace On His Devotees

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai blessings to all. Thank you for this wonderful site. Please keep my information anonymous.

I had promised Sai that I would post these blessings if Baba fulfilled my wish. I had a big fight with my husband on Thursday after we came from the temple. I don’t why this happened on Thursday as I feel Thursday is Baba’s Day and I feel so secure. My husband is a short tempered person and never compromises from his side and usually doesn’t talk to me from our fight day. So many times this has happened to me and always I am the first person to call him or talk to him to resolve the fight. But this time I was waiting for his call. The same I requested to my merciful Baba.

My Baba granted my wish. You know Baba I want some respect from my husband. He should understand me and not fight for small, small things (as I am a working woman, handling the office and home with a three years old kid is too difficult).

Please shower Your mercy on me Baba. I am asking for another wish to fulfil. Kindly show Your grace on me and my family and everybody. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam, Sarva Jana Sukhino Bhavantu. Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabarahma Sri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainatha Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Baba Statue Leela

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My relatives had ordered a Baba’s statue from Jaipur. Everyday they kept following those people from the date they had promised the delivery. Everytime they said it was on the way and that it would come that day. This kept repeating and finally on a Thursday (Baba’s day) Baba came home. All were stunned at Baba’s leela and I got goosebumps when I heard and felt like sharing here. Really He will come when He wants to come into our house. His timings are perfect. Jai Sairam

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