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With Baba’s Grace Covid Test Came Negative

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a very small devotee of Baba. Om Sairam! My whole life is full of Baba’s miracles and hence today I would like to share a wonderful Leela of our Lord Sai which happened this afternoon.

My husband has not been feeling well for a few days and I was very worried about the current situation. We decided to get it checked this evening. But before that I was extremely worried and just kept praying to Baba to please help us and kept hoping for a negative report. He was in self isolation for a few days and I was at my mother-in-law’s house and hence applied the Udi imagining that I was applying it on his forehead.

I even prayed and told Baba that it’s been a while but if it’s negative then I will write my experience and share this wonderful Leela. I completely surrendered at His feet. Only an hour back his report came and by Baba’s grace it’s negative. I can’t thank Baba enough.

I think I should also mention that today morning while doing my Pooja, I was cleaning Baba’s vigrah with gangajal and the Chandan went into His left eye. I started cleaning it and even got soft scrub with shampoo. Used ear buds etc. and it all just made me very emotional. But while doing all that I felt maybe there was a big problem which was about to happen but Baba has taken it on him and that made me cry.

I felt really bad that He is suffering for me and it’s important that I share this with Baba’s devotees that we must surrender which is very difficult during our tough times and trust Him forgetting the rest. He will surely come to your rescue even before you ask.

This miracle of Baba will be something that I will cherish for a very long, long time to come. Om Sairam! He is everything, my world and my universe. May He help everyone in their trying times and gives us all humility and kindness. Shraddha and Saburi!

A Real Life Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Germany says: Om Sairam to all fellow devotees. I experienced a wonderful miracle today (Thursday) and would like to share it here.

I am expecting my second child, still in early months. After the home pregnancy test came positive, I took an appointment with the gynaecologist after two weeks for the regular check-up. Like every couple, my husband and I were excited to see a glimpse of the embryo. After the doctor did the sonography, he gave us a very sad news that the pregnancy didn’t look normal as there was no heart beat even after eight weeks and that I would have a miscarriage in a couple of days. That day was a Monday.

Dejected, both of us went back home feeling sad and upset, still trying to accept this fact. I prayed to my Sai. The doctor was so sure about the miscarriage but I knew that only my Sai could save me from this situation. During that week I had so much anxiety always thinking and praying about the baby.

Suddenly on Wednesday night I felt a gush of liquid and was scared that maybe my miscarriage has started. Doctor had asked me to call when this happens so I did and he asked me to take an appointment for the next day which was a Thursday. I had discharge all night, but also continued to pray. One side of me was believing in Shraddha Saburi and thinking that all would be fine!

Next day I went to the doctor. After doing the sonography, the doctor was amazed! He said all the abnormalities had gone and that there was a heartbeat in the embryo and everything was normal! This can only be our Sai’s Miracle! We all are so blessed to experience His miracles. I just can’t thank Him enough. I am sure Sai will protect all of us through all difficult times. Just keep faith! He always has the right timing for everything. Om Sairam!

Baba Helped Me Through Trying Times

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Sai helped me get back my driver’s license after renewal.

Dear Devotees, this experience happened about 4-5 months back. I had relocated to NY but still had my driver’s license from a different state. My driver’s license was to expire in one month at that time. Then the pandemic started and I couldn’t do much about it. So I tried to renew it online. I was skeptical about renewing because the new driver’s license would reach the address on my old driver’s license and would not get forwarded to my current mailing address. I didn’t know this as a fact at that time and since the driver’s license is our identity document I didn’t want it to get lost or mailed back to the DMV.

Luckily I had my brother at the old address (used to live with his family for a while). I prayed to Baba to solve the issue for me and let it reach my brother safely. Like I prayed, the driving license reached my brother’s mailbox and he posted it safely to me. Did I tell you that I had the USPS mail forwarding on the old address a year back? In Spite of all these hurdles, my Sai had helped me.

My identity is Sai and He knows all about me. Sai came forward and helped me to get the Driver’s license back to me safely.

Baba The Protector

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I have been a Sai devotee for a long time and my Sai never ceases to amaze me. I thank the SaiYug team and Hetalji for creating this wonderful platform. Each experience is an affirmation of the presence of Sai in our lives.

Coming to my experience, my daughter is a College student and studying from home due to the pandemic. Two days back she developed a cough and was unable to study continuously. We got scared and she was taken to the hospital for a Covid test. She didn’t have any other tell tale signs of Covid and the doctor mentioned that she may not have it but asked her to take the test to get confirmation. The test results came today and it was negative. I had prayed for her safety and as always Sai is our reassuring mountain of faith. Always protect my daughter Sai.

aba’s Help With Kids’ After Care

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I reside in USA and I am a staunch believer of Sai Baba. Sometimes I take things for granted and don’t follow the deadlines, due to this I had missed to enrol kids in the aftercare. When I went to the office for registration, I realized that I had missed the deadline and kids were put on the waitlist. Aftercare class size is limited and so there was no way of my kids getting admission with so many kids being on waitlist. I started panicking, as I had not thought of any alternate arrangements and schools were starting within the next two days. I gave the forms and knew in my mind that only Baba could help me. I kept praying to Baba and kept calling the office. It’s a true miracle of Baba that they hired an extra counsellor and my kids were enrolled. This wouldn’t have happened without the grace of Baba as our town never increased the class size in the past. Thank You Baba for saving me, please bless all. Thank you Hetalji.

Sai’s Help To My Baby

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Thank you Hetalji for all your efforts and service to Baba and His devotees. My baby has turned 6 months now. So we have started with food and water as per the paediatrician. Since we started she has a great difficulty in passing stools as she doesn’t drink enough water. With repeated efforts she hardly has only a few drops of water. One day she was struggling to pass her motions and so I invoked Baba’s grace to help her and I started chanting Sai Sai. Soon with Baba’s grace she was relieved. Thank You Baba for Your help. Please Baba solve her problem of passing stools and make her drink enough water. Baba, posting here as per the promise. Thank You Baba for always being there. We can never ever thank You enough as You are there every time for anything at one sincere call. Thank You once again. Jai Sairam!

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