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Baba Always Listens

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I live in the USA. I want to be anonymous.

Dearest Baba, How can I thank You? I can only share this leela with all Your children to let them know that You are the wire puller of the show of this universe, You only control all the elements, nothing is impossible for You, You are the kindest Mother and once a devotee has truly surrendered unto You, You become the Doer. Dear devotees, this is my 15th or 16th experience on this divine website. My sincere thanks to the admin and the team for this noble and divine service.

I live in the USA with my wonderful husband and two darling children. I want to remain anonymous.
This leela happened yesterday on the Raksha Bandhan day. These days I am going through a difficult time with my brothers, sister and mother as I am supporting my 84 year old father who has Parkinson and who I feel is not treated well by my brothers.

My parents are currently staying with my elder brother who creates differences between my parents. My mother is old and all supports my brothers sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of a survival instinct as they are dependent on my brothers for everything. As a result my father feels very left out and depressed. Though I am very fond of my brothers and sister and mother, I simply could not digest this injustice against my old and sick father and stood out and fought alone. As a result both my older brother and my youngest brother are against me. My mother who used to love me very much also took side with my brothers. I live far away from them and always pray for my father and mother to live their last life together and peacefully. When the day before Raksha Bandhan my mother told me that my younger sister was coming to tie Rakhi to my elder brother I felt very sad thinking about my broken relationship with my brothers and sincerely requested my Baba to not make the day bad and difficult for me.

You will not believe devotees, what happened on the Rakhi day. As usual I got up in the morning, finished my chantings, my Nitya parayana and called my parents. My brother was not there. I was scared that he might not even talk to me. As per my husband’s advice I called my brother separately and also sent a rakhi message. After sometime my sister talked to me very nicely, then my brother replied to my message and called me and talked very, very nicely which I had not expected at all. I spent my day so happily. In the evening my own children bought a costly gift for me for Rakhi. Tell me devotees Who did all this? It is Him and only Him.

Love You Baba. You gave a nice gift to me making me realize that You are not only my Mother and Father, You are my Brother too. You are my Everything. I want to be a puppet in Your hand. On July 28th I had read a beautiful experience on Mahaparayan Experience from a devotee named Laxmi. I can’t forget that experience.

I learned what true bhakti is and I learned what it is to be a puppet in Baba’s hand. We have to have utmost faith and deep devotion. We should ask for these two things only. Other things will come in abundance if we just have these two things. Let’s be kind to each other and treat everyone with respect and try not to hurt anyone. Baba will be so happy. Baba let my parents live happily together. Let both my brothers show some kindness to my old father. My prayers for all the old parents in the world who are going through a difficult time. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Story On Experience

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: May Sai Baba show mercy. I am from the UK. I have been a believer of Sai Baba for a while though I do not know whether Baba accepts me as His devotee as every day, I am making mistakes and not always following His way of living. Please keep me anonymous and do not publish my details. Thank you to Hetalji and team for this website.

Today the date is Wednesday 05 August 2020. Before this date I had been recently thinking in my mind that we only hear positive experiences on the “Devotees’ Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba” website. I always wondered if there were ever any negative experiences and if ever, they would get published, as for all the 10 months that I have been reading on and off I have never read any negative experiences. Not because I want to read negative experiences but to see that a balance is published, and the devotees can then make up their own minds depending on their faith on Sai Baba our Lord.

Amazingly, yesterday i.e. 04 August 2020 (published on 03rd August 2020)-Experience Part 2805, I read an incredibly sad story titled “Life is Helpless and No Help.” I was very saddened that this person is going through such a difficult period and though he has been trying to follow his life according to Sri Sai Satcharitra he is in such dire straits. We all read and think that those are his Karmas and he must go through his Karmas. By reading his story I wonder if my faith in Sai Baba is strong enough and my faith also started to waver. My thoughts are that Baba is there for all no matter how difficult the situation is. I have read stories where people have lost small things and promised Baba to write on this website and they suddenly find them. I have read that people’s electronic things do not work and by promising Baba to write on this website things start working etc. Yet it makes me question why a person is such dire straits, yearning for our Lord, is not being blessed with Baba’s grace, that he feels that he is on the doorstep to death.

I request all to pray sincerely to Sai Baba for this person and anybody in those circumstances that they get Baba’s grace as soon as possible so that they should not have to face this situation.
Hetalji as you must have details of this person (i.e. email address, etc.) would it be possible with the Sai community in India to reach out to this person and be of help in his time of need? He seems very desperate and alone. I understand that there are thousands of desperate situations, however, after reading this person’s situation I have not been able to take him out of my mind and felt that I had to write something and if possible to be of any help. If his case is genuine, I am willing to donate something small financially as I am sure many others would be too, to help him to at least be able to feed himself and the rest of his Karmas can be left in our Lord’s hands. Is this something that can be organised?

I pray to Baba that He comes to this person’s aid very quickly. Om Sairam. Sai Baba please take this Corona Virus away from the world forever and bless all with good health, wealth, mental stability, compassion, kindness and love for all. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva. Samasta Lokha Sukhino Bhavantu. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Baba Is With Me All The Time

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi, I’m a devotee of Baba from USA. I want to thank Hetalji and the team for creating and maintaining this Satcharitra. I want to mention my recent experience here.

Few weeks back I woke up early in the morning and after some time I was trying to sleep again. The fan near my bed was switched off by my husband and he went to his home office. When I was about to sleep, I realized that the fan got switched on automatically. I woke up and saw nobody there and I switched it off thinking it must be my husband. But in fractions of seconds how can he do that and go to another room!?

When I asked my husband if he had switched it ON but he answered no. I was so shocked and creepy thoughts came to my mind. But after some days I watched a video of Sadhna Sidhi Vigyan where Mataji explained the similar experiences she had by her Guru. I realized it was Baba; He came and gave me a signal that He is always with me. I needed it the most and He gave me my confidence back.

I love You Baba. Please forgive me I couldn’t understand Your presence. I am Your kid, please forgive my mistakes. Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

Baba Always Answers

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Sreelekha from India says: I am Sreelekha from India. Yesterday night my father was not well. He had a cough, cold and some fever. When I checked the temperature with the thermometer it was showing normal, but his body was hot and his eyes became very red. As during this pandemic of Corona I got really, really tensed and shivered. Many bad thoughts came into my mind. I even cried. I prayed to Baba and gave some medicine and Udi to my father. In about an hour he had sound sleep, he woke up fine on the next day. I prayed to Baba and He answered. Don’t worry about any situation in your life, just pray Baba and leave the issue with Him. Baba will take care of everything. He is the protector of the world. Thank Baba for Your timely help.

Baba Cured My Son’s Eye Pain

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am from USA. I have shared many experiences before on this site. Baba has been guiding me for the past 1 year 4 months by continuously providing solutions to my problems. My son had been suffering from a headache and eye pain for 2 weeks. Even though he was using glasses, his pain was not reducing. I prayed for Sai to cure my son’s pain. Baba heard my prayers and cured my son’s pain. My son has diarrhoea for 10 days. Baba thank You for reducing his diarrhoea and please cure his stomach issues completely and bless him with good health.

Baba Made Me Join The Parayan Group

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. I wanted to join a parayan group but it place was not available. Then I prayed to Baba and left it to Him. Then to my surprise I received a message on a Wednesday night that I got a place for it and I could start reading in It from the next day which was a Baba’s day – Thursday. Thank You Baba. Help me to be Your good child. Love You. Jai Sairam!

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  1. baba please save my parents baba help us financially we don't even know what will happen next cure my father baba he is developing health issues baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa.. Happy ganesh chaturthii Sai. Help all to devote purely to ganapati bappa

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  4. Om sai shirdi vasaye vidhmahe sacchidanand dhimahe tanno sai sai shirdi sai jai jai sai namoh namah shree sai namo namah jai jai sai namo namah sadguru sai namo shri sai arogyakshemdaya namah.jai shree sai samarth .om sai ram.bolo shirdi wale sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.bolo shri sai samarth maharaj ki jai…………

    Hey mere saibaba mein bilkul nadan hu .nahi jaanti tujhse kya maangu.tu jo mere liye uchit samjhe wahi de de or mujhe aise shakti pradan karo me jaha or jaise rahu rahu khush rahu mujme koy bhagti nahi koy gun nahi mere karm swarthpurn rahe honge mujhme koy acchaie nahi tere charno k siva koy aot nahi .rahamrker or mujhe apni sharan mein le le mujhe or kuch nahi chaiye mujhe apna daas bna le ki mein teri ho jau or tu mera ho jau aao hum sab milkar apne sadguru sai ki stuti kre or jeevan safal banae.bolo shirdiwale sacchidanand sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai..

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