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My Wife Got Cured By Baba’s Darshan

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Haresh Wadhwani from India says: Om sairam. I am a senior citizen living in Mumbai and I have been devoted to Baba for the last four decades. As usual and like every year it was our practice or rather ritual to go for pilgrimage to Shirdi via Titwala Ganesh temple. Accordingly, the family decided to go for the trip on 5th, 6th and 7th March 2001 by road. By 10 AM we had completed our visit to Titwala temple and were on our way to Shirdi. After going a little distance away I noticed that my wife, Neha, had a slight cough and cold. Anyway at this stage it was not serious and was not a bother. As we reached Kasara, she complained of slight fever, but said that she could travel to Shirdi and back. Well so we carried on.

After passing Igatpuri I noticed that her fever had gone up and that she would not be able to go up to Shirdi. Soon as we entered Nasik we decided to take a halt, consult a doctor and take a day’s rest. We halted at Hotel Sai Palace and requested the receptionist to call a doctor. It was about 12.30 PM when the doctor came to check my Neha. After checking her he informed her that the fever was about 102 degrees Centigrade. She was also quite weak and was not fit to travel. He suspected that she could have malaria, however he would come again next morning, 6th March by 9 AM and check her once again and take a call on further action. Prescribing medication he left.

Throughout the remaining time and till next morning there was no respite to Neha from the fever. As assured by the doctor, he came at about 10.30 AM and checked her and found the fever to be between 101-102 degrees. He prescribed further medication and instructed her to rest and forbid her to travel till he checks her the next day. This saddened and depressed us but there was nothing we could do and so it was best to heed to doctors’ advice. Half an hour later Neha sat up and said, “Let’s go, now to Shirdi.” “What?” I exclaimed! “Are you out of your mind? How can we go with you having such a high fever? How can I drive with you in such a state and you won’t be able to stand for 3-4 hours in the long line for the darshan? No way I can’t take you? No not against the doctor’s advice. Sorry.” But she was persistent, adamant and stubborn. She said, “we are going to our God Sai and He knows my condition. Don’t worry He will take care. I have full faith in Him.” So saying she got up to get ready. Seeing her determination, confidence and faith I gave in and decided to go, leaving our fate in Sai’s hand. We decided not to take our car but to go by a cab.

We left for Shirdi at about 12.30 PM by a Maruti Omni (Van). My both daughters took the front seat while Neha and I took the back seat. Throughout the journey she was lying down with her head on my lap. I was mentally uncomfortable, tensed and scared. My mind was full of doubts and questions, about how Neha will go through 3-4 hours in a long line with devotes pushing each other. Lot of other thoughts crowded my mind. Fear gripped me. At this stage all I could do was to pray to Lord for help and to ensure that the darshan goes off without any problem and without any discomfort to Neha. I started chanting Om Sairam in my mind. As we neared Shirdi my heart beats went up, tension became uncontrollable. I started perspiring. I couldn’t do anything.

In no time the cab pulled up at gate number 2 of the temple. We walked towards the entrance to the hall from where the darshan line starts. We were about to enter the hall when the watchman manning the entrance stopped us going in. He said, “Sir no, not from here, go from there” pointing towards the entrance at the side and next to Baba’s idol in Samadhi mandir. “Come I will guide you there.” Within a minute we were in front of Baba and no one else was there besides us except the priests. Wow! Couldn’t believe it. The priest gave Neha a flower and asked her to touch it to her forehead, which she did. Well, an unbelievable darshan over, we came out of the Samadhi Mandir. We went to Dwarkamai, prostrated before the Lord. By this time Neha was perfectly fine. No fever. No weakness. She was her normal self. What a miracle! I was astounded and surprised. I had no words to express my feelings. What a miracle. First the darshan without any line, waiting or discomfort, second right in front of Baba without any one next to us, 3rd the flower by the priest and 4th Neha becoming normal within minutes of the darshan. Till date this is one experience that is firmly etched out not only in my brain but in my soul too. Unimaginable and that is why it was a miracle.

On returning to the hotel, the staff too were shocked and surprised to see Neha perfectly alright. Next morning the doctor too was shocked and surprised at her fine condition. We left for Mumbai immediately and returned safely. One thing was clear Baba wanted us there in Shirdi, made the arrangements for our darshan and made the fever of Neha disappear. Truly leelas of Baba are unimaginable and great. Blessed to have experienced His grace and leela.
Om Sairam!

Haresh Wadhwani- Bandra (w) Mumbai

Udi Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am from Mumbai. This is my first experience on this blog. My Mom is a thyroid and minor brain stroke patient, who has stopped taking medicines for the last 6-7 months. On 11th May, 2020 my mom was having mild fever, headache and a faint feeling. Same day we took her to the doctor and the next day there was no fever but she was feeling weak. Doctor told her BP was low, due to which she was feeling faint. On 13th she was little better and stopped taking those medicines. On the 14th we insisted her to complete the dosage prescribed by the doctor. She took that dosage and her health got worse. She fell down frequently; her heart was beating fast and had already stopped taking food. We thought as told by the doctor that if she took electoral powder water then she would be fine. Entire night was sleepless. Next morning, we got the news of one lady in our building who expired. Hearing this, my mom’s health got worse than the previous day. I was feeling helpless and took her to a nearby doctor and injected her glucose water. By evening, there was little improvement in her health. But again that night was sleepless. On Saturday, again the same thing as she was not able to stand, was not taking food and her heart rate was much rapid. From Friday to Sunday, I tried reaching all possible hospitals, but there was no reply. None of them was ready to take her due to fear of covid. Infact, doctors were not available in private hospitals. On Sunday evening, I applied Udi on her forehead and her chest and immediately her heart palpitation stopped. This was a miracle for us.

Next day i.e. 18th May, 2020, mom woke up early at 6, did pooja and took tea. Afterwards, she took rest but again she was panicky and her heartbeat was abnormal. I again applied Udi and it stopped. I kept Sai Satcharitra under her pillow and kept praying to Baba. I was not getting any solution and asked Baba to help me. After 5-10 minutes, mom woke up and started crying. I let her cry, so that she would feel better. We all were worried but not aware what to do. I was praying wholeheartedly to Baba to show me a way. My aunty told me that this might be due to her medicines being stopped. Infact, aunt was hinting at us from yesterday, still we did not realise it. After 5 minutes, my younger sister said, let us take her to the doctor with whom our neighbour was having an appointment. My mom agreed on the same. Mom was not ready to go to any hospital as well, but agreed for this doctor.

With help of our neighbours, we got an appointment and reached his clinic at 12. Doctor checked the ECG and everything was normal. My mom got relaxed from the fear and worry of corona. The only issue was her medicines of stroke and thyroid which were stopped. Doctor explained her reason for continuing those medicines and she was very convinced.

We did blood tests and returned home. Mom was 90% well and after starting medicines her health improved a lot. Even her reports were normal. She started taking normal food which she had stopped from the last 8 days. Thanks to Baba for taking care of her, listening to my prayers and guiding us. Also, my thanks to Bappa, Kuldevi and neighbours who helped us a lot.

Baba Resolves My Issues

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: This blog has always helped me when I have problems or doubts. Thanks to all who made this possible. I have two experiences and I would like to share. Firstly, after a function at home I thought I had placed my jewellery in a certain bag. A few days back when I checked the bag I was shocked to see that it wasn’t there. Now the function had taken place six months back and I was not able to recollect what had happened. I prayed to Baba to please help me find the jewellery. My husband then mentioned a box in which he had placed important papers and together we found the jewellery in that box.

My second experience is about how Baba helped me resolve an issue at work. Apart from my regular job Baba helped me find another contract. Through Baba’s grace one of my former managers hired me for this contract. While working on this project I did a task which due to my negligence caused some serious changes in data which the customer was facing. My former manager’s reputation was at stake for recommending me. There was no way I could fix it and I was totally helpless and scared. I sincerely prayed for Baba to help me. After a few days on a call they let me know that data inconsistency was across the board and that it may or may not have been due to my work and they had a fix in place. I was so relieved and they also extended my contract.

Devotees please put your entire trust in Baba and simply let go. Baba will resolve your problems and give you peace. Only if it is right for you Baba will give it to you, if you don’t get something you wanted it only means that Baba has better plans for you and it is for our best. Om Sairam.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji and team, my sincere gratitude to you all for maintaining this divine platform. Dear devotees Baba always helps me and answers my prayers and blesses me.

Due to the cyclone in Kolkata last week, my mother had no network from Thursday evening and entire Friday 23rd May. I was in another place and I couldn’t contact her. Till Friday I didn’t feel worried. But I kept checking my phone in the middle of the night also as I knew she would call me as soon as the network came. Saturday at 5:30 or 6:00am I got very scared and called our caretaker, which I should have done earlier. I thought he may not have a connection as well. Finally he told me that only jio had connections and not the other ones. I prayed to Baba and other Gods that if the network comes by 4pm in the evening then I will get an answer to one of my questions. By Baba’s grace, exactly that happened and my mother got her network and she messaged me. Thank You Baba. You not only solved the problem but through it You also answered one of my very important questions. You really did a miracle in my life. I also want to thank You Baba for one more thing which I am unable to recollect right now. Please forgive me for that. But Baba thank You for that other thing also. I need You always Baba. Baba I am helpless without You. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

Baba’s Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had ordered a necklace in gold to be made at a jeweller’s shop last year in June. That time I had not confirmed the gold rate. Then as the rate was increasing around July – August I fixed the gold rate. Later whenever the necklace was ready due to various reasons it was sent for repair again. Not once or twice but multiple times. So now in May month when after various hurdles like lockdown etc. it was ready and the calculation was to be done the jeweller was doing it as per new rate which was very high almost Rs. 10000 more than what I had fixed. Unfortunately I had lost the copy of the order form. He too was saying that the order form had got torn at his end and it could not be found. I don’t know if that fact was true or he was taking the advantage of us losing the copy of the order form. He was not ready to believe that I had fixed the rate may be because he would be at a loss. There was a lot of argument with no hopes of him to agree. Then I prayed Baba mentally and asked Him to do justice and what He feels is right. I started chanting Sai mentally while mom and the jeweller continued their heated argument. I prayed to Baba and also promised Him to post here if solved. I then interrupted them again requesting him to trust us. To my wonder he agreed in a moment although I had requested him before also multiple times. What do I call this? It was only Baba’s miracle! Thank You Baba so much. Love You!

Baba’s Blessing

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee says: I am a Sai Devotee. Please do not disclose my name, country, email id and personal details. Om Sairam. Thank you Hetal mam and team for maintaining this blog. Baba with Your divine blessing we are here today. My daughter was suffering from sickness for a very long time and today by Your divine grace and blessing she has been cured. Baba please shower Your blessings on her in every step of her life.

I am having problems with my fingers please cure my fingers. Baba You are the ocean of mercy. You are everything to us. Please have mercy on my family and always take care of us. Anantakoti Bramhadanayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabramha Satchitanand Shri Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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