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Mere Sai

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee from India. Sai came into our life 10 years back and we have experienced a lot of miracles every day. Our financial status got improved step by step and we were blessed to visit Shirdi one December. From then we used to park money for the trip and visit Shirdi every December.

Last year, due to my job we could not plan the trip. We had been thinking about this and booked tickets. The Corona virus spread was getting severe as days went and we were one side scared about the travel since we had aged parents accompanying. Due to Sai’s grace everything went well and we reached home safely without any trouble.

We felt Sai’s blessings at each and every stage of our travel. We usually book darshan tickets beforehand as my parents cannot stand for a long time and I don’t want any last minute stress. We stayed for two nights and the next day we hadn’t booked for any darshan as we needed to start early to reach the airport. But after reaching Shirdi, I had secretly wished Baba to call us the next day if possible. Luckily through other devotees we got to know about Senior citizen passes and Baba blessed us with His darshan before we left.

My other experience. We are in countrywide lockdown because of covid. Previously at various situations, I had got my thumb finger hurt again and again. I was having pain here and there which I ignored in day to day work.

Now again, I started having pain but this time it was unbearable. There was bruise and swelling at the joint and I couldn’t move my hand. No orthopaedics were available and we were doing all home remedies to ease the pain. I somehow managed for 2 days. Then it was a Wednesday and my dad said that next day being Thursday; with Sai’s blessing I would be fine.

Usually I bear pain and don’t complain so easily. This time it was too much and I knew that there was some injury in bone/ligament and it was not going to be easy till the time I met orthopaedic and got the treatment done. The pain was getting worse and reached the extreme by the night.

I was stammering Sai’s name and slept eventually. To my surprise when I woke up the next morning I found the swelling reduced and I could move my finger slightly. Then there was a lot of improvement which I am unsure how to explain and now am here sharing His blessings. Mere Sai!

Baba Answer My Prayers

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam to all, I am a small Devotee of our great Baba, I want to be anonymous. Thanks everybody.

Come to my experience as we know due to Coronavirus we all are in lock down. As I am working, at my work place we need a gate pass to enter our work place. Just because of the sudden lock down situation I was unable to renew my gate pass on time. It expired on 31st March 2020. Here I want to mention that the person who used to do it on behalf of my company had not done it due to some issues that he created with me by himself. So I was trying to do it by myself with the help of my GM, who is a very nice person by heart. So I moved here and there 3, 4 days to know the procedure and how and where I could submit my documents and renew my gate pass.

At last by remembering Baba I submitted my documents and after three to four days also with the help of our cab driver my gate pass was renewed for next three months. Here also I want to mention that as I promised Baba that if I get my gate pass renewed without any troubles then I will definitely post my experience on this Blog. So I penned down with the help of Baba, please ignore if any mistakes are there in my writing.

So Baba, a big thank You for everything. Here I want to pray for my mother’s teeth issues. Please Baba remove her pain and give her good health. Please Baba she is suffering a lot due to this pain. You know everything I tried best to cure her but no medicine helped her to resolve the problems. Sorry Baba for my rude behaviour with You sometimes. Please forgive me for all my sins. Baba please throughout this CoronaVirus around the World, help people to fight against this as we know You can do it and only You can remove this Virus from our life. Please Deva help. We need Your help very much. Please answer our prayers for the whole world. Om Sairam.

Problems And Faith

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Please keep my anonymous. Thank you team for this forum, it gives faith and strength to many people.

I have had a lingering health condition which affects me once a year and again it has started. I was complaining to Sainath why Baba why do I have to go through this? But believe it or not, I have become stronger. How? Just by surrendering to Baba. We are all human, so yes I get doubts and get scared what is going to happen next? I imagine the worst possible scenario but then I get back to Sai’s path. Whatever He will do, it will be for my good. I have suffered already for two days, the third day was fine. It was Baba’s grace that my third day was better. I am taking one day at a time, I have firm faith in Him, that whatever will happen will be for my good. So I will take everything in stride. It’s my karma maybe and I have to bear it.

I am not coming from any bitter space, am just more mature and rational than I was when the first time this health condition came in. Baba I have left everything on You, bless me with good health and the others as well. Let us suffer for our bad karmas, but forgive us and lessen the pain. Baba, bless us all. Om Sairam!

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Indonesia says: Dear Hetalji and team, thank you for providing us with this platform.

Thank You Baba for helping me with so many problems. I was worried about some work and if for that I had to go meet people and get the work done. By Baba’s grace the work was already done by somebody and also another person agreed to do it without any problem. This was Baba’s miracle that the work was already done and the other person agreed to do it. Thank You Baba for saving me from not going to my work place during this time; day before yesterday.

It is Baba Who always helps me and saves me. Also thank You Baba for helping me get the message from the person, I wanted to receive a message. Thank You Baba for helping me today as well and for helping me not get any stressful message from my workplace that would put me into trouble. I am forever grateful to You Baba and God. I am nothing without You all. Baba I always need You.
Anantakoti Bhramananda Nayaka, Rajadhira Yogiraja, Parabhrama, Sri Sachidananda Sadgiru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Shirdhi Vasaya Vidhamahi, Sachdananda Dhimahi, Tano Sai Prachdayat.

Sai Answered My Prayer

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Om Sairam everyone. I am a small devotee from the USA and would like to share a recent experience. Everyday my day starts with reading an experience from this blog and ends with reading experiences shared on Saimaharajsannidhi website. I would really like to thank Hetalji for building such a wonderful platform to help us move on with our lives with a positive spirit every day.

Moving on to my recent experience my son has had problems in his left eye since his birth. Both pupils are different so we follow up with his eye doctor regularly to make sure he has no problems in his vision. Four months back when we visited his doctor she said that the eye pressure was high in his left eye and it could damage his nerve. She suggested a few eye drops for 3 months and after using the drops my husband took him for the appointment and I was very much worried and praying to Sai to give us a hope and good news. After 1.5 hours long appointment my husband texted me “good news.” And later on he told me that eye vision has improved much and pressure is almost normal. Felt very happy that Baba had listened to my prayer. Oh Deva please let our restless mind and heart stay peaceful at Your feet. Om Sairam.

Prayer Answered

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Thank you Hetalji and the team managing this blessed site. Baba bless you in abundance. My experience is as follows. My brother is overseas and in that country too there is virus infection prevalent. Last week I came to know that my brother had shortness of breath and he was hospitalised. I was very worried because of the virus infection in most countries. I then prayed to my beloved Baba to take care of him, heal him so that he would be discharged from hospital and be home. Baba answered His child’s prayer and my brother recovered and is at home. Thank You Baba. Om Sairam!

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