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Shirdi Trip

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Dubai says: Koti koti pranam to our Sai our Matapita Guru and to everyone who is reading this post. I thank Hetalji and team for her wonderful and selfless service. This blog has uplifted my faith and patience on Sairam. This is my first experience sharing on this blog, I request Baba to please guide me in writing this experience.

Sai has always been in my life since birth or maybe previous birth. But I started consciously worshipping Sairam when I was in grade 9 and honestly what made me do so was due to instability of my mental state which was due to certain personal issues in life. Every phase of life has its own challenges. I believe that only Sai can guide us the best way possible and be with you always. No matter how loving your friends and family would be, I believe and have experienced that the truest companion is Sai Himself, maybe in different forms.

My experience is about my third visit to Shirdi which was from Oct 17, 2019 (Thursday) until October 21, 2019 (Sunday). So the desire to visit Shirdi was always there at the back of my mind, however, I never did anything about it as I thought it was very difficult to plan a trip since I had never travelled to India by myself and my family would never allow it.

There is a website which is for the answers to the confusions/problems in life and I have got a lot of times the reply as, “Visit Shirdi as Sai Baba is remembering you.” I used to feel full of love and bhakti after reading those answers. Then, I had a strong desire to visit Shirdi whatsoever. I had told my family a lot of times that I will travel to Shirdi whenever my leaves and studies come in place just for a heads up. But however, things were not coming in place due to my leaves because I had to take leaves from work for my studies. Then, I somehow started watching Mere Sai and used to pray to Baba to plan a trip to Shirdi.

One fine day my brother told me that he has got a free air ticket which will be expiring on 15th Oct 2019. He asked me to enquire with the airlines and clarify on the terms and conditions on the ticket which said that the travel must be completed by October 15. However, I requested them to at least extend until October 30 which they did but we had to book the ticket that day itself. My dad was in India at that time, so it was a little difficult for my brother to travel. I suggested to my brother that rather than wasting the ticket, let’s go for a weekend to Mumbai and Shirdi because I had been waiting since so long. Guess what, he couldn’t deny and agreed to it and we booked the tickets for both my brothers and me. I still cannot believe that this happened, because we never plan short trips like this.

The tickets were booked and we travelled to Mumbai and then Shirdi. I had a strong desire to go to the temple early morning since it would be my first time early in the temple. I generally find it difficult to wake up early in the morning, and I was a little worried at night as to how I was going to wake up at like 4am and was worried about the crowd. I prayed to Baba to please give us amazing darshan because the temple might be crowded. However, my dad woke me up in the morning and we were ready to leave for the temple by 5am and guess what we had a super amazing darshan. We got to stay there like 45 minutes in front of Baba. The weather was amazing. It was drizzling. When we went to Dwarkamai, I was literally in tears of happiness in my mind and somehow I didn’t let it out (super shy in crying in front of others). While leaving Dwarkamai I thought to myself whenever a devotee plans to leave Dwarkamai they take Baba’s permission. So I asked for Baba’s permission in my mind while leaving and an old man entering from the exit side (which was not at all allowed at that time) was giving a sign of permission just how Baba gives ashirwad. I was numb within, thinking that Baba I don’t know how to thank You enough for Your presence and responding to me. It feels so good while I’m writing this post. I can feel the Shirdi trip once again.

My message to all the devotees is that please keep reading Sai Satcharitra if you want to feel Baba’s presence and keep helping others and live a righteous life. Have fun in life but always have Baba’s presence. Take time out for Baba. He loves us so much and waits for our attention and remembrance. He is really there to us 10 folds of everything, be it wealth, happiness, blessings. All He asks is for faith and patience. Also, I always wanted to post articles on ongoing agendas however, this is my first article which I’m submitting. By Baba’s grace I shall continue posting experiences and post articles in newspapers on other ongoing agendas. Thank you so much everyone for your patience in reading a long post.

Lost Pendrive Recovered With Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am an anonymous female devotee from India. This is my third post. I am a research scholar and I was planning to post some other experience related to my research. But Baba had some other plans. Today’s incident made me promise Baba to write about my experience here.

Today morning I realized that I have lost my pen drive somewhere. I generally hang it along with my keychain. But today it was missing. I immediately checked my purse thoroughly (most probable place to be found) but it was not identified. Then I called my mother to check in the regular places where I generally keep my pen drive. The answer from her was negative. I got tense, but I remembered devotees posting their experiences relating to things getting lost and recovered. I personally have lost my laptop and recovered with Baba’s grace. At that time I didn’t make a bargain with Baba like this time though I posted the experience after the incident. I wanted to see the miracle by myself like other devotees and I just tested Baba that I will post my experience so that I will get it back immediately. Please forgive me Baba for bargaining like this, I know if I whole-heartedly pray and surrender to You, I will be answered immediately. Forgive my childishness.

Usually I take auto in the morning to reach my college. So I wondered whether I had dropped it in the auto. Since I booked an auto I called the customer care executive and asked their help to contact the driver. He informed me that he had made a thorough check using a torchlight. I didn’t suspect the driver basically as I just wanted to know whether I had dropped it in his auto. But the customer care enforced the driver as well as me to meet up and check it up myself and sort out things. I met the driver, checked the auto and found nowhere and I apologized to him for the inconvenience and I reported the customer care also. In all this process, I took my friend to accompany me as I was very tense.

Yesterday I went to a college canteen with my friend. But I don’t remember taking the pen drive there. Also I went to Lord Shiva temple near my locality by bus. In case if I have lost it in the bus journey chances of finding it wound are faint. I was very concerned as it was a lucky pen drive and I had my synopsis preparations in the pen drive without a complete backup. Meanwhile in this process, my friend strongly insisted me to go to the canteen and enquire about the staff. But I just went there with no hope as I didn’t remember taking the pen drive.

On reaching the canteen and enquiring with the office staff, we were surprised to know that they had found a pen drive the previous day of the same specifications that I had mentioned and would return me the same the next day as they had kept it in their house. That night I was texted by my guide that I was having a doctoral committee meeting after two days. I didn’t fear much as I thought I could get the pen drive the next day from the canteen and prepare the slides and the day after I can rehearse it as well. But unfortunately the canteen staff did not turn up as he went to attend a function. When I demanded him the pen drive as I required it urgently, he gave an answer (you can demand as it was lost) that pissed me off. I had no choice but to wait. Meanwhile I spoke to my guide regarding this and asked him whether it was possible to shift on after two more days as it was a weekend and I could prepare it properly. But his answer was not to postpone as the external would be not available later and asked me to make a short presentation for a maximum time of half an hour which made me feel better. Then, I went with my friend to the same canteen to have tea. At that time, the office staff returned my pen drive which I was supposed to get from him the next day. Hence I took off then, next prepared my slides and made a good presentation because of Baba’s blessings only. Thank You so much Baba. I received the lost item at the most needed moment by Your grace only Baba. Love You so much.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Dear devotees and Hetalji, thank you for reading my experience. I feel truly blessed to be a Sai Baba devotee and discover this website that offers us the wonderful opportunity to express gratitude.

My experiences are related to a number of incidents that have happened in my life recently and how Baba came to my rescue and resolved issues immediately.

One experience that I had promised to share earlier but was unable to do so (maybe due to Sai’s wish, I will share it today) was about how Baba made the most tragic event in my life pass with utmost concern of least hardship for me and my family members.

My mum was critically ill and suffering from brain tumour for the last four months. It was a very trying time for our family. My dear Deva took all control of us during that time and helped us right through this difficult phase of life by taking her away in a peaceful way, with all of us surrounding her bedside and being there. This had always been my worry that what will happen if we would not be there at the moment it happened, how my brother and dad will cope, what if this happens at night, etc. etc.

But my kind Deva had planned everything well. We were there to support each other and I was able to stay till the rites were over. The day I had got my tickets to fly to India I had taken a ten day return ticket and Deva planned it in such a way that I participated in all rites and rituals. I am very thankful to my Sai for helping me as always and making me strong knowing that when He is there why fear.

Next experience is about today, when I called out to Him to help me by calming down a situation and He did so. The situation calmed down miraculously, unlike previous instances there was no dragging and pulling of issues and I earned an apology also. I had promised to post today itself if that happened and my dear lovely Sai made that happen. Thank You Sai for everything and every moment of my life. I love You truly. I just want to ask You to make my dad and brother live happily with each other, that there are no ill feelings and animosity amongst them and that my brother finds a good job and settles down. Please Sai make this happen as he and my dad have been through a lot and need peace and happiness in their life. Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Settlement From My Husband’s Business After 12 Years

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Baba’s Miracle-Impossible made possible. I thank Hetalji and team for giving me an opportunity to share my experience. I am sorry for the long post. Blessed to share the experience. My husband was doing pharmaceutical business. Had a well established company. In 2009 he had a misunderstanding with his partner. My husband didn’t have any documents except the share certificate. He was asked to leave the company. It was a tough time and so he joined a job. Whenever he asked for his share he was humiliated. This continued for 12 years. I used to pray to Baba regularly.

In 2019 we came to know that a property worth crores was sold without his signature. When he asked for the share his partner was rude and said that he was committed to pay the loan. Baba’s miracle started. We came to know that he had forged my husband’s signature. FIR was filed which was not easy but Baba helped. The partner was hospitalised and was a little critical. Again it got delayed by four months. No action was taken. In between his brothers, other partners came for negotiation as they came to know that we found out the forgery. The amount offered was low and we didn’t accept. Suddenly he passed away. Other partners and his brothers were arrested. They agreed to settle the amount which we had earlier asked. 12 years of hardship came to an end in two days only by Baba’s grace. I had asked in the question & answer and Baba said to go by law and that everything would be good. Without Baba’s divine grace nothing would have happened. My heartfelt thanks and humble pranam to my dear Baba for making the impossible possible.

Baba Helped My Mother In Her Cancer Treatment

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: This is regarding my mother’s cancer treatment and how Sai Baba is always there with us. I would like to thank Hetalji for providing us a platform for sharing our experiences. Here is my experience.

My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in the first week of 2020. Before that she was perfectly healthy with no signs of any disease at 60. I started praying to Baba for healthy recovery and giving her strength during the treatment. Her surgery happened on January 16 which happened to be a Thursday and it went completely fine. After surgery, they collected a few samples of nearby organs to get to know the stage of cancer. I was very afraid and prayed to Baba that it should be an early stage. I was also reading Sai Satcharitra the whole month. The result of the test came out on January 30 with Baba fulfilling my wish. Now she will be undergoing radiotherapy. I will be praying to Baba for her further treatment. Thanks a lot Sai Baba for giving us strength in this tough time and sorry for posting the experience late.

Baba Thank You

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji, thank you for maintaining this site. I want to thank Baba for saving me from a concern at my workplace. I managed to complete it on time by Baba’s grace. There was no problem. Baba completely helped me and saved me and made me do the work successfully. Koti koti pranam to You Baba. Without Baba I am nothing. Om Sairam.

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