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Baba Blessed Us With Our Child

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I’m from Delhi. I have been worshipping Sai Baba since I was in 12th standard and since then I have experienced many miracles and have always been thankful to Him for all His love. Today I’m going to talk about that one miracle which changed my life absolutely.

After 5 years of our marriage, Baba blessed us with our child. We were waiting for these moments since the longest time we remember, pretty much since we got married and thought of having a family. But then it kept evading us and we started losing our hope. We tried anything and everything under the sun, visiting best of the doctors, specialist and consultants but to no avail. After one failed IVF, we almost thought like we may have to stop dreaming about having a child. Out of despair, we even thought of surrogacy and planned to start meeting our IVF consultants to figure for that, but somewhere we still prayed for our own child.

Then one fine day, I realised I did not have my periods and dates had already crossed. I couldn’t figure why it happened as I never thought pregnancy as a chance. But after few more days I started feeling some mild symptoms of pregnancy and then one Thursday, after taking Baba’s name I checked myself and got to see the results that I was pregnant. I could not wait to share it with my husband. That moment will always stand still as one of our best moments all our life. That Thursday our life changed for the best; as we got the news of our baby coming to this world. We visited to doctors and got things confirmed. Few more rounds and follow-ups and by Baba’s grace and blessings, our baby is 3+ months old now and doing wonderfully good. Baba’s blessings has fulfilled our long cherished dream for having a child and saying thanks to our beloved Baba is a very small note in this regard. We only pray to Baba to keep both of us and our kid blessed all our life. Thank You Baba and keep watching us, as ever and always. Indeed the truth is ‘Bhagwan Ke Ghar Der Hai, Andher Nahi. ]Hindi proverb meaning In God’s house there may me delay but never darkness (denial)]

Baba Saved My Child

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a mother of 16 months old kid living in Pune. Thanks to Hetalji and entire team for running this website which gives solace in the time of distress.

I have the habit of using question and answer daily. One afternoon Baba said child will not be in good health. I did not take it seriously. Me and my kid slept in the afternoon. Evening when I woke up my kid she had high fever. I didn’t know what to do. I was giving paracetamol to her. My husband was outstation. I don’t know the language because I am a Tamilian so did not take the kid to hospital. My husband was to come next day morning only. I was managing the kid alone. She did not sleep the whole night and early morning she got seizure. I was afraid to the core and asked my neighbour’s help to take to the doctor. We went to the doctor and came and night itself she got second seizure. She got admitted in the hospital. Doctors told her to take further test to see if there was any damage in brain. I was totally shattered. When she was in the test room I was continuously chanting Om Sairam and promised Baba that if reports came normal then I would read Akkalkot Maharaj Saritam which Baba told me to do. Next day reports came normal and I was relieved. As promised to Baba I started reading Akkalkot Maharaja book yesterday which was Ramanavami. Friends those who have infants please don’t self-medicate. This is what Baba taught me. Have faith in our Sadguru Who will always show the right way to come out of problems.

How Baba Fulfilled One Of My Wishes

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I know Baba from many years and He has always been blessing me and my family but from past one year Baba has become my Best Friend, my Guru my guide, my Father. He guides me through everything in life, without Him now my life seems impossible.

Jai Sai Ram. Though I love Baba in all His forms and attires but I feel really happy when Baba wears this mukut as this is mine favourite (one studded with diamonds). One day I just said to Baba that, “khud to bade sundar sundar diamond wale mukut pehnte ho, apne is bache ko bhi dena chhota sa diamond ka gift” (You Yourself wear very beautiful diamond studded crowns, gift Your this child of Yours too with a small diamond gift.) I said that and forgot it. In January me and my parents went to jewellery store for some work but out of nowhere we bought a diamond necklace for my future wedding ( which is yet to be fixed by Baba) trust me it was totally unplanned and unexpected. One night I was looking at Baba’s picture wearing this mukut and I suddenly realised that Baba has fulfilled one of my wishes which I didn’t even remember. Baba is very kind. He fulfils all our wishes only if they don’t harm us or anyone. Thanks Baba for making me one of Your beloved children.

Baba Is Everywhere

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Germany says: Happay Sriramanavami to all devotees and my Baba too. Today is Srirama Navami, very important day for Baba devotees so thought of posting my experience.

This is my third post on this blog, thank you Hetal garu and team. Coming to my experience on one Thursday I thought I want to see Baba in my home in any form. In my home only in two places I can see Baba posters one is in the hall and second one in pooja room. Normally I clean the house every Thursday, cleaning tables, sofas everything. While I was cleaning the bedroom Baba came, I could not believe my eyes how it happened. Now I will explain what happened. I was cleaning laptop’s table. I cleaned the table and then I lifted the laptop. Here was Baba; I found my ring which was broken with Baba’s face. I was so happy that Baba is always with me and He gives whatever we want. Actually long back my ring was broken so I kept in one box and I remember it very well. But I don’t know how it happened. All it’s our Baba miracle, later I checked with my husband if he had placed the ring over there? He said No. See how my Baba came to see me and He makes us more close to Him. Baba bless all who are in need and help all old people, please guide me to go in good direction and always with You. Sri Sachidanda Sadguru Sainatha Maharaj ki Jai.

Shirdi Sai Baba Is Always With All Of Us

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba for the past few years. Thank You Baba for being with us always. Thank you Hetalji and team for the wonderful site. Everyday I read Baba’s miracles and it gives immense happiness and peace. May Baba bless all of you.

Everyday I used to watch live Shirdi Darshan in the app. For few days it was not working. My birthday was on March 22nd, I was just thinking what will be Baba’s gift for me. In the evening I just opened the app with no hope but within seconds it connected and I had a beautiful darshan of Baba. I was so happy and was my best birthday gift. I felt like Baba showed His presence and blessed me. Today is Ramanavami, I made payasam as prasad and did pooja at home. I was not able to go to temple. In the evening, one of my friend said that she was coming to my home with prasad from Sai Baba temple. I felt really happy and blessed. Baba please be with us always and bless us all. Bow to Shri Sai peace be to all.

Baba’s Miracle

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi Hetalji and team, thank you for posting my previous experiences. Kudos for the noble work done by your team.

I’m a small devotee of Baba who regularly reads this blog. Reading the experiences on this blog reassures me that Baba listens to even our smallest of prayers. My sister had been given a new laptop at office which was very expensive. On the very second day she dropped it on the ground accidentally due to which the display was not working properly. We were all very tensed if we had to bear the whole cost of the laptop. We prayed to Baba and by His grace the IT team told that they would get it repaired and we need not pay anything, which was a huge relief. The next tension was explaining this incident to the manager. However by Baba’s grace, even she did not scold her and told that some sometimes accidents happen; we just need to be a little careful. We did not expect such a smooth closure of such a big problem; which was only possible due to our Sai’s blessings. Thank You so much Sai Baba. Please help all the sick, poor and disabled people Baba. Om Sairam.

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  2. Om Sai Ram, Love you baba please be with my family protect them and take care of them baba as i dont have any one other then you to look after, please forgive my mistakes done by me knowingly or unknowingly baba, please help my husband clear his exams and settle in his profession baba, please help get a full time job baba, please give good health to my parents and kids baba, please let me be at your lotus feet till my last breath baba.

  3. Om sai ram … help me Baba control my mind, feelings, anger and words. Self control is important to keep relationships healthy and I depend on your grace to help me practice it. Please help me keep the people around me happy baba…help me accept criticisms and respect people for what they are… Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva … Baba please protect my family 🙏

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