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Sai Ma Prepared Her Child For Job Interview As Mother Would

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from India says: I would like to Thank Hetal Ji for starting this site and this site will be eternal forever as this is 2nd Shirdi as one can post his/her experiences only when Baba Jaan Himself calls. I am really, really sorry infinite times Baba Jaan as I delayed posting this experience so long from May 2017 till today November 11 2017. I would like to convey all that anyone posting their experience too is fully by Baba Himself doing it as you all will be surprised that I was not able to post this experience from the day I joined Baba’s given job, office and whenever I tried I couldn’t post this as some or other hurdle would come in. Then one day when I had all the great heart and time to submit this, I found this blog’s domain had expired and it was to be renewed might be in the month of October I think, as I don’t remember the date. Just imagine Baba’s play, so devotees whoever posts their emotions here is all due to Baba Ji’s grace not ourselves doing it. As in Satcharitra Baba Himself told, Hemadpant is just an instrument, I will have to write my Leelas myself. Let Baba Jaan allow me to share this experience here after many days of try at least now. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Ji Blessed Me With A Job In Just 1 Week After 21 Days Healing Sessions conducted under the guidance of Jaya Didi (Jaya Wahi Ji- author of Sai Baba is still Alive book). I don’t know how to put that in words. Still I shall make an attempt. It was in January 15 2017 I mailed Jaya Di to stating that how much am desperate for a job as I was not having a job from 1 year. I did expect a reply but then since Jaya Di is a busy person I did not expect a reply too. So it was a mixed expectation. Then I received a mail from Her on Feb 14 2017 unexpectedly, stating that She would keep me and my mom in Her prayers as I mentioned about my mom being diabetic too. And also that she would ask someone from Baba’s family to reach me regarding the same. I was extremely happy to receive a positive mail all of a sudden. Then I received a mail from Kausi Ma asking for my contact number to know more. I was again in a very bad situation where home atmosphere was not pleasant and I was highly disturbed. So I did not reply both of them. Please note then I happened to get a dream at around 7:00 a.m on February 23 2017 wherein I had cried, slept unknowingly and then blessed with a dream where Jaya Ji was calling me over phone and asking me if it was me and it was Jaya Di talking. Jaya Di was asking me to list the problems, I was listing the same. Then she gave assurance that all problems noted (I guess she told this as I don’t remember much). The dream ended.

Then I replied to both Jaya Di and Kausi Ma immediately. Later Kausi Ma spoke to me over phone to know my problems in detail. I was crying a lot internally. Later she told she would let me know after Jaya Di allocates a healer for helping me getting a job as soon as possible. Kausi Ma told me to send a mail request regarding job. I out of great worries even stated I don’t know if I can be so specific but I stated Please I wish I get job in so and so place – which has 6 centres out of this only 1 is software development center. Also other nearby etc nearby my home around 1.5 hrs travel. I was full of depression, confusion that I put all my expectations even if I sounded silly by even stating that I want to become an expert as Developer, technical intelligence.etc. I was sounding silly as I want so much specific job location. Then Kausi Ma gave the contact number of Saima- SasIkala Ma – as my healer and then beautiful journey continues which Jaya Di started, Kausi Ma continued and then now the burning torch was in Sasi Ma hands to bless me, cleanse me and guide me through Job search journey. I called to Sasi Ma with fear as how would she be if reserved etc as I was in depression.

Then after hearing Her voice, I got confidence like Baba has taken care of my case file. But out of her simplicity Sasi Ma was always saying that Baba only knows when He would bless me and that with faith let’s start the healing journey. I started with lot of curiosity as how would the journey be. Though she did not tell in detail (because the experience of each person differs-I realized only after the healing started). Sasi Ma told definitely the experience will be unique when Baba has decided something. Each day in 21 days was really really beautiful where in I experienced Baba Ji’s energy either to the highest level, also in the lowest level wherein I did not feel anything at all. I was assured that even when I did not experience anything Baba was blessing me silently. Each day I would sit before Baba ji asking Him to bless me with a job soon making me capable in all aspects. Often Most of the days I experienced a very strong dose/force of power entering me through my eyes as If Baba was standing before me and gracing me through His Live Energy Which Was Like A Strain On My Eyes When Someone Gets Powerful 1000 Watts Tube light Beam Entering In His/Her Eyes. I could feel as He Is Present Live In Photo During The Session (Like His Eyes Becomes More Powerful, As Though He Is About To Talk And Bless Etc) And After The Session The Photo Becomes Normal. I sincerely Thank You Sasi Maa for all Your support through this journey patiently reading my daily experiences during sessions. Everything is a great delight and highlight regarding the experiences, emotions I underwent each day Maa.

Baba Jaan’s Indirect Way Of Teaching Me and Making Me Prepare For An Interview Question That In Specific Was The Cause For Me Getting Selected In The Interview: I would like to share one of the most memorable day among these session was when I was struggling to understand a program code to filter the duplicates in a set of input – like e.g. from 1,2,4,1,2,1 the output must be 1,2,4. So that day I was googling how to do this and I could get lots of answers but everything was either unclear or repeated logic which was common, many answers were unwantedly lengthy. I went through some code, could not understand mostly. I was searching for a small, optimized code of 5 lines maximum. I finally got it but in those 5 lines I couldn’t understand 1 particular line which was the main line that makes up the entire code meaningful. As a programmer we need to understand each line that we write. I could have memorised the code without understanding it, at times when developers don’t have time they end up pasting the approved answers available as a ready made. This too was ready made code but I decided to understand this program code and Google a lot to understand that One Line’s Meaning. I became very upset, broken as I couldn’t get answer and also I too was not able to understand it myself. The day went this way and I felt disappointed on my failure to understand even a line of code and with these emotions I sat for healing. This day’s healing was painful as my heart ached badly during the session. I shared this to Sasi Maa and She asked me if I was upset for anything, then I told things in short for healing the next day and also to stay relaxed.

The next day I was relaxed as She told me, and took the healing. Later after this I retried to understand the same code but for some reasons I could not get the site where that answer was displayed but I did remember the 5 lines. Now comes Baba ji’s miracles, I sat cool and started to analyze the program on my own step by step as if Baba ji was guiding me. Then What A Miracle! I Did Get The Answer/Meaning Of That Line Which Was The Key Factor/ Logic In Just 10 Minutes Of My Attempt. Point to be noted: Usually If I don’t understand a logic I don’t try to understand after spending 30 minutes on it as I feel there is lot to learn or can be learnt later. And finally end up forgetting that topic to learn. But this time Baba made me to struggle one whole day for unknown reasons. Next point is that there is nothing that google can’t answer but that too failed leaving me alone. Then I felt depressed stating I can’t succeed, only to realize that Baba was there to guide me and when He has decided something that will be for our own good.

Yes I understood the program the next day of healing and I was happiest that day. The above is Part-1 of the miracle.

Later in interview comes part -2 : Out of 3 rounds conducted, 1st 2 rounds are crucial as it only decides if the candidate gets a job or not. So first round went for 45 minutes and this was fully deep technical. I was really tensed and prayed frantically to Baba that please let the interviewer ask me questions only which I know or at least I must prove them that I do know the concept. If anything unknown please Baba You Reply. Else altogether You take the Interview Baba (I was like talking to Baba at every pause of each of my answer when he was about to start the next question like a kid.) Already I prayed Baba if I am asked to write programs I must do it right as my skills require me to be ready for anything and everything regarding any logic. Like – I must be ready for any program to be written, explained. So from last 40 minutes it was a mix of writing and telling, In 40th Min Came The Question Which Baba Jaan Had Made Me Learn After Crying For 1 Whole Day. Yes I did write the code with a slight act of blink outwards as the interviewer must not see me happy to get that question(fearing he might pose a complex question). For increasing Baba Ji’s play another surprise was that the interviewer felt that the code I wrote was complex so he started to ask me next set of questions. Then interesting part was that I clearly explained each step derived by me – no – by Baba jaan Who taught me this program. Not only this 1 question, later 2 questions’ answer too was justified by Baba Jaan through me when interviewer himself had got confused because of certain technical terms. I confidently explained him that this was the answer and also the reason for the same. Then as Baba had graced I was called for next round. I was informed that it too will be technical. Usually the next technical round would be more complex than previous but since Baba had decided to bless me the round was not program writing as I wished.

Baba ji’s cuteplay before 2nd round when I was super tensed: Before this 2nd round I was having lunch in cafeteria with mixed emotion; happy for success in writing lot of program questions mainly the one which Baba ji prepared me for but tensed as next round would be more complex program based. I started conversing with Baba jaan – please I don’t wish anymore programs to be written by me even if it’s all You Who write, no more strength to think or pretend thinking. Please Baba I wish a round wherein I can explain concepts in paragraph, speech on it but no more
writing. Baba’s answer appears on a big canvas in cafeteria – – an ad on aburger stating – “have the you have it” (meaning have the 2nd round as I wished) with a number 9 on side to it, which is Baba jaan’s number. As a human mind, I still had fear as am going too silly thinking that it’s Baba ji’s
answer or am I crazy and finally I sat before the interviewer – wherein he showed me 4 sided A4 sheet code that I wrote in 1st round and so based on those codes he evaluated me technically and so indirectly he revealed that I was selected as he was happy to share his expectations on his project regarding me as his team member. Only when he revealed that on his perspective I am selected but then HR has to decide as that is next round. I understood that I was chosen.

Baba ji’s play doesn’t end here : I asked him regarding the preferred location with fear and Babaji was in his tongue stating its my desired location from his end as that was only convenient though there was another location which was far and was nearly 3.5 hrs travel from my place. Finally Baba jaan gave me my desired location job which I had prayed for long and then left to Baba as I was sad. But Baba jaan always saves His children. I am super happy to inform that Baba saved me and
happiest that I joined the company on May 2 2017. I thank Shirdi maa , Jaya di, Sasi maa – Sai ma, Kausi ma, all maa’s for taking me through this wonderful journey of Baba ji’s blessings to His world. Finally sincere sorry for this longest mail maa. Infinite thanks Sai maa. Kindly bless me Baba so that I become technical expert as a software developer forever from now on by removing all obstacles. Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Maa Is The Only Hope

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all devotees. Thank you Hetal ji for maintaining such a wonderful blog. It stands as a pillar of faith to us and keeps confirming our faith in our Baba. Coming to my experience, I’m going through the toughest phase of my life. I loved a person and we planned to get married. My parents accepted and were happy for us. Even my guy’s mom accepted our love and later his father also accepted one night and next morning after waking up from sleep, he felt regretted for accepting our love and he totally became anti to us and strictly said that he was not allowing inter caste marriage to happen. My guy tried to convince for months and lost hope then. His father became so weak thinking about all the society and his pride. My guy is not able to see his father in that situation so I think that he accepted with his father that he would leave me. One night my guy called me and said that He can’t hurt his papa and he is breaking up with me and he’ll marry the girl his papa shows. My world turned upside down. My heart broke and I burst into tears. This all happened on Nov 8th and omniscient Baba knowing all the future has already made us book our tickets to Shirdi 10 days back itself because He knew that we won’t be able to handle that pain alone.

That night itself I was crying so badly and went to Mom and Dad, told them everything that had happened and even they started crying out of sorrow. That night was very horrible. I was waiting for our Shirdi trip so excitingly but we all were lifeless by the time we reached Shirdi. On whole flight journey we were crying and praying to Baba. We entered Shirdi and I was still crying. My Dad was consoling me to believe in Baba and my dad even said that he’ll go and talk to my guy’s father and touch his feet not to spoil our lives. Just imagining as a daughter how would I feel listening to all these. We’re a well reputed family and we are living a high life with Baba’s grace but this was the 1st time I’ve seen my dad talking this way keeping all the ego aside, just for me. I remembered Baba saying that who steps in Baba’s Darbar, all their worries and anxiety are warded off. But I told to Baba that there’s no way for me to become normal at this situation. We all started for Darshan and entered Samadhi Mandir for night Aarti. Once I saw Baba, I was getting tears in my eyes and I started feeling happy that He was there to take care of everything. I was very desperate to touch Baba’s Samadhi but it was not possible because of the steel dividers they keep at the opening of Samadhi. I was very disappointed. While going to the room my mom was saying to keep faith in Baba and leave it on His feet. When someone prays to Baba for a child, it doesn’t come the very next day after blessing. She has to bear pains for 9 long months. Then I questioned mom how would I know that Baba blessed me?

Next day we went to afternoon Aarti and while leaving I was begging security guards to give me a way to touch Samadhi. They said it was impossible. Again for evening Aarti Pandit ji gave me a marigold garland from Baba’s Samadhi. While walking out I again started begging guards to let me touch Baba’s Samadhi. Then a lady guard came and asked us to give those garlands as they were starting a new project of making Agarbatti’s out of these flowers on Samadhi. We accepted to give and she asked us to take a single flower from garland. I took a flower and was talking to guards. Suddenly I felt something on my fingers and I saw a green worm crawling on my fingers, I screamed loudly and threw it aside. That lady guard laughed and spontaneously said see you wanted to touch Baba but Baba only came to touch you in this form. Now your wish is fulfilled. I felt true and I was very much satisfied.

We walked out and went to the donation counter. I was submitting the beautiful blue dress which I had got for Baba. Then I even wanted to donate some money for Annadan for Ramanavami. They told that it was a special occasion so minimum we had to pay 50,000. We accepted for it and paid for Annadan dated on March 25th. For this they gave us Satcharitra book, Udi packets and 2 free Aarti and Darshan. We were 3 people so we were about to take free tickets for 3 and suddenly a person with whom we had a little conversation previously came to us and asked us to take 6 free tickets and donate the extra ones to someone. So we took 6 tickets For Shej Aarti and next day Kakad Aarti. We were thinking how to approach someone and ask. I saw 2 senior citizen ladies sitting under the tree. As if someone called I went to them so fast and asked if they would like to join us. They were shocked and she went inside donation room to call another friend of her. She said that they were 3 and they were crying out of happiness and started shouting that Baba did miracle. The thing was they reached Shirdi at 9 from Mumbai and they were not able to take tickets for Shej Aarti. They went to guards and begged them to allow them and show some concern on senior citizens. They didn’t allow so they were sitting under the tree at least to listen Shej Aarti from outside. Out of nowhere I asked them.

We all went inside and those ladies were still crying and wiping tears out of happiness. We were in queue and were talking to each other. When we came in front of Baba, my mom told one of those ladies to pray for my marriage, then I turned back and said “marriage with the one I love”. That was the 1st time I ever slipped my tongue about my love to anyone. Then she looked at me and said Baba will fulfil all your wishes and you will get married to whom you wanted. We had a very blissful Darshan. We were going back to room and suddenly something struck on my mind that I asked mom “how would I know that Baba blessed my marriage”. Seeing all this I felt lot of joy and my fears had gone. I reached back to my place and waiting for Baba to take care of the situation. Baba, You know He is not talking properly with me nor saying me anything that’s happening on the other side. This feels so hard to bear Baba. My heart is aching and I’m daily crying. Please make his father accept our love Baba. Now every way is closed and You are they only light I can see. Please Baba get me married to my love with blessings of his father and whole family. It can only happen when You enter the situation. Please help Baba. Om Sai Ram.< br/>< br/>

Sai Darshan In Dreams

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devote from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hetal ji thanks for this blog. I am in love with this blog, it’s my oxygen. I am a middle class unmarried woman, I am waiting for my job order since nine months, due to politics they are playing with my life. I got introduced to this blog in April 2017. I got to know more about Sai Baba Nav Guruvar Vrat, Sai Divya Pooja, Sugar Candy Pooja etc, and also how Baba is showing miracles in devotee’s lives. Baba came in my dreams nearly four times, in April and May 2017. I posted my experiences about it already. From June 2017, I never felt Baba’s presence in dreams nor any miracles, I thought I am a sinner, I must have done bad in previous life, that’s why I am suffering my karma. Meanwhile My boyfriend also broke up with me, I became even more depressed, every relative, colleagues started making fun of me, for my job and being unmarried. It used to hurt a lot, but I still kept praying to Baba. I kept begging Him to show Himself in dreams or some miracle so that I get some peace of mind. I waited, June till November 2017 to feel Baba’s presence.

November month was tough for me, because it was nine months of being jobless. I am waiting for my appointment order, I also was feeling guilty sad for being ditched by a guy. Almost every night I cried to sleep. On Nov 12 2017, In my dreams I was walking with my friends, we were going to some place. On the road I saw a temple, it was all dark, still I entered it and found Baba’s idol just like in Shirdi. I was happy. He was wearing white shawl, suddenly white flowers fell from His right foot. I was happy and asked Baba, You will fulfil all my dreams right? More white flowers fell from His right foot. I was thrilled. I bowed to Him and came out and joined my friends. From somewhere far I could hear Sai Aarti from another temple. In the morning when I woke up, I didn’t remember my dream. In my Pooja room I was reading Satcharitra, suddenly I remembered this dream, I thanked Baba very much. I also remembered Baba’s quote “My appearance in dreams is auspicious and visit to Shirdi is equally auspicious”. It didn’t strike me that I should share it on blog, but the chapter I was reading said, that we should always tell others about God, so I thought may be its Baba’s indication to make me read that chapter, and hence am posting it. I believe You Baba that I will come back and post my job experience very soon. Allah Malik. Thanks for reading. God bless you all.

Baba Is The Sweetest

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a housewife living in India with my husband and two sons. This is my third experience here, the first two have been published by Baba’s grace on this wonderful blog. Yesterday my husband’s mobile phone was missing at home. The phone number is very important for him as it is registered for different purposes. We looked for it in every possible place and every nook and corner of the house. We tried calling on the cell but it was out of coverage area. We were in a panic state. I was sitting on my dining table and looked at a painting of Baba that I have diagonally opposite to where my table is. I told Baba, “I know it’s wrong to bargain with You but please make us find the cell-phone as the cell number is very important to us. If I find the cell phone then I will post it on the blog.” I saw Baba was smiling very brightly and He was actually close to bursting into laughter. I couldn’t understand this change in His face (I have often seen when I converse with my Baba’s painting, He often answers me through His facial expressions, when I am on a wrong frequency, He looks annoyed with me, when I am sad His eyes look sad for me, when I am happy, He looks happy and full of joy too).

After 5 minutes, my husband moved a book that was kept in front of me on the dining table and his cell phone was right there under it. I was relieved, I looked up at Him to thank Baba, He was still about to burst into a laughter. Now I could understand that look on Him that said,” Something that is present right in front of you cannot be seen when your eyes are veiled with fear, tension, greed, anger or any kind of negativity.” Magical is our dear Baba Who teaches us so many things without even speaking a word. Love You Sai Baba. Bolo Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Appa Cured My Child’s Fever

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks Hetal ji for maintaining this platform for all Sai children. My 5 month baby had high fever and it was 101 and fever didn’t abate at all. I was so tensed because even though we gave her medicines she wasn’t getting well. I prayed Sai Appa to recover my baby from illness and that I will post my experience. Now she is perfectly fine. Please protect my baby forever Sai Appa. Sorry for posting late Baba. Love You Sai Appa.

Baba Helped My Son Go To Sleep Peacefully

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Shirdi Sai Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hi, I live in US with my husband and son. One night, my son was very hyper, whining, crying and unable to express what was happening. He was very tired but not able to sleep and was crying non stop. He had runny nose but it never bothered him before during night time. I stayed beside him and chanted Sai Ram continuously, and he slept happily. Thank You Baba.

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  2. First devotee..with regard to healing..beautifully explained……..Sashi Ma is really very beautiful healer……ur blessed…

  3. First devotee..with regard to healing..beautifully explained……..Sashi Ma is really very beautiful healer……ur blessed…

  4. Sai why you did this to me.. Your devotees believing impossible is possible with sai..I trusted that words n waited for your blessings more than years. But you turned my life into starting you gave positive answers but nowadays giving negative answers what you are trying to say Sai?? I can't understand..All I need is him only.I need only him.I need him as my life partner.. I trusted u but u doesn't fulfil your words whatever you said.nothing happened you cheated me.betrayed me.. Am proof for your fake words. Why did you do this? Instead you can kill me.. Lost everything because of You… You made me failed in my life.. Are you happy by seeing my sufferings??? Plz give him back to me.

  5. Thank you Deva. With your blessings we had an excellent darshan in Tirupathi and in all the temples we had visited. Thank you. Also a big thanks for finding us a good house to stay. Thanks a ton. Please take care of all our wishes and bless us. Thank you

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  8. Om sairam to all sai devotees, with baba's blessing today completed five days pooja. Baba please fulfill my wish, with your grace allow me to post my experience.. Baba please bless us…..
    Here I am sharing procedure for Five days pooja.
    This Pooja can be done on any day preferable day is Thursday. Light five lamps in front of Baba. Offer one flower on Baba’s lotus feet. Offer a fruit to Baba and after completion of Pooja distribute the fruit. Read 108 names of Baba and Sai Sai and after that you can recite any mantra, you can chant Sai, Sai. Sing Baba’s Aarti wholeheartedly. Now you pray wholeheartedly to Baba and say your wish and main thing is trust. After completion of Pooja say it to five members five days pooja.

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    Please,always be with us and keep us under your shelter, dear Sai. Thank you. Pranams.🙏

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