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Faith In Him Always Triumphs

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you here for posting experiences and for Hetal di for creating this blog. I would like to thank my Sai Thaatha for making me experience this miracle in my life. I have posted my previous experience in this blog stating my sorrows and requesting for prayers. I wished to be anonymous due to personal reasons. Baba blessed me with a wonderful heavenly married life as I prayed with my husband and after so many unbelievable struggles and pains. Faith in Him always triumphs.

I many times came to this site for keeping my faith stronger in our Sai. I have undergone worst traumas and struggles in my life at my tender age itself through a worst marriage. Escaping from that life alive itself is a biggest miracle Sai has done to me. Everything I have wrote in my previous experience mentioned. As it is a big story I don’t want to reiterate again. But sorrows and struggles did not stop for me. After my divorce I went to a job and life was going okay. My mom, sisters and my well-wishers wanted me to get a new life as I am in my early twenties. As my first marriage happened like a puppet marriage at my teenage without even knowing to myself; my parents fixed marriage and told me before few days and I didn’t even live a day peacefully in that life. I too truly wished to be blessed with a happy life at least hereafter. I was scared to live my life alone in this world. I was crying to Baba and praying that I was struggled to death in my first marriage and experienced torture daily by him, his family etc. My life was literally a Hell in that life. I have experienced all kinds of abuse. I was being hit like anything and was crying daily till midnight.

Even I had come to know that I was going to get married only before a week’s time. I don’t know what mistake I did? I have struggled like a hell in that life. Please save me and make me escape from this life. I cannot live my life like this. After getting divorced, I prayed to bless me with a happy life with a good life partner as I wish with all His blessings. After my divorce, I met my husband at my workplace and he himself proposed me knowing everything. I loved him with all my heart as if he was the only person in this whole world. Everything was going fine and we were in relationship. Our relationship got deepened and my love for him just grew so stronger than anything in this world. Only Sai knows how much I love this person.

Then suddenly some or other thing happened. I happened to quit my workplace and my biggest fear of we becoming distant came true I guess. After quitting that job also we were sharing a wonderful relationship but as days went by my fears of leaving him increased and we had few misunderstandings in between us. One or other thing happened and he was afraid to disclose our relationship to his parents. Few fights happened and the closeness in our relationship faded for sometime. But my love for him only grew stronger than ever before. I started to love him unconditionally despite anything. I was shattered on the changes in our relationship. He even said me to marry somebody else and he cannot marry me. I was shattered into pieces that all my faith in my relationship took a bad turn. Again I was feeling like I hit rock bottom in my relationship. We were living as husband and wife in heart and I could not accept this in my relationship. I just could not stop loving him. Even if he hurt me I could only love him. I cannot even think of anybody else in my life. I could not even imagine my life without him. The ups and downs in our relationship for nearly four and half years and days went by crying, worrying etc. But one thing kept me going; my faith in my love and Baba.

I believe Baba only gave me this love after praying to him and life after losing all hope in my first life. I clanged onto the feet of my Baba. To be honest I was disillusioned by my fears and doubts for a while. But my true love for my ‘N’ ( for privacy reasons I will state my husband name as just ‘N’) and faith in Baba kept me going. I prayed to Him daily to bless me with a happy married life with my husband ‘N’. It seemed like I was asking for an impossible thing to happen that time. Everything seemed against my favour. It was as if I lost everything from my hands. But I had only one thing that was my faith in Baba that He will not betray me and bless me with a happy married life with my husband ‘N’ forever no matter what the current situation was. I just did everything in my strength for Baba to show mercy on me and answer this prayer. I did lots of parayanams, went to Sai temple by walk, went three times daily to His temple, did so many pujas, chanting all kinds of Sai mantrams Sai Kastanivaran,Bheejamantra, Stavan Manjari for forty eight days, left sugar, left my favourite drinks, fastings, divya pooja, left favourite foods, went to many temples, did charity and donation as much as I could, went to Shirdi four times for this prayer and so many other things. Nothing was left.

I was crying so much and praying Baba with lots of pain most of the days why He put me in such a trouble even after saving me from that previous life where had got this life after praying Him. I said Baba to take my life than this painful life many times. I just didn’t even remember what and all I had done to please my Baba to have some mercy. That was literally a hell. Nothing changed his mind. Sometimes he behaved like a stranger. The person who I loved like my soul didn’t even consider me as I was on this earth that time. I cried like anything to Baba and begged at least this time please bless me a happy married life with my husband ‘N’ as I wish and don’t let me get betrayed by my fate again. I cannot take this pain anymore. Please do a miracle and let me live a life as I wish. I was worried about my mom and my sisters too who were having faith that I will marry ‘N’ and get settled in my life happily and will live a peaceful life.

Finally one day I decided enough was enough come what may I must have strong faith in my Baba that He will definitely bless me with a very happiest life with my husband ‘N’ soon despite my current circumstances and against all odds. Baba many times gave me positive signs. He once said your prayers shall be answered while I was thinking and crying about this. Days went by like this for few days. He made me live my days with faith and guide me to have faith in many ways. But this time He gave me so much faith. Despite all odds, I had so much faith in my Baba that no matter what even if it was not in my fate He would bless me with a happiest married life with my ‘N’ very soon. I walked by faith. Only faith in Him makes me move further and stand strong at that time. Before my eyes I had seen no possibilities that this would or could happen but I believed in Him so much that somehow He will change my husband ‘N’s mind and make him realize my true love for him for sure and make him love me like I am the only girl in this whole world for him and make him marry me with all his love and heart soon.

Suddenly everything changed and true to my faith my ‘N’ did come to me permanently with so much of love in his heart for me and only for me. He turned out to be the best life partner for me and very supportive to me. He just started unconditionally loving me and wanted to marry me immediately that he could not live without me even for a second. The only thing he desired and loved most in this world turned to be living with me and my love. I don’t know how Sai brought this change in him and I am happily shocked. He begged and asked for forgiveness for treating me badly. He talked to my parents and at his home regarding marrying me and he stood so strong and stubborn that his family could not even say ‘no’.

I am now very happily and proudly telling that I am happily married to my husband ‘N’. Baba blessed me with a very happiest wonderful married life as I had wished with my husband ‘N’ forever and I am now living the most beautiful heavenly married life with my husband ‘N’. I am very proud to say that ‘N’ changed to be a completely different person and now he became my lovable soulmate and life partner ever. Bad things in him just vanished and he is very sincere and loyal to me. He is just head over heels in love with me ever. ‘N’ became my best friend and he loves me and takes care of me like his everything. The very person who said me to marry somebody else and don’t wait for him stood very strong to marry me against all odds with his pure love and care for me. He takes care of my daughter so much. He is taking care of my daughter as a best father ever. Now he loves me like I am the only girl in this whole world and stands by me whatever comes. He is the best thing that can ever happen to me.

All odds just got vanished and it seems like Baba turned all stones to make this happen even though I waited for years. Baba blessed me with the best heavenly married life ever with my husband ‘N’ filled with all happiness and love. His parents are treating me like his own daughter and I too love them a lot. My parents, sisters and my well-wishers are very, very happy seeing me happy. I am brimming with happy, joyful tears experiencing my husband ‘N’s care and love each and every second. I am now living very happy for all the tears I shed in my Baba’s feet. Everything changed suddenly and so happily and I am living a very happiest blessed married life with my husband ‘N’. It happened only because of Baba’s blessings. He literally moved everything and turned upside down my life from deepest sorrow to happiness and bliss. I request all of you to keep faith in Baba no matter what even though outer situation seems worse and not promising. I know and experienced one thing for sure with Baba all things are possible. Nothing is impossible in this world. Changing anybody or anything is a matter of seconds for Him. As Said in Satcharithra doubts and difficulties are just coming to test our faith. If we hold on to our Baba with faith we will be blessed with success for sure.

He tested me, I struggled a lot, even thought of committing suicide many times but after few days He blessed me with what I prayed for and blessed with long lasting happiness. Thank You Baba. Sorry for the long post but I just want to tell strongly that faith in Him always triumphs and makes impossible things possible. Thank You Baba Thaatha, Love You a lot…! Be with us always.

Baba Shows His Presence

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from Bahrain says: I am an Indian women living in Bahrain with my husband and teen son. Thank you Hetalji and team for your divine work. Please don’t disclose my name and edit my post whenever and wherever required as I am poor in writing.

Coming to my experience I am Baba’s devotee since childhood and experienced His leela since that time but never realized and gave importance to them as I was thinking that was my fate. But came to know about this divine site last year July and came to know about Deva’s miracle. My family means me, my husband and 14 years son who is suffering from evil and this cruel black magic since many years that my husband’s brother’s wife has done on us. We were totally unaware about this and always thought that they were our well wisher. In that bad phase my husband and son started getting health issues. Finally my husband lost his job, we lost our entire saving. We were thinking that was our bad luck but since 2007 I used to take every decision after checking in Baba Q & A book. So I started blaming Baba about our problem and stopped going to Baba’s temple. I even stopped checking Q & A book also.

But my merciful God He came in my life through one person. It was like we were totally in depression and had lost all hopes for life. That time one of our friends took us to one person. Today I am treating him as my father. This person has Goddess hand on him and he can tell us exactly what is our problem. And he is not at all money minded. He is staying in a small room with his family but he does not accepts any money from us. He has big size Baba photo, so Baba was there before us to guide me. That time we came to know about true colour of my co-sister and her parents. That person really helped my husband to gain his lost confidence as he was totally demoralised. He told us if we keep faith in God he will slowly take us out from this chackravyu. He promised my husband first he will try for my husband’s job as 18 months he was jobless (previously we were in Dubai). And yes by Baba’s grace after going to his place within 9 month my husband got a job in Bahrain as a AFC and we are in Bahrain now. That lady had not left my son also. My son also faced lot of health, educational problems because of that cruel lady. Since she is trying to destroy us. But whenever required my Baba was giving me hints to inform that uncle in India.

I would like to share with you today’s experience. My son is now turning fifteen within a week. His exams are going on. He is good in academics since beginning but I don’t understand what happened past last few days; he has started hating studies. I used to ask Baba and always used to get positive response. Tomorrow is his Science paper but since yesterday he was little angry for studying and was fighting with me. I lost my patience also and there was a big fight between us. He stopped studying and talking with me and went to sleep. I was in confusion whether he was doing purposely or was really having any problem. I cried a lot in front of Baba to please help me to solve my problem. Please make my son to realize his mistake and let him start study and let him talk to me as I can’t survive if my son and husband are angry with me. I checked in Q & A, Baba gave reply keep Vibhuti under pillow at night and apply in the morning. Take your friend help. Baba is with you to show the right path. I understood there was something wrong again so I called India and informed uncle, after that within half an hour my son started his studies on his own and by night started talking with me. Baba, please show us final way to come out of this black magic. Help my son in tomorrow’s exam. Thank You Sai. Om Sai Ram!

Baba Is With You

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: I have been Baba’s devotee as long as I have remembered things.

Last year my dad and I went to get a car. Even though our pockets didn’t allow us but we had to get a new car because it was needed due to the fact that where I go to college was not a very safe place especially at night. When we get there, we spoke to a dealer and started working on our paperwork. He came back to us and told us how our car cannot get approved due to the fact that my dad and I have bad credit line. Right at that second, I took Baba’s picture out from my phone and started praying.

One hour later the dealer came back to us and he asked if we have another co-signer and I told him no we didn’t. I started praying hard right then and there. I asked Baba to be the co-signer. Three hours later he came back and showed us where me and my dad stood with our credit line and how he found a way to get it approved and move our credit line up. I knew it was Baba’s grace there. He went there as my third co-signer. I had complete faith in Baba that time. I knew He was going to come. We are His kids; He does come when we call Him. I know I’ve had my moment where I made mistakes of not trusting Him. But the more I have put my faith in Him, more He has helped me through my bad times.

Baba You know what is going on right now in my life. You know my respect is on a stake right now. Please Baba help me get through this hard time as well. I feel so lost right now. But I know it’s Baba either testing me right now or teaching me something. Baba, please help me pass this test. You know from day one my intentions. I hope one day you will forgive my sins and will bless me. Once it works out, I promise that I will share my experience on this blog. Like Baba alway says “Shraddha and Saburi”. Just have faith and patience. Baba hopefully one day, I wish to come to share and I want to visit Dwarkamaai. But, it is only possible if You bless us. I will wait for that day and I will come as I promised. But, please keep my respect and please give me a sign that there is a hope for us. As of now, I am losing all the hopes. Baba I need You right now more than anything. Also, I have a job interview this coming Monday Baba. Please guide me Baba. Thank you Hetal ma’am, if it wasn’t because of you we all wouldn’t have had this beautiful site to share our happiness and sorrow with each other. This platform has become like my family. I love reading these experiences. They have increased my faith in Baba a lot more. Thank You.

Sai, My Saviour Always

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Devotee Venkatesh from India says: I am a small devotee of our Lord Sairam since few years. I have been blessed with a good number of experiences with regard to our Sai’s blessings. I have also posted few experiences on this divine site. First and the foremost, I express sincere thanks to Hetalji and her team for maintaining this wonderful blog making all the Sai devotees to share their experiences on this common platform, thus increasing our Shraddha and Saburi with Sai.

Sharing my experience, I do work for an University which is going through troubled times. Hence, we are not getting our salaries regularly. The situation was very bad when salaries were not paid for a continuous span of 3.5 months. Chances of shutting down the University and someone else taking over were all the news going round the campus. We do have a good no. of Baba’s devotees among the university staff here. Though the problems still remain unresolved, very recently, salaries were all paid certainly due to the mercy and kindness of Lord Sai on us. We are really grateful to our Datta Avatari Sai Ram.

Another experience is that I got severe neck pain yesterday midnight, which was really unbearable. Applied some pain balm, took homeopathic medicine, applied some massage oil and took little Udi along with water. For the first time in my life I got such kind of pain in the neck area and was unable to sleep too. Finally, I went on mentally chanting the name of our beloved Lord Sai Ram and with His grace and divine blessings, I did sleep well and by the morning, there was no pain and looked like everything was normal. I had promised to write on this experience on this blog. Hence, I am sharing.

Oh, Dear Sai Ram, I am ever indebted to You and keep my head at Your lotus feet. Give me and all Your devotees complete devotion, true Shraddha and absolute Saburi so that we will be able to cross this ocean of Bhavsagar and reach the lotus feet of Sai Deva. I sincerely pray for the well being of all the Sai devotees with “Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu”, “Sarva Jeevaha Sukhino Bhavantu”, “Samasta Sanmangalani Bhavantu” and “Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu”. Hey Baba, let my wavering mind become still at Your lotus feet, let me chant Your divine name – Sairam – forever till I breathe my last. Bolo Sri Dattavatari Anantha Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Para Bramha Sri Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainatheshwar Maharaj ki Jai. Jai Sai Ram.

My Birthday Gift By Sai

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of our Sai from Bangalore. I don’t know when I first got attached to Sai but from my young age I used to go to Baba’s temple with my relative in Mylapore temple.

My life was smooth from my young age, but after my marriage it turned upside down. But with God’s grace my parents pulled me out from the marriage bond within one month of my marriage. Then I got more inclined towards God and started reading Satcharitra at regular intervals for my peace of mind. Two years before I lost job and became all alone with no companion to share my feelings and my burden, that time I started writing my experience and burden to Sai in the form of letter and offer it in hundi of a nearby Sai temple. During this time I came across this site and got attached to it by reading whenever I felt low or I needed answers for my questions. Sai started to guide me with His experiences.

One day while reading an experience I had taken a vow to Sai to publish my experience when I get a job or get settled in life. I wanted it to happen this year as my birthday was on a Thursday. So I wanted Sai to show me a correct path and spend my birthday with calmness. But nothing happened till the Tuesday. Suddenly on Tuesday I saw a visiting card with my father and asked him if he could recommend my CV for a suitable post. But still I had doubts as on coming Thursday was my birthday and still I even had not attended any interview. But by Sai’s grace next day i.e on Wednesday when my dad asked his friend he called for the interview on Thursday. When I went into office I was overjoyed as I saw Baba’s photo that time. I remembered the chapter of Shama’s gaya trip and I was happy. After that when I entered the vice president’s cabin with tension, Sai was already present in the form of picture there also and the interview went well. To my surprise he scheduled the interview with HR on the same day by evening and HR round also and I was offered the job and from next Wednesday I joined the duty. I have even received my 1st month salary but still I am in state of shock as how Baba fulfilled my wish within two days which seemed impossible till Wednesday morning! Please Baba Now I pray to Baba to be always with His devotes and guide them. Om Sairam Samasta Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Is My Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: I live in Chennai. This is my third post. I am very blessed to have Baba’s divine presence and blessings in my life. Without Baba, I would be nowhere. Whenever I read this blog I feel very relaxed, happy and blessed. Thank you each and everyone associated with this platform sharing your faith and attachment with Baba as it gives everyone immense peace, joy and abundant blessings of Baba.

This is 6 months back when my 1 year old daughter had severe diarrhoea and almost dehydrated. She was sick. Only with Baba’s prayers she improved quickly within a day. Baba’s answer to my question was “sick person will recover”. I have absolutely no words to say. Always shower Your blessings on us. Om Sairam.

Another incident was in my work place. I would have been removed from work for a mistake committed by me, which was really fearful. Baba helped be abundantly throughout, where my senior colleagues came to my rescue which was totally unexpected. Its all because of my Saviour only. Feel scary even if I think about it now. My Pranams to You Baba.

My husband was in search of a new project, attending many interviews. I started nav guruvar vrat. By third week, he got selected. Thank You so much Baba Always be with us Baba, guide us, help us always to increase our faith in You, whenever we are deviating. Sacchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jay!!Om Sairam.

Prayers for Today: Reunion With Husband – Anonymous Sai Devotee

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  1. To the first devotee,

    It's so nice that you are living a happy married life after all the trauma you went through. You certainly deserve it. May God bless you. Your faith and patience paid off. Sai sharanam. Baba sharanam.

  2. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Deva, Thank You for showing us signs and showering Your blessings on us in Your own unique ways 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Dear first r truly blessed…I can relate to ur situation…even I am waiting for my love since four years…but nothing positive has happened…my life is also like a hell…whenever i tried to move on in life honestly….for some or the other reason those alliances got cancelled…neither Baba is allowing me to move on in my life nor bringing my love into my life…don't know what to do…literally suffering like hell…

  4. Dear first so happy to hear that u r now having a happy life.thank u baba to wish her.dear me too suffering in same praying baba a lot.every day i shed tears a lot from my bottom of my heart im crying.but he is not still answering to my prayers.baba pls bless age is going.pls help me baba

    • Well I am in the same hell as you waiting since 11 years and still Baba is just playing with my emotions by everytime giving me a ray of hope and then dashing it to ground or giving me such horrible pain in the heart making me feel all my patient wait on him and million cries for help to him and my prayers and devotion to him has gone waste. Dunno why he is doing this to me and when I will be lucky like this sister in the first post to be able to publish my story also like hers.


  6. Baba,,nothing is impossible for you deva,because of you only my parents reunited.always bless them.
    I am now chopped in so many fears everywhere baba,my eye vision is continously deteriorating, please improve it baba,I am suffering a lot.Help me fir exams baba.
    Om sai ram

  7. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba thank you for guiding us, guarding us, protecting us, and taking care of us and blessing us with Your grace. Baba please forgive us for all our sins and mistakes that we may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Baba please always keep us at Your Lotus feet and always keep Your Hands on our heads. Baba thank You for everything that You do for us. Baba thank You for always helping us out and taking care of us. Baba please guide us, guard us and protect us from everything. Baba please bless my parents, my sisters their families, us both and his family with health happy and long life. Baba please make the visa and marriage workout with our families. Baba with Your grace and blessings please unite us in marriage. Baba please make this impossible thing possible and bless us with a long healthy and happy married life with each other. Baba please protect us from everything. Baba please forgive us for all our sins and mistakes that we may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Baba please keep us at Your Lotus Feet and always keep Your Loving Hand on us. Baba please help us. Baba please bless all your children with health, happiness and long life.

    Jai Sai Ram

  8. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba please bless us all with your grace and mercy. Baba please keep us at Your Lotus Feet and keep Your Loving Hands on our heads. Baba please forgive us for all our sins and mistakes. Baba please take care of us and protect us from everything. Baba please bless us all with long healthy happy life. Baba please helps unite only with Your grace this is possible. Baba please protect my love. Baba bless all Your children. Baba take care of us all and help us with everything.

    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Seriously such a wonderful experience pleasevsharevyour mail id madam..Feels to contact you..As im anjali facing the similar issue exactly its i felt its replica of my life.

  10. Om Sai Ram, Love you baba please protect my family be with them take care of them, please baba forgive my mistakes done by knowingly and unknowingly please give me full time job and miracles in my husband job baba please baba I don't have any one other then you to go

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