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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Blessings From My Sai And More To Come

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I’m a software engineer from a humble family in south India and our family has been Sai devotees for more than 5 years. I would like to share some of my experiences with all Sai devotees Dear friends, Children of Sai from all over the world, i pray for all of you for your well being, health, wealth and peace. I would like to share few of the miracles and blessings which Sai had showered on me and my family. Well, where would i start, Sai has been with us in each and every instance of the happenings. I couldn’t think of any small or big things without Sai blessings. Let me share the instances in my life alone so far, I was working in mid-size IT company with a good salary and designation but due to certain things i couldn’t concentrate on work and started looking for a change to avoid the reasons which were distracting me. I prayed to God to help me get a job in my native city of where i can be with my family and start working better. Sai heard my prayers and blessed with a Job in a highly reputed IT company with very good salary and that too in my native city. I was very happy for this blessing which changed my course of life and helped me get back my real happiness with my family & friends once again. I was happily going to office and started working in my hometown.

In the mean time my sister’s marriage got arranged in a very good place where we never could have imagined without Sai blessings, that is a great blessing for my sister and our family from Sai which we are ever grateful to Sai. I had a good balance of work and personal time until i started working for a project with a manager who was very poking and slowly it started degrading my working attitude and i was losing interest in work and wanted to either move to a different company or project but it was little difficult for me to make any decision, however i kept praying to Sai to help me stay focused or show me the way to get out of that situation. I also had a dream of going onsite and work in abroad to earn more money for a period of 5 years and then return back home and starting a business. But nothing was happening except me getting fed-up, so i decided to move and started praying to Sai to help yet another time since He is my last resort for all my life. Out of desperation i prayed to Sai to give me a new job and abroad chance so that i can get my wishes fulfilled, but Sai always has a plan for each of us. However to fulfil my prayer Sai gave me a new Job in a Small company and along with an abroad chance. This chance seemed to be a short-cut for my career growth where i can go to a bigger position in a small company and when the company grows, i would also grow in my career but there is always a risk in small companies regarding their stability. Since my friend who referred my name for the Job had promised me that the company is doing well and is in a stable state to pay the salary make profits.

As soon as i joined i was offered to travel abroad for a project which was a great thing for a new comer. Initial few days were good but something was not rite and slowly the first month got over and i was awaiting my first salary, to my shock they did not pay the first month salary and everyone who is working there were aware of these problems and i started getting to know this from the existing employees. I thought of waiting for a month, more and even that failed. My 1st & 2nd month salary was paid on the 3rd month. In the mean time i prayed to Sai realizing my mistake for asking Sai desperately to give me everything immediately. I was worried badly and prayed Sai to get to out of this problem and put me in a Safe place. If this problem was continuing it would be difficult for me get married as well, already my marriage was getting delayed since we couldn’t finalize a bride for me in spite of searching for more than a year. I returned back from abroad within 2 months and Sai had a plan for me to put me in a safe place. I attended a walk-in interview for an MNC in the same week and i got selected for the Job, but the offer was not released immediately, i waited eagerly and prayed to Sai to send me the good news which i needed badly. To my surprise i got a call from the HR by name Sai and it was a miracle which i could not forget ever in my life.

On the day i joined i experienced another miracle, the person who was sitting next to me in Induction was named Sai and he became a friend immediately. All this happened like dream, what i remember is me crying to Sai to help me and bless me. Sai heard my prayer and answered for my tears by blessing me and showering His love on me as i needed it very much. The last two points of this testimony are the most recent and the most important ones in my life which has given a new dimension in my career and the biggest gift of my personal life. After i joined the my current MNC company i was happy and wanted to make the most of my career and to stick on with this company for a long time. The first 3 months is a phase when we try to get into a project which suits our skills and start the work. I got very few project calls and nothing went through till joining the actual project to start work. In the mean time my search for a bride for my marriage was also rigorous in my family. Almost 3 months after joining the company, HR started telling the new joiners to leave the company if they could not a find a project within 3 months. I was again worried regarding this and started asking Sai to take control of my life and help me lead a peaceful life. I still cannot believe how Sai had turned my life and gave me back a big smile on my face. I got a project abroad and on the same hand i found my life partner. Onsite project and my wife are the 2 biggest things which i got together and i was excited and thanked Sai to the core with all my heart. Actually I’m not finding the correct words to express my feel of thanks to Sai. Thanks You Sai, You are my saviour and my guardian for my entire life. I got selected for an onsite project within the 3 months deadline and before i was about to travel, my engagement got fixed on the same day of my travel. My engagement happened in a simple way in my wife’s home and i had to travel to same day for my onsite project.

By Sai’s grace everything went well and my wife and i understood each other in a short period of time and we love each other abundantly. The project which i joined was in a very different area than my experience so the first few weeks were a little difficult and slowly i started picking up and got very much involved with work. During the course i got additional work in my project which made me get better visibility in my client side. Overall the last 1 year has been a great time with my wife in a new country and spending quality time with each other. This was something which i was longing very badly and was praying to Sai to help me get settled in life and start my own family life. I have 2 important prayers which are required for me to go into next stage of my life. It’s been almost a year since i got married and we are trying for baby from past 10 months, Sai is making me wait for the rite time i feel, but still we are hopeful that Sai will give this blessing soon for us. One more important thing is even though I’m abroad for more than a year now i haven’t got the actual monetary benefits which I’m supposed to get from my company due to their internal issues, however I’m hoping that Sai will bless me again and reward me for all my waiting and my prayers. Dear Sai Bhagvan, Sai Maharaja, please help me like how You always saved me from my sorrow and bad situations, I’m Your son and disciple waiting for You to show me my path and lead me to light and greatness in my life. Help me Sai please, i love You Baba. Thank You for all that You’ve given and thanks for all You are going to give me. Om Sri Sai Ram, Jai Sri Sai Ram! Dear Sai devotees, thanks for reading my long post patiently, and i request You to pray for me and i assure You that i pray for each and every one of us to Sai. God bless you all and keep posting your experiences to share and spread the power of Sai maharaja Ji!

Lots Of Blessing Of Sai Deva On Me

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Goa says: I was blessed by Baba grace somewhat 1997-98, we are middle class family was not financially sound, that time I was doing private job for Rs. 1200/- just to help my family. I feel to work in Private Firm is not easy, it was a security agency for which there are some govt. norms which has to follow for e.g. PF deduction after one year you can’t remove the person without reason. So my boss was after me to leave the job before completing one year. That time we construct small house for us which was incomplete. So it was not possible to sit at home ideal without job. That time my Baba showed His grace on me. Few months before I have answered one interview in govt. sector not having any hope. Because it is not possible to get Govt. job without influence and without paying money. So I have never dreamed of Govt. job nor have I asked Baba to give me. I ask always for good tension free private job with minimum salary so that I could help my family. But see the miracle of my God He gave me Govt. job within one month of leavening that private job, that is also without any once influence and settle my life for forever. This is my first experience with Baba.

After that I have got numerous blessing of my God on me, my Shirdi trip with my family, my marriage, my daughter after 5 years of my marriage and my own house so on. During this period of 19 yrs I have experience many miracles which I want to pen down: First experience is my Job after that with my first salary of two & half month I went to Shirdi with my full family of 11 members. When we reach Shirdi there was a huge line for Sai Saustha Accommodation which charge very little amount & to stay in hotel was not our budget so I was almost to cry I didn’t understand what to do. I was just standing aside, one person came to me & ask you want accommodation I said yes. He ask me to stand away from here I will get you the key & he provide us one room & after that I did the procedure. Sai Baba came Himself in form of that boy to help me otherwise it was not possible to get accommodation for that day. My second experience is my marriage, after 1 year of my job I got one proposal for marriage & that was my first proposal. When I saw the boy I didn’t like him but I didn’t disclose this to my family. Because before going to see the boy I went to Sai Baba temple & pray to Sai, You do what is best for me, even though I don’t like the boy I will not say no, if that boy is not good for me my family should reject him of their own. In our family no one has find out any thing about the boy & their family, only by having faith in God by taking Prasad from Shiv temple we were ready for marriage. And with the grace of Shiv Sai we got very good & big caring family & my husband also very understanding. For few years there was some difficulty is adjusting with each others because of our different nature but now everything is fine and I feel I am very lucky to be a part of this family.

My third biggest miracle was Sai Baba came personally to bless my child on her name keeping ceremony. As I said I got my child after 5 years of our marriage that is also by the grace of our Sai. The name was decided by us first only if boy will name as Om & if girl we will name her as Shradha. So there were discussions within our family we should keep the name which has come on Janma patrika otherwise it is not good for child. The discussion was going on, same time our Baba came in the form of Biksukh to bless my child, I told my brother to give him something, I was looking at him he was looking exactly like my Baba but that time it does not come to my mind that it was my Baba as though I was not in my sense after his going out soon I realized that it was Baba & I ran to see him but he was not there. I don’t understand how to express my feeling even today when I remember that incident the tears comes to my eyes. I wish to have many more Darshan of my Sai & I know one day it will come true.

Fourth miracle of my Sai, my daughter Shradha when she was 4 yrs she fall sick with one dangerous disease call Kawasakhi ( Which is very rare) if it is not recognized early it goes on damaging you whole body part. First she was admitted to private hospital there was no improvement for one week after doing all report disease was not recognized, after that we took advise of another doctor & soon he came to know that it was Kawasakhi and advice us to go Govt. hospital immediate (GMC) For this diseases there is only one medicine that one injection which cost 1 lakh each & it is not available in any private pharmacy other (GMC) soon we shifted her to GMC where my brother in law was Professor who help us in all procedure & luckily that injection was available in hospital, after giving that injection she was improved 50 % but she could not stand. Then after taking MRI doctor decided to give one more injection. After that slowly she cured completely within one month. Now she is 10 years old health & fit child by the grace of my Lord Sai. 1 ½ month she was hospitalized. I don’t know how the time was, some time I used to cry but some time I was totally blank, I know my Sai is there always with me but I don’t know what karmas I have did in my past life. So I used to get scared. I was not knowing what to ask my Baba. I pray to my Baba if You want to take my child & to give me another one than please Baba give me same child back to me I don’t want other child I will never ask You for other child. I will think this is my second child. But don’t take this child away from me and my God Sai Deva blessed me with my child. These are the some big miracles in my life, many more are there Which I will write later. Dear devotees I am not so good in writing but understand my feeling behind this. I am not a very good person at heart but I always pray to my Lord to bless me with good heart & to flow the path showed by Him. I always think chatting Baba’s name is very simply but dear friend as Baba say without His wish even leave can’t move then how we can think of achieving biggest think in life without God wish. So I pray true my heart to my God to bless us all Sai family with His grace always. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Shri Sai Ram.

Got Pregnant With Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram. Dear Sai brothers and sisters, I am so glad that i got a chance to post my experience on this blog with Baba’s grace. It’s near about a year ago when my friend told me to worship Baba because i was trying to have a baby. Then i started to read about Baba on blogs because i wanted to make my trust more strong on Baba. Day by day, i got attached with Baba and started Sai Satcharitra completed within one week. Done Sai Baba fast and within no time i experienced to see Baba in my dreams then i was sure that my Baba is listening me taking care of me and He will do what ever is right for me. Many times, i saw Baba in my dreams. Once i was touching Baba’s feet, once He gave me green coconut in same Duppata which i usually wear during Pooja. These dreams made me believe that whether Baba has uncountable children who worship Him even then Baba care for every single child of Him. Months passed and i was thinking to go for treatment for my pregnancy and decided to go to India for the treatment but even then i was thinking that may be before going to India, Baba will bless me with a baby. One night, i again saw Baba in my dream and He said beta time is about to come which you were waiting for so long, i said is it true Baba, He said yes. I said when this month, He said next month. Then He said something about treatment but i don’t remember what He said whether i shall go for treatment or not, but we had to go to India, so i was thinking may be before going to India, i got pregnant because Sai Baba said it.

Then one day my known lady she is also big Sai devotee, ‘She met me and i told her about my dream and asked will it be true she said whatever Baba say, one way or other it will come true. She said Baba gave you indication to go to India and get your treatment done. So i went India with my husband and when i went the hospital the doctor to whom i supposed to meet was not there and i had to meet other doctor on very first day. When i entered doctor’s room i saw a small calendar of Sai Baba on her table which was in corner on her side and she placed a water bottle in front of that calendar but i could see the Baba’s picture form that clear water bottle and picture was looking bigger than on the calendar. On that day i was sure i come right at place and Baba has decided it, after treatment when i have to come back to Australia we stopped in restaurant for breakfast and one person over there was playing random God’s prayers and suddenly he started Sai Baba Bhajan. It was indication Baba is with me everywhere. We had a 6 hours stay in Bangkok, when we reached Bangkok and in shopping area i saw a shop name started with Sai, i don’t remember full name. It was a flower shop, i was very happy that Sai Baba is with me. Now after some days passed and have tested positive for my pregnancy. I am very happy that Baba blessed me with this baby and hoping for happy and healthy baby with Baba’s grace. I always feel more attached to Baba whenever i read devotee’s experiences and my trust get more stronger on Baba. Whenever any new Baba devotee starts to read and search about Baba then these experiences make them close to Baba and there trust and believes get more stronger. Let all of us believe in Sai Ram and be blessed on. Om Sai Ram, Baba will take care of all His Children.

Baba Is My Everything

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Baba. Rather telling that i am devotee, i like to say that i am child of Baba and He is my everything. I want to tell two best things happened in my family. One is my sister’s marriage and another one is my promotion. My sister’s marriage is one big miracle and the best thing as we are waiting for this occasion since four years. As my father expired and our relatives are not so much involved, me and my mother were so much distressed as my sister was not accepting any alliance, and everyone is asking when your daughters marriage. Finally my sister accepted one alliance but not completely. She told ok for the sake of us. Now coming to this. Me and my mother liked so much as their family is very friendly and very nice. Also my brother-in-law who is now husband of my sister is very considerate and very caring person but my sister was not accepting.

I used to read every month Satcharitra and did Nava Guruvar Vrat but i want my mother also to do Sai Parayanam. She used to worry so much as we were proceeding for marriage and my sister used to cry that i don’t want to marry. I told that Maa if you completely believe in Baba and read Satcharitra, then my sister will completely accept and there will be no problem in our proceedings. Then my mother started reading Satcharitra with complete belief and i also got shock that she did Pooja and Parayan and within seven days she completed reading with complete faith and finally Baba came for us and my sister accepted and without any problem our sisters marriage was done successfully and now she is very happy with her husband. He is also devotee of Baba and his desire of marrying my sister also fulfilled. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much. Love You Baba. Without You, i am no more. Please be with me till my last breath. Help me to take care of my mother and my family. I believe that You are there for me. So i am not asking to take care of me as You are with me there is no fear for myself and You have told that You are there guarding me and my family. Baba with You always i am happy Let this happiness is always and lifelong. Please don’t leave me. Please, i will listen to You. I will do what You say. I wont neglect Your words. Thank You, Thank You Baba. Thank You so much. Please call us to Shirdi, Baba please. Love You Baba. Bless Everyone.

My First Experience With My Sai Maa

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Jyoti from India says: Sai Ram to all my brothers and sisters. I am very much thankful to the founder of this blog. I have tried to put my first experience with my Sai Maa which was indeed very much tuff to put in words. Sai Maa gave me shelter in His lotus feet. 4 years back, i was totally a stranger and was never attracted to Shirdi though i live very close. One fine day, i got a call from my friends from south that they were visiting Shirdi and they invited me too but i was hesitating and decided that i won’t go. Again after 15 minutes i got another call and at that time i could not refuse. It was makarsankranti that day and there was huge crowd at Shirdi. Looking at the Darshan line i made sure that i am not going for Darshan and will just meet my friends and then will return home. But conditions forced me to go to the temple and i had very quick and comfortable Darshan in spite of such huge crowd.

Just three days after my return from Shirdi. Baba came in my dream which is as follows I was preparing ladoos in my kitchen and Baba was standing behind me, instructing me as how should i make them and i was telling Him that Baba i will do what You are instructing me but who will do my work. He laughed and went out of the kitchen. I followed Him to see where He is going. I saw Him sitting beside a fire place (Dhuni). I was offering Him a blue coloured shawl which He accepted with great love and He was very happy. He wore that shawl saying “Waah Mera Baccha..Mera Pyara Baccha..Bohott Acha Shawl Laya Tu”. Then He made me sit beside Him and ordered a painter to make our painting together. I saw that painting of me and Baba sitting together in that dream and than there was a plate named Dwarakamai on a wall. Baba said this painting is going to be on this wall forever and then i saw many of HIs glimpses and there this holy dream of mine ended. When i got up. I was speechless thinking how rude i was and how Baba honoured me with His love and blessings. Till today i am waiting for Baba to fulfil my wish which He has assured in many positive signs and very auspicious dreams.

Power Of Prayer

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Sangeeta from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai brother and sister. I am believer of Sai. Coming to my experience, one day after coming from market, I miss placed my hubby purse which had all his cards. I was so scared that it might have gone in wrong hand. I prayed to Sai and promised Him if I get it I will share my experience here and the moment I finished that my hubby got in where I have already check it was my Baba only who help to find it. I am doing Nav Guruvar Vrat for my hubby’s job. Hopefully Sai will show some miracle soon please prayer for it. May Sai bless us all with happiness and place in His holy Feet. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Thank You O Deva for being with us through thick and thin and showering us with Your blessings 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. Om Sai ram please remove my depression and me in this matter.i want fearless life in Leeds and happy enjoyment with out tension .please arrange that days for me.i love you. Be with me and bless me.please be with veni and Rohan .take care of them and bless them om saima

  3. SAI RAM.Please can someone let me know the procedure for sugar candy pooja & how many days do I have to observe? Please be kind to give me this procedure BABA WILL BLESSYOU.

    • Om sai need to perform the puja for 41 days. Just light two diyas, incenses, offer flower and sugar candies. Offer prayers in whatever way you feel comfortable, there's no hard and fast rules 😀. Note to store the everyday's candies in a container till you done wit 41 days. If you are lucky,They say deva will come in different forms to take the candy offerings however after completing my puja I waited for few days and after that I got the opportunity to visit shibpur so I took it along and offered on deva's feet. Yes deva was very kind enough to bless me and he indeed fulfilled my wish I prayed for. So don't worry if no one comes to take your candy, wit love and faith you can take it to ur nearby temple and ask the priest to distribute. If you do any little thing with love and devotion for deva, he will surely bless you. ❤️❤️❤️

    • On a Thursday, Take a vow (Do Sankalp) and pray to Baba to make you complete the 40 Day Pooja without any hurdles and yes you can ‘Make a Wish’.
      The items you need for this Pooja are a pack/box of candy (atleast 40 pieces) and a container
      On the first Day of the Pooja put the container in your mandir or in front of Baba’s photo/idol and leave it there until the end of your 40 days pooja.
      Every day offer one sugar candy to Sai and do your usual pooja by lighting lamps, agarbatthi, reciting stotram and aarti etc or any other way you follow.
      If you do not do pooja on a daily basis, offer candy to Sai’s photo/idol
      At the end of that days’ Pooja, put that candy in the container and close it.
      Repeat the same for 40 days and complete the pooja.

    • Saibaba came in form of 3 yrs old baby to eat my sugar candy…it was last day….at night she came and demanded for chocolate..and i asked by chit method…were u saibaba na in form of girl? The answer came" yes" only faith and devotion matters.. i have heard that baba may come after 40 days..for my pooja baba come exactly on the last day..that day was navratri on 3rd october,2016..i was playing garba in night…then at 12am around..when garba finished…i was about to go at that time suddenly a 3 yrs old baby came and told me i ll come with u at your home…her parents denied her because it was 12 at night…but she was so stubborn..i took her along with me..i love kids..then on the way to home i asked her..usually u tell to every child..will u eat chocolate? Then she said sweetly in her language ya i want "chocate"too cute!!!!then suddenly i had strike that oh..its my last day which i was worrying from morning..and around 12..saibaba came to collect my chocolate!!i was so happy…i took her to home..rushed upstairs..collected sugarcandy,gave her..she ate that..this whole incident happened so fast…as soon as she put her chocolate in mouth her papa came running…saying chalo beta..we have to go home…and she went…then remaining candies i gave to sabjivala and other poor lady..on my bday..on 7th october my bday was pooja became successful because i was having true faith in sai..baba ll come and definately take my candies…this is v simple pooja but tests your faith and patience…and really baba comes..i have narrated this experience to boost faith of all devotees..especially who are thinking of doing this sugarcandy sai ram

  4. Hetal Ji, Glad to hear that Sonia Ji is getting Baba's blessings. I am sure there would be many people who would volunteer in her absence. This blog is many people's life line. Please ask for volunteers among the blog readers.

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  6. Sai maa plz koi miracle kardo.
    I know this is my testing time. My skin is bad. I health is bad.I am Underweighted person. I'm not getting job. Nor getting life partner.
    Nothing is working out.
    Om sai ram
    Gurudev datta 😊

  7. 2 days back i went to ATM & drawn 2000/- from my hubby's card and next put my card to draw the money, that time machine counted the money but the money did not come out and recieved the slip saying transaction declined. I was very tensed wht to do if the amount got deducted from my account. Now in this current situation of India cant go to bank & ask them to check. I was praying baba to safe guard my money. 2 days i was searching for the ATM to check at least the balance but every where ATM's will be closed & finnaly today I found one ATM and when I checked, my money is not deducted. Thank you Deva for keping my hard earned money safe. Love you Deva.. om sai ram

  8. Happy Baba's Day to all devotees.

    Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

  9. Happy Baba's Day to all the Devotees, I would like to thank baba for all the help he did today for me, I have no words to express other then saying thank you and love you baba, Sai baba thank you so much for helping baba you’re the best, can’t even thank you enough I love you baba thanks for the miracle what you did today .

  10. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, jai muruga, jai durga, baba ki palkhi, dattatreya, tirupati balaji, omnamaha shivaya

  11. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  12. This is to all devotees reading this post.i have been an ardent devoted of baba since long.i have always felt..destiny is one side but with immense devotion and faith.. baba will change destiny.But I am.convinced after so many is only your destiny and your karma matters.No amount of faith love devotion can change that.If you want to grow spiritually then go to baba and pray he will help.But otherwise don't because he doesn't change much ever you pray donate..nothing changes.We have great expectations based on satcharitra but those are just few positive instances stated in the book the author hasn't shared the other million instances where people were not saved nor their destiny changed.

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