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Baba Saved My Life

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Shree Sai Ram, i am from lucknow, and Hats off to Hetal ji and other people who are maintaining this blog. Through this blog we are able to share our experiences and also see for ourselves that “Baba is still living”. It increases our faith in our beloved Sai. Sai is our guiding force. I am worshiping lord Sai when i was only 7 years old kid and i have experienced many many miracles in this 27 year of my life with Baba. Actually my father is not with me so from childhood i made this thinking that Baba is my Father and my Sai proved my thinking right with various miracles and i am not alone in this world, He is always with me. I wants to share all my experiences here from childhood to till now that how Baba comes to my life, how Baba helped me in various stages of my life but here i am sharing my most recent experience which saves my life. After completing my engineering with flying colours with the blessings of Baba i joined coaching for engineering services in lucknow only where i start liking a girl but my aim was not permitting me to divert from the path so i stayed focused on my studies and performed well in my gate exam (graduate aptitude technical examination) and secured good rank in that with the blessing of lord Sai. From my childhood, i lived a very lavish and happy life. I enjoyed all comforts etc but one factor always hurt me most that i am very alone, i always pray to Baba please end this loneliness from my life so after my gate exam there was sufficient time gap between my IES exam so i and that girl started talking, helping studying with each other because we are in the same field.

We start liking each other and getting close so i thought that may be this is the Baba Leela and might be she will be my life partner because i never wanted my past and all and Baba always saved me from all wordily distractions for which i felt proud of myself but this time things are happening so fast that can’t be controlled so whenever i have to take any big decision in my life i used to raised chits in fronts of Baba and same thing i did this time also by going to Sai temple with her and raised two chits, in one chit live with her is written and in second chit not live with her and with Baba blessings positive chit picked by young boy in temple and then we indulge in relationship by thinking that Baba is behind this our pure relation but after few months i got to know somewhere that she hided many things from me about her past which is trust breaking incident for me but at that time i am already so involved in her that it becomes impossible for me to move out of relation but from that day one fear is set in my mind that she may also leave in future after come to know about her past but since from my childhood, Baba is everything to me, my Father, Mother, Brother so i thought that if she also become Sai devotee then she never leave me, so i started telling about Deva His miracles then she also involved in Baba so much and become Sai devotee. We used to do Baba’s all Aartis on Tata sky live active Darshan, we used to go old age home, orphanage for charity and helping poor people and we used to ask Baba whether He accepted Bhog during lunch and dinner time by saying please wear blue colour or green colour cloth if You accepted the Prasad and my Baba wears blue colour or green colour cloth in Shirdi same day indicating that yes He accepted. Then we both feel so special.

Our life was going smooth with some fights and problem which is the part of everyone life but since Baba is with us so no problem we are feeling after any fight we used to straight away go to Sai temple and in front of Baba we do promise that we will not repeat the mistake again and i deeply involved in her and without her i can’t expect to live my life. I took the pledge that i will do Sai Guruvar Vrat for entire my life so from these Vrats Baba bless her and save her and give her longer life then me because i can’t imagine 5 minutes of my life without her and one astrologer told me that in her horoscope there are some bad yog which can result into any serious accident so i thought to do Vrats for her and advice her not to go alone anywhere so like this days were passing but after 2 years, i found that she started changing for me because of fights and few problems and whenever she commits the mistake she never accept it because she don’t have fear of losing me like before, she have the big family and now she also become the devotee of Sai but i have that fear of losing her because i am so alone and i am deeply in love with her that i don’t know how to live without her. So i daily pray to Baba please bless our relationship. I also committed many mistakes but always i realised that and always try to improve that mistake because i am a man not a God, i told her so many times but she started changing for me and i am unable to bear that thing because i never expected these things from her because so many times she committed the mistakes but i used to forget those things by keeping in mind that this relation is my Baba gifts and one day all the things will come to normal and smooth as earlier.

Since last 12 years every year i visit to Shirdi with my mother but after coming in this relation and when i noticed that she also started loving my Baba so much i promised her to go to Shirdi along with her or after her visit not before her so that she would not feel any pain that Baba is not calling her to Shirdi. But see what happened she planned her visit first visit to Shirdi in March 2016 and i planned my journey after 5 days of her visit as per promise and before 20 days going to Shirdi she said she will no longer wants to live with me and from now onwards she wants to live for her family only i told her that i loved her very much and i can’t live without her and no one is there for me who can help me to overcome from this situation and i told her that Baba will give my love and purity by wearing blue colour cloth daily during your visit and yes Baba wore blue colour cloth daily in one of arties but she ignored that indications of Baba which is the base of our relation. After this type of incident in life i started suffering from severe heart pain and insomnia but still i have the hope that since Baba is there, might be she will come again to me and when i visited to Shirdi after 5 days straightway went to Samadhi Mandir and started begging in front of Baba to return her in my life otherwise give me death because the pain was unbearable. During 2 day stay in Shirdi, i all the time pray for the same thing to Baba and in the night i used to stay in Dwarkamai outer portion where Baba sitting stone is kept instead in my hotel because the pain is so unbearable it is hard to live in the hotel, at the last day of my stay i prayed Baba to return her in my life and raised two chits, one positive and one negative regarding her in front of Sai Samadhi and asked one small boy to pick up one chit and the chit which he picked up and handed over to me is positive chit that she will return to me.

Then i happily came back to lucknow and i started mailing her. She replied me after long time but in very arrogant manner that my already broken heart is again broke but i have full faith on Baba that since Baba is with me no one can hurt me and leave like this so i requested her say sorry i done all things which i can do from side so the things again comes to normal and she comes back to me but she instead of thinking my situation from how much pain and torture i am going through she replying me in very rude and arrogant manner and not in a mood to come back. At last i lost all my patience from her past behaviour one thing i know about her that once she decided to leave anything anyone she never looks back so i decided to break my all hope that she can return in future so i done few things to end my hope ever that she will never come back to me if i had not done those few things to break my hope i know that then the each single day becomes hell for me the she will return because i have very strong faith on lord Sai since He is everything to me and i never think that i have to face such situation in my life at one point of time. After that when my all hope was ended i went into depression, insomnia and severe heart pain problem for that i started taking treatment from doctor, when i closed my eyes in night i saw her in my dreams that everything between us is settled down but as i opened my eyes i found that she will never come back so i started avoiding sleep at night because of seeing her in my dream very close to me all the things found perfect but when i open my eyes my pain become double.

Daily i cried in front of Baba, why this thing had happened to me seriously at point of time i don’t want to live life but in that night Baba comes to my dream said He is with me, He is my father and i am His son and i will be fine and from 29-03-2016 my Baba started wearing full blue colour cloth or blue colour daily indicating me that He is always with me and Baba wore continuously blue colour one time in 24 hours in Shirdi Samadhi Mandir till 26-05-2016 every day and this is my last day of check up from doctor and my treatment. Now i feel little bit fine but still missing her so much i loved her. I wish Baba do some miracle that she will return to me in my life after realizing her that how much i loved her care her what things happened why those things happened what her mistakes etc but i know it will never happen she will never come back to me, God bless her. But i daily asked one questions answer from Baba please give it to me in my dreams since if we have to apart from each other like this then Baba why we met with each other since You are with me from my childhood, i don’t have anyone except You and my Mother, You are my protector, guardian, saviour then how this major turnaround in my life taken place, please Baba give me this answer and i salute on Your Lotus Feet that if You did not came to me that night in my dreams may be i ended my life next day, love You Baba.

This is my humble request to my Lord, my Deva, my Sai please Baba save all Your devotees from this kind of pain, such situation from which i suffered and please Baba protect every relationship so that if two person come together they never betrayed each other they always live with each other peacefully throughout whole life with Your blessing and love and if someone has this type of tendency then please Baba keep Your devotees away from such person because this pain is most dangerous and severe then all other diseases because diseases can be cured but the memories special moments can’t be completely vanish from your heart. Please Baba since she is Your devotee, i want one favour from Sai that please at any point of life she must realize from inside that how much i loved her i cared her miss her make my life to her and why those things i did at last in which situation and mental state, i was and at point of time she left me alone without thinking that how i will face this problem since i am very alone except my old mother how my mother helped me at this age of her she never thought about this and how i will overcome from this situation who will be there for me since she is my life please Baba since she is Your devotee, she also loves You very much then how she left me at such peak time of life where i needed her the most, i wish Baba she will come back with Your blessings by realizing that mistakes are done by human only and both did the mistakes and only human can forgive also those mistakes because life is very short no one knows what will happen next but now no one is there for me Baba. I am all alone again please be with me always Sai. Om Sai Namo Namah Om Sai Namo Namah.

Sai Appa Blessed Me With Job

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Vithya from India says: Sai Ram to all devotees. Thank you hetal ji for doing such a wonderful work. I don’t know where to start and how. Sai Appa please help me to narrate entire miracle. I am a small Sai Appa devotee from Tamilnadu. Actually i am a loser in my life. I didn’t get anything at right time still now. I can’t explain about my sufferings in a single line. May be Appa wants me to face this all due to my past karmas. Appa is waiting to wash out my sins. One fine day morning i was much depressed about my life and asked to Sai Appa though Q&A site. I got answer like work since 4 years pending is going to complete, Shree Sai Baba’s blessings are already there. You will get succeed like this. I don’t remember exact answer. I was waiting for good job alone since 4 years. Then as usual i forgot about this and started my usual works. Sai Appa asked me to donate 20 kgs rice to Shirdi (This is my another miracle. I will post it later). But at that time i was having only Rs.600 in my hand. Being in a poor family Rs.600 is a big amount for me. I thought of donating that amount to Shirdi through e-donation. I had a habit of checking my mails only once for a day. I made my donation around evening 5 PM. Something inside me told me to check the mail. I suddenly opened my mail id, I got interview call letter from one MNC company, I replied them, i was interested at 5.45 PM. I got call from them around 6.15 PM saying that come and attend interview tomorrow.

Next day morning I did my regular Pooja and asked Sai Appa to give me some hint about this job through Sai Satcharitra. I just randomly opened the book and I got solkar’s story. At that time I got confirmation from Sai Appa that I will get this job. Even I don’t know the interview place also. But without any tension, i reached the place safely and attended the interview. I was very calm, still it is a surprising for me. Because i will get tensed very easily. After the interview am started thinking negatively about that job and company. I don’t know why such negative thoughts came to me. After two days I got a telephonic confirmation that I got selected. I was in dilemma whether to join there or not. I asked Sai Appa many times. Then I told my Sai Appa that, If you only gave me this opportunity then I need to get either my offer letter on Thursday or my joining date should be on Thursday. They asked me to tell some convenient date for joining. I preferably chose Thursday (05.05.2016)alone, and I got my offer letter also on Wednesday. So I thought may be Sai Appa doesn’t like this job. Then due to some problems, I can’t join in that company on 05.05.2016. I asked them to postpone my date of joining as 19.05.2016. But after that I didn’t get any call or mail from HR.

Then I started 40 days sugar candy Pooja. I left the decision to my Sai Appa. I didn’t ask Him to make it happen. Because Sai Appa knows what is good for me. I waited till 18.05.2016. I didn’t get any mail. I thought that they have chose some one. Here the miracle happened. Then 19.05.2016 (Thursday) I went to nearby Sai Mandir. I was sitting in temple. My mobile was ringing. I got call from HR department. They are asking that today you are joining right. I was dumb struck. Then I explained them I didn’t get any confirmation from your end so I thought you have chosen some one. Then they asked me to join immediately. The day of joining I saw Sai Appa was already there. There was my Sai Appa photo, but I didn’t see this photo even at the time of interview. See how my Sai Appa words came true (I mean His answer from Q&A site). Even my colleague is also Sai Appa devotee. Appa in new office am facing some hurdles. Please solve everything. I really feel blessed. I got much closer to my Sai Appa because of this miracle. I really can feel His presence. Sai Appa, You know about my problems. Please bring me out from all problems. Please cure my health issues. Please bless me with nice life partner. Devotees please have patience. It’s not easy but we have to. Sai Appa please bless everyone in this world. Akhilanda Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogiraj Para Brahma Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba’s Help To Get Back Lost Wallet

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Shubha from India says: I am a Sai Baba devotee since my college days. I am currently running a consulting company in Bangalore. I have numerous positive experiences and blessings from Baba. I have had several experiences since my college days when Baba has helped me to remain positive. Here I would like to talk about a recent experience. I had gone to the market to buy daily a few groceries and vegetables. While coming back from the grocer, I received a call on my mobile which I promptly responded. My small wallet was in my hand and while trying to balance the mobile in one hand and trying to keep the wallet in my handbag with the other hand, I think the wallet slipped and fell on the street. I did not realize that I had dropped the wallet on the street and returned home. My wallet had my driving license, my credit card and some cash. After I reached home, my sister-in -law from Mumbai called me up and enquired if I had lost my wallet. I was surprised by her question and went and checked the handbag. My wallet was really missing. She then informed me that her relative had found my wallet and has it with him and I should go and collect it. Her relative was an elderly gentleman who had picked up the wallet on the street and on checking the content, noticed by name on the credit card. He did not have my contact details and therefore called my sister in law. This was a Sai Baba miracle as without Him, this was just next to impossible. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Cured My MIL Problem

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Sai Sister Manasa from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hello Hetal ji, Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. You are building up the confidence to the devotees by maintaining this blog. I am a Sai devotee from past 18 years. Sai is everything for me. I came to know about this blog last year since then i am reading the experiences. Now I want to share recent experience of mine how Baba cured my mother-in-law illness. My mother-in-law had an postmenopausal bleeding 15 days back. She was very much worried about it. She went to a gynaecologist and doctor advised few tests to be done. After the tests done by seeing reports doctor advised to do biopsy. By hearing that we all get tensed as it is done to rule out cancer. One more thing is my mother-in-law’s mother died with cancer. Then I prayed daily to Baba please be with us and the biopsy report should be negative. After seeing the report we all were happy as it is negative. Baba heard our prayers and helped us. Thank You very much Baba. I am eagerly waiting for the wish to be fulfilled that i am asking Baba since long time. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Maa Brought My Lost Cat Back

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have experienced many miracles in my life with Baba’s blessing. Baba always bless humans as well as animals. I have experienced this many times. We have small kittens, they often play around our home. We feed them milk, chicken etc. They grew up faster and are very healthy now with Baba’s blessing. Once my cat was missing from 2 days. I felt very emotional as it was my favourite one. I prayed Baba to bring my cat back and next day in midnight my cat returned to home. I was so happy. Baba listens everything. Love You Baba. Bolo Sai Darbar Ki Jai! Om Sai Ram. Once my cat ‘Masti’ got hurt on his leg and was unable to walk. The pain was so severe that Masti could not run or jump. I felt very sad and i applied Baba’s Vibhuti on his leg and prayed to cure my Masti. Within few time, Masti could walk like before. I believe Sai Maa resides in humans as well as animals. Always feed hungry animals. Love You Baba. I must say Baba is Mauli. Bolo Sai Darbar Ki Jai! Om Sai Ram.

Sai Paa, My Saviour

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela Blessings Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Miralces |

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Thank you so much admin for your wonderful service. This is my third time sharing my experience. Sai Appa pulled me to be His devotee since last February. I read this blog everyday without fail. It gives me so much of peace reading the experiences of others. Each and everyday I chant Om Sai Ram without fail. For every little things I called out His name. Immediately I get relieve. I would like to share this expereince. My mum has stomach indigestion problem for very long time. I prayed to Sai Paa to cure her stomach issues. She got better but hope she can be totally free from this problem. Please devotees pray for my mum too. Sai Paa will always take care of His sincere devotees. Thank you.

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  1. om sri sainathaya namaha.Don't worry first devotee, baba will change her mind and will send you back to you ,until then keep chanting om sri sainathaya namah.It's our karma which makes us to suffer.The best way to get rid of our karma is to chant continously om sri sainathaya namaha and donate to poor and orphan people.Dont worry be happy once she returns back you should be in good health to support and take care of her om sairam

  2. 1st devotee – Please remember Sai pa words watever the situation pls have Shraddha & Saburi…..Sai will never let you down….This s his testing time so don't lose ur hope on our Sai pa….Do daily pooja to our sai, read sai satcharitra, Sai stavana manjari,sai prerna…… Nothing is impossible for Sai Deva…!!!!!! Believe in Sai not in destiny.
    Om Sairam…

  3. I dont know wat to do and where to go sai..I never imagined my life n my fate would be soo bad..I have no hope future…

  4. Happy Deepavali to all 🙂

    Thank You O Sai for coming into our lives and lighting it up with joy and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Happy diwali to Hetalji and team.May baba bless you for wonderful job on this platform.
    Baba is infinite.He is Alpha and Omega.He is beginning and the end.He is day and Night.He is life and death.Everything is around and within his name.He is happiness and joy.He is in pain for us to gain.
    Last week I was very stressed as I miscode some money and amount was huge.I was looking for it like a mad person and than I sat in front of baba with all my devotion prayed him to help I will post my experience.I had 2 sleepless nights and after prayers I got answer your money is not lost.I again went and look for it and as usual by my baba leela the money was already in my bag which I have looked several times through.When i sit down to check on my database I misquote the date I thought i collected money on 22 nd but it was on 21st and I burst out in tears with happiness.Thank u millions baba please be with me in every move of my life.What and where I am today is only your love and grace thank u thank u thank u my baba my life long support and my life line.Love u baba.

  6. 1 st devotee, am a girl. And am facing the same situation as yours from the same time period. I completed my 9weeks vrat wishing for a smpoth relationship between us. But it was after the completion of 9th week, he left me completely. I am in a situation that I cannot contact him, because he has blocked all ways of contacting him. I really can't even imagine anything beyond him. Though I habe patience to wait, I dont have much time to wait. I could feel that everything happened, has happened, because it has to happen. Still, I didnt lose my hope. Sai is waiting for the right time to get them back in our life. He wants them to feel their love for us. You always think positive. Your thoughts have the energy to get her back to you. Dont feel down. Leave everything to Sai. Take care of yourself. This is what Sai will wish too. Sai dont like you, hurting yourself. Trust Sai. And concentrate on your work. She will be back. May not be soon. But for sure.

  7. Omsairam.remembering somebody very much……want to erase him out of my memory…but its too tough….he got married its wrong to think about him.

  8. Dear 1 st devotee,u r very sensitive about relations…u r very pure and true to relation so when it breaks the pain is unbearable..i am a girl..and had this pain for 4 yrs i came to know about baba the pain went off slowly..dear devotee i use to do and think same as u think and do…but baba realized me slowly through this website,satcharitra,insights faith and patience very imp…once we have baba in our life,we dont have to worry..he ll take care of prob is also same like u lonliness…all the time..due to my relation,i lost my friends..and he betrayed me in the worst way with mind was restless so much whole day i use to cry..use to sit at baba's temple..then slowly i started realizing presence of baba..baba has assured me my pain will vanish soon..i have faith in him..i have also competitive exam…i want to perform well..due to my depression and anxiety i have not done well prep..but i ll do my best and baba has told me he ll help me..because he knows that i have always done my job honestly..u ll also recover..but dont indulge in her ll bring pain..indulge in activities job etc..and when the right time ll come..baba ll send her as he has assured u..dont worry..


    • This is site where we can share about how baba save us from worst situations of life..not about his method of betrayal..important thing is that due to insult i face in my life i met with divine power my sai ram

    • Dear 1 devotee i know its not at all easy..but believe its not that the initial phases u ll remember her every sec while working subconsciously..and sometimes consciously…but once u indulge in activities esp good activities ur conscious mind would be in activities andafter sometime it would be habit that u ll slowly overcome and come out of that hurt and breakup..and 1 day when baba ll find right she would be again back in ur life with no more rude behaviour with no more hurting nature…believe me dont seat lonely..its better to cry and stay alone in public rather than bleed and stay alone..may be u take thiS as our Baba's sai ram..u ll be definately rewarded for ur true baba


  9. Dear 1st devotee, I can understand how you must be feeling and keeping firm faith and positive thoughts in such situation becomes even more difficult.But as said by you Baba has always been with you all these years and you believe in Baba so much, just try to be calm and try to indulge your mind in other activities of your interest.We have to suffer for our karmas and this is the time Baba is testing you.So be patient and keep your faith firm at Baba's Lotus Feet and continue to do Namasmaran.Baba knows and will do what is right for you.So leave everything at Baba's lotus feet.


  11. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

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