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Sai Sister Meenatchi Ji from India says:

Hi, I am Meenatchi. I am from Chennai. I wish to share my first time visit to Shirdi with you all here. OM SAI RAM. First of all I want to thank Hetal Ji for creating this site. This is a great platform through which all devotees of the Lord BABA are united. Thanks a lot for creating such a wonderful platform, where we can all share our experiences. May BABA keep you with all peacefulness and happiness. Please feel free to correct this experience wherever its required.

I would like share my experience of my first time visit to Shirdi, which happened last week. I went to Shirdi on Dec 26th 2012. I can’t express the bliss of getting the Darshan of our father there in Shirdi. I wish everyone should have the feel at least once in their life. I pray to BABA to help to put into the words to the feel I had in Shirdi, the holy place.

This visit was the first visit to me and also to my parents. Both my parents are retired and they were at my native place. For past few months, I wanted to go Shirdi, but I was not sure how I would be going as it was 17 hours journey from my place. I told the desire of going to Shirdi to my father. He also believed in BABA and said we can go and said that he will check if he can book ticket in IRCTC tourism package.

Unfortunately, seats were full from Chennai to Shirdi package. So I left the hope of going, thinking that our supreme father will call me later to His place. Suddenly one day my dad called me asked that he has tickets from Bangalore to Shirdi in the package. I was so happy that finally I’ll be seeing our supreme father in the holy place of Shirdi. We started from Bangalore on 26th Dec at 7.20 pm. The train reached Kopargaon the next day at 3 pm.

Before the travel, one of my friend, who is also an ardent devotee of SAI, informed me that there is option of booking online tickets in Shirdi and it has been opened few months back. So my dad has booked a pass for three for 5.30 pm Darshan. As we were about to reach Kopargaon, I was little worried that how we will manage in Shirdi since myself and my parents were not that much fluent in Hindi and also we were new to the place and we don’t know anything. But I prayed to BABA to help us with someone to communicate with us in English and help us to have wonderful Darshan of Him. It was a great miracle that when we got down in Kopargaon, a Tamil (my mother tongue) family also got down there and they also came in the same package and will be staying in the same hotel and also will be travelling back in the same train with us. Moreover they have been to Shirdi many times.

Thus BABA helped us by providing a family, who knows our language and also familiar with Shirdi and were able to guide us. I was so happy. When we were on the way to Shirdi from station, the lady of that family told us that they are also offering senior citizen passes. Since both my parents are senior citizens, they can try those passes also and I can accompany them. I was so happy that BABA has showed a path for us. We reached hotel at 4 and we quickly took bath and I was very much eager to see our supreme father. I can’t explain the feel of being the place where our father has been. I was floating in air. I felt so peaceful in Shirdi, even before seeing our SAI.

We bought the prasads outside and garland for Our SAI. While selecting the garland, my mother told me that, you will select the garland, which Baba wants for Him. We went through gate 3 (as per the instruction from that Tamil lady) and showed our online pass near Shani Gate. We were left in. we walked and came near to the place, where BABA was sitting like maharaja. For the first time, I had seen our father in Shirdi. I felt the heaven. My heart was content that I couldn’t wish for anything else. I gave all the money that my friends has given to me to put in hundi and said to BABA that I have delivered their wishes. Since it was so crowded, I couldn’t able to see the Samadhi properly. I gave the garland to the priest. He took the garland and kept on the Samadhi and didn’t give back.

I didn’t have the feel to leave the place. We were forced to come out side. But then I wanted again to see our father. The lady, who came with us in train, said that the next day was Dattatreya Jayanthi and it was special to see SAI on that day. I was so worried on how we will be seeing Him as we don’t have any pass for Thursday and also we need to vacate our hotel by 8.00 am. I left it to BABA whether to give Darshan on Thursday. I told my father that I wanted to have another Darshan of BABA, as we had quick one. And also I said I will enquire about the senior citizen pass for Thursday, so that we could see our father in the early morning. I was so deliberate to see our father on Thursday. My mother told me that don’t worry you will get Darshan of BABA on Thursday, if BABA wants to.

I went to PRO and enquired whether we have any passes like that. He said yes and you can avail one for now also. It was a free Darshan also. I was so happy that I m going to see BABA again. So we got the pass and we went again. And the PRO asked to come in morning 7 to get the pass for tomorrow Darshan. I was so happy that I will be seeing BABA on Thursday again.

I couldn’t control my tears, when I saw our father again. My mom told that before itself that I’ll be able to see BABA close very soon as I didn’t get the chance last time. When I was nearing BABA, I noticed that priest was getting the garlands and giving back to them after showing to BABA. But for me, they kept in the BABA‘s place. Then only I realised my mom’s words that Baba has selected His garland for Himself. I was speechless.

When I went near, I wanted to get some prasadms as I didn’t have anything to offer that time. A woman before asked for flowers to the priest there. I also called the priest and SaI Ram and opened my hands. That time he took a red rose from the BABA SAMADHI itself and gave me in my hands. I couldn’t control my tears. As there was only one flower there and red being my favorite colour. After that my mother also got the flowers, but from somewhere else and not from Samadhi. Both I and my mother were so happy. It was a priceless gift from BABA to me.

Then we went to hotel, had dinner and settled. But my mind was with BABA. So I asked again to dad whether we can go again to see SAI. We left my mom in the room and again went to purchase. But I asked my dad to get the Darshan first. There were fewer queues and again we had a very quick Darshan. I was so happy and peaceful that night.

The next day, we went to temple at 5.30 am. My dad said we can try the queue itself rather than waiting for 7 am. Queue was little big and we made to be in queue and got the Darshan of BABA at 8. My dad got so irritated on us that we might have missed the vehicle which IRCTC have booked for Shani temple. I was so upset that in our last Darshan of that visit in Shirdi, my dad was so angry and he didn’t feel that he had seen BABA and when we reached our hotel, we found out that vehicle has left us and we need to take another vehicle to catch them. My dad started to scold. But I was happy that I have seen BABA on Thursday and whatever happens, it happens for good. So I was so calm. And I was chanting BABA’s name.

Then we hired a separate vehicle and went Shani temple. On the way we got that vehicle, which we were about to go. In that the Tamil family was there and they told we don’t have to vacate the hotel at 8 itself and we had time till 3pm. Since the train was about to arrive at 4.45 pm.

We had Darshan and my father was back to normal. I was so unhappy in leaving Shirdi and I wanted to see our SAI once again. We returned back to hotel at 2 pm and then only we came to know that train was 8 hours late and it will arrive only at 10 pm in the night. I was so happy that I can now see one more time of our father. We extended our room stay and we three went again and had a great Darshan of our SAI. I was so happy and left my life under the feet of our father. He is father, not only to me but to the whole world. Totally we had five Darshan of our supreme father in the stay on two days.
The train was not only 8 hours delay. It was 14 hours delay. But BABA was with us throughout the journey and made us to reach our places safely.

I had asked our father to make this first memorable to my family. It was indeed very memorable to us. Oh supreme SAI. I can’t thank You enough. I can only pray to You to keep me and every one under Your wings always and accept us as Your children. JAI SAI RAM.

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  1. Omsairam well narrated.thanks for are lucky to have BABA's darshan for 5 times.May HE bless all of us.omsairam

  2. Nice experience Today is important day for me because my faimly arranging my marriage in India currently I am living in Newzeland after 25 year long wait someone is about to come in my life I am very excited I am 25 year old boy my 9 Thursday vrat udapan is also today I need shirdi sai baba blessing as well as devotees support that everything will be alright plz devotees give me some confidence to handle this situation om sai ram

  3. it is indeed one of the most beautiful narration of the shirdi visit. It reminded me of my own trip to shirdi that I had on 1 August 2011. Thanks Baba for calling me to Shirdi and keep calling me again and again for-ever.
    Love u so so much baba!

    Your Son!
    Jai Sai Ram!

  4. very nice experience meenatchi ji, i can imagine the moment(happy and blessed) while you were explaining in detail and that too it was your first visit and sai baba blessed you. Om sai ram….


    SAI you are Great…You give such Beautiful Experiences to your devotees.

    Blessed are the Souls, who have completely surrendered at your feet.

    Love you baba,

    SAI PREMA TO all.

  6. Wonderful experience.

    O Deva please give ne the strength to control my thoughts. Please help me calm my mind.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Jai Sai Ram..Wonderfull narration .. I too had so many experiences of my first visit of shirdhi.Soon i have to write .Baba pls bless me

  8. Somehow I have a feeling that I will have darshan of our sai baba like you had, whenever baba will call me to shirdi. Please call me and my family to shirdi soon baba.

  9. Om Sai Ram… Baba please keep blessing us all… today's my Sai vrat's 3rd Thursday.. I am so happy.. please call me to Shirdi soon.. Love you Sai!

  10. dear sharma ji,
    om sai ram. Naam jaapa is solution for calming mind.Also donate food to the poor.And see the miracle.
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth

  11. To the devotee whose arrange marriage fixed today.congrates.may baba bless u wid gud and happy sai raam.

  12. om sai raam..
    please baba i want to go back to the old team baba..i dont want to go to new team please baba i am already assigned to new team.please baba show your miracle by putting me in my old team..please baba i have only you..cant tell my problem to any one..i believe in only you..please baba..please…..please i beg you..devotees pease pray for me..i dont know thw work in new team and it is pressurized..i dont know what to do i am crying literally..i have no one to tell my proble…please baba devotees pray for me….please devotees..i am waiting..
    .om sai raam..

  13. Om sai Jai Sai.Deva thank you for evrything. Saiji please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passig day.

  14. om sai raam..
    please baba i want to go back to the old team baba..i dont want to go to new team please baba i am already assigned to new team.please baba show your miracle by putting me in my old team..please baba i have only you..cant tell my problem to any one..i believe in only you..please baba..please…..please i beg you..devotees pease pray for me..i dont know thw work in new team and it is pressurized..i dont know what to do i am crying literally..i have no one to tell my proble…please baba devotees pray for me….please devotees..i am waiting..
    .om sai raam..

  15. Om Sai Ram.

    I would like to share few miracles here:

    ->We wanted to buy a microwave since a long time.Suddenly yesterday me and my husband took of from work and stayed at home. We relaxed at home and also went and bought the microwave. And the best part is it was delivered today by the dealer. I am glad the new things came to us on a Thursday by Baba's grace, though i had never thought of getting it on Baba's day.

    -> One of my friends got married sometime back, been a few months. She also loves Baba, and her marriage was fixed after many troubles and her husband too is Baba's Devotee. By Baba's grace she is happy now. I had not spoke to her after her marriage. Suddenly i felt like calling her today and i was delighted to hear that she is going to Shirdi today !I was amazed at Baba's Leela. He made me call her today only, so that i could hear this good news of her Shirdi trip (her first Shirdi trip after marriage) and with Baba's inspiration i could tell her to get neem leaves, sit in Dwarkamayi. visit Chavdi etc. I was really happy with this. Thanks a lot Baba for such sweet and unexpected lovely experiences.

    ->My husband had misplaced his earphones. I was sad that we have to buy one more and i did not want this unnecessary expenditure. So i prayed to Baba to help us get it back. Somehow i had less faith that we will get it back. But just now my husband told me that he got it back. It was on his office desk, hidden in between some boxes. I am so happy. Baba saved us from extra expenses. Love you Baba.

    ->Baba is protecting me: I was supposed to work from home today so as to receive the microwave from the dealer, as they were supposed to deliver it today. But somehow i was not able to connect to my office network from home and i was forced to come to office. So we requested our apartment security people to receive it and they already received it. Looking back, me and my husband realized that Baba did not want me to be alone at home when the dealer people came. It is very unsafe these days for girls to deal with people when they are alone at home. So my Mother also always warns me not to open the door to anyone when i am alone at home. Somehow we use dto take it lightly. But after todays event (Baba forcing me to come to office by not making my laptop to connect to office) we were convinced that Baba also does not approve of me dealing with people alone at home. So my Husband also said that we will not take any such risk in the future also. Otherwise i never had any issue with working from home till date !! So this is definitely a signal from Baba to be safe always. So i would also request all the ladies in this forum to be safe and take care of themselves. Anyways, Baba is always looking for our welfare and safety.

    Thanks a lot Baba for all the beautiful experiences. Sorry Baba if i forgot to mention anything. We just love you a lot and seek your help, blessings, guidance and advice in every aspect of our lives. May your blessings reach us all always and please do bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Love you a lot my sweetest Baba and many many thanks to you for everything you have been showering on us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  16. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  17. For the devotee who don't want to change team, somehow i feel that you will learn something in the new team. Baba want's you to be in the new team so that you can learn new things. i don't know why i am saying this, but that is what i feel. You will gain a lot in the new team. Please stop worrying and leave your burden at sai's feet and he will make the impossible possible.

    Love you so much Baba.
    Wonderful Experiences.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja
    Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha
    Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  19. Very nice Shirdi trip experience! When Baba calls a devotee to Shirdi, He arranges everything and makes sure the devotee has a nice and memorable experience. I hope too Baba will call us back soon to Shirdi. Om Sai Ram!

  20. Very nice experience…very well narrated….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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