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Here in today’s post how a devotee’s life is changed by doing Sai Vrat is narrated.

Sai Sister Sanyogita Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks for taking out time to publish our stories. The stories people tell here, give a lot of confidence and ego boost to our souls. When we think we are slipping away from our spiritual path, these stories have allowed the strength to pull us back in to the track, thereby reinstating our belief in our beloved Baba. May Baba give us all the happiness, health and peace. Om Sai Ram.

Baba, please give me shakti to express the feelings I have towards You in this blogpost. Even though I come from a religious family, I didn’t come in contact with Baba till a few months ago. I used to bow to Him out of respect in temples, but I did not realise His mahima until recently.

I am a soul who is extremely tortured by none other than my own parents and in laws and husband. One can ask, how can you say your parents do bad for you? They did not intend to make my life hell, but they were constantly meddling with my life and trying to control my life, making my life miserable. There are lots of examples when I will be in side

  • A third person or a stranger will be in side
  • My parents will always take the side 2 of that stranger and support them and try to give a long lecture to me saying I am wrong.
May be they think I am immature and can’t take my decisions. If I start telling you the stories, this whole page will not be sufficient. My intention is not to take out on my unsupportive parents, but how my loving Babaji came to my rescue. In short, my life was in a total mess. No single area of my life was good. I always fought with my husband and parents. I was struggling to complete my master degree. I had no job, so no money of my own. All this had started taking toll on my health. I had become so fat, leading me to have health problems. I was lonely. I could not share my worries and problems with anyone. If I by chance said anything about my problem to my mother, so called loved ones, a long lecture would start, making me to sulk even more. I used to cry every day. I didn’t know where to start fixing my life. And then Babaji came in my life. My neighbour told me that she did 9 week vrat and gave me a book on her udyapan day. I started doing the vrat. I had no wish list since it would be a super super long list if I made one. I asked Him - Please make this life better for me Baba. Give me some peace in my life. This life has become unbearable for me. Then the magic of Baba started. My life which was a big knot full of complicated twists and bends, Baba started carefully pulling the strings one by one. It took me two 9 week vrats to see a noticeable change. I lost weight “magically” and all my health problems got solved. I had tried so hard past 4 years, in vain. I still don't know how it happened, it amazes me.
  • Baba silenced my in laws who always had some complaints against me always. They were somehow not satisfied in whatever I did to make them feel good. Now, they are finally at peace. They call their son once a week and that’s it. I call them, they are fine, I don't call them also they are fine. No complaints.
  • Baba also silenced my parents. They have realised that they have not stood by me in my past when I needed their support.
  • Baba gave Saburi to my husband and he has realised his mistakes. He treats me well now, with respect and does not beat me.
  • Baba helped us find our home in a very good locality. I never could have thought about asking a home from Baba, when there was so much trouble in my life. I used to see my friends buying flats and was thinking when will we build our home? Do I have to live all my life in this small apartment? I didn't have the courage to ask my husband, and he was not motivated to find one himself.
  • I completed my master degree. There were so many hurdles in this. A lot of work I did was not approved by my professor. Somehow things sorted out I graduated eventually. Thanks to Baba.
The most important thing to say right now for me is - “jab kahi pe kuch nahi bhi nahi tha wohi tha wohi tha” ---- Kun Faya Kun song from movie rockstar. True indeed for me. When nobody was there for me during my difficult times, Baba came to my rescue. I have completely surrendered myself to Baba now. I am extremely thankful for whatever He has given me. I stay very happy each and every day. He knows what's best for me and He will do it. Things have been extremely magical now. I have realised that every wish of yours, if you are in tune with Baba, He will come to you by the power of providence. You have to have, FAITH, in Him, so much so that things start to happen and you will be surprised. Simple incidents and may be bigger ones too. But to get this to happen, you have got to be tuned with Baba and the power to BELIEVE in Baba completely. He who loves you, hears every word in your thoughts and does the right thing at the right time and also in the right place. It’s a wonderful experience and leaves you speechless. Sai Baba Bless us all. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. Sairam Sanyogita Ji

    Heart touching experience. Your words "When nobody was there for me during my difficult times, Baba came to my rescue" brought tears in my eyes.

    It looks like this experience is tailor made for one of my friends who is currently facing the exact same problem, I just sent it to her.

    Baba be with you and bless you always..

  2. Sanyogita Ji,
    Reading your story is like looking at myself in the mirror. I am going through they same sort of problems. My in-laws and husband used to trouble me even for the most silly matters. And my parents used to advice me to bend over so much. It went to a level where my in-laws convinced my husband to abandoned me. My only hope was Baba, I left everything to him and I started doing the vrat. I have completed 5 weeks successfully and my parents now support me in any decision I make. Reading your story was like Baba telling me that he is listening to my prayers and he will fix my life as he thinks it should be. I hope he makes my husband realize too. Thanks for this post, it is an emotional booster for me.

  3. Sai devotees, wish you a very happy diwali..
    Nice experience Sanyogitaji, Yes as you said when there is no one Baba always there to support and help us.

  4. Excellent spirit you have showed and understood Baba's philosophy very well. Good to read your experience and let Baba's grace be with us all always.

  5. Wonderful experience. And this speaks so much of His love. "He who loves you, hears every word in your thoughts and does the right thing at the right time and also in the right place."

    Jai Sairam

  6. Hetalji, Thanks a lot for posting this writeup…I feel so blessed that its been posted on my favourite day of the year- Deepavali 🙂

    I had forgotten to add VERY IMPORTANT detail to this write up. Stupid me.
    Babaji called me to Shirdi in June 2012, just in time for my birthday. It was a beautiful experience (probably calls for a whole new write up) The highlight of the trip was this: I went up to him in the temple & fell on his Samadhi with devotion. I didnt get up till panditji & the watchmen there asked me to move. When I came out, my mother found 3 rose petals in my duppatta (which I had not noticed) !!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy & thrilled, I still preserve the petal with devotion.

    May all beings be safe
    May all beings be blissful
    May all beings be enlightened
    May all beings be at peace
    May all beings be free
    May all beings be happy
    May all beings be healthy and wise
    May all beings live in harmony with nature
    May all beings love one another
    May all beings be infinite and timeless
    May all beings be eternal and boundless
    May all beings be released from suffering
    The soul in me honors the soul in you
    The infinite in me honors the infinite in you
    The eternal in me honors the eternal in you
    Infinite quantum love packets to all beings

    Thanks & regards to all,
    Om Sai Ram

    • Wonderful experience Sanyogita ji … You are really lucky to have been blessed by Baba.I too have so many problems in life …i too have gained so much of weight …i did 9 weeks vrat to reduce weight and it got completed on first week of April 2012 and on second week of April i am called to shirdi by Baba.Had a wonderful darshan for three days.But nothing happened so far still eagerly waiting for Baba's mercy.Am really happy to see and feel very happy that u r a true child of baba and he came to your rescue.I feel baba have not listened to my prayers and i came empty handed from shirdi.Pls pray for me i am gaining weight day by day.

  7. Dear m facing same problem and my inlaws and husband ,sister inlaw
    Opressing me but my mom dad r coming and we vl go to visit shirdi soon
    And I vl start 9 week vrat soon n last one year I m visitng baba temple always
    N they shown me the way to get blessing and made my faith strong in him..I

  8. yes really awesome experience makes me feel good was asking baba for a diwali gift may be this is wat he wanted me to read as an assurance of his love and presence in his devotees life. love u baba and wish u a very happy diwali though am still awaiting the most special gift of my life from baba and hoping that he soon solves all my difficulties at the speed of lightening 🙂 since am tired of waiting. Love u baba
    wish hetalji and all the people reading this blog a very very happy diwali.

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Wish everyone a very very Happy Baba blessed Diwali ! Lovely experience, and a true faith booster. Baba does hear all his children's prayers and will surely answer them in the right time.

    Baba please bless us all, solve my weight issues too 🙂 Bless us all always. and please be with us forever. May Baba's blessings reach all of us always. Love you Gurudeva for everything .. all your love, care, affection and guidance. We owe you all our happiness. Last year iw as so sad in Diwali. this year am happyily married and in my own home .. just because of you. Thanks a lot 🙂

    Grateful to you Baba always. Surrendered myself at your Lotus Feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. Dear Sanyogita ji,
    You are blessed and you have showered so many blessings to ALL!
    Feeling good reading your post. You are lucky to reduce weight without much efforts, this I am saying because, I have been in a very good health till I was nearing 50. I was about 125-130 lb, which is ideal for my height. And than every year, 2 lb increase, which seems nothing, (right?), but steadily such a small amount of increase has caused me weigh 150 lb. I was taking solace that ok, at least it is steady at this point, however I try, it is not coming down, but at least it is not going up!
    Now, recently I am having shoulder problem. One of the treatment I was given to treat frozen shoulder in order to prepare me for shoulder surgery was misfired and I have to take a medicine for nerve pain that is causing me weight gain as a side effect of that medication. I can not stop the medication and I can not do the exercise because of shulder pain, and I see me getting weight gain!
    I wish I too receive BABA's mercy and both my problems, nerve pain and weight gain, are resolved! I wish the calcification formed in my shoulder tendons heal by itself (which is very unlikely) and I do not have to go for surgery, so that I can go back to my job and get started with my love of love – Painting. Since August this year I have not been able to do any painting!
    May you be blessed as ever and All sai devotee find their problems solved and live in PEACE !
    Jai Sai RAM.

  11. Sairam…

    Dear Sanyogita ji:

    The first thing I liked in your post is you highlighting Baba's rescue rather than pointing out much on the persons who are disturbing your life. "My intention is not to take out on my unsupportive parents, but how my loving Babaji came to my rescue"

    The way you narrated and the way your problems were solved is really very good. Baba showered his blessings on you..Its really a booster…

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  12. Hey dear even i went through the same pain like u where my parents hurt me but when no one was there to hold my hand Baba came as my mother and held my hand in his… Jis modh par sabhi saath chod dete hai usi modh par sainath haath pakad lete hai..

    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Maalik

  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba may everyone be blessed and stay happily in peace. Please bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity and happiness. Make us worthy of receiving your blessings ! Inspire us to do good deeds and guide us every to be in the right path. Love you Deva, you are the bets and the sweetest.

    Please make my husband your Devotee soon. Do some awesome miracle in his life, so that he starts trusting you as he always thinks wrongly of miracles 🙁

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. Eventhough no one took your side earlier, Baba was there and always will be there to be next to you and defend you against any evil things that may come your way. Baba is there standing right next to us to help us in times of need. Om Sai Ram!

  15. JAI SAI RAM..JAI SAI RAM…U r always with us baba..only u can give peace everytime v call u!!!!jai sai ram..jai jai sai ram..

  16. good experience!i also share my feelings when i m lonely with baba and sai always helps me to gain strength. thank you sai.
    jai sai ram!!!!!!!!!!!

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