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Sai Brother Ashish Ji from Canada says: Dear Hetal Ji, Please do not mention my e-mail ID, but you can mention my First name in the post. I am an international student in Canada and I came to Canada in August 2011 for my studies. The experiences below are related to my studies here in Canada. I have also shared my one experience before and I am grateful to Sai Maa that he has made me share another wonderful experience.

First of all, Hetal Ji, Thanks for creating this website, where we can share our deepest feelings about our eternal father Sai and may He bless you and your family with every possible happiness on this earth. I am extremely regretful as I have been utterly lazy in typing my experience even though I vowed that I would do it before. Even after this procrastination, Baba has continuously showered His grace on me as He is merciful mother of all.

  • Experience 1: I had my final presentation of the first semester on 8th December 2011 (Which was luckily a Thursday too). A day before the presentation, I prayed to Baba please help me in presenting in such a way that the entire audience should be spellbound by my style of speaking and also the content for which we had worked a lot as a group. I was the one who had to explain the major portion of it, so the responsibility was on my shoulder to make it a success. By Baba's grace, I am good at oral skills, but there is also a problem. I don't know how on some days, I am absolutely flawless and on some days I am not able to speak properly so much, so that I have to stress my tongue a lot to speak clear words. It is nothing but Sai Maa's will that it happens with me. During the days, when I speak amazingly flawless even I feel very proud and my ego gets inflated that how can I speak so nicely. However on some days, I feel so much lack of confidence while I speak because of this strange issue, but I strongly believe that Baba does not want me to have that “I am good” feeling as it would create a lot of ego in me. Anyways I am coming back to the incidence. Next day, I was able to present it with an amazing style and poise and I was extremely confident during the entire presentation. I wanted Baba to show me some hint about it and many people in my class came to me after it and congratulated me saying it was amazing. I was extremely happy and satisfied and thanked Baba for making it a success. I also want to share that during my entire study I used to study very less and I was deeply engrossed in remembering Baba and His Leelas. Whatever little I used to study, would be asked in the examinations and my entire journey of being a student (again after a gap of 5 years) was extremely smooth and successful that I scored such high marks that I never scored even during 10th and 12th board exams as I scored an overall 87% at my PG course now in Canada and was among top 5 students in class and trust me I have not put any hard work at all. Sai Baba made everything so simple and easy that when I look back and watch I feel wonderstruck and thankful about for showering His EXTRA kripa during this time. My nights used to go in reading the devotees experiences, Sai Satcharitra, Listening to Bhajans, reading more and more about Baba and chanting His name. I am short of words to thank Him.
  • Another Presentation in Second Semester: Again in 2nd semester, I had a major final presentation for which also we worked as a group and I was the one who was given responsibility to explain main part of it. I asked Baba on about it a day before twice that how would be my presentation? I got the reply: “Dispute will occur, but remember Shri Sai Baba and everything will be alright”. When I got it once, I thought what dispute can occur then I put in another number and I got similar reply that some dispute would occur and I was shocked to see the similar reply. Then I just prayed Baba and told Him to be with me the next day during presentation. The next day, I was really nervous and like I said above I was not able to speak properly that day and I had to stress on my tongue and mouth a lot to speak clear words, which was further decreasing my confidence. Somehow I finished my part and handed over to next person and he took so much time that the instructor shouted in the middle to stop the presentation as the time was over. The entire class was shocked at instructor's behavior as he had never done that before with any of the groups. I was thinking that some dispute will happen as predicted by Baba, but I never expected how it will happen. I was praying Baba at that time, so that he would calm down and it should be resolved. Then a very strange thing happened. He asked the class about what was irrelevant in the presentation and should be cut off from the power point slides. Then he went to a slide and stopped there. My heart was beating fast as that slide was made by me and it was my idea. Basically I copied it from my sister, who has also done this before. It was her idea. I thought he is going to criticize me, but to everyone's surprise, he said that it is the best part of entire presentation and we should have focused on it for most of the time. I was relieved after hearing this. Anyway, the presentation was over with lot of problems and we were relieved as it was the last presentation of our course. I came back home and was extremely disappointed and sad so much so that I lost my peace of mind and did not feel like doing anything. Also, our presentation ended in the evening around 6:00 PM and I had my final exam the next day in the morning at 11:00 AM, which means I had to study the entire night to prepare. Somehow the subject was too vast and I was not able to focus at all. So I just opened Sri Sai Satcharitra randomly and read a chapter, where Kakasaheb dixit was anxious and loses his peace of mind thinking, how he can match the bhakti of various Nathas and it was very hard to do such bhakti. So how can he get self-realization? But Baba pacified him by giving a dream to Anandrao and it pacifies the troubled mind of kakasaheb dixit. Suddenly I felt peaceful and I started studying, but as the course was very vast, I planned to study selective topics as to cover everything was nearly impossible. I was again anxious and went to and asked Baba “What will happen in the exam tomorrow? I am very tensed." and to my utter shock the reply I got was appropriate which was: “You will pass the examination. You will succeed by getting help from the southern direction”. I was not able to believe the reply I got and I became tension free and started studying again with a free mind focusing only on selective and important topics. Needless to say my exam went above average and I scored 75% marks in that subject without much preparation. Also I was worried about my presentation marks, which was the main cause of my restlessness. I prayed to Baba sincerely to help me pass or at least get me 75-80% marks in that subject. And readers you won’t believe that when the results were out, I was highly shocked to see my marks in my presentation. It was way beyond my expectation, performance and capacity as I did not deserved it. I scored 92% marks in that subject and later on I asked my group mates and they all got less. I thanked Baba and surrendered to Him. I know whatever marks I have obtained is not mine, but Yours.
My Sai Readers, I am extremely sorry for such a lengthy and “may be” boring experience. Thanks for reading it and giving your time. I just want everyone to pray for me that I should get a good job soon as it is hard to survive in a foreign country without a job. May Sai Baba give me peace and happiness soon by giving me an awesome job. Om Sai, Sri Sai, jai Jai Sai.....
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  1. Ashish Ji,
    I am a student too in a foreign country. Having gone through some problems in my personal life, I decided not to let go of my education and complete it. Reading your experiences today is a blessing from Babaji for me at the right time (I also have a test tomorrow). Have full faith in Babaji, he will bless you with a good job.

  2. Dear Ashish ji…thanks for sharing such a nice experience. It reminded me of my Uni days in a different country where.

    I said one thing to my friend who suggested that I have to work really hard to complete this course unlike my Bachelors – "If Baba blessed me with an admission into my Masters he will also bless me with a successful completion" and just as I believed, Baba was with me throughout the course giving me the strength to succeed.

    Your faith on Baba is really inspiring and continue like this by praying and reading his Leelas. Baba will surely bless you with an awesome job when the time is right. I pray for you and look forward to reading about that experience in your next post very soon.

    May Baba be with you at all times.

    Om Sai Ram

  3. Nice experience. Baba will be there with us each and every moment. Its we who doesn't recognize his presence all the time I feel. Even I feel to keep reading Baba's books, listening to Aartis. Doesn't feel like doing anything else if sitting idle except browsing Baba experiences. Baba please bless us all with Shradda and Saburi. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  4. Jai sai Ram,

    wonderful experience. Baba always asked for 2 things- shraddha & saburi. You have showed your shradda towards baba and he helped you. Sai kept up with his words as he had promised.

    Dont worry brother. Keep the same faith on deva similar to what you had during your education and sai will definetly bless you with a good job.

    Please post again once you have a job.

    Good luck brother.

    Hail Hail Sainath.

    Allah mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  5. such a wonderful experience. yes , you are right, the marks you got is nothing but the blessings of sri sai baba. he is the one, who can make impossible to possible, your experience, once again proved it. keep faith on him, worship with full faith.baba soon bless you with a good jod.

    baba pls bless all of us. never leave us alone. without you, we are nothing.

    jai sai ram!

  6. very good experience sai baba wont let his devotees to face problems..I also want to post my experiences can anyone please tell how can i most it and now m in really tough situation everything had gone from my life .My lover left me due to caste problem.Please can you all pray form me please i want him back because i love him..

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Awesome experiences. May Baba bless you with a nice job soon. Baba does love all his children and takes good care of us. So, do keep your Faith and Patience strong and keep on reading the 'Sai Satcharitra' and you will be blessed soon by our Deva.

    May Baba bless us all always. Thank you Gurudev for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Such a wonderful experiance Ashish ji, soon u will get wonderful job………….great saima.

    Saima always shower your blessings on us and show the right path. In this materialistic world we don't know how to go but you know everything happened, happening and going to happen.

    Om Sai Namo Namaha Sri Sai Namo Namaha Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Namaha Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

  9. nice experience..have shraddha and saburi baba will deffinately bless you with good job.thanks alot for sharing this nice experience with us…om sairam..

  10. Ashish Ji,
    I am a student too and one exam's result is yet to be announced. AND believe me it was very hard and i wrote worst. Reading your experiences today is a blessing from Babaji for me at the right time(I am quite anxious for it). Now i am confident as baba stabilizes our shraddha & saburi when it is going down… Now i have full faith in Babaji, he will bless you with a good job..
    "Jai Sai Ram"

  11. Ashishji,
    Wonderful experience.Thanks for sharing.Your experience has inspired me a lot.Baba is with you and he will surely bless you with good job.Om sai ram.

  12. Dear brother wonderful experience you had with Baba, which reminded of a similar situation of mine. I too studied in US, and during my finals I faced so many problems which made me so restless. I was crying all the time since my problem was a big one and finally I decided to read Sai Satcharita and started reading a chapter. After that I studied for sometime and went to sleep. Next morning I woke up at 5 and just went through the subject and at 9 I had to give my exam. It was a very bad winter with -40 degrees. I somehow managed to go to college and did my best. You know what with Baba's blessings alone I got 100% and passed the course with High Honors. Thank you Baba. But due to personal reason I couldn't continue to work or be there so as a family we moved back to India. It was all Baba who made me to study there and made me score such high marks. Without Him I am nothing. Baba please be with us and bless us always. Thank you.


  13. Sairam Ashihji
    I was a newcomer in Canada upgrading myself in an univ. Baba gave me the same answer and I got my first job from the Suthern direction. Surrender totally as you do now. He is there to take care of us.

  14. Dear Ashish ji,
    May you be blessed and keep going towards your dream goal and have full success with BABA's grace! Your experience was not at all boring, and you know, once we start writing, we want to share each and every moment of our experience and that makes us keep penning down (I mean keying down!!)our thoughts, and when we finish we find it so lengthy. But that's the way to share our experience so that the reader also is on the same page.
    Be blessed.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  15. Amazing experience Ashish ji & also very well drafted. Baba will definitely bless you with a good job soon. Om Sai Ram.

  16. Hi ashish ji great to read ur experiences. BABA will definitely bless u with a nice job. ur shradha and saburi will always help u..OM SHRI SAI RAM..

  17. Ashish ji u rvery blessed..i live in australia to stay here i hv to clear one exam which i am not able to clear in so many attempts.if i cudnt clear it i hv to go back to india.our financial condition is not good and m the eldest one in family if i go back it wud be a shock to my family and for me as well.bcoz they hv spent lot of money to send to here.plz pray for me to baba that i clear this exam this i hv given this exam so many time and always failed with 0.5 marks now i hv lost interest and dont feel like studying or anything…plz pray for me all sai devotees.need ur and sai baba's sai raam.

  18. Baba,

    I need answer from u, why you are keeping away from me. I'm getting tried with my life. U knw, from last 9 yrs,I'm facing problems. I didn't ask you anything, even its went on wrong. In my present job, I'm not able to continue. you knew it very well, torturing of my manager with his abuse words.from last 1 yr, i'm not able to get a single job.

    U knw all my goals & dreams. I requested you, if I have done anything wrong, please punish me in another way. I can't continue in this job, already reached the saturation limit. Completed all poojas, whatever u hv prescribed.Still, y u r testing me..?.. Please show your blessings..or end my life at your lotus feet.

  19. Wonderful experience Ashish Ji! It was Baba who helped give you confidence to speak well at your presentation and do well in your examinations. Don't worry, Baba wants to give you confidence so He is helping you to believe in yourself (there's a big difference between being confident and positive and being full of ego and pride). I'm sure Baba will also grant you a very good job as well and I will also pray to Baba to continue to help you and other Sai Baba devotees to succeed in life. OM SAI RAM!

  20. Dear Anonymous ji, sorry for your suffering! Keep sending out your resumes to other job postings and surely BABA will bless you with the best job with a very good hearted Manager to work with. Do not get depressed and be positive. Along with Pooja and other rituals to please BABA, our efforts are also very much essential. We should not expect miracles only!
    BABA is with you and HE knows what you are going through!
    May be HE wants you to be aggressive in finding another job, or study and get a higher degree to excel in what you have graduated. Or it may be that you have some GOD gifted talent and BABA wants to explore that instead of just clinging to this unsatisfying job.
    Jai Sai Ram, wishing you happiness and peace in your life.

  21. @Meera Dear Meeraji,

    Thanks for your concern. I'm not criticizing Baba without doing my effort. Eventhough I have selected for one of the MNCs, but till now I didn't get the offer letter. I learnt the required skills for the job. Sincerely attending interviews, at last min, they are rejecting even they have impressed by my answers.

    I'm frm a middle class family,from last three yrs, I'm supporting my family. That is one of the reasons, i'm not leaving the present job even my manager speaking with me like that. I tried to give the best job to my brother. By Baba Grace, I have done that work. Now my brother is in a gud cmpy. But I don't know, why baba testing me like this..

  22. Dear Sai devotee, I am happy to know you are doing your best and you take every step maturely. Here we have to accept the phenomenon "we have to pay our dues of past Karmas"
    Mine is very similar case and I have been a stepping stone for many of my family members and yet I am not what I wanted to be in this business world! And at the same time when I think, if BABA had allowed me what I wanted to be, I would not have been a strong pillar for my family that I am now!
    Trust BABA and your issues will be taken care of! I am praying for your happiness and peace of mind.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  23. How blessed u are. I always want to read well in childhood i used to think that an alien should come and give me a lot of knowledge to read very well, but by babas grace i used to get all goodmarks,very good knowledge, study is the only thing for me. But all of the sudden my total knowledge went away, i cant even concentrate i cried so many nights.,without loosing hopes on baba suddenly he entered into my life and made me study, i got very good score because of him, he made me this in a single night, i cant believe my own things. Then after because of not able to get a seat, i wasted one year even thwn i think that baba is with me now i joined in a course which i never expected to join,again i cant able to concentrate and read study is the only thing to me, i am vexed with my life i am staying away from my parents, i dont know what to do, baba say me how much time i need to cry more, if i have any pride ramove that if i commit any. Mistakes excuse me but be with me because you are the only thing to me.

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