A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 85

Few more devotee experiences of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba which when read wll create intense love for Him and one will come to know how alive is Lord Sai Baba in His spirit even today

Sai Blessings

Sai Brother K. L. Shyamsundar ji from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees, I love to share my experiences when I visit Shirdi Sai Mandir and I visit Shirdi Sai Mandir on Guru Poornima every year regularly. Whenever I go to Shirdi, I definitely experience some special things.

In year 2010, when I visited Shirdi to have Sai Baba Blessings, we had Sai Baba’s Darshan and finished Kakad Aarti in Morning and came back to Hotel Room. We had good sleep for 2 hours and got up around 8.30 AM with my friend who was with me in Room. I started discussing regarding my willingness to visit Manasarovar and we both had this discussion for about 1 hour and then went to have our breakfast. Later again in the noon, I visited Parayana hall in temple where have I have a habit of Reading 1 Chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I simply close my eyes open this book asking Baba to give me His advice or Blessing from the chapter that I get to Read. Please note that I do not select the Chapter whatever it comes, I just read on that day and got the story of One Great Devotee Named Megha of Sri Sai Baba. In this story Baba asks Megha to Draw a Trident which he does. The very next day, some devotees of Baba comes to Shirdi from Pune and present Baba a Shiva Linga. Then Baba calls Megha and tells him that see you had drawn the Trident and now Shiva himself has come to preserve it with you and Baba give to him and reading this story. I finished my reading and next we left to our place that is Bangalore. While coming back in train, I did think that nothing special has happened this time.

I reached at home by evening. I had my Bath and went to pooja Mandir at home. When I just bowed to God, I saw a photograph of Manasarovara and a Shiva Linga. I asked my mother how did this come to our House. My mother told that one of her friend met her on Guru Poornima at Sai Baba’s temple. She asked my mother to visit her friend’s house and take the holy tirth, which she brought from Manasarovara with the Photo of this Holy place. On the same day, One Guru had visited that same Baba Temple, who presented this Shiva Linga to many people who were there and My mother also got one.

Knowing this happiness knew no limit. Now till date I cherish that feeling of that day I experienced.

I thank Sri Sai Baba for His Blessings and now I always feel that no matter where ever I am and whatever I am doing, My Sri Sai Baba is seeing me and showing me the way to lead the life.

Sai Is Always Watching And Helping Us

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: My father believed in Sai Baba since 1970’s and we had a picture of Sai Baba in our Mandir in Chandigarh. One day, when I was kid, I asked my mother that whose picture is this and she said it’s Sai Baba of Shirdi and I was 3 or 4 years old at that time. And then I remember during my summer vacations or Ram Navami, my dad used to take us to Kasauli as there was only temple in Kasauli at a place called Garkhal. Sai Baba became important part and imbibed in me and my mind since childhood. He helped me every time and loved me always.

I have around thousands experiences. Let me tell you the one that just clicked in my mind. This is around 8 years back, when I was a Dental student in Davagere. It’s a little town in Davagere. I always used to stop at Shirdi on the way to Chandigarh. My train used to stop at Kopargaon station for two minutes. In that time, I had to get down from the train. So what happened was that, it was my final year and I was just at the verge of finishing my dental school. I was going to Shirdi. I was excited. I was standing at the door of the moving train. I was looking outside just to make sure that Kopargaon station is coming. I saw from distant that it was written Kopargaon. I quickly brought all my stuff near the train door. As the train stopped, I got my luggage out of the train and got down. I waved at my friends and the train went away. When I turned, I saw that I got down at wrong station. It was not Kopargaon, but Kanhegaon about 40 miles away from the original station. I was sad and remembered Sai Baba. I came out of the station as nothing could have been done and asked for taxi. At that time there were elections going on in Maharashtra. All taxi drivers and auto drivers were busy with the campaign and there was no transportation. I don’t know from where, this young man came and offered me help. AS I was sad and desperate for help, I did not think for a second. This person called me a tractor and he helped me in moving my stuff on the tractor. He himself also boarded on to the tractor with me. Then we got down at some place. I remember that he then got me on ambassador car and he also accompanied me in the car. That car dropped me at Manmad-Pune highway from where this guy helped me to board the auto. He told me that this will take you to Shirdi. I was very thankful to him and he smiled. I offered him Rs 10. I know it was little less, but he urged me if I could have a cup of tea with him from the near shop. I told him that I have to catch the evening train. I will give him money he can have it later. He said it’s ok. I just boarded the auto and just saw if all my things were there on the auto. As soon as the auto started, I took my face outside the auto to say him bye, but there was none outside. I even turned around and saw in all the directions. Where can someone go in 10 seconds? Then I realized it was Sai Baba, who came to me to help me. I was happy that Sai Baba helped me and He himself came to help me. Baba had helped me always in my life. HE IS THERE BELIEVE ME. HE IS ALWAYS AROUND US.

Bow to Sai and peace to all.


Sai Sister Taanushree from India says: I am an Indian. Please do not disclose my mail id. My mother and sister are followers of Sai Baba and I never believed too much in Baba. Once when I was talking with my friend in US that he informed me that one of our common friend did the 9 week Sai Vrat and had got a child. At the same point in time, I was going through a rough patch, where my boy friend was ready to ditch me and marry some other lady, which I was not aware of. But his behavior toward me was getting worse day by day. With half heartedly, I started praying to God to bless me with happiness and change this person’s attitude. To my surprise, one day in the early hours of the day (around 5:30 am), Sai Baba appeared to me (was fully awake and could make out that this was not a dream) and He informed me that it was the last 10 days of my suffering and He will set right everything in my life. As He promised me, my boyfriend with no reason decided to get married to me. The whole story, which I didn’t know, he narrated and apologized to me (this happened in 2009 Dec) and till date my boyfriend has changed and now he is a devotee of Sai Baba and both of us visit Sai Mandir every Thursday. This was a big miracle, which happened to me in my life.

Not only this one, I experienced another miracle. After that since my boyfriend was abroad, I too wanted to find a job and move out from India. I started searching for so many jobs, but somehow things didn’t click. Suddenly, I remembered about the 9 week Sai Baba Vrat. As soon as I fulfilled, within a month, I got a call from one of the very good MNCs and got a job offer. Now my boyfriend and me are again performing the 9 week Sai Vrat and thanking God for giving us so much happiness. If I have a problem, I just talk to Him and ask for an answer and I surely do get a response.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. hi Hetal ji iam a staunch devotee of babaji and a regular reader of this blog, really wait for experiences….Thanx a lot for this service.It gives immense happiness reading devotees experineces and miracles.Wud start my day reading this blog.

  2. Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji.

    You are indeed blessed to be doing such a noble service of running this blog of Baba's miracles. Thanks a lot and May Baba bless you always.

    I am going through a rough phase and the 3rd experience posted today, titled 'Miracle' made me feel like Baba was talking to me (as my problem is very similar to the one posted). I just Pray to Baba to bless me and make my boyfriend a better person and help him realise his mistake.

    I cannot thank you enough Hetal Ji.

    Thank you so much Baba for being there when i need you the most. Am sorry for all my mistakes and i know you will shower your blessings on all of us.

    Bow to Shri Sai. May he bless us all.

    Om Sai Ram.

  3. Dear Hetalji ,
    I would be eagerly waiting for the experiences of Sai devotees. It makes me extreemly happy . May his graces be on all Sai devotees .

  4. @Hetal Patil Rawat

    Dear Hetal Ji,

    I want to know what kind of flower is bakkal flowers.Can u please tell me or please send me any pic of those varieties of flowers.I am a southindian so i dont know this marathi/hindi word.Please help me Hetal Ji.

    Wonderful Exxperiences.
    Baba I want to do job Baba Please help me Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You Baba.Please Help me Baba.

  6. few days back Sai heard my prayer which i had been hoping for a long time….i am entering into a new phase of life (of motherhood) and pray that Sai makes my journey full of valuable experiences and leads me in the right path…

    Om Sairam..

  7. My beloved baba, why are u not listening to my prayers…..i kept faith in you in all these passed years and hold all the problems with the support of your shraddha and saburi nut now baba its like more difficult to me to face them. I know your caring hands are always on me and you also showing me right and necessary indications on time to time but baba i urge you to please fruit all me wishes….I never ask you about money and other comforts taht people generally want from you and you also fulfill all their least wishes whatever they are….but baba please this time pay your mercy. I am loosing myself day by day.I cant see my people and family in pain and confusion because of me….they all are bearing because of me and this feeling makes me more and more restless and guilty..please baba i request you to please be with me and pay your attention on me…….my life is almost like impossible without you now…you are the only saviour with whom i can talk like this and pray like a begger……….

  8. om sai ram taanushree ji…..

    i have also similar experience like yours….my guy had left me,saying he don't want to marry me,,, all of a sudden and left for US,,then i heard about shirdisaibaba,read sai satcharitra,cried in front of baba,,then one fine early morning,,i saw a dream,,where baba was in white clothes,,,baba told me,,,dont worry my daughter,,,i am there for you,,dont cry…it didn't seemed to be a dream…and it was a thursday…

    immediately,,next day,,my guy had called me and said SORRY for his mistakes…..he returned from US,,,we were happy…
    it was a miracle….
    BUT,,,again,,after that,,2 months later,,my guy left me…its been 2 years now,,,im crying….

    i donno,,why baba made me alone,,,i want my guy back to me,,now,,he is trying to marry another girl..

    baba,,please help me,,please make bharath to come back to me..

  9. I am really feeling good after reading the blogs . I myself is great believer of Sai Baba.

    In free time try to say in mind
    Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai


  11. Great experiences! love to read all these experiences. Really you all (Mr. K.L.Shayamsunder Ji, Tanu shree Ji & Anonymous devotee)were blessed with Baba's grace. May Sai bless all his devotees like this.

  12. Hi Hetalji…. thank u so much for giving us the pleasure of reading beautiful leelas of our sai every day .. u wont believe but every morning I start my day with ur post some days somr experience are so powerful that they remain in our memories through out and I cherish it whole day.. huys I m a small believer of our lord sai and its my heartly desire to visit shirdi with my non hindu husband… unfortunately he dosent believe in any god … I ve been begging babaji every now and then to sjow me this miracle and if babaji really loves me he should fulfil my wish. Pls pray and nless me too. Thanks to all for bearing me

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