In Need Of Prayers For My Friend – Sai Devotee Swati

Yesterday we received a mail in devotees experience section and after reading it, we decided that it should be posted ASAP. The devotee is seeking prayers for her friend. Please go through her mail below.

Sai Sister Swati ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am really thankful to you for providing every devotee a path via which they could share their experiences, their feelings, and emotions towards JAGATGURU PARMATMA LORD SHRI SAI. Though, this is my first time, I am not here to share my experience. I am here to make a request to each and every devotee out there reading this. Hetal ji, kindly post this to your blog. I need your help.

Sai Nath Maharaj, You have always been very kind to me. You have always treated me like your daughter. You have fulfilled each and every wish of mine without fail. You are everything to me. World revolves around You. That world, where I have been engaged with people in the relationship, which has been made by You itself like mother, father, brother and some precious friends. These are those people in my life, who have completely surrendered themselves upon You. To cut it short, I am talking about my best friend PAVAS. He has been always there by my side supporting me in my ups and downs and showed me the door of Lord Sai. Today, when he needs my support, I am helpless. He is suffering from Blood Cancer. I cannot afford to lose him. That is why; I have chosen this way to communicate to Sai Babaji. Because I know Sai Baba Ji never ignore their devotee’s prayers. I beg to all my Sai brother and sisters, please pray for my friend’s health. May he overcome the blood cancer with the blessings of Dayanidhan Kripalu Shri Satguru Sainath Maharaj and efforts of your kind prayers. I will be really very heartily thankful to you all.

And I promise to Lord Sai and to His every devotee that if Sainath Maharaj saves my friend, I will post this miracle on this blog. And will prove that my Sainath can never let His dear children defeat. Please friends, I need your help in form of your prayers. Sai Baba ji will bless you all too.

Thank you

Warm regards,

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Friend,
    Baba will surely make ur friend all right. i have full faith in baba. these words are coming from my heart. i always feel baba with me. i am confident. dont worry. sai maa is very dayalu. Sai Maa is with you and ur friend. Om Sai Ram

  2. Dear Friend,
    Baba will surely make ur friend all right. i have full faith in baba. Sai maa is very dayalu. I feel him with me. i am confident. dont worry. Sai maa is with you and ur friend. om sai ram.

  3. Sai Ram Saima,

    Baba will bless your friend. He will recover very soon. As u know, we dont have to worry when our SAI MA is with us.

    Jai Sai Ram

  4. sai ram
    faith and patience will cure your friend disease. baba is beyond the imgination. he will be with him . may be it is his past karma. so he is suffering now. he is favourite son baba tats y baba wants him to end his karma by suffering it. dnt wry u will post the miracle very soon that baba saved ur friend. om sai ram

  5. Dear Swati,
    I pray that Pavas becomes fine and his cancer will be under control. I'm sure Baba will listen to all our prayers.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Dear friend, I sincerely hope Baba will you and your friend and I am will wait for your reply about Sai's miracle with your friend. Sai Ram.

  7. Dear friend,

    Baba will definetly cure your friend's health. i have faith in Sai maa. keep faith and patience. Jai bolo Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai.

  8. Dear Sai Devotee, BABA will be there to help and cure your friend in need. My husband is cured from level 4 melanoma cancer (skin cancer) which was considered almost gone case and the doctors had told him that he had hardly six months to live.
    With BABA's chamatkaar and real real visual blessing to me while I was crying helplessly at midnight , HE told me "do not worry, don't cry my child, everything will be ok" and my husband is out of cancer since 15 years passed by.
    BABA is always taking care of HIS children who look upon to HIM.
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Sai Ram,

    Your friend will recover very soon. Please don't worry. SAINATH will always protect his children.

  10. Om Sai Ram !

    Dear Swati ,my prayers are there with Pavas.May Baba cure him off his ailment and bless him with a long , happy and healthy life.

  11. Baba will definitely show his miracle..I pray to my baba "please save your child baba. He needs you and we all praying you for help"..


  12. Om Sai Ram always remember what saiji said
    So Swati don't worry our saiji is there to take care of him.
    Om sai shree sai jai jai sai

  13. Please dont worry.
    Baba is with your friend.
    Pelase give him baba's udi with water everyday.
    Waiting for good news from you…
    Om Sai Ram….

  14. Dear Swati, I sincerely pray to Sai nath , my Baba, that he cures ur friend Pavas completely and grants him happy and healthy life. He cannot ignore so many of his devotees wishes. May u post this miracle soon.

  15. Hi Swati,

    have faith ob baba and try to do saisathcharitra parayana and also sai 9 day vrat. he definately cure your freind


  16. Hi Swati,

    Dont worry your friend will be cured very soon. Sai Baba is with you and thats why you are here to pray for your friend's wellbeingness. May Baba bless your friend and he recovers very soon, my sincere prayer to Baba.Am sure Baba is going to show you a miracle soon.


  17. May Baba bless your friend with good health , If Baba wills , everything is possible . Keep faith and he will save your friend . SAI RAM .

  18. i suggest you to pray at shibpur sai temple and call amit ji he will definitely pray for your friend and request him to send baba's udi to you.and if possible take your friend there.baba lives there.surely baba will sai

  19. Om Sai Ram, Please show your mercy on this humble devotee and save his life…only you can…

    Om Sai Ram

  20. Dear Swathi,

    I pray Sainathji to free your friend from the ailment.
    Keep faith in BABA, the disease will be cured automatically.
    "Baba please take care of Pavas and free him from his disease".
    Don't worry we happened to come across many cancer patients cured due to BABA's grace in this blog, hence I am sure BABA will cure Pavas.

    Only thing you do is chant Baba's name every fraction of a second, this is the remedy.

    Baba please shower your mercy on Pavas.

  21. Om Sai Ram Saima Ji, I pray to Baba "Please help your friend" and you see Baba will definitely took him out from this danger. Keep faith and patience. As Meera's husband recoverd your friend would also be.
    Jai sai Ram

  22. Om Sai Ram,
    I Pray to baba"Save your friend" and you see He will definitely hear our voice. Your friend will all right very soon. We are waiting for your new experiece about Sai Baba's miracle. Keep faith and patience.

    Jai Sai Ram

  23. i can completely understand urs and ur friends agony since am being in somewhat similar situation of inflicted with incurable disease but i surely will like to respond to ur prayers and would like to offer my prayers to saimaa, he sai baba plz swati aur unke friend pavas ki madad karein, unpe apni kripa karein baba, unhe himmat de aur pavasko zaldi se thik kar de…

  24. Dear Swati,
    Baba is very generous. Baba will definitely take care of Pavas. Nothing bad will happen to His devotees, when they surrender to Him.

  25. Om sai ram,

    Your friend will recover very soon.Please do sai vrat pooja for 9 thursday averyting baba will take care.Please keep faith and patience.

  26. OM SAI RAM

    Dear Friend,Baba will surely cure and save Pavas and he will be perfectly fine.

    Have Shradha and Saburi

    Baba please bless pavas and cure him at the earliest.

  27. Om sai ram
    Swati didi Aapki manokaamna baba jarur puri karenge hum sab mil ke baba se prarthana karenge aapka friend jarur thik ho jaayega aap bas ek kaam kijiye baba ke naam ek vinanti letter apne hand writing mein likhiye aur shirdi sai baba sansthaan ke naam pe post kijiye baba se bas ek vinanti karna agar aap shirdi jaa sakte ho phir bhi apne haath se letter likh ke wahaan daan peti jo gurusthaan ke yahaan pe hai daal dijiyega aur apna naam pata jarur likhiyega aapko baba jarur reply mein vibhuti bhejenge aur wo vibhuti aap apne friend ko de dena baba aapki jarur sahayata karenge main bhi baba se yahi prarthna karunga aap bilkul nischint rahiye
    Om sai ram
    Shree sachidanand sadguru sai naath maharaj ki jay
    Surendra chawlaOm sai ram
    Swati didi Aapki manokaamna baba jarur puri karenge hum sab mil ke baba se prarthana karenge aapka friend jarur thik ho jaayega aap bas ek kaam kijiye baba ke naam ek vinanti letter apne hand writing mein likhiye aur shirdi sai baba sansthaan ke naam pe post kijiye baba se bas ek vinanti karna agar aap shirdi jaa sakte ho phir bhi apne haath se letter likh ke wahaan daan peti jo gurusthaan ke yahaan pe hai daal dijiyega aur apna naam pata jarur likhiyega aapko baba jarur reply mein vibhuti bhejenge aur wo vibhuti aap apne friend ko de dena baba aapki jarur sahayata karenge main bhi baba se yahi prarthna karunga aap bilkul nischint rahiye
    Om sai ram
    Shree sachidanand sadguru sai naath maharaj ki jay
    Surendra chawla

  28. Hai Sainath, please save pavas from thid deadly cancer as all of us on this earth know that nothing is impossible for you. Please show the miracle in his life. You are the only one who can prove this miracle.

    Your child

  29. dear all,

    with your concern and support , i feel am not alone at all.
    because it is always said sai ji is not far away ,he rather resides in his devotees heart .And i have a very firm belief that it is he himself providing me strength and confidence in face of his devotees .Sai ji's grace and his devotees prayers all together will prove to be fruitful and so as will save my friend.



  30. om sai ram…

    dont worry…sai baba will take care of him….our prayers are with him…….baba wil cure him surely, have faith….if you can give udi in water regularly to him with pure faith and devotion…..sai will surely work on him n save him….om sai ram!!!!!!!!!

  31. Om sai nathaya namah…. dont worry ur frd will be be fine soon by the grace of shri sai nath maharaj….. daya karo sai nath maharaj….. daya karo apne bache per….om sai nath..

  32. Dear friend plss do not worry all we have is hope and nothing else so lets have stong hope that our beloved sai wil surely cure your friend plss do not worry we are there to pray for your friend to surely sai wil help us in this please be brave and hopeful .

    om sri sai ram

  33. Baba,

    I sincerely pray from bottom of my heart to save Pavas from death.
    Please Sai, show mercy on all your children.

  34. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai
    om sai sri sai jai jai sai
    om sai sri sai jai jai sai

    dear friend dont worry…i prayed to Baba jus now.. he will surely heal ur frnd.. n take him out of the mouth of blood cancer…
    Baba plzz help pavas out… n shower ur blessings on him…

  35. I will pray for him.dont worry dear baba will sure cure him.
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram

  36. Om sai ram,

    Dear swati i'll pray for your friend, definitely baba will cure it soonly and u will post the miracle soon.


  37. Dear Swati,
    Sai baba always with us, HE will do everything for you and keep your friend healthy. Please have enormous faith at HIS LOTUS FEET, HE IS THE SAVIOUR, please keep saying SAIRAM SAIRAM all the time.


    SAI ma.. will definitely save your friend and bless him with good health for sure. Baba will never let his devotees get defeat. Definitely everyone of here Sai brother's and sister's prayers will pay back your friend's health.

    Sai Bless Us all.. sai Bless Pavas..


  39. sairam

    Sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam sairam

    Please bless pavas. We all wish pavas should be cured .

  40. Baba please bless him and recover his illness soon…..don't let your devotees look down…..this circumstances shake their faith. Bless him baba om Sai RAM

  41. sai baba apne bhakton par daya karo
    un par kripa karo……………………………………………………………

  42. Om Sai Ram,

    Saibabaji I pray from the bottom of my heart – please cure the disease of Pavas.
    Swatiji, hold tight the two pillars – Faith and Patience.

  43. Baba ji please cure Pavas of his illiness.Please forgive all his past sins and give him a long life with good health and peace.Baba ji you are the greatest healer please hear your devotees prayers.Please Baba make Pavas all right as soon as possible.

  44. swatiji tonight you will have a sound sleep which means saibaba is with you and your friend shall be alright.

  45. Have Faith in the Great Lord Shri Sai Baba, leave it entirely upto him to decide what is good & what is bad. He know what is best to happen. He will not leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. All our best wishes for an early recovery. If possible request your friend to read the Sai Satcharitra. Trust him & your prayers shall be answered.

  46. Saibaba. deva..please show your mercy on pavas and cure him.please sai let me witness your leela …..I want to believe your strength..please show it to me this once .deva please show mercy.

  47. HEY SWATI!
    dekho sab milke prayers kr rahe h to negativity ka to sawaal hi nahi hota…he wll surely be alright….n sai baba ji itni saari prayers ko sunenge n jaldi hi tum friend k theek hone par mithaai baantogi

  48. Sai Ram Swati,
    Sai Baba will surely listen to all our prayers

    Sai Baba please help Swati and his friend – Pavas. Please show mercy on him and cure his disease

    Jai Sai Ram

  49. Dear Swati:

    I have prayed for your friend and many did..He will get well soon..Please do not worry..Sure Baba will take care of your friend..Please give him Baba's Udi..
    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  50. Dear sister,

    Nothing to worry.If we compeltely surrender to sai he will take care of everything.Sai rescued my husband from very dangerous situation.Sai never let HIS devotees down.
    Keep faith in HIM.Your friend will definitely be cured.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

  51. Saiam Swati

    Sure baba will cure pavas. i ll offer my prayers.Bapu please cure pavasji soon and keep him healthy and happy

    Baba Please save Swathiji's friend Pavas.
    Plea Baba Please Please help him.
    Please help him to come out of the disease.
    Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You Sai.

  53. Dear Swati we all pray for the speedy recovery of your friend Pavas have full faith in Baba he will surely do the needful.

  54. Om Sai Ram Dear Swati…Baba will surely help your friend to come out of this pain …Baba says"Why fear when i'm hear" so please dont worry …we will also pray for your friend to Lord Sai.

  55. Dear Sai baba…… Please help ur child from suffering and make him alright deva. I know u will take care of him and within couple of months he will be alright that is your power and the faith of all of us. I know this is just the testing phase my dear friend but believe in him Sai will take care of his devotee. Luv u Baba.

  56. Dear Swati, Prayers always work! Baba knows what is good for each one of us and every thing happens according to his will and also there will be some reason or purpose behind it. Ofcourse we'll come to know about that reason or purpose much laters. Dont worry, please keep faith on Baba and Baba please give strength and courage to Pavas to fight with cancer. Please bless him and protect him and make him healthy, Baba. Nothing is impossible for you!

  57. Dear Swati,

    Sai Baba always help His children. He will surely cure your friend Pavas. Sai Baba's blessings are always with all His devotees. Have Shradha and Saburi and everything will be fine.

    Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai

    Anant Koti Brahamand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahm Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!!!

  58. Dear Swati, Nothing is impossible if Sai Blesses….Baba's power is beyond imagination and something which we can never understand and estimate.

    Just 2 things are needed "Shradda & Saburi" and please also tell your friend to also pray to baba by himself. Baba treats every one as equal as we are all his children.

    From bottom of my heart, I will wish that very soon the disease should disappear as it came. I will also pray to Baba…

    Jai Sai Ram.

  59. jai sai ram…
    i too hpe that Baba relieves his children from any knid of sickness…m all prayers fr u….

    jai sam ram…

  60. Dear Swati,

    Dont worry,My mother always says God tests people who can really face the troubles.He wants to see how capable you are of fighting these problems.Please take him to a good Cancer Center,where they can do good diagnosis,treat him with the appropriate medications,assess if he needs bone marrow transplant,etc.I am a physician,hence I gave you a small suggestion.SaiBaba helps those who help themselves.Give your best,pray to Lord Sai.He will take you along the right path.Good luck to you and your friend.

  61. Baba please help your child, you are the only hope of life . Please baba , we love u . Help him and let him win this battle for life
    Luv u baba

  62. JAI SAi RAM, Baba will difently take care of your friend. All we need is firm FAITH & Patience & leave the rest to the lotus feet of Baba. SAIRAM

  63. Hi Swati,
    Pavas is destined to get all right and freed from blood cancer, that's why Saima wanted you to seek blessings of all of us for him….this is the only truth…and thats why you can share your friends story….

    Saima, you have to save Pavas, we are calling you Saima….Sai shabda me "Aai" hai…Aai means Mother….Please save Pavas Saima….plz answer our prayers….

    Sankat ki badari chai laaj rakho Sai
    Hum dukhiyon ki tumse aans lagi Sai…
    Sai Sai japate hai naam tera hardam
    Bhakta hai tere karde dur hamare gam….

    Baba plz, Pavas ko jaldi thik kardo aur Shirdi bulao….

    Swati, we are waiting to see your experience about Pavas once he get cured and i know you are going to share it very soon…..


  64. Dear Swati,
    All those who read this incident will pray for ur friend. I know this is a pretty difficult time for all of you. Baba loves serving food to the hunger.Please do all the prayers whatever u can, but also if time and money permits please try to do some annadanam or atleast promise to Baba tat you would do it in the future. Excuse me, if you are already doing it.
    Thanks, Riya

  65. @Anonymous

    Please don't worry though im new to the blog and my interaction with baba is only since Feb.'11.But I know one thing for sure Pavas will be fine…I have completed saptah reading of Sai Satcharitra for him. Baba is sure to Bless him….Om Sai Ram…Om Sai namoh namah….

  66. BAba surely save our friend,before that surrender to him. complete belief. No doubt. Thats all. We await ur next post.


  67. om sai ram
    Baba ji please help her friend to recover soon with the problems, please give him a beautiful and healthy life
    jai sai ram
    jai babaji

  68. baba ji please cure pavas,and give him a beautiful and healthy life.
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  69. Dear Swathi,
    Dont worry, Baba will be there always. PAVAS will be alright. I am damn sure dat, u will post that miracle of our beloved BABA soon.

  70. JAI SAI RAM,

    Don't worry, BABA JI will surely save your friend. He is always with his devotees. I will also pray for your friend.

    May BABA JI bless him with good health.

    BABA JI's daughter..

  71. Dear Sis,

    You need not worry about your friends health condition. Our beloved father will be always with us to support in difficult conditions.He will bare our burden.Only thing we need to do belive in him.He will surely take care of your friend.

    Om sai ram.

  72. Dear swati ….
    Have faith in Baba he will surely cure ur frnd …we all will pray for him …
    Allah malik

  73. Dear Swati

    please don't be disturbed with pavas disease it is going to care by Sai Baba who is a father of all devotees whom it lay down. Baba is going to take the disease on his shoulder as it has done in the case of tatya patil(son of baijabhai)

    Baba plese cure pavas disease has you had cured me.

    Jai Sai Ram

  74. Dear swati,
    Have faith in BABA he will surely cure ur friend and think of any DONATION also which is possible to you on behalf of him, Yes! we all will pray for him…….

  75. om sairam
    sairamji sabki sunte hai aur apne baccho ka humesha khyal rakhte hai… apke dost ka bhi we khyal rakhenge, apne friend se kahiye we apne aapko thoughts aur bodily fully sai ji ko samarpit ho jaye fir Sairamji khud unki seva kar unhe healthy karenge… hum sab saiji k samne aapke friend k liye arji(request/Pray) karenge… Sab Sai Krupa Se thik hoga aur khushiyo ko diwali aapke aur aapke friend ka life me Saiprem ke diye se jagmagaye….Omsairam☺☺☺

  76. Om Sai Ram…Dear baba, please bless Pavas to overcome the disease and lead a healthy, blissfull happy life. Swati ji, our sai ram will surly show his mercy on your friend. dont worry. have faith and patience. baba will bless him.


  77. please baba bless the whole world and bless evryone with health and happiness….om sai ram….help pavas to overcome this blood cancer…bless him with good health and bright future….

  78. Sai never leaves his devotees ..Have faith and patience.He might have planned some solution ahead.Don't worry.

  79. I had to use a anti acne cream on my face for treatment of acne which somehow caused adverse reaction upon my facial skin in form of red dry flaky skin rashes. Instead of curing me that cream caused me HUGE MENTAL , PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL TORTURE by giving me rashes.I was afraid that it might leave scar on my face.
    So i prayed to Saibaba for curing my condition without leaving a scar. In order to achieve this i prayed fervently to Baba and asked his kripa as it could cost me my social life and relationships.So requesting such and such to babaji ,i prayed to babaji while taking his udhi two to three times a day. To my utter surprise, i saw my condition regressing from the day after.Though it took few days for the rashes to diminish by 100% but in those few days they rashes were diminuted to nothing. There were no rashes at all left and there weren't any scars either. This was a huge faith booster for me in Babaji . My Babaji cured me, i am so much thankful to him for his huge kripa on me. Thank ou so much Saibaba ji.
    I love you very much !

  80. Hello Swati ji,

    May Sai Baba bless your friend and give him emotional and physical strength to get pass the difficult phase… I hope he recovers soon…

    Please apply Vibudhi on his forehead daily and mix a little Vibudhi in water and ask him to drink each morning… as you all know, Baba's vibudhi is Sarva Roga Nivarini (cure for all diseases)….

    Hope this helps, I just prayed to Baba about your friend…

    He is very kind hearted, dont lose hope…

    Om Sai Ram…

  81. Om shree sai ram please baba ji bless Pavas and cure his disease bless him with all your love and grace.

    Dear swati please give sai baba udi to pavas daily and see babaji's miracle.

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