A Memorable Meeting With Lord Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Hiral

It is not always sure whether we can meet our dear Lord Sai Baba even today when He is doing His duties in spirit. He has left incredible Shri Sai Satcharitra for us to know about Him. Many times while reading this sacred book, it is felt that the stories contained in it are enacted again in our lives. Such is an experience below of Sai Sister Hiral ji.

Sai Sister Hiral ji from USA says: Jai Sai Ram Hetalji, Please upload my experience as I have promised Sai Baba that I will write my experience. Thank you very much, may Sai Baba bless you and your family and all of us. I have being going through bad phase of my life and your blog has helped me a lot when I was sad and depress; I always go through your blog and it gives me new hope. Thank again.

I am sorry my email is too long if you want you can edit it and correct if there are any mistake. Sai Baba, please forgive me if I have missed and thing or miss represented anything.

Around second week of Jan I received letter from sheriff county office and my insurance company saying that I am involved in hit and run case. When I called insurance company, I was told that they believe I was involved and I have hit parked car in parking lot, but when I asked at what time and how do you know I hit someone’s car – I was told that accident happened at 4:30 PM and Caucasian young lady had hit car, I told her that I was at office at that time and I am not Caucasian. But she said that we have eye witness. Any way I had to call Sheriff County which I did. I was so tensed about this case at that time. Around same time my husband, who was in different state, called me and said that he is planning to go back to India, so he will come and stay with me for 1 week and will decide what to do for our marriage as in our 3 years of marriage, he had not stayed with me for 3 months. He is on dependent visa so he cannot work legally. So he found this excuse and run around and never tried to stay with me. Instead he keeps trying to get some job away from me and whenever he is with me. He is very rude and disrespectful. I said yes let’s talk about it and he gave clear indication that he does not want to be with me and want to get divorce. I prayed to Sai Baba to help with this hit and run case and please do whatever is good for me regarding my marriage.

I was visiting Sai Baba temple during that period and as soon as I entered Sai Baba temple I show image coming out of Sai Baba idol immediately. I thought Baba will give me Darshan and as soon I thought that image disappear, then I realize I should not have thought like that. I started going through different website of Sai Baba and came across one website which explain how to do Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan and other website for question answer where Baba asked me to do donate food. I decided to do Parayan same week, when my husband was planning to come, I was doing parayan for my hit and run case, but prayed to Baba to do whatever is good for my marriage. I decided to donate once a week as Baba suggested. I forgot to donate on week, when my husband was visiting. I was going to airport to pick him up on way, while driving I was thinking how I will donate as I missed and if I will not be able to do it today, I will not be able to do till next week. The moment, I was thinking about donating, there was homeless lady at stop sign asking for money as she has to buy some food. See how Baba helped me here not sure how but the moment I thought how will I be able to donate, there was homeless lady in front of me, asking for money. Now next experience is special to me. I am so sorry it is getting lengthy.

I was going to drop my husband off at airport and coming back to my home, thinking what will happen as he does not want to stay with me and may be this was last time I am seeing him and we might end up getting divorce. I hit median on road and broke my oil pan underneath my car and I parked my car on parking lot off burger store. I called lot many people even 911 as I was so scared and panic as I have hit and run case and do not want any more trouble but everyone told me that you need to call insurance company, I called tow truck driver also as I cannot drive with licking oil pan. I was so panic that I talked to security guard at burger store. He said that there is police office at next door gas station I talked to him. He said you need to talk to insurance company, still I was panic and scared thinking about hit and run case then there were 2 constables going inside burger store. One of constable gave me phone number to call as I told him. I hit pole by mistake as I was so scared, I was told that sheriff would come. I called tow Truck Company and was told that he should be there any minute in red truck. After some time red tow truck came and driver came out side truck as soon as he started walking towards me, I started feeling less panic and scared, and also had feeling that he is Sai Baba. He listen my story with patience. I was panic; I asked him what he is thinking in middle of road. He said it is median and told me that do not worry. It is not your fault; median is at wrong place and there is no sign so many people hit that. I told him that 2 constables gave me number to call sheriff and I called them and then are coming here. I asked him to talk to constable and he came inside with me and talk to him. That constable said that you can go if you want as sheriff is not going to come as it is 7:00 AM and shift is change so all are busy. Even tow truck driver said so we decided to go. Tow truck drive was so patient and he was like take whatever time you need. I do not think so any tow truck drivers would do that. We started walking toward tow truck he opened door for me and made sure that I climb big truck properly. When he was about to put my car on his tow truck, 2 sheriff cars with 2 officers came. He talked to officers not sure what he talked as I was on truck. But then I decided to talk to sheriff, I went to officer car and talk to her. She did not ask for my name or license. She just said talk to your insurance. I am surprised she did not ask anything.

Now I was back to truck and he put my car on truck, I was still scared thinking about hit and run case (I am not sure why but I keep on thinking that) he asked me which auto shop you want to go. I said there is a shop near my work as I do not know any other place and I can give address of my work and from there I can show you. He said ok where it is and started looking on to map it was hard to look at map while driving. So he stopped truck on shoulder then he gave me GPS and asked me to save address on there. After I saved address he started truck and pull it back on high way. He was acting like he knows me for long time and he said that do not worry nothing happen to you. Just your car is damaged. Then he asked me that have you any kids, and then I asked him do you have any kids. He said I AM OLD at that moment I started thinking firmly that he is Sai Baba. Then when we reach auto shop, he parked truck on front of auto shop. He went inside and explained to auto mechanical what is wrong with my car. I do not understand how he would have started and taken tow truck at back of shop in that little space. When he brought my car down, I went over to him and said thank you he hugged me. Why would tow truck driver hug me? Let me tell you it was Sai Baba who hugged me. When I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra, in one of chapter it says Baba gives blessing in many forms. He gives Udi, He put His hand on head and He hugs to His devotee. When I was reading at that time I thought I wish I was there at that time Sai Baba would have hug me and given me blessing and see He DID.

I am so thankful to you BABA please always be with me and shower your blessing. And one more thing he did not ask my name and took any signature on his paperwork generally tow truck driver has to do that for proof. Please Baba be with me and my family always.

Thank you Baba. Jai Sai Ram. Sri Satchitanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


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    Wonderful Experience Hiralji.
    You are blessed by SaiBaba.
    So I think for you no need to fear for anything in your life,because Baba is with you.
    Please bless me also Baba and hug me Baba.
    Please Excuse me Baba for my mistakes Baba.
    I Love You Baba.

    Wonderful Experience Hiralji.
    You are blessed by Baba.
    So be happy Don't fear for anything in your life.
    Because Baba is with you.
    I Love You Baba.
    Please bless me also Baba.
    Sorry for my mistakes Baba.
    Please Excuse me baba.
    I Love You Baba.

  3. As one grows with Shri Sai, one feels HIS benevolence and omniscience through their lives.


  4. Sai Ram Hetalji,
    Thank you for upload my experiences
    Still going through rough phase but I am sure SaiMa will guide me and give me patience.
    May Sai Baba bless every one

    Thank you all for your wishes and prayers


  5. Sai baba always help those people who keep faith on him. Sai baba be with us always and give shradh & saburi

    Thank you
    Om Sai Ram

  6. om sai ram
    may baba clear all your problems very soon.

    what happened abt ur marriage
    u dint write in ur post
    is ur husband being nice with u nw

  7. Thanks Priyanka for your response,
    No we have filed for divorce. May this is good for me
    OR I have to suffer for my bad karma (past and present)

    Jai Sai Ram

  8. Dear Hiral ji,
    I find so many similarities of car-problmes that you suffered! I am just curious what happened to you "hit and run " case? What happened to your marriage /divorce issue? I hope you could prove your
    non-involvement in that hit and run case and you are blessed with a loving life partner.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. Very nice experience….i always think that devotees are really blessed one and lucky who get chance to meet saibaba in human form…i hope one day saima will also give me darshan and i will be get blessed by him in human form…i waiting for that day…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU SAIMA….

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