A Divine Experience From Job Loss To Job Achievement – Sai Devotee BP

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This is experience of Sai devotee BP ji.

BP ji says: At the beginning of the year I lost my job. I began applying to any and all jobs available and felt disheartened and sad. I knew someone working in company X where I really wanted to work and if i got a job there, it would be an even better one than I had previously. I sent my CV to my friend who passed it on to the HR dept. The HR called me and ran threw a few tests over the phone and said that the job would be internally advertised first and then if no one was successful, she would put me forward for it. Unfortunately, the job went to an internal employee.

She did however invite me to an open evening for the company to meet and chat to people who worked there – this was arranged for a Thursday! I went to it and went well however did not hear anything back from them.

In the meanwhile I had been successfully getting Interviews to other companies, however these were not as good as either the one I worked at or the one I wanted, but because I needed a job I went for them. The funny thing is I kept getting rejections from the companies – even though I had really high qualifications, I kept getting rejected. I felt extremely disheartened and dejected.

However from the moment of losing my job, I had been reading the Sai Satcharita every week for 3 weeks straight, then took one week off and then started again. Took another week off.

Six weeks had passed and I had already been rejected from 4 jobs! The calls from recruiters had died down and seemed to have stopped. I had one final chance at job interview scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon, it went really well and I thought I would get it.

The next morning (Thursday) while still asleep I saw a vision of Sathya Sai Baba dressed in a bright yellow robe sitting in a chair looking at me. I immediately woke up and thought this to just have been a dream. A little while later that morning, I got a call from the recruiter who advised me I did not get the job I had an interview for yesterday!

I felt so sad and almost lost all hope. I remember Sai Baba and to have faith and Patience. I prayed to him to show me sign that he is with me and to show me this is all for the best.

One hour later I got a call from the HR woman from the Company X that I always wanted to work for – she advised me that the original position she was talking to me with has suddenly become available and if I would like to have a interview on Monday.

I went to the interview and it went extremely well.

ON the Wednesday I received a phone call advising me I got the Job. My joy knows no bounds and have complete surrender and devotion to Baba.

I have made promises to him that I will not break and will fulfill soon.

One of the promises was to share my wonderful experience with the world so I write this today.

And truly believe that me losing the job in the first place was a blessing in disguise by Baba to enable me to become a stronger person and to achieve this higher position in a better company.

I now realise the vision I saw in my waking state of Sathya Sai Baba in the yellow rob was him giving me the ultimate darshan and how lucky I truly am.

Please to all the devotees out there, do not ever lose hope, keep firm faith and patience with Baba, he will remove all miseries.

He is truly the magnificent bhagvan and forever will he be seated in my mind and heart.

Om Shree Sai Ram! – May peace be to all.

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