We Owe Our Motherhood To Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Deepthi and Anonymous Devotee

We Owe Our Motherhood To Sai Baba - Sai Devotee Deepthi and Anonymous Devotee
Jai Sai Ramji, Dear Devotee Readers, In this post i am sharing two experiences which deal with same subject matter.

Sai sister Deepthi ji says: I want to post this article to encourage pregnant ladies, who are experiencing critical complications in their pregnancy.

I had a baby boy 5 months back. He is a healthy baby and we are enjoying a lot with him. I want to post my experience during pregnancy on how Baba helped me. I am residing in US. After 1 year of my married life, I conceived and we both were very happy. Till 5th month every check up and every test came out to be normal. During 5th month I had an ultrasound scan. We both went to the lab with great enthusiasm to see our baby. After scanning the doctor told us everything is normal regarding baby growth but they found echogenic bowel and intra-cardiac echogenic foci in heart which are markers for baby to have down syndrome. She told us to do some tests. We both gave the blood samples and waited for the results.They told us it will take 3 weeks to get the results. I used go to the pooja room and cry. One day in pooja room i found SAI SATCHARITRA book, it was sent by my brother almost 6 months back from India. To get rid of tension I started to do 3 weeks Parayana. In these 3 weeks all the results came out to be normal. On the last day of parayan we went for follow up scanning with all test results. In scanning again they found same markers. Doctor told that as all the test results were normal, the reason for the markers is not clear. She told us the only option is termination. We asked her without reason/clear understanding, how can we terminate, so she refereed us to the Head of the Department in Radiology at Stanford. We got an appointment with him after 1 week. I got angry on all Gods including Sai. We both were in a big confusion. Two days before appointment I started reading SAI SATCHARITRA and completed by the day we had to go to the hospital.We both went with a decision that they will suggest us for termination We went to the scanning room with full tension. The radiologist came and did scanning. After scanning he told us to do some tests, based on the results he told that he will give us a call. The next day he called my husband and told him that since all the tests results were normal there is no need for termination, and the markers will get get resolved by itself before birth of the baby. He told us before delivery he will do one more scanning, in case if they find the problem after birth, they will do a minor surgery which is not a major problem. We both felt very happy and that day was Thursday, so I asked my husband to take me to Saibaba temple, i prayed him that i will do 5 weeks parayan during which i asked him to resolve the problem for the baby, i had ultrasound scanning every month. Every time the doctor would say the problem still exists. Till 8th month the problem did not resolve, mean while i completed 5 weeks parayan. After completing the parayan i had scanning in routine lab. They told us that they still find the problem. I was very disappointed, but still i had belief in God. I left everything to Sai Baba, since problem didn’t resolved i had to go to radiologist in 8th month. He did scanning and told us that the problem has resolved and we are going to have a healthy baby. I went to the temple immediately and told thanks to Sai Baba. I promised him that after delivery i will bring baby and put him on His feet.

Anonymous Devotee says: Hi Hetal,
Om Sai Ram!
Sai Baba is the most merciful. Each and every day He showers His grace abundantly. Here I share how He has blessed my pregnancy and our baby. The narration is quite long, please read patiently 🙂

I wish to let everyone know that if we have Sai Baba with us, nothing is impossible. If He wants to grant us something, nothing in the world can take it away from us.

I am a Telugu girl who fell in love with and married her Bengali colleague with Sai’s grace in Feb 2008. Since marriage, I have not enjoyed good health because of a very recurrent and painful Urinary Tract Infection. Despite consulting many doctors and trying many medicines, nothing was of help. I had given up hope and left this to the biggest doctor of all, Sai Baba thinking that He has His own plan for me and He wants me to undergo this suffering. I had decided to suffer until He came to my rescue.

Naturally because of my health scenario, a baby was the last thing on our minds. But due to Sai’s grace, I conceived (and was unaware of it) last September 2008. One afternoon I dreamt that I was happy and pregnant with a big belly. When I woke up, I took it as a positive sign for the future. A few days later, my husband also saw a dream in which he was asking me to take the pregnancy test. He shared this dream with me when he woke up. Out of disbelief, I took the pregnancy test at home and it turned out to be positive. I was still not convinced. I prayed to Baba and told Him that I would open and read a random chapter from the Sai Satcharitra and if there is a mention of Baba granting issue to any devotee in that chapter, then I would believe the pregnancy kit.

I opened the chapter in which it was mentioned that Sai Baba had granted issue to Nana Saheb Dengle’s family and ever since he was known to grant children to devotees. This removed the doubt in my mind and later the lab tests also confirmed that we were indeed expecting. Let me tell you why this is so surprising to me. I am hypothyroidic (this is known to cause infertility in many), obese and I have a cyst in my right ovary. All of these factors combined with the stress at work and the recurrent UTI make me the least likely candidate to conceive without difficulty. But when Sai decides something, it happens His way.

We were very grateful for the pregnancy but like any new expecting parent, I had my doubts about whether the baby would be carried to term and be healthy without me undergoing any untoward experiences midway. UTIs are known to cause miscarriages. However, during my pregnancy I had the following three dreams of Sai Baba:

First dream: I saw myself on the delivery table, undergoing an operation. I also saw that a small baby was delivered and the doctors were busy with him. Suddenly, the doctor asked me to look up and see a calendar which I did. From the calendar, I saw Sai Baba emerging from light. From Sai Baba, also came Lord Krishna (distinguishable because of his peacock feather). In between Sai Baba and Lord Krishna, stood a small cute boy with curly hair. Sai Baba lifted His hand and blessed me and the baby with His Abhaya Hastha. I was naturally very grateful for this sign and ever since I stopped worrying about the pregnancy and the baby’s health, thinking that if Sai Baba has blessed us, everything would happen according to His will.

Second dream: I saw my husband and I walking from one house to another. Suddenly, in one of the houses we were in, I saw a puja room and entered it. There, I saw a huge Sai Baba idol and many devotees. I called my husband also to join me. I do not remember what happened to the idol, but there was a priest who appeared in front of us. In my mind, I knew that this priest was none other than Sai Baba Himself and I was not able to look at Him in the eye. He asked my husband and me to sit next to each other, and began to recite some mantra and asked us to repeat it. He told me specifically, “This mantra is not for you. It is for the benefit of the person who is inside you”. The dream ended there.

Third dream: I saw my mother and I going to a small and dingy Sai Baba temple along with some other friends. There was a small winding staircase which we took and reached the top of the temple, where many grateful devotees whom Sai had blessed with children came to offer their prayers. These devotees put up pictures of their children next to the photo of Sai Baba as their form of thanksgiving.

Due to these dreams, I knew this pregnancy was totally Sai’s gift to us. My health was also fine all along and I continued to go to office until the eight month. During the last month, my doctor was quite sure that I would get gestational diabetes. Sai Baba again came to the rescue and all my sugar and blood pressure levels were normal until the delivery.

On June 12th, 2009, I delivered a healthy and normal baby boy (albeit without the curly hair) with Sai Baba’s grace. The baby beat all odds only because he is Sai Baba’s miracle.

I wish to share this experience with all devotees who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant. With Sai Baba, nothing is impossible. We are greatly indebted to Him, the one and only.

With best wishes to all,
Sai devotee.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Hi,

    thanks for this encouraging experiance..am also facing this kind of situation and looking forward to baba's miracle like this..If baba bless me then definately am going to write my experiance

  2. hi,
    i am blessed with a son but want to have another child.iam trying since 3 years but no luck had 3 misscarriages in a row.really sad and disheartened .sai baba bless me…. waiting for a miracle to happen.

  3. I am too trying hard to concieve after a miscarriage alomost a year back. Please Saibaba bless me with a child soon.

  4. I wanted another child after my daughter , that too a son just to complete the family picture and I was quite hung up on it. My husband did not want another and 7 years passed. Meantime I prayed hard and also regular fights with hubby on this topic. Finally he agreed but i was praying for a boy so my entire 9 months went very stessful, all built by me of course. Even though Sai told me I will have boy I couldnt keep my wavering faith as all signs were differnt. I even entered the nursing home beleiving in mind to accept nicely when I have daughter. So much I was beleiving this that when doctor told me I had a son I thought he was telling someone else! ( I had a ceaserian). Throughout I had read the satcharita and my Sai baba granted me my desire. I feel ashamed not to keep shraddha and saburi. So all ladies who are pregnant or wish to get so please keep faith because we feel this is the correct time but Sai gives us late but he does give.

  5. Hi Friends,
    I am also praying to Baba for a baby. I used to keep fastings on all thursdays.
    I too got the same dream that I am pregnant and having a big belly. The next dream is that like i am telling someone as I am going to be blessed with a baby girl.
    With lot of faith in baba, I am waiting for my dreams to come true.

  6. I have started reading sai charithra today. After reading 2 chapters, i prayed baba to bless us a baby. Then randomly selected a chapter from Saicharithra.
    I am totally filled with tears because that chapter tells about a lady who was blessed for a baby.


  7. om sai ram
    Hi i am trying to concive from past 6 years but my doc told me that i and my hubby have some problem and they suggest me for ivf on 17 feb 2011 embryo trasfer our doc said the embryos are very good and wait for the result til 3mar2011 for the result. I am very nervous and remember sai baba and cry all the time but i think sai baba r with me and my result are positive i only hope in sai baba….pls sai baba bhakth pls pray for me…….om sai ram….

  8. i have done some really terrible mistakes in life,but inspite of everything baba supported me through every situtaion in life. I miscarried a baby boy in the 6th month of pregnancy. though second time around i wished for another baby boy but baba blessed me with a lively and beautiful babay girl. now i am expecting again , this time around every one mainly me in the family we all want it to be a baby boy. i read satcharitra 2 times, maybe my faith was not that strong as it is required to be but still i am praying to saibaba that this baby be a boy , so that i have a boy and a girl in the family.

  9. I am also going thru the same pain.I completely believe in sai baba and surrendered to him.i hope that he will answer to our paryers and bless me with a baby.Hope the miracle happens soon.Baba I am waiting for your blessings. Looks like you are very angry on me,forgive me and give me your blessings to give birth to healthy baby.

  10. hello,
    I am also 8 months pregnant and as this is my second child,everybody including myself are wishing for a healthy baby boy.I have completed reading Sai Charitra and also have vowed to go to Shirdi with my baby boy(if he is born)I have also vowed to keep Thursday fasts as long as i shall live.I hope and pray Baba fulfills my true and heartfelt sincere wish.Please all those who are reading this,i request you to please pray for me.may God Bless you all.

  11. Hai
    I Pray saibaba to bless me to get pregnant and have a hale, healthy and a wise baby. I have firm belief baba will do miracle and bless me.
    Jai sri saibaba

  12. We are desperately looking for a baby, this month doctor told my wife is pregnant but noticed she is bleeding, we are scared whether this bleeding will damage our chance or this bleeding will fetch another period.
    Praying baba to help to deliver baby. Please baba help us.

  13. Om sai ram…SAI itna dijiye,jo mein kutumb samaye
    main bhi bhooka na rahu,shadhu na bhukha jaye(Hoping For Miraclein life)

  14. Sai ram, trying to conceive for 4 yrs now. Had 2 miscaariage. Leaving it to sai. I knw wen he is ready for me to b a mother, I wil. Its sad and depressing every month to wait n c if I'm pregnant. Bt now I'm getn stronger. Sai is in my heart, sai is in my soul. Upon him I leav dis

  15. Dear Readers,

    I would like to share a story that still brings tears to my eyes.
    I was not able to conceive for a long time. Got depressed and heart broken.
    I turned to my lord sai, read sai satcharitra with all my heart and the eagerness to have a life inside of me.The lord sai is so kind that he gave me a beautiful daughter. I was amazed when i saw that i was pregnant. What can i say about sai, he hears you and does give you all that one desires.
    I really owe my motherhood to sai, every moment i see my daughter i remember him.
    I am again praying for a second baby boy. i hope sai hears me and grants me another life soon.

    om sai ram.

  16. Om Sai Ram…. I am very much delighted and happy that you have blessed me and made me to get pregnant. I am now 7 weeks 1day pregnant. Please bless me Sai that me and my baby should be fine. I should not have undergone any miscarriage and in future also should not undergo any miscarriage. Please Sai I should deliver my baby very healthily and my baby ahould not have any problems. Next week I need to go to hospital for scan. Please bless me and my baby Sai. Everything should be normal in scan Sai. Nothing should be problem Sai… Please bless me and my baby Sai…. Om Sai Ram

  17. Om Sai Ram….. I & my husband are trying to have a baby from 5 years. Had 2 miss carriages previously. I wait in patience for Bab to show his grace on me. Shradda & Shaburi… Sai baba. Pls forgive any mistakes or sins done by us knowingly or unknowingly. pls bless us with a bundle of joy… Om Sai Ram

  18. Om Sai Ram!

    I was very happy from the very moment that I came to know I'm pregnant. I had my fifth month scan last week and an abnormality has been detected in the child. I cannot put in words what me and my husband have been going through from that day. I believe in BABA and did not loose trust in him. I started reading Sai Satcharithra from last week. I'm told that there will be another scanning in 7 weeks time from now. "BABA, I bow my head at your feet for all the sins that me,my husband or anyone in our families have done, knowingly or unknowingly. But please do not punish our baby who hasn't even come to this world yet. I really do not know what to do. I feel so helpless. I'm staying bold because I do not want my husband to loose hope seeing me in such a situation. We are from India but living in UK at the moment and do not have anyone here except YOU. I beg you BABA – please protect my baby."

  19. jai sai ram………babaji i trust & love you ….plz forgive for my mistakes. change mind of amma,baba,sarojda & bahini…..i love them a lot & also missing very much..my life is nothing without them.plz bless my aseng and ani & all your devotees….i'm tired of life babaji…..

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