Sai Baba Found A Mid Way For Me – Sai Devotee Laxmi

Sai Baba Found A Mid Way For Me - Sai Devotee Laxmi
In this post, i am sharing experience of Sai sister Laxmi ji

Laxmi ji says: Dear Hetalji,

Om Sai Ram! First of all I want to thank you for doing this great service. This is my first post here, i have been following your blogs and other devotee experiences for a long time. I am a frequent visitor of your site and thank you so much for giving us peace and bringing us closer to Baba with your work. Please publish my experience(s) on your blog I really feel happy everytime i read each and every experience of devotees. I am Sai devotee right from the childhood and Baba is taking care of me all the time. In India I used to visit BABA temple frequently. Few years ago I got married and moved to USA. Its been a long time i have been to sai temple the place where we live didn’t have any BABA temples until recently. I was going through real difficult time recently and was wishing that I could go to BABA’s temple and I think Baba can always read our minds. He made my husband search for the new temple which i never knew that it existed and with BABA’s grace we went to the temple got Baba’s dharshan and my hearts desire got fulfilled. When I visited the temple i felt so happy and I wanted to do something. The temple is still under construction and suddenly, I felt that i should donate some money for the construction and next day i told my husband and he was surprised but by evening he agreed and with Baba’s grace everything went well and I could make donation.

The have experienced BABA’s miracles in a my life. During college, during my marriage and kids and even now he is taking care of me. I want to share one of my most recent experiences, please feel free to make it short and post in your site. I have been working full time with kids and my family had been taking care of my kids for sometime. Now there is a situation my family has to go back to India and and I have to quit my job and take care of kids. I could not send them to daycare because of health issues and my family could not come over for some reasons and I really wanted to continue working and not leave my job for some time in this recession. In this situation I decided to quit my job and take care of kids and i was thinking in my heart will Baba help in is there an alternative that i can work without quitting my job. I prayed to Baba and left my problems to him and had faith that BABA will take care of me. I was prepared in my mind for anything. Three days back I went and told my manager about my personal issues and I told him why i cannot continue my job and he immediately told me don’t worry we can work out in some way. I was surprised and there showed our BABA a path where i don’t have to quit my job and at the same time take care of my kids and their health. My manager agreed to work from home option for some time and everybody agreed to that. I was really happy that i can continue working and at the same time be with my kids. I started working from home the very next day. This way BABA blessed me with this opportunity again and made this miracle in my life which i thought was impossible during this time of recession.

Thank you Baba for all the blessings. Please take care of all Sai devotees and make us walk in the right path. Be with us all the time. Please forgive me BABA if i have made any mistakes in my life intentionally or unintentionally if i have hurt somebody. Om Sai Ram..Thank you Hetal ji.

Baba Devotee

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