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Jai Sai ram,

My dear sai friends, I had very beautiful and cosmic experience which I have nourished and shared with my near and dear. But I wanted to post it for the other sensitizes to feel the blessings of Sai Baba who lives in and out of every one.

During 1985 I had some problems related to my service and I was under going tension and worry. one day I had a letter by postcard advising me to visit Shirdi to end the misery which I was facing. I had discussion with my wife and she also readily agreed to my idea of going to Shirdi for Darshan. But, that day was eluding me and I forgot the letter and good advise from unknown devotee. But My wife had remind me about the Shirdi visit and prayers to be offered. I was postponed many times due to my rush of work and busy schedule.For 23 years I lost in the daily needs and filthy wants of humankind.

During the year 2007 one of the Insurance company has found that I was suffering from blood pressure and had high Cholesterol and Triglycerides level in blood. They asked me to go for test related to heart problem. I went through the tests and by the grace of God they could not find any major problem. But, the doubt of heart attack created by the Insurence company remaid in me and advised by the Doctor to take drugs regularly to avoid further problems.

As soon as I was relieved from the hospital my wife remind me the wow I made during 1985 and asked me atleast visit Shirdi with out wasting time. For which I agreed and asked my travel agent to arrange for the visit Shirdi.

We took flight from Bangalore to Poona and from there took car and reached Shirdy at about 6 o’ clock evening. Then I made room in Woodlands Hotel just opposite to the Shirdi Sai temple. After taking bath we came out side the Hotel on to the road. one unkown person with white dress came to us and said”I am not agent or guide but, I think I can help you make Sai Darshan”. and without wasting time he lead us towards temple and got purchased all that wanted for prayer and showed the way for the quicker Darshan. we took the way he had showed and made good Darshan of Baba and had his blessings. We thanked him at last I was called for his blessings after 23 years. Then we went round the temple premises and sat for awhile and discussed how people from different Religious background come for his blessings and every ones prayers are answered here. Then we went back to Hotel room and after dinner My wife asked me to go for the “Kakada Arthi pooja” early in the morning. I said since we were tired if it is possible I will wake you up in the early morning so that we can visit. then I slept.

At around 5 A M I had this life time experience and blessings of Baba and changed my thinking of life.

It was a great dream. I was walking on the street of Shirdi. One boy with bright face, with his Khaki shorts, naked chest was standing in front of the road was looking at me and laughing at me. His smile was looking strange and I was thinking why this fellow was laughing. He pointed finger towards the temple and signed that your way is this way not other side. OK. Without any thought I made turn and was walking towards the temple. But, this time the same boy was standing at the temple and people was surrounding him he was laughing and was pouring hot water to these people. The people was stretching their hand and he was pouring hot water, suddenly they were moaning in pain and were with drawing their hands. This was going on and I was one among the cloud watching. then with his continuous smile he looked at me and with his finger once again he asked me to come forward. I went towards him and stretched my hand. but he poured hot water on my head. Suddenly I traveled into cosmic experience. There was a sound of “Omkara” like “Ooom” heard loudly to me. My body has become light and it was floating. No pain and no feelings, every thing was calm, peaceful, happy, good, cool. extraordinary experience which these words cannot explain. This is different and may be “Aloukik” that is out of this world. I heard this “Omkara” for thrice and stopped.
It suggested that my body is good and I had no diseases and all my organs are good. Then my senses awaked and I found the Shirdi temples bells and chanting was going on, the Kakad Arathi was going on. I sat on the bed and I was still in that stance of his blessings. I pulled my wife and said that I had dream, which is sweeter than any other experiences. For which she said your prayers have ben answered. This is the effect of the Shirdi “Stana Mahima”.

Then we came back to Bangalore by the same route and flight. As soon as I reached my house. I had a cover from my office delivered to me. with great reluctance I opened it. To my great astonishment and surprise my last 23 years problem was solved. All my salary arrears and all my increments and order to draw the pay was given by the Accountant General a huge amount of 5 lakh rupees. It was Saibaba’s miracle. Because I was fighting for it for last 23 years and was visiting A G office for all these years. This is the Saibaba’s blessings. After that I have changed my self and I am regularly visit him when ever he calls me there is no time, I go according to His blessings.

This may be coincidence as others may think. But for me this is great blessings forever. He never lets down his devotees.

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    I was thrilled after reading your experience. There is nothing like Co-incidence in the lives of Sai Devotees, they can be rightly called Sai Incidence. After receiving message through a messenger of Shirdi Sai Baba you were called to Shirdi after 23 long years, this proves that everything has happened with His will.

    Regarding the dream, I would only say that it was not a mere dream, it was blessings from Beloved Sai Ma to awaken you.

    Sai Teri Leela Kabhi Samaj Na Pau Main……Tere Charno Mein Sada Shish Jukau Main…….

    Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

  2. On Sai Ram He blesseb me I was praying the last day and also prayed in the comment section and Sai blessed me On Sai Ram

  3. I got tears reading your experience sairam. How much boessed you might have been to experience that and how baba loves his devotees

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