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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam to everyone. I am from Kolkata. I will share how Baba helped me in getting a better job.

Hey Bhagwan, koti koti naman(millions millions of bows) to You. I had already shared my experience how Baba helped me to get back my job in 2017 without going through a vigorous round of interview which I know, I would have not got because there was a candidate whom the functional head wanted. But with the grace of Sai I got that opportunity.

At the time of joining I knew that there was talk of a merger going on. In July 2018 the merger was announced. Everybody was apprehensive as it was evident that there would be huge job cuts. I had my belief in my Baba. I knew that He had given me the job and He will take care of me.

In October the announcement for my function came and my name was not there. It was devastating. I cried before the Lord. My Baba had other plans for me. I got the opportunity to work in the Cory role. Though the role was smaller than what I was handling, it was a permanent role. Since the company was going through a merger phase and transformation phase every here and then there was job cut. Within one and half year there were drastic job cuts and the role in which I was there was completely abolished and activities were transferred to the shared service Centre. Then I realised the plan of Baba. Though the position was one position higher than me, now they either lost the job or were working on a project and once the project was over then they would lose their job. Baba saved me from that anxiety. Since my position was degraded I was trying both internally and externally for a higher role and position but I was not successful.

A lot of my friends were getting opportunities and good roles. I felt like when I would get an opportunity. I was praying to Baba. I visited Shirdi and Bhimashankar jee. Somewhere I was having the feeling that Baba would give me a good opportunity.

In September 2020 one of my relatives told me about an opening in a good company and the role was like what I was looking for. But I thought they would not select my CV. With a hesitant heart I applied for the position. The beauty was that I was just meeting the age capping and years of experience required. Then there was complete silence and I even forgot about the role.

In December, 2020 I came across another opportunity and was interviewed. Two rounds went well and then I was asked to submit a project report. I got a positive sense. Then I was asked to appear for the psychometric test for 3 hours and then another two rounds of interview. The interview went very well and somehow I was feeling like I would get the opportunity. In the meantime I got a call from the first company that my CV had been selected and I was asked to go for a psychometric test on 17th February and interview on 24th February. Sincerely prepared a lot for the second company and both the psychometric test and interview went well. I was also following up with the second company on the outcome of the interview since there were 6 rounds that I had appeared in but I got the response “not yet decided.” I was constantly praying Baba to help me in getting any one of them. But there was complete silence from both companies. I was feeling nervous and thought they had selected somebody else.

I literally cried before Baba and asked Him to help me. On 3rd March I got a call from the HR of the 1st company and that was something in a positive sense. Then ten days passed and again there was complete silence. This time I literally cried before Baba and on 14th I got the call from 1st company to submit various documents and salary negotiation was done and by evening 7pm I got the offer letter.

Thanks Baba my Saviour. Then I realised the drama by Baba. In the form of the 2nd company He prepared me for a psychometric test and interview. So Baba has His own plan and we cannot understand His Leela. He is working behind the scene. Like a mother He protects us from all problems. O Baba thank You for giving me such a good opportunity and bless me to discharge my duty sincerely. Without You I would not have dreamt of getting such a big opportunity. Baba, please protect the bus from the pandemic. Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong.
Baba, now I have joined the new job. Bless me.
Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Jogiraj Parambrahma sachidananda sadguru Sri Sainy Maharaj ki Jai!

Baba Hid Me And Protected Me

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi Team, I want to be anonymous. Today I want to share my experience which happened within an hour.

I resigned from my job and stayed at home to get married. I stopped talking to everyone. Only my family members could see me at home. I lost interest in everything. And the days were just passing like that. I ignored every message and call from my friends. Today my friend called me. I have anxiety problems. I got excited, worried and helpless during the call. When she stopped calling me, I had prayed Baba to please stop her as I didn’t want to meet her or anyone. I didn’t want to go out. Please, please, please, please Sai Sai Sai I was begging and chanting. I saw through the window that my few friends were outside of my house. I thought they would come home. I got scared. I went to the bathroom and hid myself. I was thinking why I hid like this. I prayed to Baba to please do something, make her stop from coming to my home and not make me meet her. I am sorry but I didn’t want to meet anyone. I thought, “how long should I stay in the bathroom like this, should I go out or stay here, no will come to my home so why am I still hiding like this? If I don’t meet them and this situation passes then I will write about this experience.” I was talking to Baba like this and then I heard my friend’s voice. She came, she really came. My father told her that I was at home only but then he didn’t know where I was. She and another friend had come to give the wedding invitation card. They gave the card and left. After a few minutes, I came out and then my heart became normal.
Unknowingly I went into the bathroom and stood, talking to Baba for a few minutes and in these my friends came and left.

Once again Baba helped me. Once again Baba proved that this body is His, my life is His and whatever I do is on His will. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much for this one more blessing to prove that I am just a toy which is remote controlled by You.

I had prayed to Baba that my life is Yours, do whatever You want, I know You are my Mother and Father Who will take care of His/Her own child. I don’t have any wishes or anything. Let every second of life be planned by You and be taken care by You.

After surrendering myself like this, I encountered so many experiences that unwilling and even unknowingly I did so many things which made me happy later, which were Baba’s decisions, which I always realise after things happened with me.

Today also Baba made me move to the bathroom and made me hide there and helped me get rid of anxiety and fear.
Though I am happy by avoiding them, I am much more happy and grateful that Baba is always with me and whatever happens on His will. His words, good or bad, whatever be the actions, it is God’s will and not one’s feeling or opinion or action. Everything is in God’s will. This is proven again. This boosted my energy and faith in Baba regarding my marriage.

For one year we have been searching for a groom but for some reason we are leaving the matches. I am taking it as Baba’s blessings and hoping that He is only not working out these things as He will get the better match for me, at His timing and His will and He will do my marriage. This feeling became weak after more than 365 days. Baba just reminded me again that He is with me and He is listening to me.

I always want to live like this Baba, whether I like it or not, just make me do things even if I don’t understand, even a leaf cannot move without Your permission, so make me also like that only. I should not move or do anything without Your will. I just want You to play with my life like remote car control games. I want You to take all control of my life. Please Paapa, please continue being like this with me. Without a person who can remote control the car, the car is like a dead body; likewise without You, I am like a dead body.

Writing this experience, I feel at ease and very peaceful now. All my anxiety, guilt and mental pressures are gone. I am in control of myself now. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much.
All are getting married, when will You do my marriage Paapa. I have been waiting for almost 5 years for Your miracle. Just make it soon. Please Paapa. Protect me, keeping me in Your arms. Om Sairam.

Sai Deva Miracles In My Life

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam, all devotees, myself devotee of Sai Deva from Hyderabad. Earlier also I have shared miracles of our Deva.

Sai Deva has blessed me with a lot of miracles. Thanks a lot Deva and sorry for sharing these miracles on this holy blog very late. Forgive me for this and ‘Thanks’ is a very small word Deva for what You have blessed me with. Please forgive me if I miss sharing any of Your miracles Deva.

Thanks a lot for blessing me with second pregnancy Deva. In the earlier scan everything was fine. Deva with Your blessings, now again I have scan and please bless me and baby and the scan report should be fine. I am facing minor health issues. Baba, please bless me that everything should be fine. Please bless my elder daughter as always please drag her at Your lotus feet Deva. Please bless my husband to be on the right path and make him do Your puja. Please bless my in-laws, my sister-in-law’s and my mother’s family also Deva. Please bless my bhabhi with what she is wanting for and for what she did Your Divya puja. Please bless her father as he recently was attacked by Covid19 and recovered by Your blessings. Please give strength to my husband’s cousin sister as she recently lost her husband due to Covid19. Please bless her and her children Deva.

Thanks a lot Deva for sanctioning my loan which was totally unexpected Deva.

Thanks a lot Deva for getting the water purifier repaired without much effort and AC functioning without any problems Deva.

Thanks a lot Deva for helping me in completing my job certifications on time. Please help me in my work Deva, You know the problems that I am facing. I am leaving all my worries at Your lotus feet Deva. Please bless me to get rid of negative thoughts and be at Your lotus feet Deva. Please bless my husband with a permanent job Deva.

Thanks a lot for blessing me to read Sai Stavan Manjari on every Ekadashi without any hurdles, please bless me with this my entire life Deva. Please bless me to do Sai Divya pooja as promised.

Thanks a lot Deva for blessing me with a bonus. Thanks a lot Deva for blessing me during grahanam time and please bless me to do the right things during grahanam in this entire pregnancy Deva. Sai Deva, please bless this world by removing this Covid 19 and all pandemics and pulling each and every living being at Your lotus feet Deva. Anantakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai. Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu. Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavanthu.

Hetalji and team really heartfelt thanks for maintaining this holy blog, you are really blessed souls. Please forgive any mistakes Deva in sharing Your miracles.

Sai Ram Ananth Sai Ram Katha Ananth Part 2

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Shri (Sai) Rama Nama helps my daughter to submit dissertation in time after giving an acid test!

Pranams to Hetal Madam and her esteemed colleagues. As promised this is the continuation of experiences with Sairam. Once again it relates to my daughter (M).

In another 20 days after the fever subsided as mentioned in the first experience, she was ordered to submit her final corrected copy of dissertation to her immediate supervisor. She worked overtime and completed it within the stipulated time and gave it to her supervisor. Meanwhile the University announced that the last date of submission of dissertation was 31st, May, 2017. It was already 20th May, 2017. The supervisor lady simply kept quiet for another 3 days. When my daughter phoned her, she said that she had given it to one of her trusted assistants (who was not an expert or the one with any great experience. Her only qualification was that she worked in that lab for a year more. She was keener on buttering the bosses than doing the lab work). On 26th May, my daughter prepared the final copy after doing suggested corrections. The supervisor lady refused to sign saying that she was not the official guide.

Here, it must be mentioned that the supervisor lady was not her official Guide. My daughter, out of courtesy, put this supervisor’s name as Co-guide, below the official Guide’s name for signature. Since the Guide is a busy person with administrative responsibilities in addition to research work, he had told my daughter once that she should get the signature of the supervisor lady first before he could sign the dissertation. With the deadline fast approaching, my daughter was in a real dilemma. Not knowing what to do, she phoned me and explained everything. Realizing the gravity of the situation, I resorted to (Sai) Rama Nama Japa.

On 27th May, she went to her guide but was told that he was busy with meetings till 30th May and was asked to come on 30th by the Guide himself. Meanwhile I silently continued (Sai) Rama Nama
Japa. There was further drama! When ‘M’ went to meet the Guide on 30th May, the Guide was absent and the office people told that he was having a high fever! I desperately went to Sairam’s Q and A website. The reply was “Objective will be achieved well in time with great difficulty by Shri Rama’s Grace!”

On 31st, May, when ’M’ went to meet her Guide, she was astonished to see him sitting in his chair smiling, and calling her to come in for his signature. After obtaining his signature she hurriedly went to her college to get her Principal’s signature (who is the final authority to send the Dissertation to the University) which she did get. Later she learnt that the Principal was due to leave the same night for 10 days! Dear Readers, you know this would not have been possible without Shri (Sai) Rama’s grace. I really don’t know how to thank Shri (Sai) Rama except bowing my head on His feet!
Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram…!

My Own Experience

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India and I want my name to be anonymous.
I am sharing my own experience since I even started thinking about Sai Baba.

I was laid off from my job from 17th August 2020, and remained jobless till 31st December 2020.
My uncle passed away in December 2020, and while going to the Ganges for the last rites, my brother-in-law told me about his Sai Mahaparayan experience and tried to convince me.

On the first thought I found joining the Mahaparayan group would be a burden( reading the allotted 2 chapters every Thursday from Satcharitra) and I will not be able to continue. But I committed and joined the Mahaparayan group, that was 3rd December, Thursday.

On returning the same day I got a call for a job. On 24th December, again a Thursday, my job was confirmed to me.
Today, the 18th March, I was fighting a case where the opponent became lenient and granted me relief; again a Thursday.

Now, I have started believing that Baba is always with me and my family and showing me the right path. Om Sairam!

Thanks For The Help Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been a devotee of Baba for more than ten years now.
I have also shared many experiences in this blog and thanks to the team for publishing every single experience of mine. This particular experience of mine might seem very trivial to others but it’s a huge thing for me.

I have a fear of lizards. I just can’t stand them and get really scared on sight of them. Once it so happened that a huge lizard somehow entered our restroom, I didn’t know what to do about it and was just standing still. All I did was call out Baba and believe me it just went outside without me doing anything. I really thank Baba from l the bottom of my heart for helping me in every single thing.

I cannot put into words how relieved I felt. I beg Baba to always protect me, my family and all the devotees like this. Please be with all Your devotees and help us as You always do Baba. Om Sairam!

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  2. Baba everything happens by your decision if you want us to take the car, please let us and show some signs, we have refused the other car as you said no. We will act based on your decision only sai, if you think that we are not deserving to have a car then don't let us saima

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  5. saima , both the kids started daycare full time today. please be with them. appa pls make sure they dont fall sick. you know my sistuation. Appa please increase meenu appetite she should starting well. please bless them with hale, healthy and beautiful life. Please appa, please bless her back with her beauty. she looks malnourished. please appa i beg you. V should study well and be hale healthy smart boy. he should make more friends and have a good life.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  6. OmSaiRam, OmSaiRakshaksharanam. Baba please protect all from corona. Baba help us in solving the issue. Waiting for your miracle. OMAROGYAKSHEMADAYA NAMA

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  8. Om Sai Ram, SaiMA! What should I say? You know everything. The negative skill assessment came a blow to our life. All our dreams for sponsorship and PR Visa has shattered and smashed to ground. However I believe that you have some different and better plans for us. Please do not delay as I am losing my Nishtha & Saburi Ma. Om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram

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