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With completion of a decade we have got in touch with many good souls who transited from readers to a family. We have seen a vast amount of readers but few readers pour in such loving words of inspiration which we feel that it has to be shared with you all as well. We have notably taken their testimonials and they have been consistent readers of our blog. Yeah, it’s a proud moment for all of us. But how can be keep them with ourselves, such testimonials are ought to be shared with you all. We thank everyone for their precious words of praise and we are proud that we have put in such efforts to live up to each one’s standards and expectations.

1. Narsimha Rao

Baba has always unique ways of teaching and guiding His devotees. As noted in Sri Sai Satcharitra, those who belong to Him, He pulls them towards Him through different experiences. Much more than when He was in physical body, His presence felt now and every devotee’s experience is unique, personal and intimate. His subtle presence is felt by millions and millions of people every single moment. Each devotee’s experience not only gives solace or bliss either spiritually materially but provides an answer or guidance to others in its own way as suitable for other devotee’s spiritual or material needs at that moment. That’s why Baba advised Hemadpant to gather His leelas or devotees’ experiences that would redeem the lives of His children. Every second scores of His devotees, spreading across 7 continents of the world, hear Him solving their issues or uplifting them in various ways. Some asks for job, some asks for cure from diseases, some ask for children, some ask for money and some ask for spiritual benefits but all have one unique quality in their prayers”faith and devotion” which makes Baba to run for their rescue. The Lamp of His Divine Light is glowing nook and corners of this world. He is eternal in this universe as His leelas are anant and that mere thought put me on a quest to gather experiences of contemporary devotees. I was thinking it is an impossible task to undertake as at the most I can reach to handful of devotees I know and where is wherewithal to reach millions of devotees.

Baba has answer for all our issues, like the way He answerd Das Ganu’s doubts on Isha Upanishad. While skimming with several thoughts on how to proceed with His divine command, He prompted me to a website “ShirdiSaibabaExperiences.org”, a blog dedicated to Shirdi Sai devotees’ experiences initiated and maintained by Baba’s loving child Hetal Patil. When I first visited the blog, it was startling to see the mammoth effort went in compiling thousands of Baba devotees experiences. There is no doubt to collect, edit and publish so many devotees experiences on daily basis, requires complete dedication and enormous amount of love for Baba. It was a fascinating experience of talking to Hetal ji for the first time when she explained how and why she started the blog. When she started the blog, she might not be aware that in future she is shaping herself as a “torchbearer” in Sai’s world of bliss and she might not be aware that this her effort would become a “Hall of Faith” for many. As expressed by many, this blog became a modern Sai Satcharitra and reading the blog became is a daily dose of Baba’s ambrosia for His children.

Baba lives in the hearts of His devotees and helping His devotees is akin to worshiping Him. Baba in many occasions proved that whoever feeds or helps any one selflessly they are very dear to Him. True to His teachings, Hetal ji not only accommodates sharing the experiences but also she goes extra mile in arranging to take prayers from parched souls posted on the blog to Shirdi selflessly praying for their relief. I salute from bottom of my heart to Hetal ji and her team in helping Sai World . Now I know the spirit and energy behind this was none other than “Himself” and I can imagine how lovingly and softly held Hetal Ji’s hand to navigate her for the past 10 years. That shows Baba chose Hetal ji as His divine instrument in spreading His message and His presence everywhere. Is it not amazing to be part of His life story?

To me, looks like there is His divine will behind this blog celebrating 10 years in the 100th year of His Mahasamadhi. If we look beyond the physical aspects of this fact, we can decipher inner meaning of why this blog was started exactly 10 years ago i.e. 90 years after His Mahasamadhi. In spiritual world, “0” means infinite protection of our divine creator and represents connection with God. 9 signifies “nava vidha bhakthi” and has very high significance as we read in Sai Satcharitra. Practicing Nava Vidha Bhakthi makes us to be eligible to receive His divine grace and merge in One (1) ness of Supreme Power. Hetal ji might have completed her perfection in the “bhakthi” principal over many of her past births and finally Baba gave His blessings and provided divine energy to start spreading His leelas in entire world exactly 90 years after He took the subtle form.

As He is eternal, this blog will be eternal with many more decades in future. Hetal ji., you are His blessed child and we are blessed for being in your association.

2. Rohit Setia

Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha

“The fortunate Bhaktas of Sai, will find the Sai-leelas as the Kalpataru (Wish-fulfilling Tree). Drinking this nectar of Sai-leelas, will give liberation to the ignorant Jivas, satisfaction to the house-holders and a sadhana to the aspirants” – Chapter 30th, Sai Satcharitra .
Same applies to this modern Sai Satcharitra.

Reading devotees experiences from across the globe, give immense joy (parmanand) which can’t be described in words. It provides positive energy and takes away negativity from our lives. This help us realize that we are part of a big universal family – Sai Parivaar, where Almighty Sai Baba is looking after each of us, ensuring our spiritual upliftment and helping us to carry our worldly duties. Hetal Mataji, Pooja Mataji and other devotees are inspiration to me in this age, an example of how to surrender to Baba. My sincere gratitude to all who help me getting closer to Baba, make me realize Baba’s presence everywhere and for giving me opportunity to be part of MahaParayan and Ananth Akahand Sai Mahajaap.

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

3. Ritwik Sai Gajendra

Finding this blog was Finding my Messiah, Finding a tiny space in the Almighty Heart for those uninhibited tears, longing for love and togetherness, of losing self and Finding Him!!

Baba, my saviour, came to my rescue in the form of this blog to take me to the path of being in being with Him.

Now, the mere mention of this blog fills my heart with waves of faith and love buoys up sailing me off to detachment.

The journey has begun and my Messiah is with me, MY SAI IS STILL ALIVE!!


4. Priyanka Gangade

Om Sai Ram all Devotees

I am Priyanka Gangade from Pune. This blog is life. Yes, you read it right. It gives you experiences of devotees which make you believe Miracles do happen in real life. The blog pulls you out of your bad Karmas and puts you straight on to the right path. Make reading this blog your habit and witness your life graph raise so high.

I got into reading this blog while I was reading about Sai Baba online , it was the best gift i got in life . Grab this life opportunity and experience miracles in life almost everyday.
Om Sai Ram

5. Harish N Ramakrishnan

Om Sai Ram,

This blog has helped me build a strong sense of connection to our beloved Sai that can not be just described in words. Reading these experiences here has made me realize that Sai is ever living and even more active than when he had his mortal form. The experiences I have read here have been so timely on many occasions that could not have been just a coincidence. Reading Sai’s stories is just the way of life and in a way keeping his company and I pray to Sai that this blog stays this way ever active until the end of time.

Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

6. Rajni Narula


I came across this blog when my life was surrounded with lots of troubles once I started reading devotees experiences it truly changed my life and I started to understand baba’s love for his children. This modern satcharitra truly gave a new direction to my life.
now reading experiences on this blog became my addiction😊

I joined satcharitra Mahaprayan and sai naam mahajaap only through dedicated members of this blog.

Thankyou Hetal ji and team for providing such a lovely platform where we all members of baba’s family can share our love for baba and help each other in rough times.

7. Dhiraj Agarwal

As Baba says, life which you are experiencing is because of your karma’s. Really its true in my case. It is my previous or this life good karmas that I came across this site of modern Sai Charitra (http://www.shirdisaibabaexperiences.org). Reading experiences daily without fail on this site has become a vital routine of my life. It not only boost up my faith and patience towards Baba, but it also guides me how to behave in our day to day life. I think it is a crucial step towards attaining moksha. Thanks team Hetalji for this wonderful initiative. OmSaiRam.

8. Gowri Oberoi

Om Sai Ram. I am Gowri Oberoi from New Delhi. Sai blessed me many years ago by connecting me to this blog through Facebook and created a divine bond between me and his angels Hetal Patil ji and through her to Pooja Garg ji when randomly I read her experience one day. Just by wishing to share my experiences here has made so many miracles happen and brought me so close to dear Sai, increasing my Faith (Shraddha) and Perseverance (Saburi) tremendously. The numerous amazing life changing experiences of mine that I’ve shared here are proof of that.

9. Hrithik Goyal

I have been associated with this blog www.shirdisaibabaexperience.org for the last 8 months, when pooja didi gave me the permission to post experiences in the Sai darbar group. I was captured by the simple yet creative, innovative and the way everything is always put up on the blog. Those messages and experiences are something that always have a hidden message for each of the one who seeks for answers from Baba.All the experiences are classified date wise into various categories which makes it easy for readers. Hetal jis blog has eventually turned out to be a platform to tie all the Sai devotees together, bringing them closer to Sai. The picture thoughts on the blog are something I wait for as I can find Baba answering my Queries through them, leaving me satisfied & content. May this blog revolutionize the lives of people with Baba’s blessings. Amen *Lets us come together and take out precious gems from this treasure blog.

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