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Hetal Patil Rawat – Owner & Founder

Profession: Full-time Professional blogger, Content-writer, Social Media Influencer, Graphic Designer

Location: Baroda, Gujarat, India

Role: Creating blogs, Maintaining present ones, final posting and supervising blog posts, coding and technical look outs.

Duration: April 2008 – Present

Inspiration: I come across this question every now and then that what’s the idea behind starting blog of Lord Sai Baba. My answer to all is that when i was taken into His fold, i had a quest to know more and more about Him. As i read Sai Satcharitra, i felt there would be many resources where facts about Him can be dug. So this quest lead to reading many books of Him which i was unable to keep it to myself. A decade ago, when internet was not so popular in India, i searched ways about how can i spread this treasure and eventually i came to know something about blogging, I started contributing to my mentor’s blog, but then he suggested me to start my own blog as he felt that potential in me. In a nutshell, sharing facts of treasure that i gathered with audience at large was my main motto behind starting blogs.

Anil Gupta – Senior Editor

Profession: Software Professional

Location: Texas, USA

Role: Editing received experiences, making batches for the same and make it ready for publishing, maintaining database.

Duration: April 2011 – September 2013

Inspiration: Congratulations to all devotees and our team involved in keeping this blog alive for a decade and hoping Sai Baba will keep pouring His blessing on all of us in coming years and always. With Sai’s blessing, this community is growing like anything. Our Sai Baba Experience blog is like modern Sai Satcharitra, where we see how Baba helps millions of people. Baba, only wants to see Shradha and Saburi in His devotees. He is always ready to get devotee’s all pain and bless them a good spiritual life.

My belief is that we get inspired to believe in Sai in one of three ways.

1) Family culture and believe in Sai Baba – a person, who grew up praying Baba since his/her childhood. He/she has seen so many miraculous experience and he/she cannot live without chanting Baba’s name any day.

2) Sai Baba’s Leela – Now a days, everyone is so busy and life is becoming so much tensed. Sometime, people go through a tough phase of life. When they start praying Baba, they feel lot of miraculous experiences and they start believing Baba.

3) Inspired with Friend or Someone – This is where a person comes to know about Sai Baba with a friend or someone and after that he/she becomes Sai Devotee for always.

I am #3. I was in Pune on an official visit for a week (Mon-Fri) with a very tight schedule. There was no plan that I will be going Shirdi. But because of some circumstances, my office work was interrupted for initial two days and I was required to extend my visit for two days in next week. So I had to stay in Pune on weekend. My friend suggested to visit Shirdi on weekend and we visited Shirdi. That’s where my Spiritual Journey with Sai Baba started and it will never end. Believe me that I visited Shirdi without any wish and it was just a casual visit. But after that visit, I experienced so many things in life, that went smoothly just because of Sai Baba blessings. Now I feel, I cannot breathe or live without Sai Baba. Every day, when I pray to Baba, I get Baba’s blessing. This blessings gives me energy to run though daily routines and challenges.

Another big event happened when I came to know about our Sai Baba Experience blog. I started reading people experience and found how much merciful my Baba is. In all experiences Baba helps His devotees in such a miraculous and spiritual way, that devotee’s belief in Sai Baba gets strengthen and helps devotee to follow Baba’s guided spiritual path. I wished to take a deep dive in these experiences. Baba heard my wish and connected me with Hetal Ji. I have never done this kind of blog work. But with Baba kind guidance and Hetal Ji’s help, I could able to edit experiences and could able to get experiences posted on the blog. Everyone has good and bad phases of life in whole lifetime. This is all happens based on past karma. If someone is facing bad phase of life, he/she should start chanting Sai Baba name. Baba will help in crossing the tough phase of life without any fears or tears.

Keep chanting Baba’s name, keep getting blessed.

Jai Sai Ram,

Sonia Sharma – Editor

Profession: IT Engineer

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Role: Editing received experiences, making batches for the same and make it ready for publishing, maintaining database and sending notifications to readers.

Duration: September 2013 – Present

Inspiration: Baba is My Guru and Friend. My love for Him and His love for His devotees cannot be explained in words, Baba’s selfless love for His devotees inspired me to serve for Him and this blog gave me that opportunity. I feel truly blessed and closed to Baba by associating with the blog.

Kriti Bagai – Creative Designer

Profession: Sr.Graphic/UX UI Designer

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Role: Making all creatives for our blogs and spiritual network.

Duration: April 2015 – Present

Inspiration: I started working as a Creative Designer with this blog in the year 2015. Thank you Baba and Hetalji for choosing me!! I am a small instrument of Baba, He Himself is the designer:) Baba only designs every creative and knows better what message to give and to whom. But whatever I make through His inspiration I always think that it should reach millions of people which would in return give them strength to overcome the problems they are facing and increase their faith in Baba. Now this has become the purpose of my life. Lastly my heartfelt thanks to Hetalji, without whom I was not able to do anything. She is definitely living ‘Sai’ and a true mentor for me.

Pooja Garg – Editor

Profession: General Manager

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Role: Editing received experiences, making batches for the same and make it ready for publishing, maintaining database and sending notifications to readers, publishing prayers on, maintaining blog and coordinating major spiritual ventures like MahaParayan and Naam Jaap beyond blogging radiuys

Duration: August 2016 – Present

Inspiration: The mere word Thank You would not justify the gratitude for my soul sister, my living Baba Hetal Di for my connection with Baba and also the various seva opportunities like Mahaparayan, Naam Jaap and many more along with the honour to be the Editor for this Modern Sai Satcharitra.

Although I knew this blog from 2009 but became consistent reader from 2016 January only. I always wondered how lucky Hemadpant and Hetal Di are and wished to contact Hetal Di somehow for any service opportunity but never did so. Then in March 2016, I shared one experience and as I always say that I never knew sharing that one experience could actually change my life altogether. Thanks a lot Shekhar ji and Sonia ji also for connecting me to my soul sister! When Hetal Di asked me to be the editor, I felt like a dream and wasn’t sure if i would be able to do it justly. I just trusted her and Baba and now realise each and every little thing is planned so well by Baba only.

Trust me reading this modern Sai Satcharitra consistently will actually change your life’s motto too, just as in my case!

Kanika Sahdev – Facebook Co-ordinator & Prayers Blog Editor

Location: Delhi, India

Role: Segregating incoming emails into experiences and prayers, editing prayers and making them ready for publishing.

Duration: August 2017 – Present

Inspiration: With this blog I came close to My beloved Saimaa and got the opportunity to join more people with Him and Mahaparayan through which happiness came into their life. I want to continue this for lifetime so that more people will get opportunity to offer Saimaa and get happiness with His blessings.

Pooja Pillay – Official WhatsApp Group Co-ordinator

Profession: Operations Manager for an International Airline

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Role: Official Whatsapp Group Co-ordinator

Duration: Decemeber 2017 – Present

Inspiration: Baba gave me a lifeline at a time when there was no one. Only God could help and He did. Slowly He initiated me on a spiritual path, I see Him as a friend more than anything. Associating with the blog was just His way of asking me to constantly be with Him and spread His message and let the world know that He exists. I didn’t know Hetal Di at all. One day sitting in a Baba temple I felt like calling her. I absolutely didn’t know what to say. I just knew Baba made me call her and introduce myself and share my life story with her. I told her about my thoughts on an official WhatsApp group and well rest is all history and a beginning of an amazing journey. A spiritual journey to the world of Sai.

Aashvi Khanna – Instagram Co-ordinator

Profession: Teacher and admin at school

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

Role:Handling Our Official Instagram Account

Duration: February 2018 – Present

Inspiration: I wanted to serve Baba in some way and i got the idea that Hetal Di’s blog has not reached to Instagram which is popular social media platform for youth of today. So entered this domain to get more people as devotee readers

Ritu – MahaParayan Blog Editor

Profession: HR Consultant

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Role: Editing experiences related to Mahaparaya

Duration: December 2017 – Present

Inspiration: Thank you to you and Poojaji for giving me an opportunity to be a part of volunteers team for MP experiences as an Editor.

And of course a big thank you to you My Deva, My Baba, My Sai, My Love.

Baba just read my mind in a jiffy and fulfilled my wish and it was manifested as this – One day while talking with Poojaji on a call, I got to know that she is the editor for Hetaljis blog Saibaba Experiences, and a just a passing thought arose in my mind that how lucky is Poojaji to be doing such a great service and wish I would be able to do something like this but I didn’t realize that My Deva read my mind and fulfilled my wish.

Suddenly one day Poojaji called me to know if I would like to be an editor for MP blog, and I was taken aback when I heard this and without a thought I immediately said yes & grabbed the opportunity, so this was my short story of how I became a part of this journey and also for everyone to know that when I edit MP Experiences its only and only Baba who’s doing the editing as I most of the times don’t realise what I have typed this myself, this is just one of the endless leelas of Baba.

Baba always show your mercy on your children and thankyou for giving an lifetime golden opportunity of doing your sewa.

Rinki Das – Hindi Translator & Narrator

Profession: Proud Mother

Location: UAE

Role: Translating and recording posts from our blog roll.

Duration: March 2018 – Present

Inspiration: As we know that our beloved Baba always encourages good thoughts, same happened with me. As I wanted to serve him in any way and he showed me the path. First I was introduced to mahaparayan through blog, then naam jaap and then Pooja Pillay ji introduced me to devotees experience group (In that group out of 50 members she asked me for the hindi translation and voice recording that itself is a miracle for me) as I wanted to serve Baba and he gave me chance. After discussion with hetalji everything got finalized. Even though I don’t know how to do and what to do still I said yes because I know Baba is there to take care.I hope I can give my best to serve my Baba.

Thanking you,
Rinki Tarun Das.

Supriya – Hindi Blog Editor

Profession: News Writer

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Role: Hindi blog editor

Duration: March 2018 – Present

Inspiration: Baba introduced me to English blog of in 2012. But I had a wish that Hindi speakers should also have an access to this gem. Then on 1st January 2018, Baba came to my dream and told something like “Aur Mehnat Kar, bhaut sari stories likh, fame milega,” meaning “do more hard work, write many stories and you will get fame.” In my dream, I thought that Baba was asking me to work harder for stories at work, because this is what I do for my profession; as a news writer, I write stories. But later I realized that Baba might have been asking me to write stories for Him, or it could be both; writing about him and writing for work. This is how he brought me here .

There are many people who have contributed indirectly to this blog and whose names are worth mentioning at this juncture are: My parents, brother, husband, son Krishaang, Alpesh Patel my mentor, Rana Bhaiya who is my Spiritual Mentor, Anil Gupta who maintained blog by daily posting in my absence during maternity period. Sai Brother Anubhav ji who used to carry loads of books of Sai Baba from Delhi for me and helped to create a library at my home. Sai Dhara Aunty who was instrumental in sowing seed of devotion in me and reading out stories to me for sharing.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Hi, I tried submitting an experience but not sure if it has been submitted or not coz when I click "submit experience" home page appears. I'm not sure how do I contact the team. Please advise.

      • Hello, I am an indian devotee of Shirdhi Sai Baba living in Geneva Switzerland.
        There is no temple here and I have no contact with any other devotees living in this part of the world.
        I have completed my “9 Thursdays Sai Baba’s fast” today and would like to get help in distributing the Sai Baba’s books to at least 5 people today.
        Can you please help me to send the attached link – where all the chapters of Sai Baba’s book can be found – to at least 5 people in your group on my behalf. It would help me tremendously to fulfill all the practices Sai Baba recommends to close ones vow of the “9 Thursdays fast”.

        I thank you whole heartedly.
        With warmest wishes.
        Jai Sai Baba.

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