Sai Ram Stopped Me When I Was Going To Leave My Family And Every One – Anonymous Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have completed my graduation successfully by the support of my Baba. From past 3 years i am suffering with financial, friends and love problems. Baba has always supported me by giving enough strength and to face all the problems. I am very thankful to our loving Baba for being always with me and making me realise that i am always there for you. I had many many great experiences with Baba who always taken care of me. I have seen this page 3-4 days back. By reading all the miracles i used to have Goosebumps sometimes and felt very happy for all the Sai devotees. I never thought that i would share my experiences here. But today some miracle happened again with me. I want to share it. If any mistakes are there please forgive me Baba and my friends.

From my childhood i used to visit Baba’s Temple with my friend (Neha) as she is a Baba devotee. I never knew the value of Baba that time. Simply i used to go Temple just to give her a company. It continued till my 12th standard. Then i joined B.Tech i got very very beautiful people as my friends who always take care of me like my parents. I felt like i am the luckiest person in the world to get them as friends. In my 2nd year, i fell very sick. I was unable to breathe and to walk even. I could not make any move. My father did not show any interest in my health. However, my Amma (mother) used to take me to doctor. At that time we did not had enough money for food also in the home. My Amma borrowed money and used it for my treatment. One final day, Doctors told me that i have Tuberculosis, both my lungs are spoiled. Then after coming home i told my problem to Neha with whom i was not in contact for almost months and months. I told her everything. She cried. She knows my family financial situation. She brought all food which i need (eggs, Tropicana, bread, all basic foods and some money which she had). I took free treatment from government hospital for one year which did not show any improvement. I told my problem to my friends also. They were such a good people they carry my bags to class and hold my hand. I had to face a situation where i can choose only Sneha (who doesn’t have any friends and sit alone in the class) or friends. I choose Sneha and i have lost my beautiful friends. I became a lonely person and i used to see all my friends having fun and miss them sitting in one corner with Sneha. Every day after coming home i used to cry a lot with lot of pain.

One night i got cough for one almost one hour continuously. I got scared that i am going to die. Amma gave me syrup and did many things she can to control my cough but nothing worked. I don’t know why i suddenly told Amma to put live Aarti at 10.30. By the end of Aarti i became normal I could able to breathe nicely. That day i started believing in Sai Baba. Thank You so much Baba for being with me. I did not ask Baba to heal my problems but He made me realise that i am there for you always and further i had many such experiences in the same way. I was unable to sit or sleep when i had tuberculosis. I used to chant Baba’s Name and i would get some relief at least. Whenever i step out of home, i used to take Baba name. In the beginning i was shocked why i am taking Baba’s name. Without my sense i started taking Baba’s name in pain and happiness. I thought Baba is in my heart and so i am remembering Him. I started taking His Name in every action. When i am happy, i say thank You Baba. When i am in pain, i ask Him stupidly why You are giving pain to me like this even though i did not do any mistake. Then immediately i used to get answer from my inner heart – may be because of past life karmas. I beg Him to give me strength and be with me.

I had a best friend Sam (my love) with whom i share everything who loves me secretly. Neha told me why you want to go away from him, when he is perfect for you, I don’t know why i started having feelings for him and he understood that. He proposed me and i accepted. After one week i told him about my health problem that i have tuberculosis. He read about it in internet and he was heartbroken. He said he will send money to take treatment in care hospital. I said my parents won’t accept and I am taking treatment near homeopathy, don’t worry i will be fine. But he was lost and committed suicide. He went into coma and by my prayers, Sai gave him chance to live. We both were happy. He became my strength and weakness. He gave me 20k every month for my food and expenses. I used it for treatment and food. Now i became a healthy woman. He treated me as his wife. We were so happy. I thought Sam is gift to me given by Baba. He always behaved like he is the person born for me only to take care of me every day and night. From few months we both are misunderstanding each other and we both had so much pain in our hearts. But we fight and we still stay together. On every Thursday we would get solution for our problems. Likewise it continued and we got a distance between us. We stopped talking to each other. We had a Break up now. I stopped eating food for one month. I became very weak now. I used to think always to die which is better than to take this pain. But Baba never allowed me to do that. As Baba says committing suicide is a sin and my heart also never allowed doing such actions.

Once i was crying like hell which lead to breathing problem and i decided to die by crying continuously. All of a sudden lizard fell down on my bed. I am very scared with lizards and i stopped crying within a second. I went to another room and slept for some time. After Some time Sam called me and we were back again to normal. Like this Baba came to me in many forms and saved me. If we are together then it’s just because of Baba only who taught me to forgive and give only love to all but not pain, especially we should give love and care to those who need. Though we are not yet married, we did all those things which wife and husband have in relationship. It’s just we are not married officially. He is my world and i am his world. But from the last week i had so much pain, so I decided to leave home and every one i knew. I decided to go Shirdi for asking Baba to show me the new way. I have made all my plans ready to leave. Today i thought of attending noon Aarti but i could not attend. One Aunty came to our home normally to visit us. Aunty and Amma were talking about a person in our colony who left home. That person is of age 25 yrs had a good job, no problems, no love issues nothing. Aunty was very close to him and Aunty started crying for him in front of me saying how he could leave us and go. We gave him all he wanted, we took care of him as small baby and his parents are crying for him day and night. I cannot see them any more in that situation. Immediately i realised that i am going to do a big mistake in my life giving pain to my parents who were always there for me when i need them.

Today is Thursday. I realised that Baba only sent her to me to make me understand the situations. Each and every one knows about that missing person in our colony except me. I don’t know why Amma and aunty discussed all this in front of me only. I knew that all this is Baba’s way of showing me the right path. I decided not to leave home and cancelled everything. I understood that why Baba did not allow me to attend the noon Aarti because Baba wants me to listen to all this missing person details and the pain for their parents and to his close ones. I have decided to stay in home with everyone. As a Sai devotee i cannot give pain to anyone knowingly. I made everyone happy around me and as far as possible i will make everyone happy around me. I will go to temple in the evening and take Udi and start taking it which can heal my health issues. I will start reading Sai Satcharitra today. I knew Baba will give me my Sam back to me very soon because He answered to my question “Baba, will Sam and i continue our relationship?” I got a number in my mind which i entered and finally it showed “You will celebrate a happy occasion. Disputes will be settled.” It means our arguments or fights will be settled soon. I just need to be patient. Whenever we fight or had an argument we decide to breakup. I used to chant Baba’s Name and read some stories of Baba which turns me to Sam. I will contact him or he will contact me. We apologise each other and we used to continue our relation with so much of love and care on each other. All this show me we will be back into our relation again by Baba’s grace. Today i got all positive energy and a lot of hope in my life again. Thank You Baba. Thank You so much for being with me always. I heard Baba will choose His devotees by showing His miracles. I am very lucky to be one of them. Baba will never ignore any devotee. He just gives us pain to remove our bad karma and give a beautiful life. We just have to wait for the good things by having faith in Him. Sai devotees, we all are so blessed to experience Baba’s miracles. People, who still did not experience, don’t worry very soon Baba will come to you in any form. Just have faith in Him. Om Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. wonderful experience…. Jai sai baba…Happy new year….Bring happiness,good health and peace in life of all the devotees…bless everyone 🙂

  2. hello hetal ji…jai sai ram….happy new year….i have been writing my experiences with sai baba on this website but it has not yet been published…i guess their have been lot of people who are writing their experiences…so can you please make the publishing of experiences two times in a day i.e morning and evening if possible… its just a suggestion…i had this in my mind from few days and thought today is the right day to suggest as its new year so new changes can take place…Thank you. .jai sai ram

  3. Om Sai Ram
    Wish You Happy New Year to Hetalji and your Family and all Sai Devotees.
    May Sai bless all the devotees

  4. Happy new year to all Sai devotees. This years is born on a Thursday, so it will be a good year for all Sai devotees. Happy new year Sai.

    Dear Sai sister, after reading your post, I feel as if you are close to me. I want to write many things, but I can't. I don't know why. I just have this feeling that one day you are going to be a rich, healthy and happy girl and that time when you think back, all your worries of today will just be memories. You will then feel greatful toward Sai for giving you good health, job, and a married life with Sam. Don't worry that Sam and you often fight. All people in love often fight too much and then unite. Even husbands and wives daily fight. From what you have written, I get a feeling that Sam is a suitable person for you. It's human nature that we sometimes misunderstand our loved ones. We even fight with our father/mother/brother/sister/friends. So take it easy. Take care of your health sister. Be happy always. Chant Sai Sai Sai all the time. I pray for you to Sai. 🙂

    • Very well said by this Sai Devotee & from heart. Pray Sai Baba to be with you all and make your life more happy, peaceful & prosperous.

    • Indeed a wonderfully written reply, Baba please bless this child of yours and bless her with a happy and healthy life….Jai Sai Ram

      Wish you all a very Happy New Year!

  5. Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year devotees!!! May we all stay with faith and patience and serve our baba

  6. Nice experience. May Baba bless all of us with a happy healthy prosperous and peaceful new year . OmSairam
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all.

  7. I love you sai paa..please sai paa fulfil my desire atleast in this year.make my life know how much I suffered last year,please bless me..I never leave you @ any moment..sai paa please I m begging you since 3months,consider me sai paa please…don't make me cry in this first day…

  8. To all devotees of baba a happy new year : )

    Nice experience.
    Speak good to him always. He loved you so much.
    Increase the dose of your love for him.

  9. Om Sai ram. This is Sai Rani, Vijaya Kumar, Sangeetha, tanishka and janisha from Chennai. Wishing every one a very happy new year 2015. Jai Sai ram.

  10. Happy New year to all sai devotees
    This is a nice experience. May Baba bless both of you. ( u & ur Sam). I Hope baba must help u to marry with ur love Sam.

  11. Wonderful experience.

    O Deva, be with us as we begin a new journey on this auspicious day and lead us on the right path. Give us the strength, O Sadguru, to judge right from wrong and help us build our faith and perseverance. Thank You, O Sai, for all the love and happiness You bestow upon us 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. Om sai ram
    wish all sai devotees a very happy new year
    dear sai deva ,i am very dissappointed tht u dont give me darshan in any form.i waited almost 2 years.why sometimes yiu dont can you see some of your child in pain.
    please baba forgive me and vanish all my bad deeds.
    i have surrendered to you completely.please response me …be with me always.
    love u baba.


  14. Dear baba
    Please help me … Fulfill my wishes this year… Help me to get good life partner. Salve mt health problem..
    Om shri sai nathay namah

  15. Om Sai Ram, Wishing all the readers a very happy new year and thank Hetalji for the great platform. I wish to share my experience today. At midnight today I was reading Satcharitra as it was new year and watching Baba's darshan on TV. My favourite colour for Baba is yellow. I felt it will be good if Baba is dressed in yellow today, but Baba was dressed in another colour dress. Suddenly while watching I saw Baba in yellow dress (both Baba and Samadhi) and was very happy and prayed to my heart's content. After a few minutes I saw Baba in the old dress. Thanks Baba for giving me darshan in the colour of my choice. Please fulfill all our wishes. Sairam

  16. Omsairam.happy New year to all sai devotees.Take care of my father and you Saibaba.thanku so much for accepting me as your me and my family.always be with us

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  18. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..thanks baba for every thing…

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

  19. Nice experience! Despite all of the challenges you faced Baba gave you the strength to get through it and also had you help that missing person. Om Sai Ram!

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