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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am unmarried and going through rough phase of life with regards to marriage. And I am eagerly waiting for Sai Baba’s blessings. Sai Ram to all the devotees. Dear Hetal ji, you are really a chosen one from Sai Baba, for you are helping many like me who are going through bad phase of life, through the platform where we get to see the miracles, people are experiencing through the blessings of Sai Baba, hoping some day I will also be the blessed daughter of Sai Baba. I came across this site few months back when I was searching for miracles happening in people’s lives by getting blessings from Sai Baba. And now it has become my daily routine to read the experiences posted by devotees every morning and that brings solace to my heart.

Sai Baba came in my life many years back where I only used to visit Sai Mandir, but I became His ardent devotee only from past 1 year. I was in a long term relationship in which I faced a very rough breakup (in 2008), by then I was already in my late 20’s. Couple of years before the breakup I was diagnosed with Arthritis, which further worsened my condition after the series of events. I came out of it with the help of my family and friends and meditation although it took me 3 long years. After suggestions from my friends and family, I started partner search through matrimonial site and met many guys. But nothing seemed working. Everything used to be fine at initial stages but gradually they rejected me citing one or the other silly reasons or avoided me. In the mean time I met a guy and had liked very much through matrimonial site, but he said no to me after being with me for 3-4months. I was very much dejected. This was when I was brought back to Baba’s Sharan (start of 2012) through my friend who had firm belief in Him. I asked question about that guy for Baba in Question and Answer book for which I got positive response “Apply Vibhuti (from Shirdi) on your forehead and wait for the miracle that takes place”. And the very same day when I confronted about this to my friend, she immediately gave me “Udi” which she had brought from her earlier visit to Shirdi and I was very happy to see this as it was a blessings from Baba. I happily applied Udi thinking that everything will be fine.

I tried a lot to visit Shirdi for almost 1.5 yrs during that time since I had never visited before, but Baba did not permit me for the visit. Days passed but nothing happened and I reduced going to Sai temple gradually (this was in 2013). I used to be in contact with this guy asking him to meet me and wish him on his Birthdays and other occasions but nothing improved between us and he kept on giving reasons to meet and never met. I kept my partner search on and off (though I still prayed for that person). But the rejection continued happening in my life with every guys I met even after knowing for couple of months. I started becoming anxious and used to be depressed. While searching for miracles I came across this site and came to know about “Shri Sai Satcharitra” Parayan and “Nav Guruvar Vrat”. I completed Saptah Parayan of Shri Sai Satcharitra in Nov 2013 and the very next week I visited Shirdi. I was very much delighted that Baba permitted me to visit and seek His blessings.

Meanwhile I met another person from matrimonial site 1.5 yrs younger to me from the same city of mine who showed very much interest in me and I believed it must be Sai Baba’s blessings and I took the proposal ahead to my family. But to my bad fate, he stopped contacting me without saying what happened after 3 months of our meeting. In this depression I asked Baba about the miracle He had said (for my question 2yrs back) and pleaded Him to do something about it. The very same evening I accidentally met the guy I had liked from matrimony while I was returning from my work, my joy knew no bounds but this was short lived where I came to know he is marrying someone. Many time I asked questions to Baba regarding marriage and there was always a positive response but still nothing is happening. Even after all these rejections and my illness, with a hope I took Saptah Parayan again and also started Nav Guruvar Vrat and during this time I convinced myself to expand my search criteria to go for second marriage option. I then I got a proposal from a person who was out of his first marriage and we had conversation and meetings continued for a month. On the 9th day of Guruvar Vrat (3rd April 2014), when I called this person to meet and discuss about the approval from my family side, he cited busy reason and did not even talk properly. I was very much upset as I had pleaded Baba to show me some positive sign on that day as I had completed Vrat the same day, but Baba didn’t hear my wish. That whole night I cried a lot and showed my anger on Sai Baba, doubted on His blessings on me, questioned why He did this to me and blamed Him that He never blessed and was never with me and all my Parayan and Vrat went in vain.

Next day morning while praying Him I wrote Yes/No in two chits, asked a question whether I will get married or not and when I took out a chit the answer came as No. I got afraid and kept pulling chits again and again asking for all possibilities but every time I got the answer No, even when I expressed my desire to visit Shirdi and seek His forgiveness the answer came as No. By this time I was totally shattered and shocked. I didn’t understand what should I do where to go how to plead Baba. After sometime with whole heartedly I asked Baba that “for one last time I am asking please say Yes for my marriage and will do whatever to seek Your forgiveness , will never ever question You Baba nor blame and will accept whatever You give me henceforth”, and the answer I got was YES. I was so delighted. My Baba accepted me back. That whole day when I was travelling to my work or while returning back when I kept on asking Baba to forgive me, He showed presence with His picture or name “Om Sai Ram” written on vehicles. This has increased my happiness and faith. But somewhere I still have fear and I am tensed, cursing myself why I questioned Baba. I am hoping Baba will totally forgive me and shower His blessings on me and bless me for my marriage. I know all this pain is because of my bad karmas I have committed in my past birth.

Sai Baba I am repaying my bad karma these many years with illness and rejections. Now I humbly request You to please distribute my remaining karmas in next births or if possible please forgive me and annul them. But please please forgive me and always bless me Sai Baba. Please grant my wish and bless me for marriage. “Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Para Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai”. “Om Shri Sai Ram

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    • Sai Baba, Khandobaba and Champa Shasti

      08 May 2013 by Leeladhar V V

      Devotees of Sai Baba, many of them might have visited Shirdi and in Shirdi they would have definitely visited Khandoba Temple. It Kandoba temple they might have seen a path way with lots of charcoal in it. On Champa Shasthi On this day, GOD KHANDOBA is worshipped all over Maharashtra. In Ch 5 of the SAI SATCHARITA, Bhagat Mhalsapathy the priest of the Shirdi Khandoba temple welcomes the fakir who arrives with the marriage party of Chand Patil as "AAO SAI" & that then became HIS name thereafter.

      GOD KHANDOBA is an avatar of LORD SHIVA. On this day, a grand festival is held here every year. Many fervent devotees walk over live burning coal kept
      in the long pit. Wonder of wonders, despite walking over burning coal, none of the feet of the devotees is ever scorched/burnt. This is GOD KHANDOBA's grace on those who are firmly devoted to HIM. BOLO GOD KHANDOBA & SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.

    • As we have read in many chapters of Sai Satcharitra that Sai Baba identified Himself with Lord Rama, Akkalkot Maharaj, Shiva, Hanuman, Here in this post we will see how Sai Baba identified himself with Khandoba, Now we will learn a little as to who Khandoba is.

      Khandoba, also known as Khanderao, Khanderaya, Malhari Martand,Malanna, Mailar Malanna, Mailara Linga, and Mallu Khan is a regional Hindu deity, worshipped as Mārtanda Bhairava, a form of Shiva, mainly in the Deccan plateau of India, especially in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. He is the most popular family deity in Maharashtra

      Sai Baba when He visited Shirdi 2nd time with the marriage party of Chandpatil, He got down near the Khandoba Mandir. Baba first wanted to settle down in Khandoba Mandir but was prevented by Mahalsapthy. The priest who welcomed Him to Shirdi and named him as “SAI” was the priest of Khandoba temple. Sai Baba sent Upasani Baba to Khandoba temple when he was under training with Sai Baba. So Khandoba holds lots of importance in Sai Baba’s stay in earth.

      Once Martand, son of Bhagat Mhalsapathy was seated at the threshold of Khandoba Temple when SHRI SAI came there and Martand reverentially stood up to pay his respects. to his surprise and before his very eyes, SAI smiled and walked towards the Khandoba idol and merged in it. In amazement, Martand peeped behind the idols but there was none there. While he looked on in panic, SHRI SAI again walked out of the Khandoba idol and left the temple, smiling at Martand. Martand understood tht SAI wanted him to worship GOD Khandoba's idol as HIS form. BOLO SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!

    • om sai ram sister….i can really understand ur pain….daily ask for forgiveness from dear sai baba…n if possible try to visit shibpur sai temple its in west bengal….baba has nt even called me to visit shirdi or shibpur to hv a darshan of holy feet of our beloved baba….baba please forgive all ur children…even i'm waiting for baba to bless me with my dream and forgive me for my any of bad actions done intentionally or not..please baba forgive us….om sai ram

  1. Dear sister, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, he will surely do the best for you. OM Sairam.

  2. Dear Devotee,
    I think it will be better if you stop worrying about your marriage and focus on your day to day duties. You should also get involved in service activity if you're not doing so already. Sai Ma will provide you what you require at the right time. Everything in life is on timing. You need the right thing at right time and only Sai Ma knows your needs. If someone is putting pressure on you don't react to it. Surrender your-self at the holy feet.

  3. Baba please bless her. As a girl i feel her pain baba. Baba please bless her with a happy married life. You are our only hope Baba…
    Jai Sai Ram…

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  5. Om Sai Ram.
    I too, am a regular reader of the blog… Reading your experience, really moved me, as I too am in a similar situation. Infact, I had the same reply from the q&A book when I asked Baba for the solution to my problem "apply vibuthi".
    Since 2011 end, I have been facing a problem in my life, due to which I ended up making few mistakes, telling lies and hiding myself from everyone. I tried so many times to rectify my situation, but all I faced were rejections. I can't say I found my way to Baba, as it was Baba who pulled me towards him before I even knew the extent of my problems or severity of my situation.
    The start of this year has been even worse… but inspite of these difficulties, I find myself getting closer to Baba… I then had this thought inside me which I wish to share with you…
    The thought was that it was only due to this problem, that I came to close to Baba, that I am able to still live inspite of my problems, that I am able to remain calm and patient… If it wasn't for this situation I was facing, I would never have become close to Baba.. my life would have been just folding my hands infront of God because it is what is expected of us and never truly realizing Him.
    I think it is same for you too… It is because of your problem that you came to Baba, which in itself is big miracle…. Your constant prayers and faith and patience, still shows that you believe in Him and that you have hope. So don't lose the hope and don't lose faith… Baba is there for everyone… keep praying & have faith that soon he will bring you the best in your life.
    I know that sometimes, it take a while for our experiences to be published. So I pray that by the time you read your experience and this comment, your wish has been fulfilled by Baba. Om Sai Ram.

    • even i think in the same was as you….i have suffered a lot..but just coz of that pain and problem i came close to baba (f)


    Dear Sister

    First of all leave all the negativity about yourself- You are wonderful soul, Baba has made everybody perfect,
    you are SAT-CHIT-ANAND , as GOD Himself is.

    YOU are complete and you do not need anybody to make you happy or complete.

    you have created so much negativity around yourself, that the reason you got NO on most of CHITS.

    REMIND YOU- THINGS WILL HAPPEN AS YOU DESIRE, so it is up to you if you think Positive or negative.

    If you believe BABA, then why you are questioning HIM?

    I has always been spiritual since childhood, a mediator, a person to serve others- I was so happy with my life & myself I came to Australia refusing so many wedding proposals saying to my parents that I wont ever get married, as I dont need anybody to make me happy. I used to live like monk in Australia.

    But when destiny had other plans & I must say when you are positive you attract good people, people elder or younger tend to glued to you- So I am married to this person for last 5 years, who is so selfless, give me so much respect & there is so much honesty in our relation.

    SO MANTRA IS-BE HAPPY & POSITIVE, you will attract all the good things in your life.

    (DO you think getting married will give you ultimate bliss? have you not come across so many people who are in pain just because of their wedding? OPEN UP, you are already EPITOME of BLISS)

    LOVE you loads.


    • I too agree with it, positive thinking will be the first step to be happy in our life and then only you can see the reality of life. And more over baba will give us what we deserve and which is good for us but you should have the faith on him and the patience. May baba bless you with all happiness soon……Om sai ram

    • I totally agree with the above comments. Marriage might be an important part of life but it's not everything. Please leave everything to Baba and divert your mind towards your parents, interests, career etc. Learn something new or help others in need. I know you might think it's easy to say but it's not easy to follow. But it is easy if you think positively and stop worrying about your problem. Any problem might seem to be big or small depending on how you take it. If you think it's big then it's big, if you start ignoring it and move on then it might end up not being a problem at all.

      Good luck to you sister and I will pray for you.

    • What a positivity!! By having that positive thinking half of the problems would vanish…you are a blessed soul…Om Sai Samarth..

  7. baba please cure my negitive thinking please bless my kids andhubby with long life please grant this desire om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  8. Sai Ram to all,
    I need help from Sai devotees here. I am trying to find the Sai Satcharita book in Kannada to read it online but I am getting all the poetry version, but I am not finding prose version. I request to share the link if any one knows the link to get the Kannada prose version book. As I stay outside India I am not able to get hold of the physical book. Please help.
    Thank You.

  9. Dont worry sister..Everything will be fine very soon with baba's blessings. May be he is testing you, dont leave faith..Om sairam

  10. continue praying to baba for his blessings..the above comments aptly put it..try to build a strong self respect and go about doing good..baba will take care of the rest..luvv u sai

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    love u baba. take care of all of us baba.thank u baba.

  12. Dear sister! I know that such kind of prblms create tensions but as you are having full faith on babaji….also u r trying your best to find a right guy….Surly babaji will give you the best suited person for you…..

  13. You say every guy rejected you and even for second marriage after speaking to you for few months.
    On this I feel somwhere while having conversation with all those guys you spoke something what they didnt liked
    And while having conversation you repeated the same with everyone. I request you sister please try to recall conversation you had with every guy who rejected you. See where you went wrong. If you got what otr guy didnt liked what you said then next time when you will meet other guy dont do the same.
    Have a good day.

  14. Dear sister…u don't worry sab theek hoga babaji ki kripa se…bus kosish karti raho..baki babaji k haath me chor do..Om sai ram

  15. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Vishnubua Brahmachari*****
    Maloji Raje, the King of the then State of Akkalkot, was a religious person. He
    would arrange for discourses on Vedanta. He was very fond of studying philosophical
    and religious books. He would invite learned people with due respect. In Mumbai there
    was a person named Vishnubua Brahmachari. He had defeated Christian priests in
    debates. The Rajesaheb wanted to know about Vedanta from the Brahmachari. So he
    called the Brahmachari, who came to the palace and delivered a lecture on Vedanta.
    One day, the Brahmachari went for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. In the presence of
    Sri Swamiji he started exhibiting his theoretical knowledge and then gave a long
    narration of Vedanta. At the end, he put a question to Sri Swamiji “How do you
    accomplish the stage of Brahmatadakarata 211? ”. Sri Swamiji did not say anything. So
    Brahmachari thought, “Sri Swamiji is crazy. He does not know anything. Still people
    have unduly exalted Sri Swamiji. I am really a learned man. How could Sri Swamiji
    understand whatever I have spoken about Vedanta? ”.
    At night Brahmachari got a dream that thousands of scorpions have fallen on his
    body and one of the scorpions bit him. He got terrified and woke up screaming loudly in
    his dream. Nearby, there was a Parsi gentleman who woke him up from his deep sleep.
    When he woke up he was seized with fear and started thinking “whether it is true or
    not, I have condemned Sri Swamiji. Is this dream not the result of my condemnation?
    In the morning he came for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Again he narrated Vedanta
    in the presence of Sri Swamiji and put a question to Sri Swamiji “What is
    Brahmatadakarata? And what is the required means to accomplish it? ”. Sri Swamiji
    spoke “You stupid fellow, in your dream thousands of scorpions fell on your body. Out
    of them, when one scorpion bit you, you started screaming in the dream as you could
    not bear the pain and you are making a big show by talking about Vedanta? Do you
    think you would become a Yogi by making childish and hair-splitting narration about
    Vedanta? Get up and leave this place”. Brahmachari pulled a long face and returned to
    his place. He realized that Sri Swamiji is not crazy but a superhuman who can make
    others crazy.

  16. Baba, please bless my cousin so that she get married soon. I gave her your udi to apply daily but I am not sure if she is doing it. But please bless her. She is a good girl and aging almost 30. Please Baba. Help her.

  17. Sai baba, I miss you. These days, you don't show any miracles in my life and I feel very distant from you. My mother-in-law objects me to pray you my own way. Are you angry for that? Please don't be angry Baba. Please help me pray you as usual and be with me like before. Please, do this for me. Please Baba, let's go to a better house so that we spend more time together and I see you and communicate with you whenever I want. Please my dear Sai pa.

  18. Touching experience and I am sure our sweer Lord would have shown a happy solution to you.

    O Deva, Thank You for accepting us in to your fold and blessing us.

    Jai Sairam

  19. baba i did big mistake i won't repeat it very sorry baba my negitive thoughs made me behave foolishly i

  20. Baba, please help me, I am so depressed, I am repeating the same mistake unknowingly, I helped all my life others, I did not expect anything in return. Why are you doing this to me Baba. Everyone says you do wonders, Could you please show your wonders to me, I fall under your feet all the time.Please Baba,please help me. Show me a way to die, Baba, all I am worried is about the love of my life. I do not want to marry her and disappoint her serving me all her life . I want her to enjoy the rest of her life. Please Baba, show mercy on me at least for the sake of her, Tell me how I should Proceed, I am not asking you for fame, money or any pleasures, all I am asking is you for the well being of that innocent girl. I am in a situation, which is completely out of my control.Please baba, show me a way.Please..please..please…I am ready to take out my life too. Whatever you want from me, I am ready to give.

  21. साई जी कहते है कि हर बार सम्भाल लूँगा,
    गिरो तुम चाहो जितनी बार
    बस इल्तजा एक ही है,कि मेरी नज़रों से ना गिरना….

    " ॐ साईं राम "

    तेरी एक झलक देख लू मेरे "साईं"…
    मेरे जीने का मकसद पूरा हो जाए !!
    तू मिल जाए मुझे यू ही कही किसी राह में…
    और तेरी सेवा में मेरी जिंदगी गुजर जाए !

  22. Sai I want die plz, m tired. He doesn't love me. He just hate me n I want 2 die plz help me at least in death. U always satisfy me with ur question answer site, wtever u told me I did. Now I can't bear this. U r also like others u also don't love me. Y r u doing this too me. I did everything dn y? Plz do something at least now otherwise give me death m ready 4 this. No more discussion Sai , at this blog I can say my feelings 2 u n I know u r listening 2 me. I need ur blessing I mean I want his love back otherwise give me death. Sai I love u but u r giving me pain. I have nobody only u r mine plz do something. Sai Sai sai

    • No offense but if you love Sai why do you care about someone else not coming back to you? Faith is only blind otherwise its not faith. Let Sai hold your hand and one day you will be grateful that he didn't come back and that caused some one too better than him to come to your life. Your life is bigger than one guy, Sai has no reason to hate you, please continue your belief in him. If its good for you Sai will bring the guy back but if its not just help Sai help you!!! Jai Sai Ram

    • Om sai ram. Sister by seeing this post you should get answer. Don't waste your time in this love and all. No point in running for him if he don't care for you.

    • First he was running behind me, now he left me without any reason. Sai plz I need u. Thnx 4 reply but I need Sai. I suffered alot but m tired now. Plz Sai I need u.

    • i can understand ur situation as m going through the same problem….but whatever sai has decided for us we have to accept that because he knows the best for us…just have faith in him always..he will always provide you with the best…om sai ram

    • sister even i sailed in the same boat but got down from it now.the guy who was after me throuhout the day who used to die to just see me for seconds left me for no reason.i was also admitted in hospital due to depression.just because of him i came close to baba.i prayed him to give me my lost love but nothing happened and he did not even lift my calls.I also came to know that he is talking with some other girl.i cried and cried and now i have no tears left for him.i made myself strong seeking baba help.i started reading sai satcharitra and this blog daily.when ever i remember him i started chanting baba name.but now after almost 10 months he came back.i could feel the pain in his voice wanting me get back.but i cant help him as iam baba's daughter now.before i have decided every thing for which i suffered but now i left everything to baba to decide which is good for me.i used to think in the same way as you willing to die but now i have no love no hate towards him.this way baba changed me….
      all i wanted to say is if there is no mistake on your side then there is no need to worry.baba is there to teach them a lesson who hurts you! if you are lucky you will witness it

  23. Hi Sai Sister, you showed me a way today, I am so grateful for the above post. I am also a 31+ girl who has been waiting for right person to marry always. I realize now that only thing missing from me was my ask for forgiveness from Sai Baba. Going forward I will ask for forgiveness 24×7 and I am sure I will get a good husband soon.
    I am not a bad person but I have had times when I trust god less. Baba, please forgive me!!!
    Jai Sai Nath!

  24. OM SAI RAM

    Baba please help mom dad to arrange fund and please I have planned to arrange the fund in this way. I would like to share with you. MOM-3, ME-3, RUCHI-1.5, COMMITEE- 1.4.

    Please help us to arrange the same with any hurdles and ease. I need your support and blessing sai nath.


  25. I am under so much depression. Sai u knw me very well tht I am suffering. Only thng I request u n plead u on my knees is please give me courage. I am nvr hurt anyone wth my words n actions. I am always in silence sai ma. I am afraid of going out frm home. Nt evn to any functions r relatives place or any temples too. Ths scarcity I want to overcome saima. I want to come to ur temple n cry to my core of the heart . Please mk me to overcome frm my scary nature. Let me also live like other ppl wth courage. I don't want to live in scarcity like a coward person. Please help me frm my scary nature. Please save me frm scarcity. Please help me to face life courageously. Pls baba pls save me. Pls save me. Pls save me. I am literally depressed n tears always rolling frm my eyes. Folding hands before u n seeking ur help to come out frm my mental illness. Save me sai. Save me baba. Save me pls pls pls. Begging you for help n ur blessings. Sairam sairam sairam

  26. There is nothing more to write to YOU BABA. Being Omniscient, YOU know all the difficulties or the matters that concern me . It’s upto YOU BABA to resolve or repeat. Is there anything too hard for YOU BABA , if YOU will !!! Moumita. Hyderabad

  27. Om Sai Ram…. Baba..please forgive me for my mistakes and keep me away from negative thoughts and more mistakes… Please..

  28. Please forgive me my SAIMAAPAA …. I am ashamed of myself for all my sins. DO NOT LEAVE ME MY SHIRDI SAI BABA … I love you! I am grateful for all your blessings, grace and blessings. MY sufferings are just my fault and I need your help to come out of it SAIMAAPAA.

  29. dear sai baba,
    please forgive my sins that i have done…i do take a vow that i will never such act in a temple…
    I have lost everything..and for this i cry every night..
    Please help in my relation..
    Your's sincerly
    a hopless heartbroken son

  30. dear sai baba,
    please forgive my sins that i have done…i do take a vow that i will never such act in a temple…
    I have lost everything..and for this i cry every night..
    Please help in my relation..
    Your's sincerly
    a hopless heartbroken son

    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

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