An anonymous Sai Devotee has shared few of her experiences in today’s post.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, You are really blessed that Deva selected you for spreading SHRADDHA and SABURI in all His Devotees through this blog. I have already shared you my two Sai experiences which were published as Baba’s Blessing And Support and Sai Deva’s Unique Way Of Solving Problems. I further want to share some more Sai Leelas in my life.

Deva none can even understand Your miracles without Your grace. Deva it’s my humble request to always shower Your blessings on us. Deva, I am writing because You want. We are Your slaves and we are only obeying You. I am not at all a good narrator, but I was amazed after reading my experiences on the blog that how nicely YOU explained YOUR Miracles because I myself could not be able to do this. Hetal Ji, you are free to edit. Please keep my identity anonymous.

Leela 1:

One year on Rakshabandhan after tying Rakhi to my brothers, I got the feeling that I should tie one Rakhi to Deva also because He is the one on whom I can trust for each and every thing. After a long internal debate, I tied Rakhi to Deva. Now, I feel that was Deva’s desire. In 2008, on Rakshabandhan, my brother gave me Rs 1000/- as gift. I took that very casually. After some time, I noticed that some outline is made on one of the Rs 500/- note. My good luck Sai came to my home with that Rs 500/- note. I told my brother about that, but he was completely unaware. That note is the most precious thing for me. In 2010 again on Rakshabandhan, I went to market to purchase Rakhi. While I was selecting Rakhi from a basket full of Rakhis, for my surprise Sai was waiting for me in that basket. I saw a photo of Deva. Again internal debate started whether I should take the photo or not and if anyone notice what they will think. Finally, I realized that this is Deva’s desire so I took that photo. Deva I am unable to explain Your love and blessings in word.

Leela 2:

This experience is about my dream in July 2010. That time I was posted to a far place from my husband’s place of posting, due to that I was trying desperately for my transfer. I was praying to Deva day and night for His help. One night, I cried a lot and slept with broken heart. Deva came in my dream and scolded me “You are crying for your transfer. Ok but after transfer don’t blame me for anything”. After that I never told anything to Deva about my transfer. Now, I can understand Deva’s planning. He is the best planner of our future. I realized Deva’s planning and blessing after my transfer to Delhi. My office was hardly 1km away from my quarter and it was always easy for me to share my problem with my boss as she was a lady and very helping in nature. In Delhi my office is at 20 kms from our township. We travel 2 hour daily by bus. The work is completely different from my previous work. So, I need to study a lot. That time I was in the family way. So, Doctor advised me to avoid journey mainly by bus and to take minimum stress. I went on my maternity leave since December 2010. Only after few days of my delivery I got the mail that I have been transferred to Delhi and I had to report there on completion of my maternity leave. Deva, You are really great. None can think and care for us better than our SAI. I love You, Sai.

Leela 3:

Recently, I applied one of my medical bills for clearance. The amount was high, so account section sent it for approval from our medical officer (MO). I was unaware of the procedure for this kind of treatment that I should have immediately reported the accident incident to MO. Our MO is very strict. So, when my bill reached the MO for her approval, she rejected it saying that I should have informed her soon after the accident took place. I was very anxious and went to a colleague in account section, who is looking after the medical bills. She helped me in refilling the form and went directly to MO for approval of my bill. When I was sitting there, suddenly I saw a poster of Deva and got relaxed. After some time when I was looking at Deva, I found one line written below Deva’s photo “WHY ARE YOU ANXIOUS? I WILL TAKE ALL CARE OF YOU”. This line was complete answer of my situation. After few seconds mam came out from MO office and told me “Your bill is passed”. Deva, You are really taking all care of me, my family and whole world. I have lots of experiences to share, which I will send you later on. Raham Deva. Daya Deva. SAI’s daughter
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Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai sai ram,

    Very beautiful experiences you had. Indeed a blessed child of baba. May Sri sai's grace be always with you and your loved ones.

    I want to request fellow Sai devotees to please pray for my mother's health. I m very worried for her.

    May baba bless us all.

    Regards and best wishes


  2. “Hey Sai, you are really the celestial tree, Kalpataru. As the tree takes Salt water and gives us the Sweet water, similarly you take all the pains of the devotees, and bless us with the Sweet Ambrosia. You take our Karmas and you give us Mukthi."

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. such a wonderful experience. yes, he is the only one, who knows how and when to give what we want. baba always keep your blessings on us. we are nothing without you.

    jai sai ram!

  4. Om Sai Ram !!

    Our Baba is great ! He knows what is best for us and the right time to bless us with our desired things. We love you Baba .. a lot. Please be with us always and ever look upon us… guide us in the right path always and make us good human beings. Thanks a lot Baba for everything you have been showering on us.

    May SaiDeva bless us all always !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. SaiRam Sai Devotees,
    I had posted one of dilemma regarding parayan on comment section. I wanted to say THANK YOU whole-heartily for all the responses I received
    Thanks once again

    Sai Ram


  7. Very nice experiences! Baba is the best person to take care of all our worries (just as he took care of your job, medical bill problems). It is nice that Baba was there every time you felt worried or scared, Baba showed himself to re-assure you that everything will be okay, just have faith and patience. Om Sai Ram!

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