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Sometimes we do not understand what Lord Sai Baba wants to give us. Instead we do not care and value His deeds and then when it is realised, we have to beg it from our Lord.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all SAI devotees and thank you so much Hetal Ji for this Experience blog. I request you to please don’t disclose my Name and Email ID. I am very small devotee of my beloved SAI BABA from INDIA. I love Him very much and I don’t know how to thank Him for everything. He is great. He is my father. He blessed me with a job. Thank You so much for this BABA. Actually I have lost my job two months back and before losing my job I thought I will get new job as I am well skilled and talented. But after losing my last job, I have applied in so many companies, job portals, informed my friends, but nothing was happened. I was sitting free at home for two months, but later I got job with BABA’s blessings.

Few months before (I mean Oct and Nov 2011), I was fighting with BABA that please bless me with my love and conformation for the same I dreamt about it. In my dream, BABA ordered my Love to marry with me, not with any other girl. But nothing was happened. He is married now with girl preferred by his family. He is very happy in his married life. I haven’t talked to him after Oct 2011. But now I am happy for him as he is happy in his married life. May BABA bless him always.

After this incident, I was very dissatisfied with my dream and I was very angry on BABA. I was stopped praying and remembering BABA till Jan 2012. BABA knows that guy was not good for me. After that, things started getting changed. I got busy with my work as my profile was changed and one manger cum friend was helping me in my work. Actually on my birthday, I had personally talked to him for first time regarding Shirdi trip with my family as after 3 days of my birthday I and my family were going to Shirdi. He called on my Birthday for wishing me and asked me for my plan about my birthday. I informed him that I am going to Shirdi with all my family because I want to have Darshan of my beloved BABA. He was helping me a lot with work. After few days, I realized that he likes me and he purposed me I said it’s not possible and I don’t want this. But I don’t know why I have not told him about my first relationship, so I was scared. I started praying BABA that please don’t do this again. I don’t want this thing to be happen again with me. I was avoiding him refusing his calls, messages and emails. But he wants to talk to me one day I cried a lot at front of BABA’s idol, I was telling to BABA please don’t do this BABA please, but nothing was happened. I think he is the gift for me from BABA on my Birthday. I surrender myself at BABA’s lotus feet’s and asked His blessings. Things were going fine in first three months (i.e. Jan, Feb and March 2012). But things got changed now. He is talking less to me. In fact he stopped talking to me and replying on messages also. I want to know the reason for the same, but I can’t do this. He is very nice guy and I respect him a lot from bottom of my heart. He is so caring and soft spoken; I think every girl want this kind of partner in her life. But I don’t know what BABA wants for my life, but I totally believe on BABA. Experience: After losing my last job, I was sitting at home. I tried a lot for getting job, but nothing is for me in job market. 21st May 2012, I was so disappointed with everything from my personal and professional life and again I have nobody with me except my SAI. I prayed again BABA please bless me with new job. Salary does not matter, but I want job with my last work experience. You know what? Same day in evening, I got a call from one of friend for job opening for my work profile. One very important thing I want to mention that my friend who called for job is also SAI devotee. I was so happy that day but I was not sure that I will be getting that job or not. But SAI devotee has called me. There must be some reason. Tuesday gone and no one called me for the same. On Wednesday, I got a call from project manager and telephonic round was great with BABA’s blessing and he asked me to come for interview next day (Thursday). Next day, I went for interview and I was selected for Team Developer profile. Salary is not too good, but I am very happy because this job is given by BABA to me. Thank You BABA for everything. Now I am only tense for my personal life. May BABA forgive me for everything and bless me with this guy’s love because he is very nice and pure heart man. I truly like him.
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  1. OM SAI RAM..Dear sister, Congrats…Baba always listens to us and what we are praying and looking for.But finally Baba will bless us with the best one.We really do not understand untill it happens.Meanwhile we should suffer because of past karma.Nobody can avoid that.But Baba will take us through that phase and reduce the intensity of our pains.
    I have already experienced the same what you are going through.Even I kept on asking baba to bless with a guy whom I loved madly.when the person ended up marrying other girl , I couldnt bear that cheating.I cried a lot and baba consoled me not to worry and leave him in a dream.After a year Baba got me married to a very nice person on the same date my boy friend got married.How wondeful!!!.. Still I'm facing the impact on my health as I was so adamant and neglected my health when I was madly crying for my love.
    Dear..Please take care of your health.Past is past.We feel that the person whom we love madly is the right person.But baba knows what is the truth behind that.Baba never leaves HIS devotees fall into any calamity.
    Please keep faith in HIM.He will surely bless you with a amazing life beyond your expectations.

    OM SAI RAM..

  2. Nice experience thanks for sharing it. Don't worry trust Baba completely he will fulfill all ur desires. Om Sai Ram

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba will bless you soon with an amazing life-partner. Just surrender to Baba wholeheartedly.. he is watching us all the while.. so let us all do god karma and trust Baba entirely. Baba has a heart of Gold and he is so merciful.. he will shower his grace on you soon.

    May SaiNatha bless each one of us abundantly always. We need his grace.

    Love you a lot Baba and thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. dear all sai devotees,

    i have a doubt…the devotee mentioned that she got a dream where baba was ordering the boy that he should marry only his devotee and not any other girl….then how come the dream of baba has turned untrue. how could it happen that the boy married other girl?? it seems because of the dream the writer has developed some hopes and got even more hurted. is there any other interpretation about the dream??which dreams must be believed as they are from baba and not from our subconscious mind?? even if baba appears how can we understand if he is giving a positive sign or a negative sign??

  5. Om sai Ram
    Dear all sai devotees

    Today is my 7th week of baba's nine thrusday vrat. Today I weared yellow sari which is of baba's favourite colour.
    I completed my pooja and i am getting ready to go to baba's temple.I asked baba that i want to see him in yellow dress (shawl).At the same time i asked baba to forgive for the same because i donot want to test baba as he is the father of the nation and ocean of mercy.

    When I entered inside temple gate i am speechless you can imagine why? our beloved father, merciful god is in yellow dress. Tears started scrolling down.Thankyou baba for your blessings.

    Hetalji thankyou for your wonderful job.


  6. Baba knows our past, present and future..may be it is a future indication because baba's words and dreams can never turn untrue

  7. Om sai ram i m agree with rekha g if baba came his dream then how he can ignore sai baba' order infact he loveu u as u said but m sure something is wrong if baba come to my dream nd saying me something like this then how we can neglect his order

  8. Even I agree with rekhaji…how can such a thing happen when baba himself came in the devotees dream and ordered her love to marry her…this is really confusing..why should the hopes of devotees be raised like this to shatter them later…and such experiences make me wonder whether the signs that we get or the dreams that we see should be believed or we should believe the incidences that are hqppening around us…really i dont understand why devotees of baba shud be thrown in such misery should it not be the other way round that people who devote to him should be more happy should get their difficulties resolved…but here i see and read that everyone is suffering…why what our heart wants should be wrong alwaz? does baba not reside inside our heart? and if something comes from the same heart how can it be wrong for us? I am really confused even I am going through a similar and more worse situation where even i kept getting signs without asking for them and then suddenly things have turned so opposite and ugly and now baba has stopped giving any kinda signs neither positive nor negative absolute silence from his end regarding my personal life and i fail to understand this can anyone explain this here?

    Om sai ram

  9. Could you please help me understand my dream:

    I and my husband have entered some temple and the panditji is inside the temple. I can see that I have 2 rupees note in my hand which I'm planning to offer to the god. But then I think of offering RS 5/-. After this my dream broke and I got up this morning.

    I'm not understanding if I have still not offered Rs 2/- (Shradda and Saburi) to our beloved baba.
    I'm confused as to what it means. Please help me understand my dream.


    Dear devotees,
    I saw so many devotees confused about the dream.
    My question is when we have full faith in Baba, why should we bother about anything.
    If Baba wants tell her to do something he'll do it.Nothing is impossible for him.
    Whatever dreams or whatever indications he gives they'll come true if Baba wants it to happen.
    We cannot understand his leelas. Let us try to be good in heart,think good,do good and leave rest to Baba. We do mistakes,let us ask Baba to forgive us and try not to do the mistake again. He'll be ready to forgive us.

  11. Anon devotee of this post, have you tried to talk to your friend /manager whom u like as to why he is only communicating via messages? Lots of times miscommunication happens and leads to misery. I am sure somewhere something happened for him to behave like that. Did you tell him of your previous love? Talk to him frankly and clear up the issue . If does not resolve at least you will have the satisfaction of having tried .

  12. Thanks to all SAI borther and sister….thanks to reading my real life experience, you all are confused about my dream, m also confused. but we dont know what baba wants for us….after gave the job BABA just indicates me that he is with me always….doesn;t matter how many difficulties are coming in my life my SAI is there with me always and i truly love him so much….I LOVE YOU BABA.

  13. Nice experiences! It is good that Baba gave you a good job in the field you wanted and don't worry about the lower salary, Baba will always give you as much as you need. Just as Baba solved your job problem, He will also take care of your relationship problem as well. Just ask Baba if this guy is the right one for you, and Baba will give you the correct answer as to what you should do (if Baba says he is the right one, go ahead, but if Baba says he is not the one, then end the relationship), just have faith in our Baba. Om Sai Ram!

  14. sai baba plz help me mujhe apki jarurt he is baar sb or bhi acha ho baba wrna me haar jaungi apki bachchi zindagi se har jaygi.:(

  15. such a nice experience. pls keep faith and patience, baba soon solve all your problems. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

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