Sai Baba Got Back My Gold From Thief – Sai Devotee Sudha

This is an interesting and faith boosting experience.

Sai Sister Sudha Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Kindly do not disclose my email ID. I am Sudha from Bangalore. At the outset, I want to thank you and your blog mates, who run such an inspiring blog, so rich with wonderful experiences of Baba’s devotees. The day doesn’t seem complete without my looking at the site and soaking in the kindness of Dear Baba for His devotees. I also want to thank Dear Baba for giving me the go-ahead to pen my experience and I am sure He will help and bring out its soul to the fullest extent. I pray to Him to be with me and guide me as always and also to excuse me for any errors in my writing. Please edit the narrative, if you feel it’s too lengthy or if you find any mistakes, since I am not very good at writing.

I came to believe a lot in Dear Saibaba in the year 2010, (prior to that I did not have much information about Him). Thanks to my sister-in-law who was instrumental in this. After that I see Him in all Gods and everything else. I remember very hungrily lapping up every chapter of Sai Satcharitra from the internet, before I could own a book of my own.

During the Navaratri period in October 2010, I had to go to an Electronics shop known to us, for the repair of my laptop which had crashed some weeks prior. This place was in the congested older area of the city. I had, in fact, gone to this place a couple of times earlier for the same reason, but the glitch in the laptop seemed to persist and I had to go back once again.

Finishing my work, I set out during lunchtime to handover the laptop for repair. Roads being quite narrow, parking my car had to be done at a reasonable distance from the place I had to visit. In the earlier visits, I had noticed a calendar with Saibaba (standing pose with abhaya hasta blessing his devotees) hung from a tree within a biggish compound of a temple. Feeling reassured and safe in the divine gaze of the lord, I was walking along that rather deserted road on a hot afternoon, with a heavy purse slung on my shoulder and the heavy laptop in its bag held in hand on the opposite side. As I turned into the cross road, I noticed a young man speaking over his mobile saying that he was waiting there with his car parked nearby. This was obviously to misguide me. As I passed him and walked along, I realize that he would cause me a lot of problem and anxiety for a long period to come.

Nearing the end of the short cross road, a few steps away from the turning on to the next road, I suddenly felt a hand at my neck and some pulling sensation. Before I could figure out what had happened both the gold chains in my neck were gone and I could just see this person whizzing past me and turning into the next road. I was shocked and speechless, my neck was bare and I did not know what to do. But without really thinking hard, I just looked up and called out “Baba” and started screaming trying to run behind him. He disappeared from my sight very quickly. I noticed a large group of college students on that road, obviously out of the college premises during lunch break, and they were standing around talking and many of them were also watching what appeared to be a TV within a shop window, which was beaming some live cricket match. Luckily the road seemed to be sloping downwards and as I reached these groups of students and other passersby, they seemed concerned and asked me what had happened. While some of the sharper ones and good Samaritans had obviously chased him. I was not sure if I would ever get my hands on my gold chains and I did not know what to expect. One of the chains was my mangalya chain and the other was the one given to me by my mother. Both the chains held great sentimental value to me. Some of the people around told me not to worry and tried to calm me down. To my great surprise, within about 10 minutes of this happening, a person came and told me that the thief had been caught and is now sitting in the police station with both the chains. Some sweet college girls then accompanied me in an auto and came in to the station with me, where many of the other students had already come. I felt so grateful for the concern of so many good hearted youngsters. They made sure I was fine and took leave of me. God bless them all!

As I sat at the police officer’s table to do the needful, I noticed a small pocket calendar with Baba’s photo on his table. Then, when I was taken in to the higher officer’s chamber, I was in for a bigger surprise. I saw a lovely framed photo of Baba on the wall with an electric lamp glowing in front of it.

Both the chains were intact except for one link which had opened up and given way. I was unhurt except for a small minor bruise on the right side of my neck. The thief had a knife with him, but Baba had made sure that he wouldn’t use it on me. The thief was a first time offender and obviously had not planned well. He was on his feet and did not use any vehicles or other accomplices to get away quickly.

All the police officers were extremely nice and concerned. Barring the inconvenience of having to visit the station a few times, I did not suffer any damages; my chains were returned to me and needed just some minor repairs. But my faith in Baba was really strengthened many fold, and I feel blessed that He counts me, an ordinary person, as one of His, to be cared for and protected.

Strangely, when a few days later, I had to go with the police to the area where the theft occurred, I actually could not see any shops or shop-windows displaying anything. It seemed a road with just rows of simple houses. Even if it was my Karmic effects, Baba made sure the impact was toned down drastically. He did not leave me in limbo. Within about ten minutes, I was told that my chains were safe. He made sure that a lot of youngsters would be on that road watching a cricket match on that day and would help me out. Just like a concerned father, you call out to Him and He is there for you. Koti pranams to our Dear Father Baba.

Before I close, if I may, I would like to mention a devotee’s experience which I had read, I think in Sri Akkalkot Swamy Samarth’s Pothi. I don’t remember the exact words or name and date. But the gist of that incident I would like to narrate. This was during British India. A Jail supervisor was in great trouble and was in the process of losing his job because one of the inmates had escaped, that night, from the jail. He was very distressed with thought of his future and his family, as he was quite sure it would be impossible to trace him and get him back. He appeals to Baba in his mind and says that he will visit Him and believe Him if He could help him. To his great surprise and relief, the inmate is caught and brought back the same night. On questioning, the convict says that he was quite confident of a successful escape, but as he was running away in the dark wilderness, he was stopped by a Swami Ji, clothed in a dhoti, who just wouldn’t allow him to escape. Eventually the search party had caught up with him and taken him back to the jail. The Jailer realizes that Swamy Samarth (is Sai Baba incarnate) had saved him from a great calamity and then goes and worships Him.
Dear Baba please be with Your devotees as always, and guide us and protect us.



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  1. Very nice experience. It is said that we all have to bear the impact of our past deeds but if we have have faith in Baba he will reduce the intensity of that impact and protect us.

    May Baba's blessings remain on you n your family at all times.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram
    Nice experience this experience shows how baba helps his devotees who keeps faith on him. Sudhajee your r the luckiest daughter of our father baba.


  3. Om Sai Ram, nice experience,only he wants sradda and saburi, and he was Tajuddin Baba(Nagapur) who helped to police officer

  4. Wonderful experience Sai sister ji, Really as u said Baba himself had come to ur rescue.. U are lucky to experience it. Nice. Thanks a lot for sharing it

  5. Nice experience Sudha ji. In these days of chaos and very wrong way the youngsters behaving, this is a very positive action from these college youths! May they all be blessed to do more of such good Karmas and make this world more peaceful place!
    BABA is omnipresent and HE is always there to help HIS devotees. All Sai Devotees keep FAITH alive and BE PATIENT.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  6. Very nice experience! It was a truly Baba who came in the form of those college students, those girls who escorted you to the police station and the nice police officers. Sometimes Baba gives us these experiences just to show us that he is here with us, so if we have any doubts about if he is with us, we remember these experiences he has given us. It is good that you weren't injured at all, and Baba showed himself to you during this incident saying "Don't worry, I'm here with you." Thank you for also sharing the story of the jailer who almost lost his job. Baba is always watching out for his devotees and we just need to have faith and patience. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Great experience sudhaji,really you are lucky.If we believe baba ,baba definitely protects us.Please baba help me finding beautiful girl and devotee of sai for my son.please baba omsairam,omsairam,omsairam.

  8. Though the initial experience is very dangerous, the later experience shows that you were saved by Baba's grace without any damage to yourself or your ornaments. Baba's immense love is depicted in your story. He is always around you when you call Him for help may be small or big. He loves his devotees.
    May Baba bless you and all.
    Om SaiRam.

  9. Sairam All,

    Myself,my aunt and my cousin were in Shirdi this week end.
    We Slept in Samadhi Mandir in the night to be there to attend Kakad Aarti.

    But whn my cousin woke up in the morning,her gold chain was missing.
    We went to Security office and enquired with few securities.But they told us to raise an FIR.

    My aunt said may be its Baba's wish and she didnt complain anywhere.
    Feeling very bad that such incidents happen inside the Mandir.

    Hope she too gets her chain back by some miracle.


  10. Om Sai Ram.

    Wow.. this is a wonderful experience!! Baba is such a sweet father.. he does hear us as soon as we think of him and need his help and guidance ! You are blessed to get Baba's love and care !

    Baba, i wouldn't be bogged down by the current issues.. i am sure you are looking upon me and my family and wil solve every tiny issue and bring utmost peace and happiness in our lives. I will wait with patience, and i need your blessings for that. Am sure you will take good care of everything as you have been. We love you a lot and need your help, blessings, guidance and advice in all aspects of our life.

    Thank you Baba for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  11. nice experience.our saima needs our love more than any thing else from his devotees.if we love him like our father then he will be at our side always protecting us guiding us as every father devotees dont see baba as god have feeling that he is your father mother guru.then baba will always bless you with love.

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