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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Darshan from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am from Bangalore. Thank you, Hetal Ji, for giving me this opportunity to explain Sai Baba’s miracles in my life.

First Experience

I started believing in Baba eight years before when I started my 11th standard than on. Baba is always with me in each of the steps in my life. I was an average student and had no interest in studies. I was very dull. My parents had no hopes that I will pass the 10th standard. But my mom use to read Shri Sai Satcharitra, whenever I was studying for my 10th exam. I was studying just for my parent’s sake and just to pass. I didn’t know Baba at all. Only my Mom was reading Sai Satcharitra everyday and all I knew was Mom was reading God’s book to make me pass. To my surprise, I passed 10th class with 74% and nobody believed it. Even though, I didn’t pray to Baba. He was with me since then and saved me.

Second Experience

From my 11th class, I started doing pooja to Baba every day having in mind that He will make me pass 12th as well. I didn’t know what is Bhakthi, Shradha, Saburi. I was very ignorant. Then I slowly started meditating on Sai’s name “Om Sai Om Sai” and it stretched even for hours. All I knew was Baba will take care of His kids and I used to ask Baba to make me study well and make me score high marks in the 12th Board exams. I prayed for the entire two years every day to Baba for five things. So here is Baba’s miracle. I Had asked Sai Baba I need a high percentage and I need a computer science merit engineering seat and my seat counseling must be on Thursday I also asked a particular college as well. Baba listed to me and everything happen exactly what I asked for. There was only one Computer Science seat left out in my college and my turn was still two days ahead. But I had full faith in my Baba and for two days nobody choose that seat and I got the last merit seat. Baba made me study well and got me into engineering college on merit.

Third Experience

When I got into the third year of my B.E, a girl came into my life till then I had never ever spoken to any girl. But this girl was very soft-spoken. She was my primary schoolmate and after several years, I spoke to her in Orkut and we became good friends. Later after six months, it turned out more than friendship. Then I got somewhat scared that this may spoil my career and studies. For the first time, I asked Baba in Baba’s question-answer book what should I propose to her. Baba told, “you will have happy family life”. Then I proposed to her just seven days before my fifth-semester exams and she readily accepted me. I was very happy. But I failed in two subjects and she failed in four. We were tense and in the sixth semester, we were fighting often out of stress and I behaved very badly with her and very immaturely. But I loved her truly and she loved me too. But after the sixth semester, she said she doesn’t need me anymore and told me I was rude and bad and left me. I didn’t know whom to go. I went to Baba and prayed a lot to give her back to me. I fell sick and lost 10kgs of weight. I use to cry in front of Baba every day and ask her back. Both our families got to know about us. But they didn’t say anything. Whenever I asked Baba, He used to say everything will be all right and with the feel that Baba is with me, I somehow finished my BE. Meanwhile, I started nine weeks vrat for her. In my first 9 weeks vrat, nothing happened. I was totally hopeless, but I didn’t leave my faith in Baba. I started one more 9 weeks vrat. In those 9 weeks, she again started taking to me. I was very happy and I continued the vrat for the next 9 weeks. With each week vrat, I was clearly feeling that she was slowly coming back to me. On the last 9th week, I finished my vrat with due formalities. This was the biggest miracle of Sai Baba that she messaged on that same Thursday that she cannot live without me anymore. We started a new life again happily.

Fourth miracle

All these miracles created a lot of changes in me. I become mentally stable and was totally changed in all aspects. Then it was time for me to get into a good job. I prayed Baba. I started one more nine weeks Satyavrath asking Baba for a good Job in MNC. Nobody believes me. I asked Baba I need a job in three days. It was a miracle on that same Saturday, I had an interview in a big MNC and I got placed. Baba gave me everything I ever asked in my life.

But after all, pride and ego started in me. I started my rude behavior again even with my love and I hurt her very badly. I never compromised and we use to fight a lot for silly things and it went out of the limit. Her family saw her crying every day. I was away in another city with my job and failed to console her. This went on and on and her mother decided to find a different boy for her. They got her engaged to that boy. I am being totally helpless now and am praying Baba to forgive me for my mistakes. I love her truly and I cannot live without her. Baba has told me in the Question answer book that “My wish will be fulfilled”. Now I am waiting with faith and patience for Baba’s one more miracle.

Thank you all for reading my experiences with Baba. I wanted to explain in detail, but I am not a good narrator. All I know is that Baba will always take care of us. Even if you fight with Him sometimes and ask sorry, He will forgive us. We are His children and He wants us to be happy in our lives under His unfathomable grace and Leelas.

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