Road Accidents Averted By Lord Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Meera

Lately we have been reading many experiences of Sai Sister Meera Ji with Lord Sai Baba. Below are few of road accidents which were taken care and Meera ji was saved from any big calamity.

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal ji, These are my past experiences that I recollected after reading other Sai Devotees’ experiences. You may post them if you like.

  • Experience 1:

    My brother in law (my husband’s sister’s husband) was awarded a prestigious degree with honors in the medical field. It was a great event for us to attend GRADUATION like this and we were invited to attend the Graduation ceremony.

    Usually I do not drive in down town area in Atlanta GA. Since both of my sons were not able to go with us due to their job duties, I planned with my sister in law that I and my husband will drive down up to her home and from there we will join them to the place, where this ceremony was going to take place.

    On that day it was raining heavily. On the highway 75, the traffic was moving with just 50 mph. which is too slow compared to 75-80 mph normally. I could have gone with my regular route, but if I take the next exit it would be rather easy. Thinking like this, I kept going towards the next exit other than my usual exit that I was familiar with. I don’t know what happened, but my car did not turn at the curve as it should and it just hit the curb that was set up as a divider to the road passing under the highway. Well, I was shocked and did not realize what happened and pressing accelerator little more my car was sitting on the slim curb with all four wheels hanging by the curb. Sounds funny, huh. But that was the fact. And you know I was now much more scarred with a thought that what if the car had moved more above the curb and the car coming from the other side would have caused a great accident as that car driver would never had expected meeting another car like this.

    Well, my husband was on the passenger side and he directed me how to get my car down from the curb. Luckily it got on the road, but the driver side wheel was damaged so it was moving like a limping cow. And the more I got scared the more I lost keeping in lane at the signal. I should have kept my car in the middle lane so as to go straight and from there I had to take a U turn to go to my sister in law’s home.

    Instead I was in the left lane, so I had to now follow that lane that was leading to highway. Oh no. Now what to do? Being a huge junction, I slowly reached up to the curb on the opposite side.

    BABA sent an angel in the form of a lady driver, who was coming from the road under the highway. She stopped by my car and gave me encouragement that I need to keep going and she will be driving behind me. So I won’t get hit by another speeding car. When I reached on the other side, she suggested me to take the car in the parking lot of the Church, so that I can arrange for towing etc. She came with us into the parking lot too. She waited till we get all arranged with my insurance company and towing service and that she offered us a lift up to my sister in law’s home.

    It must have been looking very funny as I was dressed in very typical high profile Punjabi dress and typical Indian Jewelry. Well, she was very very kind and polite and was very patient during the whole situation. When she dropped us at the door of my sister in law’s home, I asked for her mailing address and her phone number so that I can send her “a Thank you card” and acknowledge by some token gift.

    She very politely refused to give me her phone number or mailing address saying, it is not needed. And she just told me to help others in need when I see someone in trouble, and that would be her greatest payback. Was that BABA in the form of that kind lady?

  • Experience 2:

    Once I was coming home from work. It was winter evening, so even at 6’o clock, it was getting very dark. I was in the middle lane out of 7 lane highway on 75. Out of blue, my car just stopped. It would not crank at all. Now what? I did not carry cell phone in those days thinking why would I need a cell phone? I just go to work from home and return home and I never had to go any other place on the way to home. Never had any event, where I would need a phone while on the way. I do not like even to use the cell phone while driving.

    I realized how wrong I was thinking this way. Luckily I had thrown my weekly schedule on my side seat instead of keeping that in my purse. And I had a big thick tipped marker pen in my cup holder, (perhaps BABA had equipped me with those things). I was so scared seeing all cars and trucks and various vehicles zooming past by me. Since my car has power windows and doors, I could not even bring down the windows. I wrote on back of my schedule paper “Cell Phone Please” and placed on my window so that cars passing by my car could see that.

    Now imagine, would you have stopped on highway, when you see something like this? Of course I would not have even tried to look what is going on. Well, one gentle man slowed down and brought his car into my lane changing his lane and took his car in reverse mode up to my car. Then he came out of his car, asked me what is the problem. He allowed me to open the door and gave me his cell phone. I called 911 and also called my son at home. Luckily he used to work from home so he was available right at that moment.

    I returned him his cell phone and thanked him, and told him that now he can go as the aid is on the way. He said, no way, he kept his car truck open so that car coming from behind can see “something is wrong” sign and said he will wait there till help reaches. Soon the Police came, he stopped the traffic and allowed us to push my car to the right most curb and then only that gentle man left the scene. I could not even ask his phone number due to my worry “what will happen now?” and I realized my not asking his contact information after he was gone. The towing people came, took my car to the garage and my son brought me home. BABA sent help in the form of that gentle man that I would never forget. My younger son has driven my car one and only one time and that too when this event had to take place. I think this was also BABA’s plan!

  • Experience 3:

    My younger son had some diagnostic test for his stomach problem were to be performed. Since the test would make him nauseating and may cause diarrhea, we had to arrange for his ride both ways. My elder son had to go to his office. So he said he can drop him at the hospital and I need to arrange to drop my younger son home after the test completed. Luckily my job place and this hospital building are just a fence apart. So I told my younger son to call me, when his test etc were done and I can take my lunch break accordingly. I had taken prior permission from my manager for a long lunch hour as it would be more than an hour to come back from my home. This test might have caused nausea or diarrhea, so I had to drive. But my son said he feels ok and he would drive. We just got on the highway and just after 2-3 exits my car started stalling. We could not figure out what is causing such trouble. If I were on the driver seat, my car would have been in the middle lane. While my son had not yet changed the lane and we were on the right most lane. He tried again and car started and we reached up to almost at the ramp of that exit. Again car stopped completely. We had to push the car and dragged it into the gas station that was right there at the exit end.

    It was 1:00 pm, bright day. What if I had not been on the road at this time, I would have been on the road at the evening with no cell phone and no help. With my son in the car with me, he used his cell phone and called my other son at his office and even arranged with the towing people to take my car to garage. That was the only time my younger son had driven my small Toyota Tercel and BABA saved me from a great hardship at the late evening time, where I would not have any phone help with me either!

BABA is great!

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. Thank you so much, Meera Ji, for the wonderful experiences! Baba must have come in the form of that nice lady and that nice man to help you when you had car trouble. There is no limit to the form which Baba can come to us. Om Sai Ram!

  2. Wow, Baba really helped you and saved you from a lot of hassle, esp. the first incident was a bit scary. Looking at how your car keeps on giving you problems, maybe it's time to get a different car and not take anymore chances.

  3. Sai ram Meera ji Glad you were safe after all your mishaps … there is something with the car related incidences ,although they might be coincidence ….Just take more care when driving …God bless and may you always have safe journeys in future …

  4. Just to say todays quote of Sai baba is my favourite …It is very close to my heart ..when baba says poverty is better than kingship …. God please fulfill our need ,not our greed …Just been to visit a close member of family in cancer ward in uk ,The hospital is state of art ..with best facilities and its free .. we don't appreciate enough . Also there are some very young people there dying in this cancer ward … no one wants to die …. oh baba please give us strength…

  5. Beautiful experience meera jee…but just a suggestion please start carrying a cell phone, it comes in handy in times of such doubt baba is there to help us, but we need to do our due diligence…aswell

  6. Nice experiences. Meera ji you are really fortunate baba blessed/helped you in different forms. Baba is really great.

    Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful Experience.

  8. Oh dear Sai devotees, you all wished for me, how rich I am having love and care from you all?
    Yes, I do have a cell phone now.
    After that incident we had the tire work done, all tires replaced and in 1999 we got rid of that car and got Olds mobile Alero which is still giving good service as a loyal partner!
    Touchwood, but I have never met with any other accidents because of even others' fault! And I always pray while driving to have each car on the road have a safe drive and no accidents on the road! While driving, when sometimes I see other cars met with accident/s I pray for the safety of the involved passengers!
    For that Toyota Tercel, I was told that the threads on the wheels were not that strong to handle the rainy slippery road's curve. Certain things are out of our knowledge and we learn the lesson hard way that we need to check tires condition time to time! Heh, I am very careful now changing tires at regular required schedules and regularly take my car to check tire-pressure too!
    BTW, I have now a new car, Nissan CUBE that has the blue tooth feature letting me use the phone through car-speakers! And yet, I prefer not to get distracted talking over that speaker phone too while driving.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  9. You are indeed blessed by Baba. Please also consider servicing your cars(s) regularly and always carry a phone when you leave your home/office. God Bless.

  10. Jai Sai Ram,
    I also live is USA. It is not usual for people to get help like this on highways. What that lady did for you is amazing. This shows Baba is really watching over his devotees.Jai Sai Ram.

  11. @Anonymous
    And the help on busy traffic time on I-75! When I think of that incident, it really amazes me that some one unknown to us would stop, very tactfully reversing on the same lane of the broken car and come to help with allowing one to use the cell phone just by reading the sign on the stranded car window!
    And also he risked his own life by opening his car, coming out and walking up to my car window! AMAZING!
    With so many unpleasant NEWS on TV and Newspapers, there are GOOD NEWS TOO!
    And that's how BABA's World is holding on!
    With the eyes of wisdom, learning to SEE BABA's miraculous working around us in our day to day life makes up more humble and compassionate.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  12. Sai Ram Meeraji,
    You are very lucky.
    I too had very beautiful experience, Sai baba came as tow truck driver
    For your second experience, when you call your son with his cell phone should have his cell # on caller list of your son cell # (I am sure you are aware of that but I have been in that situation and mind stop working)

    Congrats for you new car – Nissan good luxury car

    Om Sai Ram

  13. @Anonymous Dear Sai Devotee,
    Now that I am used to use the cell phone, I find myself stupid as not to check on my son's cell phone at that time! Never occurred to my mind, to be very frank! Heh, in those days, I am talking about the year 1997-98, where I hardly used landline phones, forget about cell phones! days and weeks and months and years, Working early morning till late evening and after coming home busy doing housewife's duties and caring for other errands did not leave any mental alertness to learn this ever changing new technology especially in Cellphones! and back in India I have never worked any job! So it was completely overwhelming double -triple duties for me to perform. And by my natural instinct I would try to do whatever come to me to keep my family together and happy, I would try my 110%. So I would stretch myself to it's highest to do my best.
    Well, BABA has always helped me when I got stuck in leading my life and these were such events, I think.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  14. Sai Ram Meeraji,
    I am one who mention about caller id.
    You would not believe me … this Sunday I was go Meenakshi temple which is 1 hr drive from my place. I was driving at 65-70 mph and suddenly I show one SUV complete stop in same line I was driving, I started to brake and was trying hard not to hit car in front of me. Well see Baba’s miracle my car stop with inches behind the other car. As you have mentioned that no one stop for other car, all the car just pass by. I had to very carefully change lane and was thing what was wrong with other car, but I did see that lady was talking to some one on cell phone assuming that she is asking for help then I started driving at normal speed. I was thinking about your experience at that moment and was thanking Baba he definitely saved me from accident
    Jai Sai Ram

  15. Jai Sai Ram, Sai devotee,
    What a blessing that you could avert the hitting an already stranded car! I wish that lady got timely help and no other problems!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  16. @Anonymous
    Sai Ram, Sai devotee Anonymous ji, Thanks for your well wishing for me and for future safe driving.
    BABA is with all HIS children who walk the way BABA has showed us. HE also cares for those who are lost in the Worldly wrong ways like lost in the jungle woods to guide them the right path.
    Take care.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Meera was Baba who helped you in all the instances undoubtedly..your experiences remind me of a recent road accident was just his grace that i was saved from a definitely possible accident which turned out to be a miss at the end..I was saved and i'm saying it with 100%confidence..Not just the road accidents he can save us from any accidents in this desiredfull and lustful life..We just need to have Shraddha and Saburi..Love you Baba..Love you so much.
    Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  18. @AnonymousDear anonymous Sai Devotee ji,
    I understand what you say. Thinking of BABA does help us change our way of living and making us more living life what BABA want us to!
    Though to us it seems like we are on the right path but unknowingly we are communicating with others thinking that what we are discussing about some one as our innocent talk, but it may be conveying our wrong remarks towards the person for whom we are talking…and the wisdom of "not saying any adverse remarks or not speaking out our judgmental views" saves us just the same as saving on the road accidents!
    I can see such progress in my own life and i am very thankful to BABA for that!
    I always try to put myself in other person's situation before passing out remark, but that is also not fair in the eyes of BABA as we dot know the exact situation of the other person's circumstances for what steps that person has to take…so just BE A WITNESS to whatever is happening around you and enjoy BABA's leela!
    That is the best way to live happily!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  19. Thank you Meera ji..It was indeed good and a nice gifted message for me..i posted the last comments on few other miracles as well, like i did in your case as well..i always see if i got any response to that and so far hasnt got any..but i'm never disappointed because HE KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT FOR US..when posting on your experience i had that urge again somewhere that you should respond to that and my BABA fulfilled it with a nice message..This again proves that he is listening to us very much..if you could share what made you respond to my post that will be great.

  20. Dear Sai Devotee Anonymous ji,
    I replied yesterday about your anxious query that what inspired me to reply? Usually the next day we see the response posted here, but this time I don't see and I don't know whether my internet connection was slow and the message is not sent properly or Hetal ji's site is over burdened and my response is still to be approved.
    But I don't mind repeating my answer. Your sentence, "Not just the road accidents he can save us from any accidents in this desiredfull and lustful life" made me reply again…as this is so very true that not only the road accidents are considered accidents that we have to be careful. In our daily life too what we think "innocent chit-chat" may come back to us as a boom rang that might be a BIG accident for life time!
    We have to be very careful before passing out any remarks for some one because our judgmental remark may be totally wrong as we don't the whole scenario! Only BABA knows!
    So wishing well for others and not expressing our remarks to anyone would save us from such accidents on the path of our LIFE.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  21. Thank you Meera ji once again..i understood the meaning of your message and will try and implement that in my daily life considering that this message is given by my Baba..I love you Baba..I love you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  22. Dear anonymous ji,
    I wish you all the best in living life as BABA wants us to. It is very pain staking to change what we are used to since we have learned to express our thoughts and give out our opinions, though well meaning, but not asked for!
    In stead, even if we are asked to give out our opinion, we should back out politely because, we do not know the whole situation of the issue being discussed. It seems very practical to follow DharmaRaj Yudhisthir ji in such cases.
    Also I have found this very useful that whenever we are to say something about what might be wrong done to us , just take a deep breath and think, is it going to help you anyway to oppose the person? If not just keep quiet. BABA says, if you practice this, you would be acting as a mirror to that person. Whatever he/she says goes back to him/her.
    Well, since you showed interest in such a topic I wrote more from what I have learned from reading BABA's Sai Satchritra and other spiritual matters from knowledgeable people.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  23. Thanks for replying promptly and positively Meera ji..this is so very true that we should not say something wrong about a person although he has hurt you knowingly or unknowingly..i experienced it myself..the first thing that you will get by doing this is mental peace and the second one is the satisfaction of following what my Baba says..and my name is Rajasekhar..i love you Baba..i love you so much..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  24. Thanks Rahshekhar ji, I am happy you got my saying in right perspective. May you get more peace dealing with tough times and BE on the right path that BAA shows us.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  25. Dear Sai Devotees, today here in my small town of sierra Vista, I came to know about 2 major accidents, the first one is of my co-worker's friend died today on the spot with a fatal accident and my co-worker had to take a leave for the day to be with her friend's family. The 2nd one I saw myself the accident affected cars on the road, ambulances, fire brigade vans and several police cars at that cross road junction. I am worried about what level of damage is there. Usually I do not have to go on that side of our town but today I wanted to check on a stall at the mall as some one gave me information that this shop allows artists to display their art work. The accident took place in between the time frame where I went to the mall and my returning on the same road to go home!
    I just pray, though many cars are involved in the accident, but no fatal injury to anyone!
    Jai Sai Ram.
    Here I am also grateful thinking the painting related issue that I think BABA's blessings I have! My co-worker wanted to have his wife's portrait done and I told him I would be able to work on it only after I return from Atlanta visit. I returned on 4th of March and LO! today I had been able to complete the main work and took the painting to show him as he was very curious how far I am to complete the work!
    Now completing a painting of 20" X 24" size, especially of a portrait, in just 10 days, is possible only with BABA's blessings!
    As he is very enthusiastic person he took pictures of the painting, and brought me the print copies of the same when he came to work at job…and seeing those prints, one of the customers at my job place told me about the Art store at the mall!
    Jai Sai Ram. Praying for safety to all.

  26. Even I have been blessed by Baba or saved by Baba twice in the last one month. I have this habit of asking questions to Baba on one of the sites and as an answer to one of the questions I had asked Baba asked me to feed poor people for 13 days. It was tough but I some how completed it and while I was doing this process I was saved twice from 2 major accidents. Once I finished the task of feeding people I realized this is a form which Baba chose to save my life. Thanks Baba. Ever bless your kids and save them from misery.

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