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Today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Nithya ji from India.

Sai sister Nithya ji says: Thank you for giving me a forum to share the presence of baba in my life — luv u baba:-) Be with me always – protect all of us…Om Sai Ram

I dont know where to start but i want to share my experience. I have not been a devotee to sai baba but i really don’t know how he came to my life from when. Somewhere in the month of april a lady gave me a sai baba book while i was travelling in the train she distributed to many ladies i just got it and kept in the bag. I didnt open it. i just went home and gave to my mom and told her to keep it with her. After ten to fifteen days i was totally depressed about some of personal issue -trust me didnt like anything in the world i just go to work come home lie down in the bed and cry, cry and i will sleep. This was happening. One weekend suddenly i felt like want to go to shirdi. Immediately i started surfing net, trying to gather information from people, travel agents how to go there but nothing turned out. I went to shop something for me and found a baba idol and got that to my home. I kept baba near my bed in a stool and cry all the night “Why me always in tears?” I prayed all the god to give me a solution but no one is helping me!!…After a chain of weeks somewhere in the end of may i asked my mom on the sai baba book i gave her and started reading a couple of pages and found a Sai Baba Nine Weeks Vratham “. I started my vrat by June 3 2010 and i have seen a page in FaceBook on sai baba blessings. They will send us a message everyday i have subscribed. I started receiving it and to my surprise whenever I am down i get a message from them “Why fear when im here.” This is baba’s first miracle which gave me strength. Then i keep enquiring about going to shirdi to all the people i know.

When i was talking to a collegue of mine i enquired does he know any travel agents who can arrange for a trip to shirdi he suggested another person in my organisation who often travels to shirdi. He gave me his number and i called him and he gave me a travel agent number and i contacted him. He said by July 24 2010 a group trip is planned – Baba’s miracle two:-). I just came and went to my room and locked and sat infront of baba and cried and cried for something and told him no one to help me baba and after few minutes i opened the door and went out to my surprise i got a baba picture from my dad (miracle three – my dad is also not a devotee of baba).

Now the day has arrived, to all my surprise that is the 9th week i going to complete my vratam. It’s just me and my friend going to travel on july 24th to shirdi with another 38 unkown people. I was little scared in the eveing of 23rd july. When i was thinking and going in the evening i got a message from “baba says – Why fear when i’m here”- miracle four. All set of the travel to shirdi more 2:30 am cab came to pick me to airport met many new faces and got into the checking. A lady who is checking me she asked me my name i said then she questioned me where are you going? I said I am going to shirdi. What for she asked i said “Just to see baba” She asked about have you done nine weeks vrat. I said “ya”. You will get what you want she said:-) This is baba’s miracle 5. The journey started and i went to shirdi and by afternoon we 3 started to temple and had a wonderful darshan of baba. I just told baba all i wanted to and came back and visited two more temples in pune and came back to Chennai. On monday i took leave and stayed at home – I just took bath and kept the udhi from shirdi. Within few minutes i got a call from my friend saying i have been awarded Rs. 5000 for my idea i have suggested (Baba’s miracle six).

Since my vratham is getting completed by July 29th i want to give 5 books to people who are in need of solution to their problems. So i decided to get the book from temple (my aunty’s neighbour suggested it’s available there). I went to temple on Tuesday morning to get but the shop is closed and i went into baba and prayed. A person incharge of the temple gave me prasatham of baba, flower and udhi. I just came out and asked a person sitting outside about the shop. He told me to enquire about it to the same one who gave me prasatham. I went back and asked him about the book he asked me the details and said it is not available there. I said no issues i will check in mylapore temple. He and another devotee of baba said we will be going to nanganallur giri trading agency in some time and he gave me his number to contact after sometime and i also shared my number – i really felt embraced but they really wanted to help me since just two days left to complete my vratham. Within half an hour i got a call from the person saying that book is available i’m buyin for you – Oh baba – You are simply great. GOD is formless – very true – miracle seven. Now after two weeks of my vrat I am continuing to write about baba’s leela – I was so confused about something in my life – i had a new choice given to me for something which i was longing in my life – baba always made me to play the song/name when i was about to think of the decision. He reminded me to have patience and have faith on him completely. Recently last thurday one more miracle – Befre i start to work i was praying baba i want to see you (most Thursdays one lady/guy bring baba in my street in a vehicle). This week till i start i couldn’t see them bringing baba so i just prayed to baba and started to work. When i was half way to station in auto suddenly my auto stopped. Infront there is a vehicle which has got so much of baba photo and statues – I really fely so happy and blessed. Ask from your heart baba will surely grant u — Thank you and love u baba 🙂 Be with me always in all the decisions i make please guide me to do the right….Continued…..soon

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