My Several Acquiantances with Shirdi Sai Baba – Anonymous Devotee

My Several Acquiantances with Shirdi Sai Baba - Anonymous Devotee
Sharing in this post, experience of Sai sister who wishes to be anonymous.

Anonymous devotee says: Hello Hetalji, You are messenger of Sai Baba. Thank you so much for such a great service.

I wanted to post these experience of mine since, long long time but, for some reason I couldn’t. I greatly appreciate if you could post my experiences listed below in your website. I kindly request you not to reveal my name while posting.

I have faced quite lot of Sai Baba experience on day-to-day basis, but, listed below are some of those.

  • It was a bad weather with snow east coast USA. I woke up and decided not to go to work since I had to ride with my baby and drop her to day care but, on bed, when I was just thinking about this I had a voice internally which said ‘When I’m here why do you worry’, that is when I woke up immediately and got ready and my baby too (with out thinking twice). I left home, I had ‘Sai baba’ song playing in my car all the way. I just wanted Baba to help me reach our destination safely thus, repeatedly played the song. Then down the road when I hit major highway, a truck followed my car till the Day Care. This person had such a safe following distance that I was feeling very safe while driving specially in snow. Usually, if we drive slow few people just come behind us to close (tail gating). The road which truck followed me was a single lane. At last when truck passed, I noticed name ‘KING’ was written on the truck. I had never seen such a truck before in US. I really felt it was Sai Maharaj (King) indication that he is behind me to take me safely to my destination. This is such a great experience to feel Sai Baba’s presence when we are in need of help. OM SAI NATHAYA NAMAHA!!

My Several Acquiantances with Shirdi Sai Baba - Anonymous Devotee

  • I wanted to open Sai Baba radio website to see a very nice picture of Baba smiling but, due to busy office work I forgot this. I was later browsing for something and came across the same photo, I was surprised!!. I am member of Sai Baba yahoo group and keep getting many mails, I opened one such Sai Leelas and again came across the same picture of Baba. I couldn’t believe this. Baba gave me Darshan twice in which I wanted to see him. It’s so amazing to know that Baba fulfills all our wishes so instantly. Picture is below. Om Sri Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!!
  • Once I was bit in difficult position in my workplace due to one of my developers in our department. This had bought quite a bit of conflict even though I was quite nicely behaving. There was one situation where higher management had to involved in this but, I was crystal clear from my end and was praying Baba’s from inside. I was quite nervous and tensed regarding the whole situation because I love my job and didn’t wanted anything bad coming my way. At workplace and at home I have 2 chits with yes/no (swikar/Aswikar) written in it. I prayed Baba heartily and picked on chits where Baba mentioned – Yes i.e. my job would be safe and not to worry. On the same day the issue was resolved.
  • I have downloaded ‘Saying of Sai Baba’ software from I keep going through the sayings as and when time permits. Once I had some issues and was quite tensed. I heartily prayed Baba and click on ‘New Sayings’, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was all about – Do you duty…..and have faith in Sai Baba (sorry I don’t remember the exact phrase). I have this software installed since many days and never came across this sayings. Looks like few sayings are reserved to direct us by Baba.
  • I had one other experience where I received a mail from higher management regarding some customers information. It was hard to find the right mail out of 50 to 60 customer mail for this particular information since, I was bad managing outlook mails. This was the situation where I had to act fast since, we need to release build to the customer based on software version they are using. I was stuck since I couldn’t find the mail. I was sweating, suddenly I remembered to pick chit. I remembered Baba whole heartedly and picked one chit but, still was in dilemma stage (for some reason, I still had doubt). I clicked one of the mail among 50-60 mail and to my surprise, this was the mail I was looking for information. My heart cried with joy. The chit I picked mentioned about the same info, but, since I doubted, Baba showed me the right mail. I requested my apology to Baba immediately.
  • Recently, I burnt my fingers while preparing chapatis. I couldn’t resist, hence, applied Udi. I requested Baba to relieve me from this pain only if he doesn’t take this pain to himself. For a while I had this pain however, later Baba helped me divert my mind to elsewhere and forget this pain.
  • Few months back, I saw video in website about Shirdi Sai Baba’s left toe broke a bit since, a devotee threw a coin from far. When I first saw this news, tears rolled my eyes since, that was sakshat Sai Baba sitting there and a kind of felt he is in pain. I internally requested him to give me that pain. After couple days may be, I was preparing chapatis and accidentally chapati roller which is made of wood fell directed on the same toe of mine. I had such a severe pain for a while and have blood clotted. Now, I still have that nail but, I noticed there is a new nail coming next. Anyways, whenever I see my toe I remember Sai Baba.

Please apologize if for some reason experience posted above are not sensible enough for you. All the above incidents are just to let us know that Baba is with us, within us and will always help us in need. I guess, It’s up to us to find him with faith and patience.

Om Sri Sai Nathaya Nahamah!

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