Birthday Gift From Sai Baba – Experience Of Pooja

My First Birthday gift Sai Baba Himself - Sai Devotee Pooja

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Pooja from India says: Om Sai Ram. Today I visited this blog for the first time and it’s a wonderful job.

This is the first incident where I became a strong and a firm believer of Baba. From childhood I have been brought up in such a way that I always believed in God but still sometimes had questions about what I had been told and felt is god really there?

It was 16th march 2006 which was my birthday and also the last internal examination paper (environmental chemistry). I can never forget that day of my life. As usual since it was my exam I bowed down in front of all the idols of all the Gods and prayed that my exams would be good. Then when I was praying before Baba and was almost done with my prayers, I don’t know why and how I continued my prayers only to Sai Baba saying,”Baba it’s my birthday today (n aaj mujhe aapse kuch to gift chahiye. Kuch bhi chalega) and i need a gift from You, it can be anything, it will be valuable to me. Even if it’s some punishment and if You think it’s important for me I accept it. But I want some gift from You today and that too before 12 midnight”. Even I felt surprised at what I was asking Baba? Then I left and gave my exams which went on well. I was very happy because exams were over and it was my birthday too. I came back home and then there was a sort of surprise birthday party for me in a hotel by my parents and relatives. We returned home at around 11.40 p.m. I.had received many gifts and a few envelopes containing some cash. I started opening all my gifts including the envelopes one by one. At that time believe me i had completely forgotten about my prayers to Baba that morning about my birthday gift. Later I started opening money from the envelopes. One of the envelopes which was given by my maas (aunty – mother’s sister) was made up of Sai Baba’s photograph. immediately something clicked me and I saw the watch. It was not midnight yet and there were still a few minutes for it. After taking out the cash from it I opened the envelope carefully and properly, so that it was a complete square photograph. I kept it with me and still have it and will be there forever.

One thing that surprised me was my maasi had envelopes printed with their names also and usually on all occasions used them but that day how she gave me an envelope that was made from a card that had Sai Baba’s photograph? (Sai baba’s photograph was converted into an envelope by my cousin’s wife and then later I converted that envelope back to Sai Baba’s photograph). One more surprising thing was that although the envelope was made by cutting and sticking the photograph, when I converted back to photograph it did not tear or get spoiled.

Then I realised that Baba’s gift to me was none other than HIMSELF and from that day Baba actually came into my life or else I started recognizing His presence and I became His devotee and had all my doubts cleared which sometimes I had about God’s existence. Then after that there are so many times when Baba has helped me out and showed me the path and I started recognizing His presence in my life.

Thank You Sai Baba for the most wonderful birthday gift and entering my life.


Om Sai Ram!!!!!!!

Attaching the photo of Baba that became an envelope for me and again was converted into a photograph.

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  1. Om Sai Ram
    What a nice and wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.How lovely was our baba towards devotees. You are so lucky to receive baba's photo in the form of gift .


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