Sai Baba Entered My Life On His Own Accord – Sai Devotee Sindhusai

Sai Baba Entered My Life Of His Own Accord - Sai Devotee Sindhusai
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Dear Madam,

I am grateful for this website that provides me with an opportunity to share my thoughts regarding Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. I had known about him since my teenage years as there was a Sai Baba temple near my home and I used to visit it once a while. I do not remember who told me about this temple or when, but I was impressed by the life-like marble statue and the benevolent eyes. I had always been aware of this Saint’s great powers but really did not know much about Him or His life until recently.

Life throws a lot of good and bad at us. We rejoice when we are successful and things seem to be going our way and feel dejected when they do not turn out to our liking. Like winter follows summer and vice versa, happy days follow miserable ones, only to bring back happy days again. What stands us in good stead is our devotion to Truth and God and Saint or a Sadguru. After so many upheavals in my career finally, I thought I had found my niche where I thought I’d like to stay until I retire. Things were going well smoothly for almost eight years. Now the promise of a secure career is gone. The job is still there but insecure with no hope beyond January 2010. During the happy times, I had not thought much about Saint Baba, as is human wont, other than placing flowers at his feet along with rest of the Gods. Nothing brings us closer to God than trouble and misery. And for this I am thankful. For I picked up a copy of Sai Baba’s life history and started reading it in the hope that it will give me some relief. I also read a great deal about Him online. Initially with some skepticism, some hopes He’ll provide a miraculous relief – may be. Later on for the real affection it had inspired in my heart for this Godly saint; for His compassion in taking on Himself other’s ailments, for His care in feeding the hungry, for His immediate response to life’s numerous little problems. The more I read, the more I am convinced that He had entered my life of His own accord and that probably was the reason why He has made my job insecure. Irrespective of the outcome in January 2010, I pray to Him to guide me and sustain my love for Him. I suffered from severe toothache over the weekend before an important presentation at work two weeks back. The pain was so much that I lost all hope of giving this presentation the next week and was about to cancel it and prepare for the tooth to be extracted instead. Then I took the Udi prasad which I had obtained from Shirdi temple, and needless to say, the pain vanished with just one application and I gave the presentation to an admiring audience. If I had ever doubted Your love for me and all creatures, dear Baba, please forgive me as a mother would forgive her erring child and bless me as You always do. Please enter into every suffering soul’s life, just as You entered mine, and give them the coolness of Your Compassion.

Sai Devotee.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Hi Baba, I don't know you are really true. I believe you and pray, please guide me. But why you make me suffer a lot. I have everything but I don't have anything. Can all my pain go away baba. I didn't do anything wrong to anyone, but why baba. I lost all my hopes. I am dieing. I don't really want to live. I love my kids, but baba, give me a hope and happiness otherwise let me die. I don't want to live. I don't want to live. Nobody likes me here, nobody cares about me here. Everyone is materialised. I hate it. Do you really do miracles if you are please show me the path, guide me. I want to be scceed. I want to prove even to myself I can succeed. Please baba show me the path. I feel like a shit. If you cannot show me the path and guide me please let me die peacefully. SHow me what you are going to do it for me.

  2. Help me BABA….I am in a great problem..I dont want to escape by killing myself but give me courage to face it and solve this problem and i know u will support me till the end…Pls help me BABA…OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM.

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