Shirdi Sai Baba Graced With New Birth – Experience of Madhusudan

Shirdi Sai Baba devotee Madhusudan says: Om Sairam, Dear Hetal Patil, My Name is Madhusudan, I have countless encounters with Sainath, but i never realized that it is his blessing upon me, and me being a dumb person i couldn’t understand what is happening in my life and Sainath’s importance in my life.

I swear on Baba that each and every word in this mail is true, not at all fabricated or exaggerated, it took a while for me to fight with my inner self to send you this mail, i was so amazed that how other devotees in this blog are give credit to Sai for each and every account in their life, so i decided that Sai has done so much for me so why can’t i share my experiences with other devotees.

I was trying to sleep hard on 19th Jan 09, but i couldn’t, so i started to browse Sai Baba’s images in Google. Normally I never go beyond three search pages, but on this day i went onto ten pages i saw the following image

Just Sai’s eyes, i loved it so much i clicked on the link, thus i accessed your blog and immediate phrase i saw was ‘Sai ki deewani’, i couldn’t resist myself so i read the complete experiences till 4 in the morning that day, since then i’m a regular visitor to your blog, you know the first word strike my mind when reading the blog was ’21st Century Hemadpant’ and Sai chose you to do this service.

JAN 2009

I lost my job due to recession in UK on 7th January 2009. When the Director of the company called me to the boardroom, and started to explain the situation, i clearly heard a voice in my head ‘you’ll get better offer and better job than this.’ Sai gave me strength to cope-up with the situation and instead of feeling sad i told the Director can i leave now, he was completely taken aback. Next day being a Thursday, i started reading SAI SATCHARITRA, i read it twice continuously and one day i was reading Chavdi procession, and started to imagine how they might have been celebrating this procession when BABA was alive, while reading the same one verse completely took me by surprise, that BABA asking Tatya ‘Don’t go, even if you have to leave please comeback and monitor me time to time, BABA is re-incarnation of TRIMUTHIS and here He is behaving like a normal human being, i started to cry out loud and saw Sai’s photo in my living room, i clearly saw Sai’s face came out the frame smiling.

22nd Jan 2009 – THURSDAY

I wanted to go to Saidham in Nottingham, from London it’s 2 hours journey and i had to start at 6am by train so that i can join for Abhishekam and it was raining on 21 and 22, without any reason on 21st i went to my friend’s place in Wembely and i casually told them i want to go to Saidham, another 2 friends joined me and all of us started around 6am by car and reached Saidham at 10. Panditji was waiting for us and he told us to do Abhishekam, when i was doing the Abhishekam tears rolled i was very very happy, it was ecstatic, right then i felt i don’t need anything in this life, I prayed that ‘Sai please grant me Mokhsa’. I hope He’ll soon grant my wish. I always wished to eat food at Sai temple that never happened but on 22nd Panditji told us to prepare food and eat there and leave, again Sai granted my wish. Now you might have understood, Sai helped me with other two friends so that i won’t go alone and He provided me a car instead of train so that we won’t strain ourself and gave us food in his own temple what more can anyone asks for.

2007 – MAY

I’ve started my business in 2005, and we incurred severe losses and i had lost focus and tried my hand in Real Estate and burnt my fingers again, in our office we couldn’t pay salaries for employees for 4 months, of course they were very much upset, in the month of May i was completely stressed out, did not know what to do, I had 3 Sai Baba books from different Authors, one particular day all my staff got vexed and they wanted to take out the computers and furniture to compensate their salaries, though i was at home i sent my brother to deal with this situation he is just 23, 4 years younger than me, i became a coward, i didn’t have guts to face the consequences, so my brother his name is Sai Krishna had to step-in. That day i was mentally dead, i was helpless, just lying on the bed reading Sai’s books and praying Saibaba that please help us, get us out of this situation, i had dream that day, that i met an accident and i was falling into a valley and my soul literally left my body and i could see my soul lying on the bed and i couldn’t move a finger and i clearly heard voice saying that ‘For a soul to leave the room you should have at least a door open, in that room all doors were closed, so couldn’t leave the room’, i suddenly woke up as if i’m getting my senses after long Coma, the first thing i saw was Saibaba book, then i realized he has given me another life to serve my parents and help my family. Even now when ever i recollect that incident i get goosebumps, i cry out loud. After that i came to London got a job by Sai’s grace.


I was living with friends in a 3-bedroom flat, those days our business was just started and my friends were with me. One particular night i had sleep alone in the flat, normally i never get scared even now i live alone in London in my flat i never get scared but that day i was very scared, i started chanting ‘SAIRAM’, eventually i fell a sleep middle of the night suddenly i woke up, i clearly saw SAIBABA in bright silver color, He was guarding me through out the night. If you trust him, he can do anything and everything for you, for me He’s everything, my Father, Mother and fondly i call him ‘TATAYYA'(Grand pa).

As i said earlier i had countless encounters with Sai, being a fickle minded person, once my work is done i tend to forget Sai, and get on with the day to day activities, i know for sure that Sai will get me a job soon, i’m not even scared about not getting a job, i know for sure SAI BABA will take care of me i’m His own child like all you guys.

Next time I’ll send you my trip of Shirdi, how i saw Sai and how He travelled with me in Manmad express, as this email became too big, I’ll write to you pretty soon.

Hetal, last but not least, each and every doing in my life since Jan 2009 is because of Sai. He’s planning my every second in life before that i used to think it’s just co-incidence but no, after reading so many experiences from so many devotees and blogs, now i realized what is SAI, and I’m very much indebted to you that i could see SAI as he is. Simply as GOD as my Grandpa. Even now i’m getting goosebumps, i’m literally feeling that it is Sai Who is typing this mail not me, He is with me as always. Even two days back in my dream i clearly heard him saying ‘my whole body is heart’ referring to the following image….when i ever i feel sad, worried or irritated i look at this picture…

Thank you very much for the work you have chosen i know for sure you are the one chosen by almighty SAINATH.


Take care.


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  1. Sai Ram. Felt good vibrations and energy while reading it. I too have the fickle mind but have been drawn to Him in the last few years by His grace. Sai Ram.

  2. Excellent experiences Im reading this first time in this blog. Those pics of sai seemed to be very real, especially the first one it looks as if it is very real. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing the stories..i hav few too…i will share sometime. I am looking for sai 9 thrusday vrat book do you know from where I can order online?

  4. Thanks devotee. I have been angry with Sai for testing me so long. Your experiences make me realize my mistake. In fact, it's Sai who has made me read this old post and has changed me. Thank you Baba. I am sorry. Please forgive me as always you forgive your poor children. Please keep me with you till I live in this world.

  5. In the 1st photo, it looks as though Baba is sweating. I can see sweat on his face. It is so realistic.

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