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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sasikala Ravivenkatesan says: I would like to narrate a Miracle that happened in our family. It happened in the year 1999. I was recently married. My parents visited me. I had two copies of “Sai Satcharitra” with me, one in English and the other one in Tamil. My mother took, the tamil version from me and was reading the same in the train, for the first time. That time, my sister-in-law got admitted in hospital, for delivery. Doctors did a scan and said that child was still-born and heart beat is not there. But my mother read Chapters 11 and 15, next day, a male child was born on Wednesday (weighing 1.6 kg). The kid was a premature baby. His name is Sairam. He is Baba’s gift to us. He is in his 4th standard now and he is very brilliant and good in drawing. One day very funny thing happened, he was barely three or four. That time, we never used to give him outside food. One day, inside a closed room I was eating Vada. He immediately opened the room and started crying saying, “I’m Sairam, I’m like Sai Baba,will you eat without giving to me?”. I was reminded of Sudhama’s incident in Satcharitha.

I have a friend who is a Chartered Accountant. He is from a very good family. They were seeking alliances for him, for quite some time. Last month, he visited Shirdi. Immediately after that, his marriage got fixed. One more surprising element is that, the girl is his distant relative and lives in a place closer to his. Why, I’m stating this here is that, if it is from known family means, marriage could have been fixed earlier. This is Baba’s Miracle. Sairam!

We have a tenant, that aunty is a very pious lady. Her brother’s daughter is very well educated and in USA now. She didn’t have a child after several years of marriage. The girl’s mother as well as her aunty (mentioned before) performed Saivrat, and immediately the girl has conceived and her mother has gone to USA for the delivery. Now the girl has delivered a baby girl weighing 8 pounds by normal delivery yesterday (Saturday) in USA. Both the mother and child are healthy and safe. All due to Baba’s Grace.

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  1. Om Sai Ram!! This is truly love of sai towards disciples, Sai vrat has done miracles for devotees, I am also doing sai vrat for a wish which only sai ma will fulfill for me, may sai ma bless all with peace of mind and happiness. Jai Vahe Guru!!

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    That’s true Gaurav, Sai Vrat has done many miracles and is still going on. I hope ur desire also gets fulfilled through it and u get whatever u want in ur life.

  3. Dear Sai Sister, Very happy to read about Sairam. I too have such an experience with my 2 year old grand daughter. We visited a Hindu Temple in Phoenix. My son and his family had visited earlier and my daughter in law said in this temple she saw all the Murtis of GODs and Godesses but she did not noticed SaiBABA. I was little bit sad with this information. But when we all went together to the same temple, I noticed a small idol of SaiBABA seated on a stone. I told my daughter in law that I am now happy to see BABA here!
    While returning home on the way I was talking with the baby of 2 year old and we used to read the story books. and I would tell her to read the story to me too. she was very good in telling the story her way as if reading from the book.
    Next day her mom said Priya, how was your trip yesterday? Did you read story to Meemaa ? And Priya said, no ! Piya was not telling the story, BABA was reading. (Actually she said this in our mother tongue..Pia book no'tee vaanchati, BABA book vaanchata'taa.) Now no body has told her about BABA and we also had not discussed about BABA so far. So how can she said like this?
    And now she is 3 year old…once she said to her mom that She finds her Daddy like Bhagwan. And again she told to her daddy,(my son) that daddy, how come you seem to me like Bhagwan!
    I feel so very blessed with such a wonderful soul in our family!
    BABA bless us all! Jai Sai Ram.

  4. i m very touched with these experiences.

    We want to have our family but perhaps our time is yet to come. So whenever I read miracles related to children , I get very emotional and also feel that Baba will fulfill my desire of becoming a mother soon as I feel having children is the biggest blessing and biggest miracle in this universe.

    Om Sai Ram

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