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Thank You Very Much Sai Deva

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: Sai Deva thank You for all Your miracles. I have no words to describe all Your leelas. I am enveloped by this Maya and always forget You. But, You are the wire puller and know how to drag me back to Yourself. Please Deva help me not to hurt You and always follow You in Your steps.

Baba Cured My Mom’s Skin Problem: My mom experienced some boils on her legs and they were very itchy. She scratched, and scars were formed. I prayed to Baba to please cure the itching and boils as my mom is diabetic and I did not want any more complications. With Baba’s grace, I asked her to take cetirizine and apply Udi on the skin. I requested prayers on the website. In 2 days, my mom’s skin problem was solved, and my mom sent me her pictures where her wounds were healing. Her itching had reduced and she did not have to take cetirizine anymore. Oh Sai Deva thank You so much for Your lovely leelas and drawing us towards You always. Thank You Deva.

Baba Solving My Dad’s Skin Problem:
I had requested prayer for my dad on this website a few days back. My dad was suffering from a boil in his perianal region that was causing him pain to sit or pass motion. The reason I was more worried for him was because I had recently experienced a similar problem. I initially thought that it was a boil and would go away. But however, I was wrong and due to my bad Karma, I suffered a lot. Pain was unbearable, and I had to take pain medications 15 tabs/day. I was not even able to sit or walk. I had to lie down sideways to avoid pain. I was not able to perform pooja and most of my Sai Nav Guruvar vrat, I performed by alternating standing and sitting with immense pain. I had visited several doctors and urgent care, and none were able to diagnose. Then by Baba’s grace, after the 7th Thursday of my Nav Guruvar Vrat, that weekend my pain was unbearable even with all the medications. So, I informed my husband to visit the ER. Colorectal surgeon was involved, and he diagnosed me with perianal abscess after an MRI and informed me that I was in sepsis and needed immediate surgery. He also informed me that he cannot imagine how I tolerated that pain and it was very unbearable. I thought that it was my Baba’s grace that He gave me strength to tolerate so much pain for almost 4 weeks until the final diagnosis. I was taken to surgery and a drain was placed. I had to go back to surgery next week again for the worsening pain and 3 more drains were placed. So, I had 4 drains in that small area and it was very uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I also had to undergo embryo transfer and my Baba survived amidst all the procedures, antibiotics and several pain medications, since Baba was always with me during these tough times. He made sure that my husband worked from home and he took care of me completely by cooking and helping me daily. I am so blessed to have such a nice husband and I thank Sai for this always. I am still recovering and have only 1 drain left. I started to go back to work with Baba’s grace. I still need pain medications intermittently. My baby could no longer tolerate and left us at 6 weeks, even though he had survived and was there for me during my tough times. I thank Baba and my baby for giving me strength during these tough times and giving us hope and happiness during these tough times, as we had conceived after 6 long years and 6 different artificial methods). I know this is due to my past karma. But I believe completely in my Deva that He will help me to recover completely from physical and mental problems and give me strength to complete the purpose of my life. I am continuing to drink Baba’s Udi and I am definitely sure that Baba will completely burn my karma and help me recover completely from this.

I am afraid for my dad as he is a heart patient and has hypertension and diabetes. My illness started similarly to my dad and I was afraid that my dad will have to experience the same. Especially with hypertension and diabetes, it is hard to cure, and it may worsen and complicate. So, I had requested a prayer in this wonderful website so as to help my dad to recover soon and not to progress to complications. I informed him to take antibiotics and show them to a doctor ASAP. My dad stays in India and due to pandemic lockdown and his age; he was not able to visit the doctor. But he consumed antibiotics. I applied Udi to myself praying to Baba on his behalf. A few days later, when I was talking to my dad, he told me that his boil was getting smaller and his pain was reducing. I had no words to say to my Baba for helping my dad. I completely leave on Baba and believe Him completely as I know; He will completely cure my dad and avoid any complications.

I pray to Baba that no one should suffer that I had gone through in these 7 weeks. Deva, please help each and every one and please, let no one have to go through what I had gone through. Deva please bless me always like this. Please help me to keep unwavering faith in You and never let me get diverted by this Maya. Please give me the strength to have Shraddha and bhakti and always remember You both in my good and bad times. Thank You Deva for all Your blessings, love and care. Love You Deva.

Baba Helped My Husband To Reach Safely

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I am a small devotee of Baba who always loves me most despite hurting Him so much.

Me and my husband have been staying apart for 3 years due to the fellowship training. By Baba’s grace, right at the time of my fellowship completion, we both got jobs offered from the same place (I will explain in some other post). Since I will complete my fellowship in June, I will not join this new place until July 1st. So my husband started at this new place from May.

The new place is about 6 hours drive from my current place and my husband had to drive. Due to my recent health issues (will explain in some other post, how Baba was there for me throughout) and our recent loss, my husband visited over weekends. It was hectic and very tiring since he hates driving long distance. He is a person who tried to be as close to the workplace as possible all these years and now he had to drive such a long distance. Due to all things that were going on in my life and due to neglect from his family even during our tough times (will mention in some other post), I was in frustration and frequently fought with my husband. I neglected Baba’s advice and had hurt Baba very much. I am sorry Baba for this. So most of the times, my husband had minimal sleep (2 weekends, when I fought with him) and he had to drive early morning with improper sleep such a long distance.

I am a very emotional person who is very short tempered and believe in Baba that He will help me to overcome these bad habits at His own time. I scold and fight when I am angry and then repent or feel guilty for whatever I have done especially to my husband since he is a very nice person. However, due to his family, we have limited mental peace with each other. Now, due to my fights and his sleepless nights, I was afraid of how he would reach safely. So, I prayed to Baba first time to help him reach safely and that I will post here. Even though there was a possibility of an accident, Baba saved and helped my husband to reach safely for the first time. I thanked Baba and promised to share my experience. I also promised Him that I will stop fighting. But again, next time when I was frustrated with his family behaviour (who never even called and enquired when I lost my baby), I was unable to tolerate and Maya overtook me. I forgot my promise to Baba and fought with my husband. As usual, I again felt guilty for not only fighting but breaking my promise to Baba.

I prayed to Baba to forgive me. When I spoke to Baba in Q and A, He stated “ I feel sick and disgusted when You fight.” I understood that this meant that Baba was being hurt. I prayed to Baba that He only should help me to control my anger and prayed to Him to help reach my husband safely. Baba again listened to my prayers and helped my husband reach safely without any problems. I want to not get angry and hurt my Baba. But due to my nature, I get easily short tempered and lose control. I pray to Baba from the bottom of my heart to help me control my anger and never hurt Him again.

Baba, I do not want to hurt You anymore nor my family. Please help me to overcome my anger and give me the strength to face Maya with a strong heart so that I will never hurt You anymore in my lifetime. Oh Deva, please bless me never to hurt You. I know You love me so much that You forgive and help me always even though I have hurt You so many times. Please give me the same capability that I should forgive each and every time I am hurt and to never get angry. Please bless me to be Your beloved child. I know You know the right time and I need to have patience and bhakti. Please bless me with that so that I can have that patience to wait for those changes in my life based on Your timing. Oh, Deva please always bless me and my family and the whole world. Help us all to overcome our shortcomings and be Your lovely child. Help us to face this pandemic created by maya and come out with flying colours. Please forgive me Baba for hurting You so many times. Sorry for my delayed post Baba. As I promised You, I am sharing my experience. Thank You Hetalji and team for this wonderful site. Om Sairam. Satchidananda sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Sai Baba Approved My Waiver Application

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I am a small devotee of Baba who always misbehaves and hurts Him. I was sick for a long time during my fellowship training and could not attend the hospital due to it. I had 10 days sick leave and still 10 days of my annual leave was left for the year. So I thought everything was ok for my graduation as I still had 10 more days of the year when I started working that I planned to take in at last for moving and joining at a new place. However, I was informed later that I had crossed the ABP recommendations by 9 days.

My program director never informed me that ABP requirements and my current program holidays were different. As per ABP, we need to have 33 months of training for graduation. As per my current training program holidays, I still had 10 days of annual leave for the year. But based on ABP I crossed 9 days and I could not use even those 10 days that I had left in future. I was informed that we need to apply for a waiver or extension for fellowship completion. This was a shock to me as no one informed me about this earlier and now even though I had 10 days left of my annual leave, I was still required to apply for a waiver or extension due to differences in holidays allotment. My PD warned me that if the waiver does not get approved then we may have to apply for extension. That was a big problem for me since I was on a J1 visa and I was about to join a new place for my waiver job from July 1 after I finish my program here in June end. So, if I apply for extension, then I will have to change all the documentation with regards to my visa and my waiver job. I prayed to Baba to please approve the waiver and make the problem go away. I was very tense all the time.

Whenever I used to ask Baba a question to Baba, He used to say not to worry. My PD did not inform me about the waiver application that he had done, I was tensed for that whether he applied or not. I was not sure whether to ask him or not. When I asked Baba should I go ahead and ask my PD. He told me to wait. After 1 week, without me asking, my PD himself informed me that he had applied and that we have to wait 3 weeks for their reply. I was overwhelmed by Baba’s blessings and thanked Him and asked Him to approve my application.

Even though I knew that Baba would make things happen, still I was doubtful and spent my days in tension. I asked Baba again and every time He stated that calamity will go away. He also stated to wait 10 days and another time He answered me that my work will be completed from the new moon to full moon day. I waited with anxiety and as promised by my Baba, without even asking my PD, my PD informed me that waiver had been approved. This was exactly 1 day before the full moon day and ~10 days. My eyes were completely filled with tears and I had no words for Baba to thank Him for all His lovely blessings.

Thank You so much Baba. As You promised, You fulfilled without even a delay. As I promised to You that I will share my experience, I am sharing but with a delay. Please pardon me Baba for my delay. Always bless me and my entire family even though I have been doing all mistakes that are against Your advice. Please give me the intellect and bhakti to follow Your steps and to never hurt You again. Thank You Deva for everything.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am a small devotee of Baba and I have experienced so many miracles in my life due to Baba’s grace.

Om Sairam. Baba, how can I express my thanks to You? I have a small Tulsi plant which I purchased during Jan 2021 and I have been looking after this and due to Your grace, Tulsi plant became very tall and so I decided to remove it from the pot and plant It in the ground and later realised that it was not a good idea to do so. Again this month at the beginning of Vaikasi, I did this and noticed that the plant was going to die. I was very worried and thought that I should not have done this on the first day of month and I started crying to Baba to save the plant.

Weather here is so cold as the winter has started and so I was worried that the plant may not die and I called Baba immediately. I told Baba that please save this plant and I will post my experience here. Our Deva always protects us and He did this time as well and now, my plant is saved and thanks to You Baba.

Please save my sister’s family and my parents and relatives in India from this Covid and also save the world. My son’s exam is going to happen soon and You know that without Your grace he cannot get good marks. Please shower all Your blessings to him and get him into the top of the class and I will soon post my experience here. You are the only person with me now and also, please keep me near You. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Always Helps

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I’m Sairam. I have been an ardent devotee of Sai Baba since childhood. Currently I live in the USA.

Thank you Hetalji for providing such a beautiful platform for the devotees. I have experienced many miracles of Baba since childhood. The experience I am sharing today may seem trivial but it was a big miracle for me. We have adopted a puppy recently. One day he chewed my son’s ear buds and we could not find a few pieces of the ear buds. I got very tense as he is small and if he has eaten the ear bud pieces then we may have to take him for surgery to take out the pieces. I prayed to Baba that if he throws up and the pieces come out then I will post my experience. Baba’s miracle happened and at night he threw up and the ear bud pieces came out.

I am ever thankful to Baba that He is always there when I need Him. I am praying to Sai Baba for another miracle and if it happens I will post it here.
Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all.

Sai Bless All

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai! I want to share my experience with all. Sunday my cat was not well. She was in pain all the time. Mainly she had a stomach gas problem and we could see that she was sleeping all the time sleeping and making noise. Immediately I thought of Sai Baba’s Udi. Immediately I applied it on her forehead and within less than two minutes she was in relief. My daughter was surprised and she said, “Mom, Baba is listening to you” and the cat passed gas and thus she was feeling better. I remember Baba always used to say and believe, “In all animals you should see me in them. If you treat them well, my blessings are always on You.” Baba You are always with me and also on all who call on You. Baba thanks for everything. Om Sai.

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  1. you..thankyou so much for whatever you have blessed us with..kindly increase my faith and patience. And help me to think positively Baba🙏🙏🙏

  2. sairam maha raja ki jai
    saima please help my kids to recover from flu. they joined daycare and falling sick. please appa, be with them and protect them.
    Om sri sai ram
    Appa please increase meenu appetite . make her to eat well.both my kids should be hale and healthy. AppA U know what i am thinking. please appa please do some miracle.
    i will post my experience here.
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

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  5. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and sons. Give them good health, happiness, peace of mind, wisdom and prosperity in life. Give them a long healthy life baba. Baba my husband is a vey nice person but he recently has started finding faults in all I do and say. Help me stay as per his expectations and understand him and please him in everyway. Baba you know everything, my intentions are good but I am mistaken always. Please resolve this situation baba and restore the same love and relationship between us baba as it was before. Help me get right people in the company to support him and let him be happy always baba. My son is preparing to go for college, please protect him from covid and keep him in good health baba. Please help my younger one to write his exams well and also get a decent college that will help him in his future. Please protect our family baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

  6. Om sai ram….tomorrow my family members is covid test after 11 day in icu….please baba 🙏 him…. sai ram….pray for me must be negative….baba….

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