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Baba’s Amazing Leelas

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, Team Members and Dear Devotees. I wish to share some of Baba’s amazing leelas.

On a recent Thursday we had to do Mahaparayan reading but by afternoon, my back started aching. I prayed to Babaji and slept. After waking up there was little improvement but still it was aching and I was worried as to how I will read the chapters with concentration. I read the allocated chapters and dear devotees by the time I completed my reading and reported the same; I realized that I was no longer having the backache. I felt so happy and grateful upon realizing this and slept peacefully at night.

I also got confirmation for the same from Babaji only. I read Sai Satcharitra one chapter daily sequence wise, once finished, I start all over again. So after this Leela, when I read my chapter the next day on Friday, it was the same chapter where Baba cured the backache of Lala Laxmichand through Sanja. Now I was sure that my Babaji was watching over me and without me saying anything He cured me of the pain. Our Babaji is so merciful and considerate of His devotees. Om Sairam!

I am really afraid of lizards. Few days back one lizard got into my room, I was afraid initially but then remembered that all organisms are part of our beloved Babaji. My fear reduced but still I was cautious. Usually when this happens I never step into my room until it moves out but that day I slept in my room without fear though the lizard was not visible. Also during my daily Sai Satcharitra reading that day I got the chapter which describes the story of two lizards. I knew it was my Babaji’s leela to make me see Him in every living being and next day the lizard was nowhere to be seen. Om Sairam.

Once I was washing my copper bottle and its cap got stuck during cleaning. Due to soap it was getting difficult to remove it. I remembered our loving Baba by saying “Om Sairam” and the cap immediately got released from the bottle. Om Sairam!

I went outside to fetch milk from a milkman and was afraid regarding my health due to certain symptoms. But due to Baba’s blessing I was fine and faced no problem. I had promised our beloved Babaji to share this experience with everyone here. Babaji is always there to protect us. Om Sairam!

Recently, we required some medicines but due to strict lockdown we couldn’t venture out. Online platforms were taking too long to deliver, so my brother decided to go and bring the medicines by himself but I didn’t want him to go out. So I prayed to Babaji and with Babaji’s grace found some medicine store nearby which was giving home delivery. I placed the order and got the medicine the next day itself. Babaji please bless those people and shop workers for helping us out by delivering the medicines. Om Sairam!

Many times Babaji has protected me, there are uncountable incidents and many of which I had promised to share but not able to recall now. Sorry Babaji please forgive me for this delay in sharing Your lovely leelas. Please bless everyone with health, happiness and love. Always keep Your loving grace on us. Om Sairam.

Baba’s Day – Gurvaar Ki Mahima Apaar

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am here once again to share and present a beautiful leela of our beloved Deva.

Sai…Sai… to all the wonderful children of our beloved Baba. I am sure everyone of us do get hints and hunches from Baba when we are deeply engrossed in Him. I am here to share the same with you all.

As I am a businessman and as everyone knows the current situation our country is facing and the economic crisis we all are going through. I too am going through the same as business graph has taken a sharp deep dive. As the cases have increased since March 2021 in India and all the corporates have shut down, I too was short of orders. On 11/5/2021 I was going through the Sai experiences page, I saw one experience stating that her wish was fulfilled on Thursday. As I read this, I by my heart shared with Baba that if the next experience too has the word Thursday in it I will be receiving a very good order this Thursday that is after two days on 13/5/2021. To answer my faith with His grace and love the experience had “Thursday” in it.

I was confident that as Baba has blessed me, the same will definitely come out to be true. I had submitted some samples to a client and was expecting their order. Repeated calls would make them agitated so I decided to call them on Thursday. After having my lunch and praying to Baba I called him and enquired for the same. As usual he said that I need to come down with the rates and rest discuss the key points with them. I conveyed that will come next day i.e. Friday but he insisted that I should come today and finish off all the points.

This made me happier that Baba too wanted that the order should get confirmed by today itself, which is “Thursday.” Before leaving I asked Baba to be with me and do the needful negotiations. After the regular negotiations and table talk they confirmed the order. I thanked Baba to the fullest and started to work on the raw materials/labours and rest of the part. I was very happy that my laborers would be getting a handsome job to do as their Eid was not up to the mark this year. But now as lock down has prevailed, it would not be possible to start the work as a lot of raw materials would be coming from the other side of the country.

I request You Baba to please take care of the same as I can’t afford to miss this order for my sake as well as my labours too. Please Baba see to it that the lock down does end as dated and we can do the work amicably and work comes out to be a success and one more feather is attached to Your crown.

Please Deva erase this virus from the world as people are losing their loved ones. Families are getting destroyed, children are turning into orphans. I am sure this is not the end You have written for Your children. We need You Deva. Sai…Sai… Samasta Lok Sukhi Bhavantu!

Baba’s Visit To Devotee’s House

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Amandeep Arora from India says: I am Amandeep from India, I would be sharing my Baba’s miracles and His presence in our lives.

Om Sairam! Today I will be sharing my Baba’s leela. My Baba came to my house. Since we all know that so many people suffered and died due to deadly coronavirus and here is how my Baba protected us.

On Diwali day 14 November, 2020 my father got Covid symptoms and the very next day my mother and my daughter got fever. So we all got scared that it may be due to a virus. Here I would like to share one more thing as it was my birthday month and my son had booked my gift online on 6th November. He told me that he had ordered something very special for me and it would be a very precious gift for me. Me and my daughter made many guesses but we couldn’t get it. Then on 18th November my father’s Covid reports came positive and I was very worried and left everything on my Baba and quarantined ourselves.

On 19th November Thursday morning, while doing morning prayer I told Baba that I was worried and also asked my Baba to show His presence as I won’t be able to visit mandir that day, so I wanted Him to be with me and my family. Then on the same day after sometime the bell rang and it was a courier which my son had ordered for me for my birthday. He kept it in his cupboard and didn’t show me as he wanted to keep it as a surprise till my birthday.

In the evening when I was giving bhog to my Baba, my son suddenly came and said that he was not able to hide my gift from me anymore and that he couldn’t wait for another seven days as my birthday comes on 26 November. So he gave me my gift and when I opened it, I just couldn’t stop my tears as my Baba was in my hand as my son had ordered my Baba’s portrait for me, the same portrait which came into my dreams a few days back. I was speechless. I just cried with love. As in the morning I asked my Baba to show me His presence and on the same day He came to my house.

However one day prior my son received the message that the delivery would be done on Saturday and suddenly in the morning he received his parcel.

My mother got pneumonia patches in her lungs and the doctor asked us to hospitalise her. But the next day after giving Udi to her on a regular basis, her CT scan reports were fine and saturation too remained normal and we treated her in house. With Baba’s love and blessings we all survived this coronavirus. Baba’s love for His children is unconditional and we too love You Baba a lot. Thank You so much for always being there. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba – The Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Baba’s devotee for the past 10 years. I have submitted many miraculous experiences here. Wish to submit many more.

Baba blessed me with two beautiful kids. My daughter is 3 years old and my son is 24 days old. They are born purely out of His blessings and it’s very significant.

Now the problem is with my daughter. She doesn’t eat properly, doesn’t show interest in having food. She does not respect elders, speaks rudely with them. Her potty training is disastrous. I am very much worried about her. She doesn’t listen to what we say and is a stubborn girl. Please Baba change her attitude. She suffered from fever and stomach ache two days back. She had a 101 degree fever. She had stomach pain, she also didn’t even drink water for a day. I prayed to Baba and applied Udi and chanted “Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva” continuously. I applied ice water all night.

Next day she recovered but complained about stomach ache on and off. Today she had two slices of bread. I hope she gets back to normal. Please Sai remove all bad qualities from her and bless her with good qualities. Protect her from the evil eye. It’s really painful when people point out things about your kid. Bless her God. I vow to do Saptah parayan and 5 days of Divya pooja. I have done pooja, parayan, completed my vows for her wellbeing but she is not changing. Please God shower Your blessings upon her.

Baba Please Bless

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Baba. Baba please bless me to have success in pregnancy.

Baba, You know all things. How I suffered in previous two pregnancies which resulted in abortion. It is very, very painful when you are waiting eagerly for a baby and such things happen. Baba this time I have conceived with the help of IVF for which we have spent too much money.

Third month is going on and I feel very frightened this time as the doctor told the twins that they have to take care too much. Baba I have full faith in You. Waiting for Your blessings for a successful pregnancy.

Baba, I can bear any pregnancy pain but please Baba this time bless me to have a successful pregnancy. Devotees please pray for me. Please I need blessings. Please pray for me this time that nothing wrong will happen to me. Baba Please bless me please. I will surely post if all things happen successfully. Om Sairam!

Sadguru Sai Baba Ki Jai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: There are many stories related to personal instances and I will state one that just happened recently.

I forgot my laptop bag in Tambaram railway station and I realized that after reaching the next station. I took an auto from there and I was praying Baba all the time.

I promised Baba that I will write my story if I could find my laptop bag safely. I reached the Tambaram station after three hours.

See the miracle. There was a man sitting next to my bag and watching it. He handed over my bag and left the place.

After a few minutes, I went back and tried to find that person, but I couldn’t find that person.
Samastha Sadguru Sai Baba Ki Jai!

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  1. Omsairam..i love you..thanks for whatever you have blessed us with….increase my faith and patience..

  2. OmSaiRam, OmSaiRakshaksharanam. Baba please help in solving the family issues. Keeping everything at your lotus feet. You are our saviour. Protect all from corona. OMAROGYAKSHEMADAYA NAMA.

  3. My baba, thank you for the result. Let’s it become true successfully without any issues. I am at your lotus feet baba. Please bless everyone to be at your feet.

  4. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and sons – give them good health, happiness and prosperity. Help me keep them happy and meet their expectations. Give me strength to do the daily chores. Baba I need your help and support to get the right people for the company. Please make the company successful. Please relieve my husband tensions and let him develop his faith in you too… Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam deva �� Om Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namah ��

  5. Baba, Please bless your pregnancy women who is expecting twins let her have a healthy babies and live for long years with her babies happily Om Ganeshaya Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namaha Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva MKDG.

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