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Baba The Savior

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am a small devotee of Baba writing this experience as a fulfilment of my vows. I prefer to be anonymous. I am a regular reader of this blog and I thank Hetalji and the entire team for their noble service which really boosts our faith at difficult times. With Baba’s blessings I am a part of Mahaparayan group as well. With His grace I am writing two experiences where Baba saved me.

Experience 1: This experience is related to my submission of a doctoral thesis. There were so many hurdles when it came to research. Baba helped me in each and every stage to overcome those issues. My course of research took a different direction in my third year. Overall it took seven years for completion. There was a lot of social pressure on me and my family in terms of marriage as well as finance. Though my parents supported me a lot, my true strength and endurance came from our beloved Baba. I never gave up the struggle because of Him alone. Every stage there was a drag or I procrastinated many times. But it came to a conclusion by our Baba. During this period I have done 21 weeks of Sai Divya pooja which was an experience I posted earlier. Baba helped me to troubleshoot and windup with my final chapter of my thesis. Still more there were some obstacles in administration level during the thesis submission which was all set right by my Baba. Thanks for support and guidance Baba.

Experience 2: During the course of Ph.D., I was under stress due to many reasons. So sometimes it happened that my periods would get delayed. Once the delay happened to be around five months, still I didn’t have time to look after myself those days. I assumed it was a stress factor. Later I was suspected for appendicitis and was subjected to an abdominal scan where I found I had cysts in my ovary. My gynaecologist said that it was a common issue these days and just asked to monitor the size of the cyst. After one year I did the scan in another diagnostic centre twice where my cysts had gone. I was happy but still my periods were irregular. This problem went to a critical point where I had my periods non-stop for 10 days with heavy bleeding. This time due to Covid circumstances my usual gynaecologist was not available which was a blessing in disguise. This time Baba directed me to another gynaecologist in my area who arrested and stopped my periods with medication and really scolded me for being negligent and prescribed scans and blood tests. She confirmed it to be PCOS and prescribed a three months course of treatment and assured me that it was curable. She suggested that I reduce my weight as it was very important in the course of treatment. After three months I rechecked the hormones and found everything was normal except for two. Doctor who is very strict, was pleased at the medicines response as well as my weight reduction as I nearly lost 10 kgs with Baba’s grace. Now my periods are almost regular with only a few days gap only. I believe Baba will solve my problem completely as He is my Saviour.

Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah!
Om Sri Sai Rakshaka Sharanam!

Om Sri Sai Arogya Shemadhaya Namaha!

Sai Baba The Saviour

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam to all my Sai devotees. I’m from Mumbai and an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. Baba came into my family since I was a child but used to pray to Him like any other God; I was going through depression and kept on crying over my past. Then one day my friend suggested that I read the Holy book Sai Satcharitra and since then my life has changed and I’ve not cried over my past even once. Baba healed me mentally. Would like to share about my few recent experiences.

Experience 1: As we all know that the Covid vaccination has started for the age group of 18-44 in India, due to limited availability of vaccines, the slots get full within no time. With Baba’s grace me and my brother did get the slots and our vaccination was done in no time, also we are able to help people booking slots who are unable to do so.

Experience 2: After 12 hours being vaccinated I was down with fever and had severe head and body pain. I prayed to Baba to help me recover and promised to post here if I recover within a day and applied Baba’s Udi to my forehead. Yes as soon as I applied Udi fever began to reduce and I was totally fine the next day as nothing had happened with no sign of weakness or any other symptoms.

Experience 3: I work in a reputed MNC in India. I did not have any projects of my skill sets and I decided to switch to a new company and started giving interviews. After clearing one interview, being impatient I resigned from the current organization without having any offer letter in-hand. The new company delayed generating my offer letter and it scared me to the core of being jobless and prayed to Baba day-night and made a vow to not eat rice until my work related issues were completely solved. Though Baba has helped me solve almost 90% issues happening at my workplace, I trust Baba to get me out of this completely. By above experiences my faith has increased ten folds towards Baba.

I would also like to thank Baba for taking care of my parents and my family throughout the pandemic by all ways, protecting us from virus, keeping us financially stable and happy. Thank You Baba. I really, really thank You for being always with me and teaching me patience. I owe my life to You Baba. Om Sairam!

Thank You Baba

Sai Baba Answers | Shirdi Sai Baba Grace Blessings | Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles Leela | Sai Baba's Help | Real Experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba | Sai Baba Quotes | Sai Baba Pictures |

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I live in the USA and have been praying to Baba for many years. Thanks to this team for this site.

I have posted many prayers to Baba for selling our home. We had listed it in 2018 and it did not sell for 10 months. We lost $50, 000 as mortgage payments during that time. Then I prayed to Baba to get us tenants and finally we got some tenants who rented the home so we were able to cover the mortgage payments. In April 2021 the tenants told us that they were planning to leave, so we again decided to sell the house as it was a good market for sellers. This time we listed the house on April 7th (4+7=11).

We had many people to see the house but finally one couple made an offer for the home but the price was very low, but we accepted since the realtor convinced us that we would not get other offers. Now the problems began. The realtor started making more demands from us, though she was our agent, she took sides with the buyer and asked for discounts on many items. After the home inspection they said that there was some foundation problem and roof problem so they needed to check the foundation. I was praying desperately to Baba on the day the foundation was being inspected. If there was something wrong with the foundation, we would be in trouble as the house could collapse and we would lose the whole value of the house and more. I promised to do 108 pradakshinas to Baba. The foundation report came ok. Thank You Baba.

Then the buyer started making more demands, to pay them $15000 for some random repairs. We finally negotiated that to about $10000 and then signed the papers for closing on the 6th of May. (5+6=11). Finally thanks to Baba and with His blessings we sold the house. As you see the two days when we listed the house for sale and the day we closed added up to 11, Baba’s number. I still owe it to Baba to do the pradakshinam to Baba which I will do.

Baba, as You know I am facing a problem with my son. He has found a girlfriend and has stopped talking to me, my husband and my daughter. Baba, please make him understand that we are not against him and we wish the best for him. The girl and her family have turned him against us. Please Baba, make my son come back to us. Please make him understand. Work Your miracles Baba. Om Sairam!

Baba’s Leelas

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam. I am an ardent devotee of Baba. His leelas are multifold and indescribable.

I am an anonymous devotee of Sai Baba. I have always felt Baba is there for us every day. His leelas are just too many but I had promised to send this one in particular. Our child was studying abroad in another country and the program was a very tough one. The first year was quite a challenge not just academically but also mentally. Being in a different educational system that demanded a lot in addition to taking care of oneself was quite the challenge.

Every year meeting certain required benchmarks or else risking being in the program was not just easy but agonizing for us as parents. All along I should mention that this was something my child wanted to explore to get out of the comfort zone and experience a different educational system. As a parent all I could do was support and pray to Baba to take care and give the needed guidance.

The stress was immense but look at the grace of Baba. As I am part of Mahaparayan and a slot opened up in the house for which I am a captain too. I checked with my child and by Baba’s grace now my child is part of the Mahaparayan. Slowly things started getting better and with successful completion of the degree program our child is back and getting ready for further higher studies. My prayers to Baba are always to guide and protect us all. Baba You have always taken care of us. Continue to increase our faith in You and may Sai Maa continue to protect, bless and guide us all. Om Sairam.

Baba Always Saves His Children

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Namo Namah, Shirdi Sai Namo Namah. Jay Jay Sai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai Namo Namah.

Om Sairam to all Sai devotees. Today my mother and I completed 5 days of Sai Divya pooja. As we cannot go out and spread His leelas, so I attached the procedures for this pooja with few experiences.

Five Days Sai Diya Pooja: This is a simple and powerful pooja that everyone can do to fulfil your wishes. Please find the procedure from the link:
This pooja is very powerful.

During this time, we have experienced many miracles in day to day life. 1) My parents took the corona vaccine without any major side effects. Although my father felt little body temperature, he got cured with Baba’s blessings.

2) Baba thank You for Your all help and care during my office work. You always show the right path to Your children. I always need Your help before taking any discussion Baba. You are my Life Baba. Without You, I am nothing.

Deva! I know You are my merciful Baba. I could not do Your Sai Divya pooja wholeheartedly. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

Sai Baba Is Always With Us

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai. I have a cat and she’s six months old. She was not feeling well at night around 10. She had a little stomach gas problem and she was in pain all the time. Then suddenly I thought of Sai Baba’s Udi. I applied it on her head. Then within two minute she was relieved. She was OK and I was afraid as at night no doctor was available. But Baba is my biggest doctor. I remember Baba used to say all the time, “You see me as an animal. If you treat them well then I am always with you.” Thanks Baba for everything. My cat is all OK now. Baba blesses everyone. Sai Baba is always with us, you just need to see.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please protect my father sai pleas cure my sister baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa,baba i dont want to go against your words.if you dont want please don't let the deal with car happen sai

  2. Omsairam…i love you..thanks for whatever you have blessed us with..forgive our sins …kindly remove my negative thoughts…

  3. OmSaiRam, OmSaiRakshaksharanam. Baba please be with me. Take care of my health. Thank you sai for every thing. Help in solving the issue. Leaving everything at your lotus feet. You are our saviour. OMAROGYAKSHEMADAYA NAMA.

  4. Om Sai Ram…. Baba my husband is getting stressed, please support him Baba with the right people at work and solve his problems Baba…please help the company sustain challenges and protect my husband and kids baba. I count on you Baba to support us in these times. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva , Om Sai arogya shemadaya Namah 🙏

  5. Thank you so much Baba for helping with the land settlement to happen finally. Thank you very much. I pray that you be with us during each stage of the build and live with us always. This is our first home and it's all Your grace only. Nothing would've worked without Your blessings on us. I'm so sorry that I'm unable to do the pooja correctly but I'm sure You forgive me. Once when situations are favorable and You help me do the pooja correctly, I will be able to. Thank you for everything in my life. Please keep my children, family and everyone safe and happy.

  6. OM Sai Ram! Saima please help and improve or fianiancal status. Please help me to clear the borrowed amount as soon as possible. The borrowers also did not give because they had more, everyone is struggling. Please ma help clear all the dues. Om sai ram, Om sai ram, om sai ram

  7. Om Sairam
    Waiting since yesterday morning for the new post..but couldn't find any..this happens very rare..we definitely understand. .hope everything is good on your end by Baba's grace..May Baba shower his blessings on all..
    Baba please consider my pain too..could not bear this anymore. .you know im struggling since 2013..i know you are bearing this more than me and giving me strength. Only because of you im atleast like this.but deva i could not handle this anymore..i beg you to please bless me with permanent happiest solution for this..or if its not possible you know what i pray to you consider baba..Om Sai rakshak saranam

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