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Sai Experience

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I want to be called Sai’s daughter. Please keep me anonymous, please don’t share my name, contact details or email. Thank you Hetalji and team for providing this platform to share our beautiful Sai experiences with our Sai family. Today I am here again to say Thank You to my Sai and share some of my experiences.

1. Thank You Sai for again helping us on this sale too, without Your help this could not have been possible. Even after so many hurdles this time we could successfully deliver to our customers. Sai I am not sure why You gave so many hiccups this time but whatever it is I will think that this is the way of You teach us to be egoless, humble and always surrender our ego at Your lotus Feet. Sorry Sai if You have felt that we are even a little proud about anything, we don’t want to be like that Sai as whatever we have its Your bhiksha for us. Deva nothing is ours.

People from last time also got back to us with very good responses, especially the one whose order was biggest gave us a very good feedback. It is only sbcc dp only as of You my Deva. Please be with us and help us and bless us throughout our life Sai.

2. Sai thank You so much for protecting our families in India. We are so scared Sai, You should only take care of everyone there Deva, You are our only hope Baba.

Sai, I will not ask You to give me a particular job. Sai, now I understand that whatever You are giving it’s for my good only. l so leave everything on You. Sai You decide what is good for me and bless me with that Deva.

3. Now my husband is interested to do Mahaparayan. Deva I am so happy to listen to that Sai, please bless him to do his parayan and give him health and success Deva.

Sai, please bless my kids. Sai Deva I don’t know why my older one is doing like that. Please, please bless him and make him understand his mistakes and correct them himself.

Sai please help me lose weight and reach my health goals Sai. I have no one to share what is happening with me Baba. You are my everything Sai. Please Sai. Thanks for all Your blessings on us Deva, always be with us and protect us as You always do. Love You my Sai. Om Sairam.

Husband Got Job With Baba’s Blessings

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Preethi from Germany says: Greetings Hetalji, thanks for this wonderful platform to share our experience. I am Preethi from Germany. I am living with my husband and two kids. Baba is everything for us.

Me and my family came to Germany in 2018, for my husband’s IT job in a well developed company (not on contract basis, direct employment). My kids and I came here on a dependent visa. Everything was going well until two years, after that suddenly my husband’s company was undergoing some issues and filed for insolvency (mid of 2020). So my husband’s job was a big problem. He is a blue card holder and myself and kids came on the dependent visa, so if he lost his job then we could stay only for six months here with government support and we had to leave the country after that if he didn’t get a job meanwhile. My son’s studies, house contract were all in a big confusion.

Corona first wave of Corona, many were already losing jobs. Going back to India was also a big question mark for us because of corona and everywhere no vacancy was there at that time. So my husband was seriously searching for a job in and around Germany. My only saviour is our beloved Sai Baba. I kept all my burdens under His feet and kept 9 weeks of Guru vrat. Also I prayed once my husband got a good job here (Germany) then I will read Satcharitra parayan within seven days and would share my experience here with you all.

During my fifth week of Guruvar vrat, my husband came with an offer letter from a good company with good salary and also in a better position than before. This was all because of our Baba’s blessings and what else could it be. He always listens to His kid’s prayers and protects them with love and care. With Baba’s blessings we are here.

All I want to say is “Shraddha and Saburi” whatever may be the situation; don’t leave your faith in our beloved Sai Baba. He will answer all our prayers, if our prayers are true.

Sorry for posting my experience late Baba, please forgive me. Baba be with us always and protect us always. Please save the world from this pandemic and bless us all with good health. Om Sairam.

Baba The Saviour

Shirdi Sai Devotee Geetha from India says: I am one of Baba’s small devotees living in the US. I would like to stay anonymous. Thank you Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform. Reading devotees’ experiences feels like we are always in Baba’s shade.

Coming to my experience, I drove my BMW car to the store to get groceries and all of a sudden I noticed the check engine light on. Since the store was close to my house I made it back safe and told my husband about the problem. He said that he would check it.

After about 4 to 5 hours later we were getting ready to have lunch and noticed my husband was not at home. He was not planning to go anywhere so I was wondering where he had gone. Then I noticed that he had taken the same car out. About 15 minutes later my son who lives in another part of the city called for his dad. He said that the BMW car company called him to say that they called a distress call from the car and when they called back no one was answering. My husband had left his cell phone at home. He only had his apple watch. We kept calling and he did not answer.

My son, who is an ER physician, thought something might have happened. My heart was racing. I started driving around our neighbourhood and a few miles on the highway. Only thing I kept doing was saying Sairam nonstop and kept praying to Baba to keep him safe. I also said that if he comes home unharmed then I will post it and share with the devotees. As soon as I said that he was back home.

We were so relieved and can’t thank our beloved Baba enough and this site is very powerful. May Baba bless the whole team who maintains it. Love You Baba. Keep everyone safe.

Baba’s Blessings On A Family

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a staunch devotee of Baba from India for more than 14 years. My whole family is a devotee of Baba.

Baba, my daughter’s visa which was delayed for more than eight months, arrived today. It’s all because of You. I am posting this as I promised.

Today she got her interview scores and it was very good and got the offer letter for the next level of training program. Thank You so much Baba.

My son is going to start the internship next week. Please Baba, bless him and make him do well in the new assignment. Baba, get him a full time job in the same company.

My daughter is going to give the part B exam towards the end of May. Please be with her all through her preparation and on the exam day too.

Baba, we need Your blessings always. It’s all because of Your blessings that we have reached these heights. Thank You so much Baba. Om Satchidananda Sat Guru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai Protected

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Thank you to the team for this blog which fills us up with positivity and faith.

I wear glasses with some power and I need them while studying or working at the laptop. It was during the lockdown, I could not find my glasses and after searching everywhere I sat on the bed, prayed to Sai and then, I felt the glasses under my hand. Baba saved the glasses and me. If I had sat on the glasses, they would have been broken and during the lockdown I could not even go out. Thank You Baba for caring for us so much. Baba, You are our Protector and Sadguru, please keep Ma, Papa, bhai and me safe and healthy always and under Your shade. Om Sairam.

Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I’m currently residing in the USA and I would like to be anonymous.

I have a four month old daughter and my mother planned to visit us from India to see my daughter and spend time with her for a few months. Unfortunately, she was only given a limited stay at the port of entry in the USA. But by Baba’s grace, she got a chance to visit another country and come back to the USA. She was given a longer stay than what was given initially at the port at the entry. I was chanting Ram stotram during that time and promised Baba that I would post the experience. Baba, please bless my daughter and niece. My niece is allergic to a few food items. Please kindly make them go away. Om Sairam. Shree Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama. Om Sairam!

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  1. Hey sai Deva please give sadbuddhi to my husband.he is not speaking a single word to me..please sai bless my family..I m surrendering all my problems and pains to your lotus feet…Om sai ram

  2. Omaairam 🙏. God please bless us. Bless that soul. He has just started his career. Various ppl are trying to defame him. His next album and movie should be blockbuster. Please teach a good lesson to intruders. Am sorry Baba, I couldn't keep my promise last week. This week I shall definitely keep. Kindly make the problem go away . It should be gone by the time I check Baba. Please I beg you.

  3. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima protect my father baba please,cure my sister sai we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  4. OmSaiRam, OmSaiRakshaksharanam. Baba thankyou, with your grace the problem at work solved. Protect all from corona. Solve the issue of my family. You are my saviour. Sorry Baba. OMAROGYAKSHEMADAYA NAMA.

  5. Om Sai Ram! Sai Ma please help me to get the required letters from my past companies for my skill assessments. I have forwarded the letters to the company but everybody is just sitting over it. I would be really grateful if you could push them to do within this week. Also SaiMa our (mine & wife's) English language preparation not going well please MA We should get little better than what is required.

    Sai MA my one humble request and prayers are still unfulfilled. If you fulfil my wishes on Thursday, any coming Thursday I shall complete reading of SSC in one week time, do Nine Thursdays Sai Baba Vrat and Mahaparayan throughout my life MA. I have already read SSC and did pooja and I am member of Mahaparayan. This wish of mine would if fulfilled I would be able to help many plus I would easily get my PR. Please SaiMa this is my humble request to you on Thursday. Om Sai ram, Om sai ram Om sai ram

  6. OM SAI RAM…. Baba please run this company – this company is yours and protect my husband from all his tensions. Its with your grace we are able to support as many families as we can. please help us as always and continue to make it successful baba. Please help and protect my children to stay healthy and knowledgable and make them good human beings. Please help us get good people to run this company who deserve it in all honesty and commitment… Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva 🙏

  7. Om Sai Ram – we have submitted all documents for our application but no news yet Baba… hope this move helps my children and husband with your grace ….please do shower on us your blessings Baba.Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva 🙏

  8. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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