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Vision Of Eye Regained With Sai Baba’s Grace

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam, I am a devotee of Sai Baba from school, college and now also because of my mother. I must accept that I pray when I am in much trouble. In between after marriage and busy with new life, I was praying always to God and Baba as I believe in Him the most but casually. I also have vision issues. I came to this site when I searched Sai Baba miracles in July 2020 as I had stomach digestive issues and could not sleep well. When reading, I felt that it gives strength and courage to stay positive. At that moment I felt like sharing this on your blog. I do have eyesight.

Below incident is from 2018 i.e. last two years and how Sai Baba is present throughout this journey and still continuing to be there. I pray that He supports our family for good health and happiness.

I was working in IT and quit it. Later I changed my career as a teacher and did a Montessori course and had to write the final exams and I got placed in the best schools before that and was excited. When I had to join work in May 2018, just two days before there was an internal bleed in my right eye and vision went blurred. This happened at night. We panicked and being Saturday night there were no eye doctors.

Next day, terrified, we went to the hospital and doctors told us that the retina was fine and the bleeding would get resolved on its own. Meanwhile, we met several doctors and everyone gave the same opinions. I started praying and listening to Baba Satcharitra on YouTube daily as I was nervous and had a small child and family to take care of. Also took the Udi water and drank to get cured. There was improvement in vision and I felt that it was only due to Baba’s grace.

Meanwhile, after two months of follow-up, one of my doctors told me that laser was the only treatment but I was scared and started seeking other doctors’ opinion and was told that I could wait. I changed my follow up doctor. Both were good. I kept praying to Baba. When I thought everything was ok, I got bleeding in my right eye and it happened twice in the span of 20 days: December 2018 and January 2019. With prayers to Baba and Baba’s grace, bleeding resolved but slight retinal detachment happened. I was devastated as it could lead to more problems and blindness. This is when I believed and prayed to Baba most and went to the senior doctor who had suggested laser. I presumed and was scared that he might check as to why I didn’t come previously and all this could be avoided. He then checked my eyes and gave dates for surgery.

We also consulted other doctors near home but I stuck to this senior doctor as my heart believed him most and felt comfortable in. It was multiple surgery procedures. March 2019, during my daughter’s exam, one surgery happened which was not very satisfying and in March end, one more surgery happened and everything went well. At this surgery I felt Baba was giving me the eyes and felt His and my grandfather’s presence whom I missed dearly in the operation theatre. During this journey of operations and monthly follow-ups happened, I am thankful to Baba as every cab journey me and my husband used to see Baba’s sticker behind a car which was in front of us. When we think of Baba, He would show that He is there and that there was nothing to worry. As it was a multiple surgery procedure again I had surgery in October 2019 to the right eye. But I was worried as my vision was not so great and the doctor told me that due to multiple surgeries there were early stages of cataract. But they told me to wait as they wanted the retina to be stable. In each follow-up, the doctor told me that the retina was stable which was good news due to Baba’s grace but I was worried about blurry vision and as the doctor told me in February 2020 to undergo cataract. I wanted to wait as it was exam time for my daughter. He said that was ok and we planned for April 2020. But due to the pandemic no surgeries happened and we waited till June. We were a little worried to go to the hospital in case of a pandemic but we couldn’t postpone this and each time with prayers to Baba in June 2020 cataract was done successfully. But when I went for follow-up it was cloudy. Even the doctor was astonished. Then he checked and told everything was fine and just a small laser would be done After three weeks. I was again worried and lost trust and prayed and cried to Baba as what wrong have I done and also thought that its all due to past karmas.

Exactly after 10 days I could see little clearly and cloudiness was going and now I was confused for laser but decided to believe Baba and the doctor as they were the best decision-makers. Small laser happened in July 2020. With Baba’s grace and blessings, I was able to read some lines written in medium letters outside near the canteen of the hospital and had tears of joy while reading it with my husband. This week the doctor gave a new prescription for glasses and should get it with Baba’s blessings. I still feel it’s a miracle that happened with Baba in this whole journey.

I want to thank my parents, parents-in-law, my friends and family, my small child who is understanding and gives positive inspiration, my husband who is my strength and above all, Sai Baba for blessings and constant support in this journey. I wish and pray that Baba showers His blessings in our life.

Thank You to all readers who are reading this article. Believe in Sai Baba. Shraddha and Saburi. Om Sairam. Anantha Koti Bramhandha Nayaka Sri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

Thank You.

Devotee of Sai Baba.

Baba’s Miracle During Lockdown

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I have been blessed by Baba multiple times in my life and here is one of the incidents. This happened in the month of June while the Corona was in full swing. My grandmother, 89 years old who was not doing well passed away on her way to the hospital. Due to the very strict orders in the city, she was not allowed to take home and was told that they would be doing a Corona test on her and if it was positive then they wouldn’t hand over the deceased person to the family.

My dad was torn down as his mom was no more and worried that he might not be able to perform his last rights. As he was asked to reach out to the nearby police station, every day he would go to different stations to enquire about his mom. He was very upset with the current situation as he could not get much help and response from anyone due to corona. My family trusts Baba so much, my mom prayed to Baba that his mom should be returned to him and that he should be able to perform his last rights as per his mom’s wish.

After two days my parents received a call from a nearby police station to collect the deceased person. Immediately they went there and five minutes before they were about to receive my grandmother’s body the police received the corona test result as positive. The police decided not to hand over the body and take her body directly to cremation. My dad was devastated that he was helpless. Looking at his situation the police who oversaw this whole thing told my dad that he could go to the cremation ground and could watch from far away the entire process. With Baba‘s grace not only he could watch, but he was also allowed to turn on the switch for electric incineration which we were very thankful to Baba for giving him this opportunity.

Being far away, I was worried about my parents and my sister’s family and my cousin who were in close contact with my grandmother while she passed away. My parents and my sister’s family who live next door took the test and were very worried about the test results. When my parents found out the result of my grandmother’s corona test, while they were in police station, they received closed to 30 calls from various departments asking for my parents and sister’s family details and were also told that sanitization department would go through the entire process when they get back home from cremation.

I could not be of much help to my parents and was only hoping for the best. On the day of cremation, it was Thursday, I fasted that day and prayed to Baba that my dad should be able to perform his last rights and my family should not be tested positive. On that day as I said I fasted and chanted Om Sairam whenever I could, also read over the internet Baba’s miracles that people like me had shared. That is when I made a vow to Baba that if He had saved my family from this situation then I will distribute 100 Baba Satcharitra books and will post my story on one of the websites for the devotees. Here is my story: Baba not only had my dad turn on the switch for my grandmother’s electric incineration, but also got the test results of my parents and sister’s family and my cousin’s negative, also it was a big surprise that the sanitization department had not showed up. I am also planning to distribute the books soon.

I am thankful to Baba for helping us during that tough time. I wish Baba should always shower His blessings on us all the time and bless me from not losing hope and being devoted to Him as always. If you have faith in Him and show your sincere love and devotion towards Him, He will get you out of troubles. Om Sairam!

Family Holiday With Baba’s Miracle

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: I am Sai Baba devotee from Australia. In this Covid times, we are all getting quite frustrated staying home with the fear of going out and going on holidays for relaxation. This is affecting the kids a lot.

In my experience, we had planned a holiday within our state (South Australia) on Easter long weekend. At the moment, everyone is crazy about going on a family holiday when it is school holiday time. As it was a long weekend with four days of school holidays, all the accommodation had been booked out well in advance of many months. But with Sai Baba’s grace, we could find an accommodation even though we looked for it just three weeks before Easter. I didn’t even ask Baba to help me in this but Baba knows His devotees’ desires and needs. Then the miracle started. The place where we were going to go is an island. Only two ways of reaching are there; one is taking our own car in a Ferry that goes to the Island and the other one is taking a flight. No road transport. We never wanted to go by flight as it puts us in high risk of Covid at the airport where all overseas passengers are coming. So we decided to go by Ferry.

Normally getting Ferry tickets is very easy because they do almost 14 trips a day and each trip accommodates so many cars. Normally people buy ferry tickets on the spot at the Ferry terminal. But because of Easter, all the ferry tickets were sold out though I looked for tickets almost a week before. When I told this to my family, they got quite upset. I had called the ferry company staff and requested them to accommodate us but it was of no use. I prayed to my Sai Baba and promised that I would share my experience if we could go to that holiday with His miracle and He showed us His miracle. We kept on checking if there were any cancellations. I was quite confident that we would get ferry tickets because I trust in Sai Baba and He had shown many, many miracles in my life. After a few days, just one cancellation came up and we saw it before anyone else found it and we got the tickets and with Baba’s grace, we had a good holiday. Thank You Sai Baba. Jai Sri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Thank You Baba

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been Baba’s devotee for 10 years and Baba has helped me in many different situations.

Few latest experiences.

My daughter has been working for a couple years, taking many responsibilities, but could not get any promotion. Prayed Baba and Baba offered her a promotion. Thanks Baba. Please bless her with good health and a life partner.

My son has applied to some great universities and he got admission to good ones. He also got into one of the top universities in the world. Thank You very much Baba, but Baba, he really wants to go to another top school and is waitlisted. Please help him get admission into his dream school. I will post it again.

Om Sairam! Please save my family from bad eyes.

My son went out of town with his friends and we got worried about Covid. Prayed Baba and got him a test done. His results came out negative. Koti Koti Pranams Baba!

My mom’s blood sugar has gone up, please help her to get back to normal and be healthy. Please guide and help my Mom, brother and their families.

Baba, You know everything happening in our household, please give us strength and courage to face everything and always stay with us. Please bless and help my mom, brother, sister and their families with good health and success. Please protect my husband and children and guide us in making the right decisions. Thank You for everything Baba!

Sai Baba Healed Mother’s Health

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been a devotee of Baba for many years. My mother got diabetes in 2017 and all were very much worried. When tested it showed 399 as sugar level. I was in deep pain. Even though it is not a big disease, I didn’t want my mother to suffer with this as she is foodie and anxious about this.

I got very much disturbed and started surfing to lower the sugar level naturally. I insisted that she go for a walk and have rice free meals. Within a month it got reduced but was fluctuating whenever she didn’t walk or had rice. I used to pray to Baba often and ask Him to regulate it naturally instead of taking tablets. Nevertheless my mother also did hard work and it came to control. Now it’s been three years still she is struggling and trying hard without taking tablets. At times even the doctor also appreciated her and asked her to continue. Hope she will be strong enough to overcome this in upcoming days and Baba will cure her completely. Thank You so much Baba for being with us and guiding us for her to do this as she was very much reluctant to this initially.

Secondly, even though I was suffering from a few health ailments by Baba’s grace, those too are cleared. Thank You Baba. I was having one bad habit. With Baba’s grace He took away from me and I always thank Baba for taking away this bad habit and remind myself that Baba has taken away in the form of Dakshina. If He takes His dakshina He will never give back. Once again thank You Baba for taking this bad habit from me. I will always love You.

At last as I am praying You for my marriage, request You humbly to fulfil it at the earliest.

Baba’s Grace And The Reports Came Negative

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thank you Hetalji and all the readers for maintaining this website which is so holy and divine – A modern Satcharitra!

My brother-in-law got a fever and my mother-in-law was worried. She prayed Baba that it should not be Corona and promised that if his reports were good then she would do a Saptah. Baba always looks for the welfare of His devotees in His own unique ways. His ways we can never understand. The scan reports showed zero patches and Covid test was also negative. She was very happy and we all were also relieved. Thank You Baba. Jai Sairam.

Baba please save this world from Corona and make this world back to normal as it was before Corona with some positive things learnt during Corona time.

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please protect my father save him from covid.make us recover completely fr covid baba.Today is my parents marriage anniversary,Bless them with healthy,happy and 100 years of together ness under your shade.prptect them sai.sairakshak, saisaranam ayyappa

  2. OmSaiRam, OmSaiRakshaksharanam, Baba please be with me.Help in reducing all the symptoms. You are saviour.

  3. Om Sai Ram. Thank you SaiMa. I leave everything in your lotus feet. What ever you do will be best of anything i do myself. Love you Ma

  4. BABA, Thanks for being there for everyone who needs your mercyfull grace, we are all indebted toyou ever & ever.Please always keep us at your feet & bless us.We cant function without your GRACE.OM SAIRAM.LOVE YOU LOADS.OM SAIRAKSHAK CHARANAM BABA.

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  6. Baba please solve corona issues, I really wan to loose weight and spend time with my mum and brother. Baba please bless all your devotees and solve my periods issue. It should stop without taking any medication baba, baba please bless us with a child and improve my relationship with my husband help me cook good food for my family and take care of the health and improve my habits. Baba please my brother should get good news tomorrow, he should get job offer from RL, please sai! Its hard to bear separation from my family. Om Sai Ram! baba please forgive me for my sins and have mercy on me.

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