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The Miracle That Is Shirdi Sai

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a 40+ year old married professional, based in India. Dear Hetalji and team, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the wonderful service you are doing by maintaining this site for all of us Shirdi Sai devotees.

In our family, we have always known Shirdi Sai Baba and have also visited Shirdi previously. Our beloved Sai came into my life in a very prominent way in the last one year.

For the last one year, we as a family have been having the most horrible time of our lives. My wife has been suffering from some psychiatric issues for the last one year, and it has been so bad that she locked herself in a room for this entire year. Everything from food to tea would be served to her in her room. Had it been just this, we would have still somehow gotten through it. But she also went very frequently into states of manic rage where she would yell and shout non-stop for 3-4 hours, throw things around, and threaten to harm both others and herself with whatever she found in her hands. On top of this, she also had major suicidal tendencies and would frequently talk about killing herself. Unfortunately, no amount of talking would calm her down and we would shudder with fear whenever she closed her door.

For almost an entire year, we lived in fear on a minute by minute basis. I cannot even begin to tell you the full measure of what we went through during this period. Of course, my wife also suffered immeasurably during this time with extreme physical and mental pain as well.

We tried our best to take her to a psychiatric doctor, tried to get her to take medicines, but it was of no use. The doctors also told us that they could not treat her without her willingness as bringing her to a hospital against her will would be very damaging in the long run. Life was a living hell for us. That is when someone suggested that I start doing Shirdi Sai Baba puja on a regular basis. Even though I did puja on a daily basis to our dearest Sai, the problems seemed to remain as it is. However, during key moments when anything could have happened, there was always the protecting hand of our Sai and somehow we would go to the brink of a problem and come back. That is when another lifelong Sai devotee suggested that I do the 9-Thursdays Vrat (Fast) and promised that my problems would be taken care of.

With a lot of faith, I started the 9 Thursday Vrat about 6-7 weeks ago and started to do it to the best of my ability. My puja had all kinds of mistakes, but still, our dearest Sai did not care about all that. Like a Miracle, after the sixth Thursday Vrat, my wife completely out of the blue said that she was ready to see a doctor and wanted to get better. Even now as I write this I am shocked at how this happened. We had tried maybe 25-30 times in the last one year with all seriousness and couldn’t do anything. And our Sai, just like that, changed the situation in one SINGLE day, actually, in just 10 MINUTES!

We then took her to a doctor and she started taking medicines. Tomorrow is my 8th Thursday Vrat. In these few days she is much, much better and is on the path to recovery.

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters: I cannot tell you how miraculous these 9 week Thursday Vrat are. My very, very humble request to you is no matter if you are praying to our beloved Sai every single day, if you are facing a major issue, please do this 9 Week Thursday Vrat. I knew about this Vrat a long time ago and still didn’t do it thinking that it was not necessary. It is only because a lifelong Sai devotee asked me to do it that I did it. We can never understand what our beloved Sai is planning but know this that He Is Always Around Us, protecting in every way. But please do the 9 Thursday Vrat and see the results for yourself.

As a small dedication to our Baba, I would like to donate the Sai Vrat books to the first 11 people who write to me at [email protected]. I wish you all the very best. May our beloved Sai always protect us. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Fulfilled The Checklist Of Wishes

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba since eight years. I just wanted to say Thanks to Baba via this experience. Please keep me anonymous.

I started doing Sai Nav Guruwar vrat in 2017 for
1. Job

2. Free home from bedbug.

3. Freeing our rental home from nasty tenants and upcoming tenants should be good.

4. For my marriage and few other small to big wishes.

By Baba’s grace I got a job in IT domain even though I never worked there earlier and even after a four years gap of my graduation. I literally struggled a lot and thank You Baba as every time You were with me helping me in those hard times. I never ever thought that I would get into IT and stay here three years as it is almost three years in April. There are ups and downs in my career although somehow with Baba’s grace I am managing it. But getting this good profile job and staying there three years without experience is not easy. I heartily say thanks to Baba for this. Still I need to improve a lot, hope Baba will take care and I have given my career action item and everything to Baba. Let Him only guide and decide.

Secondly we shifted to our home but due to bed bugs in the previous two rented houses, it got carried to our home as well. We struggled a lot to overcome this. At times I didn’t even sleep properly due to these bed bugs. It was 2-3 years that we struggled to overcome. We contacted 2-3 bed bug killing teams and got the medicine sprayed. At first it was in vain. From the second time and after praying Baba multiple times, we are free from it. Even though it was a small matter, it was a big headache for us. Thanks to Baba for helping us overcome this.

In our new home we have a rental house. We could not adjust with them and due to this we all lost peace of mind and got humiliated at times as well. So we prayed to Baba to overcome this. Now we got good tenants as well.

At last I request Baba to fulfil my marriage at the earliest. It’s almost 6-7 years. Please Baba fulfil my marriage wish ASAP. Please forgive my mistakes and be with me always. You’re my first priority against all and You will be the first priority as well. I always remember Your words, “let the world go topsy turvy, hold your Guru’s hand.” I am trying to stay strong but at times these marriage thoughts crop up and take away my peace. Hope I will get my partner at the earliest.

Faith Changes Fortune

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: Om Sairam! I have been a small devotee of Baba since childhood. I feel so blessed to have Baba in my life.

Coming to experience: Firstly, thank You Baba for giving me this opportunity to share my experience and the team maintaining the site. I have been suffering with different health issues like, eye floaters, neck pain, headache, fatigue and weakness.

I have been occupied with doctor visits since last October, with no solution. I keep praying to Baba to save me from health issues as I have a 2.5 year old toddler girl at home to look after with no help. Moreover, I am scared to think if anything happens to me, who will look after my baby, as I lost my mother in my childhood and I know the problems a girl has to face without a mother.

I have been praying to Baba to give me shakti (strength) to face all the hurdles. But inside of me, I have a strong belief that Baba will protect me at any cost. For the last two days, I have severe neck pain that shoots to both hands, no sleep with pain. I kept on chanting Om Sai Rakshak Sharnam Deva mantra for the whole night. Very next morning, I went to see a doctor. He gave me some tests including a sugar test. I am afraid to do a sugar test, because I had gestational diabetes. Drinking Udi water and chanting Sai Rakshak Mantra, gave the test and today came to know all the results were normal except the iron levels. I know Baba will save from it as well.

I had promised Baba that I will share my experience if my results come normal. Now I am typing this miracle with a heartfelt gratitude to Baba and a big wide smile. Trust, faith, patience and a small prayer makes a huge difference in life. When Baba is in one’s life, nothing harms. Om Sairam.

Thank You Baba For Blessing

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from Mumbai. Thank you Hetalji for creating such a beautiful platform for Sai Devotees. I am so thankful and grateful for having Baba’s blessings in my everyday life.

Experience 1: Today my mummy’s neck got sprained. When my mummy told me I immediately took Baba’s Udi, prayed to Baba and applied on my mummy’s forehead and neck and gave mummy some Udi to have. After some time my mummy was perfectly fine.

Experience 2: I had applied for the reimbursement of my health insurance amount, they rejected. Once again I wrote a letter to them, with Baba’ blessings I got my amount reimbursed.

Experience 3 : With Baba’s blessing I got my salary from my office.

Experience 4 : 108 times I chanted Om Sri Sai Rakshak Sharanam yesterday night before going to sleep, I felt so good and went to sleep peacefully.

Thank You Baba for blessing me and my family.

My mother’s wish is to see me married and settled, with Baba’s blessing I know this wish will be fulfilled and will write my experience.

When Sai Steps in…Miracles Happen..! Om Sri Sai Ram!

Sai Baba Cured Daughter’s Health

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am currently living in the USA. This experience is regarding my daughter’s health. Hi everyone! Sai Baba helped my daughter in curing her throat pain. One day she swallowed a tablet and got hurt in her throat and was not able to swallow. I gave her Baba’s Vibhuti and within 15 minutes she got cured.

Also there was a drawing competition and my daughter submitted her physical art in the centre. After a couple of days her teacher informed that her art work had not been qualified. Then she felt very bad as she was very confident. I prayed to Sai Maa not to disappoint her if she really deserves it.

A couple of days later we got a letter saying that she got qualified. Thank You so much Baba for always being there with us holding our hand. Please also take care of Amma’s report and help her to travel here safely. Thank you Hetalji for giving such a wonderful platform to share our experiences, may Sai Baba showers His blessings abundantly upon you and your family!

Sai’s True Devotee

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I always doubt myself as if I am a true devotee of Baba. I feel I am selfish and seek Baba for help and selfish gains. Then because of a few things I get my answer that no I am not just a selfish devotee but also a true devotee. One day I took a chapatti to a dog. Usually that dog will eat the chapatti only after I crumble parle – G biscuits with the chapatti. That day there were no biscuits and due to the lockdown or some reason the shop must have been closed. So I took the chapati and put it there with the feeling that the dog would not eat it as it has always happened so in the past. That day I prayed to Baba that if the dog ate it then I would consider His sign that I am His true devotee and if so then I would post here. After an hour or so when we saw, there was no chapati and it meant that the dog had eaten it. It had never happened before. I got my answer and felt very happy. Whenever I get that question if I am a true devotee of Baba I always remember that incident and feel happy. Thank You Baba. Sorry Baba for posting it late. Jai Sairam!

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  1. OmSaiRam, Baba help tatha to recover soon, decrease the levels of d dimer,and increase saturation. Again today my father received a notice, Baba why are You not changing the mind of those people ? Help my family Sai,You the only hope. HELP in getting vaccine to my parents.

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father financially and save him protect us baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa.thankyou baba

  3. Om Sai Ram. Thank you sai Ma. Let me have your name in my lips & think about you and only you. Let all the negative thoughts clear. Om sai ram, om shri sai nathaya namah

  4. Dear Deva. Thanks for all that you did, doing and going to do. Please take care of me without any complications as i have visited the hospital and was there for the whole day. I still feel it is with your guidance that i went there. Kindly take care deva. Thanks a lot and thanks so much Deva.

  5. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

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