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Sai Baba’s Miracles

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Lavanya from India says: Baba has blessed my two wishes recently. Sai Ram, I wanted to share my experiences that Baba has blessed me recently. Please see the details below.

Om Sai Ram! My name is Lavanya, I am from the Mahaparayan group MP-1367N1 Kala Sai, Yellow group and also the Captain of the Yellow House group. I am Baba’s Devotee from my childhood and Baba has showered His blessings since then and I have seen so many miracles from then to until now and I pray Baba to keep me under His Umbrella (blessings) forever. Whenever I read Baba’s devotees’ success stories on how Baba had blessed their lives and whenever I read those stories I always used to feel that I have experienced so many and questioned myself that why I am not writing any? I prayed to Baba on Tuesday 6/30/2020 to give me courage to write and show me the good time and also requested Him to be with me. When I wrote my experiences, He then showed me the way. The very next day that is today (7/1/2020) I got a call from my niece on Wednesday evening at 6 pm and heard the good news that her H1 got approved and that’s it. I felt that this is the time and I should write my experience now as this was one of the wishes that I had requested Baba to help. Today, I would like to share my two experiences that Baba has blessed me with recently. (Please note that this might be a longer post to read).

1) First Experience: My niece came to the US to do her Masters and when getting closer to her graduation, she was worried that these were the tough times for students to get picked in H1 quota and then the approval process. I prayed to Baba and wished to help my niece on the H1 process and also, I promised that I will do 7 Day Baba Parayan (Parayan from Thursday-Wednesday) when her H1 got approved. My Niece had filed her H1 and then 2-3 months later she called and told that her H1 got picked and mentioned that now we had to wait for a few months to get the Approval. After I heard the news that her H1 got picked I started my 7 Day Parayan and completed it successfully without any issues. Few may think that I had promised to do a 7 day Parayan after the approval process but I believed in Baba and trusted that my niece will definitely get her H1 Approval, so I performed my prayers early. Baba has proved and showered His blessings on us and today her H1 got approved and He gave me a hint that it was the perfect time for me to write my experiences with Baba.

2) The second experience that Baba blessed me with recently in May 2020 is, currently we all are in Covid crisis all over the world and everyone is worried and scared. On May 13, 2020 (Wednesday) afternoon my close friend/colleague called me and told me that her daughter was sick and vomiting all the time. She had about 102 Degree fever from the past few days and mentioned that they were heading to the hospital and cried and hoped that it was not Covid related. I told her to be brave and asked her to call me after the doctor’s visit. Later she mentioned that the doctor had suggested doing a Covid test and they had taken the appointment over the weekend. After her call, I was so scared for my friend’s daughter and kept saying “Sai Ram Sai Ram” all evening. When I was going to Bed, I prayed to Baba that please help my friend and if everything get back to normal and if little one’s fever goes down, I promised that I will eat only raw food for five Thursdays. Back in my mind I was debating whether to start the very next day as it was Thursday and also I was not sure if I had any vegetables or fruits to eat if I needed to start anytime sooner. I then slept after this. The next morning when I was checking my WhatsApp messages, I saw a message from My friend that “her daughter’s fever went down and she had slept all night and she was doing all good then.” (I have attached the screenshot of that message below). When I saw that message, I was so happy and literally in tears that my Baba had answered my wish and as I had promised, I have started taking raw food the very same Thursday. Baba made sure that I had few fruits in my home for that day and I continued it for five Thursdays.

WhatsApp Message Screenshot:

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Thank You Deva for always being with me and answering my prayers and also helping me to write 2 of my infinity experiences now. Love You Baba and I pray You to shower Your blessings to all Your devotees. Om Sai Ram!

Changed Anger In To Giggles And Laugh

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Madhuri Raghunath from India says: My post is about how Baba changed my anger into giggles and laughter.

Namaskar to all Sai devotees. This is Madhuri from Telangana. I had to visit a bank to deposit five lakhs in my mom’s account. The lady who was taking money asked me whether my mom’s PAN card was linked to the account. I asked my mom and she said yes (but it was not linked and she was confused as she had some other accounts and thought it was linked). That lady in the bank took the amount, counted and she came to know that the PAN card was not linked and she started shouting at me. She said, “Go take your amount, the process of linking the PAN card will take more than half an hour.”

I was really very upset with her rude behaviour. I felt it was not the way to deal with a customer. I gave necessary details and no one was responding. I was fed up with the behaviour of employees of such a reputed bank. I thought to call the grievance cell. The man who attended the call was not serious about what I was talking about. Finally, he said that he will look into the issue. Then the lady who counted the amount came out and was giving me mean looks towards me (while coming I forgot the original PAN card in her cabin). The cleaner of the bank took that card and gave it to me. Then she too started giving me the instruction dose. I shouted at her rudely, “What happened if I lost my PAN card? Do you think I can’t get a new one if I lose this? She became silent and went away from me.

I was waiting in the bank but I was very angry at that lady’s behaviour. Suddenly an uncle entered the bank. He was very handsome l. He wore a multicolour beads chain. His face was very homely. He was looking like a muskmelon (his complexion). He had kumkum on his forehead and also had a black bag (sling). He went to the employees and he asked help regarding printing of his transactions (that machine which was there in the bank was not working). No one was responding to him. He started talking loudly, “Hello where is your manager? Why are you all there for? Andaru Nizam Nawab Ayaru Enduku Ostunaru Bank Ki(You people became Nizam Nawabs. Do you all at least know why you all are sitting here?)?” He made every employee alert and cautious. He completed his work (the employee came and checked what was wrong with the machine and after his work was done he sat on a chair which was opposite to me. He was facing me. I was laughing (inside) and happy, my mom was beside me. He called and he told me to take my pen which had fallen down. I didn’t even know that it was near my legs. He said commandingly, “Hello take your pen. Again you will search here and there for that.” Then he went.

Till then my process was completed and I entered that lady’s cabin once again. I saw a big portrait of Baba on the wall. I hadn’t noticed that when I went first. She spoke to me politely. I deposited my money and came back home. But I was still thinking about that bank incident and about the pen which I had dropped down and about that uncle telling me to keep my things properly. Then I felt sorry for women on whom I was a bit rude who gave me my PAN card which I had forgotten. Till now I remember that charming face. I felt that it was my handsome Sai. Thanks Sai for being by my side every minute. Sai Shiv Hari Om. Please bless my mom and dad. Please guide me Baba.

Baba Fulfils Wishes

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: Baba never lets us down. He has been proving it to me every single time. But as a normal human being, I always fail when He tests us. There are a lot of things at the moment which have been uncertain in my life and I’m praying for His miracles. However, I would like to share one of my recent experiences.

I have a three year old daughter and I’m going through a very stressful toilet training period for her. She is such a wonderful kid and is indeed Baba’s blessing (she was also born on Thursday). But as all the mums can relate, toilet training can be stressful sometimes, so last Thursday I prayed to Baba that she needs to do her poop in the toilet. She has done it only once previously in the toilet and I was praying for her to do it again. And for my surprise she did it and I was so excited. I prayed that I would publish it here. I’m really sorry for the delay Baba. I got carried away with a lot of other things. Please give me a lot of patience while dealing with kids and look after all children with Your everlasting care and love.

Thanks to all the readers for being patient and sorry for discussing toilet training if you weren’t comfortable. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Brought Love Back

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram! Hello everyone! I want to share my experience with Sai Baba.

My family has been a huge Sai devotee for years. We currently live in the USA and visit Sai Baba temple every Thursday. I have been going through a very rough patch in my life for the past one year. My parents have been forcing me to get married and I refuse to marry someone I don’t know.

Recently I met my soulmate on a dating website. Everything was going great and suddenly one day he told me that he cannot stay in a relationship right now because he wants to focus on his career. I was heartbroken. We were in no contact but we always talked about Sai Baba when we were together. I started doing Sai Satcharitra parayan and one day out of nowhere he messaged me asking a question about Sai Baba. I think this was no short of a miracle. We are connected by Baba and nothing can drive us apart. I really hope one day by Baba’s grace we will be together again. I know Sai Baba brought us in each other’s life for a reason.

Sai’s Help

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I had done online shopping and ordered footwear. The one which was received was very small. It was combined with another footwear which my sister-in-law had ordered. So the combined purchase had given us 800 Rs. free coupon/voucher. Now if I wanted to return back I would need to return that footwear too which my sister-in-law had purchased or pay for the extra discount that we had got. She had already thrown away all the necessary required things and so the only way was to exchange it. I saw the sizes but the one which I needed was not available. I looked for other designs but then that coupon was not applicable on those designs. Then praying to Baba after all hopes were down I ordered the same design(for exchanging) with size 41. I needed 39 but 38, 39 were not available. They had sent me 36 which I don’t know was their mistake or my mistake while placing the order very initially. I prayed to Baba to help me come out of it in the best way and end up in the footwear story. After a week I received the parcel and to my surprise it fit me perfectly. That was Baba’s grace. Thank You Baba. Posting here as promised to Baba.

Baba Postponed Exam Dates And Helped Mom

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks to the people behind this blog for helping us share Sai leelas with devotees.

Coming to my experience, Baba rescheduled my German exams to a later date in April as I had prayed for. This helps me to plan my travel in these trying times. However I pray to Sai to postpone it further and make me travel when it is safe to travel to Pune. Also my mom had problems with IT return which was resolved by Sai through her colleague. Thanks for making it happen, Sai.

Baba, please bless me with a great life partner sooner, with all the wishes that I prayed about him and his family. Also make me lose weight and help me maintain my exercise routine. Also Baba I am facing a lot of expenses lately that are inevitable and I feel I am not managing my salary income in a better way. Please give a solution for that. Sai blesses everyone to come out of this pandemic situation and return to our normal lives. Sai Sharanam! Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu!

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  3. Om Sai ram. SaiMa please help me with sponsorship. Let me be able to do my skill assessment and come out with positive note. Ma please push the company so that they revert with YES for my sponsorship. What can i do with out you Ma? You only can do for me.

  4. Thank you saima, all my CT scan, blood and urine tests result come good. Thank you for keeping me safe. Little concern of higher liver enzymes BUT when you are all will be well. Om sai ram

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