13th Year Anniversary Celebration: Launching Sai Yug Tv

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Blog’s 13th Anniversary, Launching SaiYugTv.com, web Tv for and by devotees of Sai Baba across the globe.

It was April 11, 2008 when I got an idea about writting a blog taking “Sai Baba” as niche subject and it marked the start of a journey to a life changing event. Returning from work I signed up for blogger with a whole lot of excitment and enthusiasm. I was all set to begin something very unimaginable which I am realizing today on looking back, again the same date, 13 years passed. Usually when we begin anything new, we create a broad roadmap for its execution. The only road that I could see was the devotion for Baba and His devotees which was the foremost quality. Other than that I learnt the technical aspects to tread this path over the years. It’s been 13 years now and I am still on the learning and exploring process. However, taking and marking baby steps to the journey has been incredible and I have seen myself evolving as a human, as a devotee of Baba, as a writer, as a leader, as a designer, as a developer, as a spiritual seeker. In the process of sharing the information with you all, I have been benefitted too! Apart from the knowledge that Baba helped to acquire, I thank Him for pouring down beautiful gems in my life from His Kuber like Bhandaar. No one wanted to take what He wanted to give in cartloads, I, with all pride and happiness, tried to gather what He has showered. At the same time repeatedly asking Him not to allow proud feeling to enter in me to the least. Many volunteers have joined me in the journey and it makes the journey more interesting and valuable. You, as reader, have been supportive and appreciated smallest gestures from us. Thanking Baba for the opportunity to serve Him, volunteers for their selfless dedication and readers for their continued loyal readership.

On completion of every year, we have tried to come up with something new and this time we have come with a “Web TV by Sai Yug Network” where we will be streaming lots of content in different languages 24×7. As of now we are streaming videos of Sai Yug Network YouTube Channel, in coming weeks, we will be adding up content regularly, of course with your support and cooperation. Readers are welcomed to share any audio/video content about Sai Baba to [email protected] with subject “Content for SaiYugTv”.

Kindly visit the webTv and drop your comments and suggestions, we are eagerly waiting!!! You can tag @saiyugnetwork on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and leave your comments there too.

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