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Sai Baba’s Grace On Me And My Family

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Dear Hetalji and all Readers, Pranams with folded hands to one and All! Hetalji please accept my gratitude and namaskar for initiating this Live Sai Satcharitra where every devotee can share his/her experiences of having received Shri Sainath’s grace. I would like to keep my name anonymous while sharing my experience.

I have first visited Shirdi in 1995 and have paid a visit to Sai’s holy city a number of times since then. Sai’s grace has always been over me and my families’ head in thick and thin. He has been my guiding light always. It is not that I haven’t faced difficulties and have not faced disappointments which I have faced in good numbers but then when everything looked worse and had gone, Sai has put His hand over my head, blessed me and never let me down and carried me through with full respect.

I am just one of you who is an ordinary mortal and looks towards God for benefits more than out of love. I, like many of us; am no Mira Bai or Gopis of Vrindavan who loved Krishna irrespective of what happened to them. So I can say though I claim loving Sai God, it is more for self and not true love without return like those of pious saints. But even then Sai has always looked after me when I have been at low; I have praised Him, loved Him and at times of disappointment even called Him names. But Sai has always quietly done best for me irrespective of what thoughts good or bad I have been carrying at that point in time.

I have been part of this MahaParayan by chance since 2019 and Sai willing would like to carry forever and ever and ever.

I had promised Sai that I will post if two of my wishes are met and as usual I am late in meeting my promise but I am happy that I finally did.

First, I met with an accident in 2019 and last year just around when Covid started in March, I fell sick, was concerned and felt helpless and frightened about how to take care of my health due to a lot of restrictions and what will happen to my family. I was not well for almost 6-8 months but kept on with Thursday MahaParayan and my wife even started Thursday fast for my health and gradually Sai took upon Him to take care of my health and now I am much, much better and feel pretty fine with His blessings.

Second, I had asked Baba to do something for me in my office so that my financial things would improve and Sai did what He felt was good for me. Even though I did not get exactly what I wanted but Sai for sure gave me what I needed.

I have another dream and request in my mind which I have placed before Sainath and I am pretty confident that Baba will make that dream true very soon and I will again post once that works out. Sorry for the long note, it was over due from my side. Bow to Sainath and peace to all.

Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Regards and Pranams
Sai Bhakt

How Baba Called Me To Shirdi Without Any Planning

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Shirdi Sai Devotee Hrithik Goyal from India says: My name is Hrithik Goyal. At present, I am a student pursuing B.Com. I am a Sai Devotee from Pune. My Humble Namaskaram to all the devotees. Salute to Hetal didi and team for this wonderful platform and treasure blog. Indeed Baba is an ocean of love and mercy; I am just a water droplet dancing at Baba’s feet.

Each and every devotee shares a unique relationship with Baba. Some regard Baba as a Guru, as a mother, as a Father or as a Friend. I regard Baba as my best friend and my greatest strength. Baba and I share a bond like that of Doraemon and Nobita. I always make mistakes and here my friend comes to correct me. Baba always stands by me and is with me in every situation. I am grateful to have a friend like Him.

I would like to narrate my experience on how Sai was testing my faith and patience and how He pulled me to Shirdi like a thread tied to a sparrow’s feet. It was during my 9th class vacation, that two days were left for vacation to end – Sunday and Monday and my school was to reopen on Tuesday. At that time, I was very anxious to meet Baba in Shirdi. I couldn’t wait any longer. On Sunday morning, I questioned Baba on the app about Shirdi visit. And I got answers, “Shri Sai Baba is remembering you, go to Shirdi. There will be happiness everywhere”, “There is a chance to travel” and so on. After that I asked my mother that I wanted to go to Shirdi to meet Baba the next day at any cost. Then my mother said, “Ok, I will tell your papa.” I said, “Mummy there is no need to tell papa as Baba Himself will arrange everything.” My mother said, “Are you mad, how it will happen. You are stupid.”

Afternoon passed and nothing happened about the Shirdi plan. I was very morose. It was 7 PM and I was very angry with Baba. I said to my mother that I won’t eat anything tonight. I fought with Baba and slept.”

At 12 am I woke up as I was feeling hungry. I went to the pooja room and said to Baba, “See Baba I didn’t have dinner only because of You and You didn’t plan anything about the Shirdi trip. Now arrange food for me somehow.” My fight with Baba went on for an hour, then I was exhausted. I came online on whatsapp. At the same time my bua (aunt) saw that I was online on whatsapp. She messaged me saying, “Hrithik, what are you doing, why are you awake?” Then she said, “Hrithik aren’t you coming to Shirdi tomorrow?”

On reading this, I was shocked and was not able to understand what was going on. I thought my bua was kidding. But she said I had called your mother at 11 pm but you were sleeping. I had called to tell that we were going to Shirdi and would Hrithik like to come? I was shocked on hearing it. I was wondering why my mother didn’t wake me up to tell me this. Later I understood that it was all Baba’s play and act to test my faith and patience. And that may be Baba wanted to hear me shouting on Him and be angry with Him because He knew I would thank Him for His leela sooner.

I went to the pooja room and apologised to Baba and said that I will never fight with You ever again. Then on Monday morning I got ready and left for Shirdi with great delight. Om Sairam!

Sai’s Miracles

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: I reside in the USA and I became a staunch devotee of Baba from 2018. From then continuously I have been experiencing His presence in innumerable ways. I have shared many experiences before and all of them were published on this website. I am a regular reader of this website which boosts my faith in Baba.

My son has been getting rashes on his legs for the past two months. After applying Udi they were disappearing but again after a week they were reappearing. This continued for to months but they were not disappearing completely. I prayed to Baba to cure them completely.

That weekend we went to one of our friend’s houses for lunch and after we came back home he got severe big rashes all over his legs. I was so scared and asked in Sai Baba’s question and answer website I didn’t get any relevant answer. I became angry with Baba and decided to take the doctor’s appointment even though He assured me through chits that there was no need to go to the doctor. I cried that night and slept. Around early morning I had a dream of a snake and suddenly woke up. Immediately when I checked the Sai Baba’s question and answer website “Have faith, wait for three days, enemies will disappear” message came. So I dropped the idea of taking him to the doctor and waited patiently for 3 days.

I applied Udi to those rashes daily two times and gave him Udi water. It was a Baba’s miracle that exactly after three days rashes completely disappeared. Next day was a Thursday and as I am a member of Mahaparayan I read two chapters from Sai Satcharitra. And that day I got chapters where Baba appeared in the form of a snake to one of His devotees and in another chapter how Baba’s Udi cured different health disorders of a lot of devotees. I was so amazed to read those chapters. Thank You Baba for guiding and curing my son’s rashes.

Thank You Baba by helping me in my work also. I ordered something and was waiting for that to arrive by post but I hadn’t not received it. When I called that company they said that they delivered it and I was supposed to receive it the next day and showed me the proof of delivery using tracking number. But I hadn’t received it. As it costs more I prayed to Baba for help. Again Baba came to rescue me. Miraculously I received it after 23 days of delivering that order.

Please don’t leave Him, even though He tests His devotees He never leaves His devotees. He continuously watches us and guides us by teaching us how to wait with patience. Baba please cure the health problems of all Your devotees. Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namaha And Om Sai Rakshka Saranam.

Baba Listens And Fulfils Your Every Wish

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: My parents got Baba’s arti tickets for free with Baba’s grace. My mother is Sai Baba’s devotee and unfortunately I was not that big a devotee of Baba that time (I had pride and less brain to understand Who and What Baba is). So after our darshan, I went to the hotel room to take some rest and she and my father started roaming around the streets of Shirdi. She then got to know about Baba’s everyday arti and was wishing to attend Baba’s arti. She then started asking people about the tickets availability but she was told that it needs prior booking and if she had any contacts with any high profile people she could get it done through them. Unfortunately she didn’t have any contacts with any high profile individuals but fortunately she had Baba with her.

She told Baba that she really wanted to attend His arti in her heart and mind. Then suddenly a Telugu man approached her and was talking in Telugu and English but my mother didn’t know any of those two languages. Still she tried to understand the actions and words done and said by that gentleman. He gave her three tickets and we are a family of three. But as I said I lacked some brains and didn’t have much faith in Baba and was resting in the hotel, my parents didn’t have much time to come to the hotel and take me to the arti. So they returned one ticket and kept two and they attended the arti. It was a good lesson for me for having such pride and it was a treat to my parents for their Shraddha and Saburi “Jaisa Bhaw Raha Jis Jan Ka, Waisa Rup Hua Mere Man Ka (As one feels so is my response in that form).”

I apologize for being that sick minded girl. But Baba has always helped me every day and every moment. Those experiences would be shared soon. Om Sairam!

Thank You Baba For My Kid’s Blood Work Results

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I would like to thank Hetalji and team for all their work. I am grateful to Baba and to you all.

I took my kid to annual physicals in the month of December. Doctor performed a cholesterol test at the facility itself as for the past three years, the cholesterol levels were slightly elevated. This year also the cholesterol levels were elevated so the doctor ordered for a full blood work to check how the other components were functioning and to check if there were any abnormalities. I was kind of nervous about the results. I had full faith in Baba that He will make the results normal. I prayed to Baba and promised to post my experience here.

After a few days the doctor called and walked me through the results and said that except the elevated cholesterol levels, everything else looked good and the cholesterol levels could be controlled with food and exercise. Thank You very much Baba. I can’t thank You enough. Baba also made my blood work results come out normal. Thank You very much Baba for everything. I am very much grateful to You always.

Sai Always Helps

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Thanks Hetalji for your live online Sai Satcharitra as It listens and responds to us too. No doubt Baba is Satcharitra and Satcharitra is Baba! I have had innumerable experiences where I have prayed Baba that if it got solved then I would post here and it has worked out maximum number of times.

I, with the help of my mentor, was filling some form online. When we filled in the details and wanted to scroll down it was not getting scrolled in spite of using the arrow keys, scroll button on the mouse. We tried it two to three times but it was of no use. Even my mentor did not understand why such a simple thing was not getting solved. Then I prayed to Baba that if gets scrolled down and we are able to fill in further details then I would post here. As soon as I finished praying in my mind the very next moment I saw that the screen had scrolled. On asking my mentor said that she tried with the Tab button and it worked. I am sure it was Baba’s guidance and help. Thank You so much Baba for Your help. Jai Sairam!

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